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I Dreamt Of Airplane Landing And Tragic Events

Dream interpretation about Died, Blood, Bombs, Dead, Falling, Shoot, Parent, Sadness, Love, Monsters, Leaving, Sad, Army, Friends, Following, Stuck, Group, Bridges, Crying, Father, Laughing, Self, Truck, Bones, Airplane, Body, Flying, Tires, Apartment, Arm, Eye, Girl, House, Sleep, Two People, Airport, Foot, Side, Snow, Face, Hair, Hand, Head, Part, Pencil, Thank, Thought, Top, Window, Field, Jumping, Looking, Walking, Circles, Clothes, Ground, Duck, Computer, Paper, Ending, Going, Panic, Surrounded, Watched, Against, Ask, Chairs, Confused, Hatred, Holes, Memory, Temple

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This dream was about

I was in a plane with a group of friends we were flying over snowy mountains when we came across a field with a small airport so we landed in the field and got out we started walking through the deep snow when we came across tire marks in the snow we decided to follow them in the distance we noticed red in the tire marks when we got closer we realized it was blood I looked farther ahead and noticed an army truck on the other side of a bridge that went over a ditch but before the bridge and to the left was more blood and bodies in the snow me and my friends ran to the battle field to see if we could help but all of them were dead except two soldiers who told us to get out of there and to run the soldiers got up but before we could do anything a grenade was thrown at our feet we all ran towards the army truck but while everyone else jumped over the ditch me and one of the soldiers hide in it and when the bomb went off the blast was big me and the soldier ducked and I felt a pressure on my back then my friends and the other soldier came back to the ditch to help us out they then took us to the airport building that looked like a warehouse my friends then left me with the soldiers because I got hurt and the people there could help but I was upset and didn’t want to be left behind my friends then got back into our plane and flew away I watched them leave through a window trying to sleep but not being able to I watched the plane get farther away thinking about how the tail of it looked weird I was then suddenly in a different airplane I was flying it with another person there was a narrator talking about how the plane had to be flown by two people to fly we were then landing and when we finally did land we were surrounded by a big group of people the narrator then said that this was a sad story and didn’t have a happy ending I then got out of the plane but my arm got stuck in the propeller I was going to die slowly and painfully and was scared and panicked I told the group around the plane to shoot me as it would be a fast way to die I started crying a little as no one wanted to I begged some one to shoot me and someone finally walked forward with a pistol they were shorter then me so they had to reach up to put it against my head but when they pulled the trigger the bullet flew over my head grazing the top of it this happened again and again and again none of the bullets hit me all of them flying over my head I was so upset that I took the gun from them and put it to my temple and pulled the trigger it hurt but it didn’t kill me I was confused, scared and upset that it didn’t work I didn’t want to die slow and painfully so I begged the people to kill me and they tried but nothing worked my face and body were riddled with bullet holes I was covered in blood but I still wasn’t dead then my parents showed up and I asked them to kill me and they were reluctant and didn’t want to but I begged them and they agreed they sat me in a chair and I started crying thanking them for doing this for me I could tell they were still sad about having to kill me though but I was too relieved that I wouldn’t die from the propeller I then felt an uncomfortable pressure and slight pain in my temple where I shot myself I reached up and felt a bump it was a bullet I then squeezed it out and held the round bullet in my hand it was small and bloody my mom then came up to me and grabbed my head that’s when I realized that my face was falling off from all the damage done to it my mom then took my face saying that she’d keep it for memories I saw my face in her hands and almost laughed my face was so weird looking it looked flat and smushed I was then hit with self hatred and sadness I was ugly now I didn’t have a face just a bloody mess of meat and bone and my body was covered in blood and holes I probably looked like a monster I started sobbing covering where my face used to be and crying my dad then approached me with a rifle he had a sad look on his face I then thanked him and my mom profusely because they were going to finally kill me and then I told them that I loved them then my dad shot me in the head I then opened my eyes to find myself in a room with a table and chairs at the table were two girls one of them was smaller than me with black hair and wearing a dress the other was around my height but I couldn’t see her face I could tell that I was friends with the two girls but didn’t know who they were the table was littered with pieces of paper and pencils and there was a single computer I then sat down in one of the empty chair to wait until I would die

Dream date:

12 Jan 2024

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Emotional tone:

Feeling of fear and desperation while witnessing the tragic battle scene


This dream was recurring 4 times last week


The dream was incredibly intense, especially during the plane crash and the failed attempts at ending your life


The dream felt quite realistic, especially during the battle


The dream was vivid and detailed, making everything feel very real


The dream was quite fragmented, as it shifted from one intense scenario to another

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Dream review

Yvette Miller

Yvette Miller

Behavioral psychology & Wellness Advocate

Hey Addy! Thank you for sharing your dream with me. It sounds like a complex and intense dream that evokes a range of emotions. Let's delve into the interpretation: The dream starts with you being in a plane with friends, flying over snowy mountains. This could symbolize a journey or adventure you are embarking on with your close companions. Landing in a field with a small airport may represent a detour or unexpected change in your path. The presence of blood and bodies in the snow suggests encountering a distressing or chaotic situation in waking life. As you and your friends approach the battlefield to help, you face danger and a grenade is thrown. Taking cover in the ditch while others jump over the ditch signifies a desire to protect yourself and avoid harm. The blast and pressure on your back may indicate feeling overwhelmed or burdened by certain circumstances or responsibilities. Feeling left behind when your friends fly away and being taken to an airport building may reflect a sense of abandonment or isolation in a challenging situation. Your inability to sleep and watching the plane leave through a window might signify feelings of longing or detachment from those who have moved on without you. Transitioning to a different airplane where you're flying with another person could represent a new phase or partnership in your life. The narrator mentioning a sad story without a happy ending may suggest fear or pessimism about the outcome of this new endeavor. Getting your arm stuck in the propeller and the failed attempts at being shot when seeking a quick death may symbolize a deep-seated desire to escape pain or difficult emotions. The presence of your parents and their reluctant agreement to end your suffering reflects a complex mix of love, compassion, and desperation. Discovering a bullet lodged in your temple and removing it demonstrates a strong will to confront and overcome challenges. However, seeing your damaged face and feeling self-hatred and sadness indicates a struggle with self-image and acceptance. In the final scene with the two girls at the table, it seems to represent a sense of familiarity and connection. The littered papers and pencils may signify creative expression or the need to communicate your thoughts and feelings. Overall, this dream suggests that you may be grappling with challenging situations, feeling overwhelmed, and seeking relief from emotional pain. It's important to remember that dreams are highly personal, and only you can truly uncover the specific meaning behind them. However, I hope this interpretation provides some insights and helps you navigate your emotions.
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Yvette Miller

Behavioral psychology & Wellness Advocate

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