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Dream Interpretation: Ground 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Ground? Discover the significance of seeing a Ground in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Ground appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This symbolizes your foundation and the base upon which you stand. If you are dreaming about a particular floor, perhaps of a hotel or multi-story house, this represents a part of your mind that you need to pay attention to. This also signifies the state of your current life and the foundation it is standing on.

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🧭 Direction


Take a moment to recognize the foundation upon which you have built your success and identity. Your mind is telling you to make the necessary changes to improve your stability and structure.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of being on the ground evokes a sense of stability and security. It brings feelings of being grounded, connected to reality, and having a solid foundation. This dream may also symbolize a need for stability in waking life or a desire to feel more rooted and secure in one's circumstances. It can provide a sense of comfort and reassurance, suggesting that the dreamer is in touch with their practical side and is capable of handling whatever challenges come their way.





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21 May 2024



Jumping from one car roof to another. In the dreams there were many cars that were stationary and I jumped all the cars one by one until I managed to land safely on the ground

24 Apr 2024



I confronted an arrogant motivational speaker about his CDs. He said he mailed them himself, and I shouldn't have confronted him, which I initially didn't. I then said, I'm not afraid of anyone. Then he gave me a strong handshake. Next dream, I was going to grow alfalfa seed, which should provide a good crop because our ground cracks, which is what the plant needs to be stressed in order to produce a good crop. Next dream, at a service station, Benny, our former ranch management, confronted a guy and his father over pumping gas because he was going to drive off after. Then they cut the hose off from the pump, gas pump of the station. Benny then drove off with his pickup full of tires neatly stacked vertically. Last dream, John and Rhonda, clients of mine, had a large pickup. They were going to do a retirement planning analysis with me.

9 Apr 2024



I was in a plane that was landing on the sea, I thought it would crash but it landed perfectly on crystal blue water next to and island where I took a cruise ship and had a good time with a beautiful view of the clear blue water

8 Apr 2024



There was some type of trip to a planet similar to earth. There were school buses lining everyone up. Then we were on a cruise in the middle of the ocean but there was a spy and I needed to get rid of them. At one point I was in a car driving down a steep hill with a little upward slope. When I got to the bottom the slope propopelled me high in the air, so high that I flew over the Jesus statue in sao Paolo. Then the dream changed to me being home watching a commercial that mentioned taking a trip outer space. Later on when I’m at the port I see a spaceship that kinda just looks like a charter bus. For some reason I’m fighting like an alien of sort in space because aliens were trying to ambush us before we landed on the new planet. It was like a matrix fight in outer space, nobody knew I was outside fighting because they were all distracted. Then we’re in the planet and there’s a cruise ship, we’re taking a trip around the different oceans. I meet a lady on the cruise who looked like this girl I went to high school with, esilona. I don’t know the exact details but something happens on the planet that makes us basically realize we’re all going to die. I have a vision of my family watching the news and crying for me. We are limited on the amount of mail robots, so I can only send one letter to family. I decide not to send a letter immediately since it might be better to send one before I died. The planet is going dark, and shrinking like a deflated ball from the top down. Alien critters have come out and they are eating our food. Esilona and I are on the balcony in the cruise ship, talking about life and reminiscing memories because we know we only have about 6 days left before the planet folds itself and we inevitably die. Well, it turns out that the spies are still here and they infiltrated the cruise. They actually organized a meteor to crash into the planet and kill is all. Turns out that the free tickets we all had to come here was just a ploy and all of us were on some kind of hit list. They’ve been killing people one by one but nobody knows because everyone is too stressed about the world ending. Esilona and I take it upon ourselves to find them and find out if they know how to save us. In real life, we were on a cheer team together, so in the dream, we were doing a lot of acrobatics when fighting the spies. I found a suitcase with a space laptop and sent communication to the USA government that this was all a trap. No response. Meanwhile, the entire world is watching the news daily, hoping that someone would come save us. There is a meteor shower going on between earth and where we are, and it doesn’t seem safe enough for anyone to rescue us. I suddenly because the spokesperson for the group, talking to governments on the space laptop. Clips of the conversation were shared on the news and in my visions I see my entire family sitting in front of the tv. There are candles lit, my grandma is lighting sage, my mom is holding a rosary and praying, my dad and brothers are crying and holding each other. Back on the planet we still have the atmosphere shrinking, air is running low. Esilona and I are laying in a beach looking at the sky, patiently waiting for death to come take us. That’s when I get a vision of seeing the planet from space, and I see different axis, trail of meteors, and a rendezvous point. I run to the cruise ship and yell “is anyone good with their hands?” And an couple of men say they are engineers, blacksmiths, carpenters, etc. together we try to find a way to create a shield around the cruise, hoping that it could float in space and give us more time until spaceships came to get us. It worked, and we managed to launch the ship into space. That’s when I find a piece of paper and some crayons, and I write to my family “mom, dad, Jeff, Mickey, I love you all so much. If I don’t live, know that I tried as hard as I could to save us all” and give it to the last mail robot available. That’s when suddenly there is a loud snap in space, and we see the planet burst into little pieces. Everyone unanimously voted that I was now the captain of the ship, and so I went to the front of the ship with a space costume to sit alone and look at the empty black space sky. I saw about 50 spaceships coming our way to save us so I ran inside to tell everyone to be prepared for rescue. Then our ship imploded. The force field couldn’t contain the pressure of space anymore. We all die. But then I wake up on a beach in what I think is some kind of deserted island. Turns out that the implosion took us to different timelines on earth because we fell into a black hole. The island that I washed up on was actually a military site, and the scientist there knew that I would be coming. Together we work to predict this ploy to send passengers to their death in the new planet. And I realize that my dream just looped, and now I can stop it all from happening.

8 Apr 2024

Dead body
New Job


I was in the car with my fiance. We were going down a road we've never been on. I said something about wanting to get a dog. He said that there would be a dog for me on the next road. There was this man walking a big great Dane. I could hear the great Dane talking. I don't remember what he said. I got out of the car to see the next dog. It was a little light brown bulldog. He ran up to me and said "I love you! Are you my new mom?". I said "yes I am, now let's go for a walk up this mountain ". I look down and I made a leash appear. We start walking up the mountain and I start getting an uneasy feeling. The mountain is steep and I keep looking over at the man with the great Dane. I heard the big dog say that he thought me and my dog were competition. He starts running faster, but his owners hold on his leash stopped him from running. I look at the owners face and notice his eyes change from red to black. I look down and were almost past the steep part of the walk. I notice holes in the ground. I can see inside and see this really big machine. I ask the man with the dog what is down there. He said "there's lots of dead bodies down there. Keep walking so you don't fall through.". We finally get to the top of the mountain. There's this store, and I go in. Instead of the normal conveyer belt at the cashier, there's cups. If your items didn't fit in your cup, then you couldn't buy it. I look around and see a lady who was meant to be a manager. I heard her thoughts. She was thinking about my performance as a shopper. I notice a paper in her hand, grading every worker and shoppers performance. If you didn't get a high enough score, then she fired you, even if you were just a shopper. I walk out and I'm in someone's house. I look around and think I'm supposed to be decorating. I'm at the kitchen sink and I look at the table. There's 3 unlit candles. I look back and notice the kitchen got messy in that time I took to look at the table. I look back again and notice the candles are lit now. I look back at the counter again and I saw sparks flying. The cabinet caught on fire. I use the hose setting on the sink to put out the flames. I'm trying to call the owner of the house, but I keep getting voice mails. I look around and notice the 3 candles turned into 3 people sitting at the table. I decide to join the conversation so I sit down. (I recognize one woman from other dreams I've had. I don't know this woman in real life, but I know her name is kelsey). A man was talking about how your eyes can change colors, so you can tell what psychic powers they have. I ask him about the man with red and black eyes. He said "that means fire powers. He also has super strength". Kelsey asks "My eyes are normally green but sometimes they change to blue and purple, what does that mean?" The man said "this means you can communicate with the earth and earth's materials like gems, metal, plants". I notice I appear at the kitchen sink again, so now there is 2 of me. The me at the kitchen sink says "well mine are normally green, but they change to a bone color. Almost white". The guy laughed and said "that's nothing. You don't have any ability". Then me at the table says "well we know white is the color of light when all the colors come together, like a prism. So would it be possible that she has every ability?". The guy said "you know what, I think you're right." He turns around to correct himself, then the me that was at the kitchen sink dissappears. I get up to find a bathroom and I notice that the shower is above the toilet. I decide to get a shower. As I'm getting a shower, I notice the drain looked like the holes in the ground I saw earlier, with the machine and dead bodies.

8 Apr 2024



I do not really remember what the beginning of the dream was about but all I know was I was in a totally different town. It felt like it was a medium sized town maybe a little bit smaller than a big city, but it also felt like it was in the Pacific Northwest , also I was driving and I pulled into a gas station a Circle K gas station to be exact. I pull up next to this other vehicle it’s also a truck I go to the person driving it and it’s my brother but I don’t have a brother in the real world but apparently in my dream I do we talk for a second and then he starts to mess with something in the backseat of his truck I stand next to him and pull out a binder apparently earlier that day I found this binder and it had evidence of my wife cheating on me with him. in real life I don’t have a wife I’m single but anyways, as soon as I bring attention to the evidence of the cheating I get hit in the back of the head and faults to the ground unconscious. At this point I have a out of body experience in the dream where my body is unconscious, but I can kind of see what’s going on around me from a third person perspective my brother then takes my truck and leaves. I tried to wake up and follow him, but I couldn’t. Then I wake up to the sound of my alarm going off.

8 Apr 2024



I'm in my childhood home and playing the Sims computer game in the dark. I needed to shower but I felt that getting in a shower would be too much work so I just lather myself with soap and clean up using the sink. Everything is in the dark except I have a little light coming from a wall plug in. While I'm washing up, my brother and dad are downstairs watching tv. As soon as I finish washing my face, I go to my bedroom to dry off and get changed. I hear a lot of commotion downstairs and outside. So I go to my window to see that the local university is having a victory parade on the street and people are having a good time but some are starting to run but I can't see why, so I go to the top of the stairs to look down into the family living room and I found my dad and brother scrambling around with the couch up on its side and it appears that a leg on the couch is broken. I asked what happened and they said that some kids stole a gun out of my dad's truck and they tried to chase them so now they barricaded themselves in the house in case they tried to come in and started shooting. So I come downstairs to try and help and I asked them what the person looked like and they just said tall with wings. So I go outside because I don't care what happens to me. And I try to see if I can spot the person or people they are talking about and it is still chaotic out in the street. I end up finding them and it's a group of teens or younger adults that were traveling together by holding onto each other's legs and cartwheeling. They each also had wings and could fly. I attracted them to come back to the house by throwing 2 liters of sodas. They come back and I confronted them about stealing guns (which is highly unusual because I do not like guns and I do not like conflict or confrontation) and then I found the one that had the gun that my dad and brother described. He turned around to fly away from me. I said something else and he landed and then pointed the gun towards me and I woke up in a panic.

8 Apr 2024



I had a really sad dream that actually made me cry when I woke up. My dream was that I was at my university, and they were having a festival of some sort and all the students and staff were in attendance. I was with my two best guy friends, and we were walking through this gift shop area where I decided to try to call my husband to let him know we were waiting for him. I told my guy friends to start walking ahead of me and I would catch up to them when my phone call was done, but the phone kept ringing and he never picked up. Suddenly, I heard a gut-wretching scream and then multiple gun shots and looked behind me to see people running away from a man in a long black trench coat holding a huge semi-automatic rifle. I could feel the guns vibrations in my body while hearing the "flop" noise of bodies falling on the ground. The fear in me had me pinned the ground until I finally started running into a back room and found a couple people hiding back there. I asked them if anyone had seen my two best friends, but no one had seen them. I could still hear the shooting outside as it slowly grew louder towards the door. I told everyone to either run to another room or hide in the cabinets of this room we were in. I found a tiny cabinet that I could barely fit into to hide, where I took out my phone and kept dialing 911. The operator told me that the police would not save us because it was too dangerous for them. I kept texting my guy friends to see if they made it out safely or were hiding in a safe place - they never answered. In the meantime, I kept texting and calling my husband to try to warn him to not enter the building or at least run out if he was inside - he never answered. Finally, the gun shots ceased and someone knocked on my cabinet door to let me know the police came in and killed the shooter. When I got out of my cabinet, a guy I don't know looked me in the eyes and told me they found my guy friends, but they didn't survive. I didn't believe them so I ran from room to room until I finally found them.. on the ground, holding hands... dead. All my Korean friends were dead. All my classmates that I had been in classes since freshman year were all dead on the ground around me. I started screaming and wailing. I knew I had to look for my husband. I begged every single person that passed me whether they saw my husband or not - no one did. I called him over and over, and he still never answered. I never found him.

7 Apr 2024



I went on short vacation with a mother and her daughter. They were both grown. We rented out an air bnb and we were smoking and drinking and having fun. The day it was time to go, we were riding and I remember the daughter say “I haven’t smoked today.” And she motioned her hands to her mouth as if she was smoking. On the way to the airport, I was riding in her daughter’s car and we missed the exit turn to exit out the neighborhood to the main road. We decided to back into a driveway to turnaround and go back to the exit. I saw a man with dreads and wife and kids out on the porch. They were dressed in African clothing and jewelry beads. The man had African three drum set. They were about to make music. So we turn around and head toward the exit. I checked my phone to see if the mother and daughter had the same flight and we did. I don’t remember the flight exactly but when we landed and got off. I didn’t hear from the women again until we went to work. I talked to them and jokingly told them that they left me at the airport and disappeared. At work, we have a huge class and after eating lunch, I assisted the class with throwing their plate away. One causation girl didn’t want to hug me at first, threw her plate away, and smiled at me. Then she came back to hug me. After that, we let the children paint on two tables. I was coaching the teacher to tell her not to set out too much paint paper or it will get overwhelming. After some time it was time to go outside to play and we had some children that were still in the classroom. I had to say “who wants fish sticks” in order to get the children outside. Then I said we are playing kick ball to go outside. Some children went outside but some still wanted to stay inside. I went outside with the children and let the teacher know to stay inside with the rest of the children. Once we got outside, we had to climb down from these concrete steps and jump near a bush. I was a bit skeptical but the children had did it with no problem. I jumped and may have jumped to somewhere else because now I’m in the back of this house and I walk though the house through the front door. The house is empty. I walk out the front door and walked down the steps. The house is on a slight hill. I street walking on the street and noticed that this house is next to my childhood home. I walked up the street to get a better look at the home and some things are different about the house like a two garage door. There was also a shed in the back yard. Everything else resembled the same about the house. I then started to walk back to the house o came out of thinking to myself, “wow I’m going to buy this house and it’s right next to my childhood home.” I checked the address and noticed that it had two different numbers. The number in the black mailbox was 4145. The number address on the house said another number. I then realized the house has two door and that it was a duplex home. I tried to remember what door I came out of. When I went back inside the house, I then heard noise. There were squatters living in the house. Some were in the bedroom, and kitchen. As I’m walking out the back door I hear police sirens. I looked at the latch to see if it unlocked. I opened the back door which was another location and jumped into the lake to swim to the other side. I woke up

7 Apr 2024

My crush


At my grandparents with my brother and getting on the back of the four wheeler and being chased he spee up the hill to his friends house bit it looks totally different from in real life there's a fence and a maze walkway to the door of his friends house it's r rally dark out and we see bright lights in the field behind the trailer. There are the giant dark skeleton things pushing these machines over the ground. Suddenly we re behind the trailer and there's more fence and hanging tarp one of the skeleton things looks in our direction and begins coming towards us across the field. We try to quickly hide I roll under the tarp and my brother plays dead right outside the tarp. I keep saying Craig get in here but he doesn't move I was scared for our lives. The skeleton pushed his machine as I watched he rolled it right over my brother's head as I watched and did nothing I felt my chest crushing and I didn't do anything to save him I layed there I felt like I was dieing inside my muscles felt like they were ripping off of my bones and I woke up gasping for air in teats and cried and screamed I felt all that pain in my body and felt hatred towards myself for not saving him. I have dreams of him dying I'm different ways all the time and I try to save him but never can I feel like I get so close then he dies horrifically right in front of me eveytime. I can never save him

7 Apr 2024



My husband, my two children and myself moved into a really fancy nee apartment. I couldn't stay awake at first. But when I woke up I realized I was dreaming and I told my husband I was dreaming, he thought I was crazy. I went to sleep in my dream, but I was aware I was still dreaming. I was pulled out of bed by this horrific creature and I could t get it off me. Eventually I got up and just wanted the dream to be over, so I jumped out the window. I woke up in the same dream again, without ever waking up in real life. Then I was sexually abused by some friends my husband had over, my husband did t seem to worried about it so I jumped out the window again. I woke up in my dream a third time, this time I just ran for the balcony because I knew I was still dreaming and I wanted it to be over. I felt my body hit the ground and I could feel the sun/moon rotations above me for what felt like weeks. Then I finally woke up for real.

6 Apr 2024



I was in a high rise building. I saw something like a tornado coming… it was soil mixed with something and very very big. It was high all the way up yo thr highest high rise. It came suddenly and swallowed us up. Then another scene… my youngest son Noah was dipping in the lake it was a very dirty body of water almost like oil water… everyone was doing some kind of race/event… there was a guy with a mic saying ready set go! And everyone went swimming out in this water very casually. Noah was only 2 years old. He’s actually 13 but in my dream he was a cute toddler again. We were up on like a hill over the lake watching Noah and these people below. I see other older kids swimming in, no problem. But Noah dipped in the water smiling having a good time, then he went swimming as well… and suddenly something swallowed him up in there. I went and got him somehow, but he swallowed a lot if water. The ladies who work at the event said this happens a lot? & just told me to plop him on my thighs head towards me, and rub his chest. They were praying very casually like this happens a lot. They weren’t worried at all. But he didn’t make it. They were surprised. I think I had another dream about the weird earth tornado disaster too again.

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