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Our company is committed to changing the mindset that dream interpretation is esoteric, a part of astrology, symbolism or pseudo-science.

Dreams cannot be reduced to a single definition which is why we do not believe in dream dictionaries. We believe that dreams are scientific and a part of the study of psychology.

We provide meaning, purpose, and motivation.


The happiness we experience is often fleeting and temporary. The key to true happiness is finding meaning, purpose and motivation. Your dreams show you how to find true happiness and mental health. Discover your true self! You matter and deserve to be happy.

We do not give advice or tell users what to do.

We do not judge. We accept and guide.


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Backed by mental health, product, tech, design and business specialists.


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Chief Executive Officer


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Chief Technical Officer


Yar Doroshenko

Chief Financial Officer

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We have a growing team of international experts with technical, scientific, creative and dream analysis skills.

So if you are interested in joining us in our dream journey – we're always looking for talented people.

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