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Find the meaning of your dreams

Foremost automated dream interpreter

Powered with expert tools for better sleep hygiene

Dream App is dedicated to unlocking the meaning behind your dreams and improving your mental and physical health.

Built with the latest technology in machine learning and deep-learning analytics, Dream helps you in understanding your subconscious thoughts and how they related to the waking world. We also provide solutions through meditation, energy tracking, and therapist consultation.

Power of Ai

Our sophisticated analysis model is founded on 200+ cross-referenced books on Dream Psychology.

Therapist Knowledge

Dig deeper with the help of our resident dream therapist, available to help you out further with the touch of a button.

Physical health

Get more energized by developing better sleep hygiene with our sleep and energy tracker.

Mental health

Discover the power of meditation and quality sleep for a better mental state. Chat with our therapist to work through your dreams and issues.

How does it work?

Describe your dream.

Get in-depth analysis of the symbols.

Chat with our therapist to divulge deeper.

System will be adjusting for you, getting more and more precise each time.

Our engineers created a unique neuro model, based on 200+ dream books.

And work is never done.

It seems to be more effective than googling dream meanings and reading cheesy articles.

Brenda Watson

Brenda Watson


I'm starting to understand what is happening in my life.

Steven Thompson

Steven Thompson


Wow! It’s amazing! Everything is so much make sense for me now. Thanks!

Anna Sherman

Anna Sherman


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