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This symbolizes protection and your status in society or your work life. However, the shadow side of this symbol represents insecurities about your appearance and your attempts to fit into the world due to social pressure. You may be trying to fit somewhere that you don't belong.

🧭 Direction

How are you presenting yourself to the world? Are you allowing your true self to shine through, or are you hiding your true form to fit in? Allow your natural beauty attract others and demonstrate confidence in your status as a valuable human being. Find your true identity and express yourself without shame!

❤️ Feelings

The dream about clothes can evoke various emotions depending on the context. It may bring feelings of self-expression, confidence, or even vulnerability. Clothes symbolize how we present ourselves to the world, so the dream may evoke emotions related to identity and how we want to be perceived. It can also bring feelings of comfort or discomfort, depending on the condition of the clothes in the dream. Overall, the emotions associated with this dream can be diverse and personal to each individual.

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