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Dream Interpretation: Jacket 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Jacket? Discover the significance of seeing a Jacket in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Jacket appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

A jacket in a dream represents protection and warmth. It can also symbolize your outer persona or how you present yourself to others. The color and style of the jacket can provide further insight into your personality and how you want to be perceived.

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🧭 Direction


Think about the color and style of the jacket in your dream. Does it match your waking life style or is it different? This can give you clues about how you want to be perceived by others. If the jacket is too tight or uncomfortable, it may indicate that you are feeling restricted or constrained in your waking life. Consider if there are any situations where you feel like you need more protection or support.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of a jacket may evoke feelings of protection, warmth, and comfort. It symbolizes a sense of security and the need to shield oneself from external influences. This dream may also represent a desire for a certain image or identity, as jackets are often associated with style and fashion. Overall, the dream of a jacket brings forth emotions of safety and the need for personal expression.





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18 Jun 2024

Building (Place)


I had a dream I was walking around this space with a few friends. It was raining outside so a lot of people were in the building. It seemed like a shopping area/food court but everything was darker toned. Like black picnic tables. Dark walls. The only lights came from the food stalls. I went to use the bathroom and the bathroom was a white dimly lit large U-shaped stall style bathroom. It had showers on one side of the U and regular bathrooms on the other. I went in to wash my hands and as I’m washing my hands I notice there are people waiting for the shower. I look over to the showers to see one is open but there’s a brown gross looking liquid puddling in that stall and drawing towards the drain. And then the smell hit me. Everybody washing their hands started gagging and trying not to actually puke. It was a PUTRID smell! As if somebody had not washed in a month and was on their period at the same time NASTY smell. I start to look for another spot to wash my hands but everything else is taken so I get ready to leave. As I’m walking out I notice the only color since I’ve been in this dream in a pink and green floral decoration around a large mirror. I take a second to look at myself and consider taking a selfie but I end up not taking a selfie because there are a few people around and I didn’t want them in my picture. So I leave. As I’m looking around a girl I had seen in the bathroom with earlobe length black curly hair, a round face with a slightly point chin, black spaghetti strap shin length dress, combat boots and lots of long necklaces and a little black backpack tells me she likes my outfit. I tell her I love hers! She goes on about her day and as she’s walking away the jacket she was holding changes from black to like a frog green and I wake up.

27 May 2024



On bus with people driving through mountainous area with little traffic and saw woman falling/rolling down a hill from the road. As fast as she was descending she must have been pushed from a moving vehicle but I don’t recall seeing one since I had been talking to a passenger. I feel like my reaction and thought process was going in slow motion. I should have told the driver to stop immediately but it took me a minute to grasp the situation. It appears to be spring. Jackets being worn but green leaves were abundant and it had recently rained.

18 May 2024



I had a dream I was with my sister and one of my family members in a car and someone I know had some type of baby but it wasn't like real but it was I don't know and she put the car seat in the car without putting it on the holder and like didn't give us a holder ish like it was like literally in the trunk and then she's like okay you guys can go and I was like oh Leah wait and as I'm saying that the freaking car seat tips over the baby falls out oh I was shocked I was scared and I said yes I don't stop stop the car I yelled at her stop the car and I went to go fix the the baby and I was like oh my gosh the baby looked fine but also this baby was like really small like probably the size of my two hands together and I was in this like fluffy ass jacket I don't know why and

15 May 2024



I was in a lunch room with my friends, someone starts opening up their jacket and I make a joke it’s like their trying to protect a celebrity, lil nas x is there and I open up my jacket to cover him as a joke. I fall into him and our bodies touch, he catches me and I end up in his lap facing him. I can feel our groins touching each other. I’m getting hard and so is he we make out and I end up riding him. I wake up. Me and a powerful Pokémon fell In love. We were trying to have sex but kept getting interrupted by other Pokémon coming to congratulate us and tell us are union was very important.

25 Apr 2024

Car accident


Me and looked like my cousin were walking down one of our old road we lived on and I noticed the trees had people in them that were carved out of the trees and I said WOOOOW I never noticed these before walking down this road and they were pretty cool. As we were walking the next thing you know we look behind us and a car was coming and a truck coming ahead of us and we stop and step back off the road and the next thing you know we see a deer by the fence and it jumps over the fence and was about to jump in front of the vehicles and I was like no no no no don't do that. I jumped but jumped back as soon as it did it and the next thing you know a car from a side road just barreled through the road and hit the car that was coming towards us and the next thing you know it's a big pile up of cars and then the next thing you know theres a whole bunch of people standing along the side of the road gathered. And I was walking along the road and I remember I had jello shots in my jacket I was carrying and a few grab them and was going to take them but I snatched them back and said since you just grabbed them and didn't ask me no I'm taking them back. And as I'm walking I ran into my sister who was talking to one of her old friends and then my nieces walked up and was telling her that someone was waiting for her and she pointed at her frind and said this is why I'm late. And the next thing you know I'm in a car with my mom and she's driving crazy fast In our yard around our old house me her and dad built and I told her to slow down and she was on the phone as well and she said something to me and I freaked out on her and told her that I have PTSD with this kinda of driving and I hope out and as I do I try to close the door all the way but it was a sliding door and it didn't catch and as I got out I heard her say something and I started freaking out and yelling at her about how I tried to close it but it wouldn't and then my mom turned into this guy and then I wake up.

5 Apr 2024



This dream was very different. I had this dream 2 to 3 years ago but I still remember it as clear as day. I see myself floating in a white void with gray smoke like swirls being the only thing in the void, besides me. I'm just slowly drifting while in a deep sleep, but I can feel that I'm at peace. Sensing myself at peace, it was the greatest feeling. While still dreaming I suddenly start to hear someone call my it sounds like whisper is at first but then it starts to get louder and louder. eventually this makes me open my eyes so I can find who it is calling after the third time my name gets called everything goes black then I started the first blink was nothing but a bright light and blurred visions, second blink the light is brighter and the blurred vision start shaping like people. the third blank was when I started hearing the voice calling my name but it was very muffled. Before I got to the 4th blank The voice started becoming more clear and when I opened my eyes to faces started to appear. I wake up and what looks like a surgical room with two mercenaries trying to wake me up and guided me through a mental wake up. well they were doing that all of these doctors and scientists were around me unplugging neuro plugs from my skull and spineI making sure my vital signs were okay. One of the mercenaries was just messing with me which kept pissing me off while the other one was making sure he didn't have to step up and do something since he thought my Powers were out of control, even though I still didn't know what they were. After I get cleared from recovery I get sent to bed with a group of people and we walk to our one room that was filled with military like bunkers. We all get to bed and I keep getting questioned with what happened while I was in my simulation that needed so many extra mercenaries around me. but I just tell them I don't know, roll over throw the blankets over my head and go to sleep. the next morning at 0500 hours, a hurricane alarm goes off and we all started getting up making our beds getting dressed. A tall fit Asian man starts playing music from his clock radio to get everyone excited for the day. We're almost done getting ready all together then a woman wearing a white medicine jacket with a clipboard starts calling out our names to make sure no one's missing. After she's done doing a roll call we have to put these metal electronic collars around our own necks then we line up single file and go to the cafeteria to eat breakfast. When I get to the cafeteria there's a whole bunch of adults and children there but only from the ages of 6 years old too 34 years old but we were all divided by different categories. After we finished our breakfast me and the people that are sitting with me got brought to a room that looked like it was set up like one of those chairs from The matrix. Asian man that was playing music in the morning to wake everyone up sat in the chair and all these people gather around and started attending to him. I then go with the woman in the doctors jacket and get taken to an examination room. I'm wearing a white gown sitting in a chair while I'm getting poked and prodded at quite different scientists. They are trying to get me to activate my Powers but I was having a difficult time doing that. I'm doing a physical exam and due to boredom I look out in the hallway, but to my surprise I see a group of children that look like they're around the age of seven and nine being led by men with guns. That's the last time that I ever see those kids. It's the next thing in the dream I start getting into an argument with the lady in the white doctors jacket telling her that we need to stop what we're doing because this is becoming excessively wrong, but she just ignores me. The next day in the dream I noticed that the bunk beds in the rooms are becoming more and more empty and in that morning of breakfast time I'm talking to a tall muscular Asian man named jet, a blonde Russian girl named Anaya, you're handsome but scruffy brunette man named Jackson, and my cousin Tony, trying to convince them that we need to get out of here and take the kids with us and without hesitation they were in with the plan. The next day in the dream we're doing our usual stuff and I notice these twins that are new to the groups. One twin is a girl and the other twin is a boy and the girl carries around a gray rabbit with her at all times. When I saw these twins I started feeling worried and angry. When our scheduled examinations were over I had a conversation with jet, Anaya, Jackson and Tony and we planned to leave that night. Thing skip forward to that night and we're all running down a pitch black alleyway with the kids we tried to escape with. The female twin with the bunny rabbit trips and falls from trying to keep up with us. Jet sees her fall and immediately runs back to try to go get her. Jackson is losing his mind Aunt jet when he turned around to get the girl because we were in a very specific territory that we were not supposed to be in. this area was worse than the place that we were running awat from. I keep trying to tell Jackson to calm down and to make sure the other kids hide at least while jet gets the girl but as soon as Jet got within arms reach of the girl these Bright lights like there were multiple cars lit up at the little girl and Jet. This weird gang of super mutants came out from the lights and almost killed the girl and jet. I got scared worried and heartbroken because of anything happened to those two I would have been lost. I hear guns finishing loading and saw them aiming at jet and the little girl I screamed out loud to make it stop then everything went pitch Black. We were still in the alleyway because I heard jet running towards me with the girl and he whispered in my ear thanks for saving me. Now that we got rid of this crazy gang we all made a run for it we're trying to go to the ocean but at the nick of time we get caught by the people who were trying to experiment on us. Helicopters and military grade everything just started popping up out of thin air surrounding all of us. They take us down one by one and make sure that we couldn't speak or touch anyone. They had us locked up as if we were the most dangerous beings on the face of the Earth. The next day I am so angry that I'm just screaming and yelling and fighting with every person that is a part of this facility to the point where they had to put a specific collar on me that continuously injects me with a sedative. When Anaya saw this she was not happy about it at all and kept finding a way to stop the collar from activating but when the white jackets found out they killed Anaya and locked me in a water tank with an oxygen mask and a straight jacket. I can see through the glass as if I'm looking through a window and I noticed that they were going to take the twins. And when I saw that they were going to take them my eyes turned white with fury, I break the tank that I'm in and then I start to absorb every ounce of water within a 10 mi radius formed it into a 87 foottallbody and start attacking everyone while I was slowly walking to the city. At that point I had lost full control over myself because I was full of sadness and rage. The last thing I remember seeing this dream was the government response teams pointing every weapon they owned at me firing them at me and watching all the bullets tanks and missiles turn into dust as they try to hit the water body that I had stuffed myself into

3 Apr 2024

Baby boy
Same person


years ago i had the dream where i woke up in my dorm room and had motherly senses that there is a baby in my room. it is like i had mother instinct and got up to grab baby boy from the crib beside my bed. Years after years, i had the similar dream where i saw a toddler boy with dinosaurs jacket at the birthday party. i got the instinct that he is same person as a baby boy i saw in my old dream. he called me his mommy.

31 Mar 2024



I had a field trip and it was in a bus and the field trip was on Sunday and ever the whole class was there and I had a seat next to my best friend Allison, and when I look at the window, it turned into Zenia and then when I look at the window again and turn into Leah it was kind of weird and I didn’t like that so I open my small backpack because I had a lot of stuff in there for the field trip. Maddox keep using my jacket and I didn’t like that Leah kept looking in my backpack and their seats for the kindergartners, and the first graders, all of us have our names on the seats so we can know which seats are ours. The first graders and the kindergartners didn’t sit with us even though that was their assigned seats when I told Leah, I didn’t bring my phone to field trip because I let it charge she got mad and my dream ended

29 Mar 2024

My crush
Large rocks


I was trying to get off the titanic with a group of people and one of them was an old friend from high school I haven’t seen for over a year. I remember running around the ship trying to find stuff then trying to escape through a window that we broke because that part of the ship went underwater. I remember thinking it was weird I could see underwater because it was supposed to be night, which it was but I could still see underwater which was convenient. Once we got to the deck of the ship, the climbed up to the back of the ship that was still above water and I had the thought to do what they do in the titanic movie which is so jump at the exact time the ship goes down so that you don’t get pulled under with the boat. My friend Will was suddenly also there and we jumped to avoid getting sucked under as far. I could see his legs underwater so I swam up and over towards him and was able to reach him. Then I asked him where Landri and Luke were at (my best friend and my crush) and he said he hadn’t seen them for awhile and last he saw they were in the ship. Then I saw my aunt and uncle who I hadn’t known were aboard and swam over to them and their kids and found my grandparents were also over there. I told Will that my uncle Tony couldn’t be there cause he was supposed to be one of my pallbearer, which was a conversation me and Will had had in real life. My uncle Tony had a camp chair he put on a beach towel and somehow this made it float so his four kids were on top of him and his wife was also on a camp chair but hers was half sinking. My brain tried to explain this by deciding to put a large rock underneath Tony that his chair was half on so that’s how it was staying up. I told Will that we needed to go look for Luke and Landri and he said it was dangerous because if we stayed totally in the water for 15 minutes we had the chance of getting hypothermia and wouldn’t be able to recover no matter what even if we got saved but I told him we had to go so he told me he’d go with me. I could feel in my heart what direction to go and quickly found Luke (my crush) next to some driftwood that Jack and Rose from the titanic movie (who in this dream I knew we had been friends with especially Luke) were also hanging onto. Luke had been in the water for about 15 minutes and I was scared had gotten hyptothermia so me and Will dragged his half passed out body over to the rock where my family was. There I took off half his life jacket and also mine and since he was sat on the rock I sat on his lap and hugged around him trying to warm him up. Will asked if we should go back out looking for landri and so I asked Luke if he’d seen her and he said he didn’t know if she’d made it off the ship and I knew it was a lost cause to go looking. Even though I wanted to be sad I was just numb and couldn’t really feel anything. Nothing really felt that serious. Eventually an hour later a life boat came to look for survivors, and they picked up Rose just like in the Titanic movie and then came our way. I waved them over and they came to save me, I was also still across Luke and told them to bring him in the boat too. Will was floating nearby and I told the people in the boat to grab him and they told me he was dead, but I told them sometimes he just looks really out of it even if he’s not (which is something he will do in real life with sleeping) so they grabbed him and he was alive and my brains logic behind this was that he is an outdoor nature guy and kind of built so he just survived. In real life 6 people were saved from the water after the titanic sank so I had the same logic in my dream and my uncle Tony and one of his kids were still alive and able to be saved. The next morning came and I was talking to Will about the events of the night before and Luke finally came around and I was relieved because he was going to make it.

28 Mar 2024



I had a very odd dream with a negative undertone. When I woke up, I felt like, whoa, that was a weird dream. And, yeah, it didn't wake me up, but it was very weird. It was kind of dark, and it was in a place that I don't know, and I was dressed kind of in rags. And everyone just wanted to sleep with me. There was this dog that was outside and I was I was going through I was sitting in this one place and I looked outside and I was like wow that's one of the places that I was supposed to see that's one of the famous places. And Marek, my colleague that I like a lot, he's really nice and a very genuine person, was in my dream too. And he looked outside and he was like, oh yeah, that's one of those places and it had a dinosaur with a number 33 on it. And then I was like, oh cool. So I just started walking outside and decided I'm gonna see the place. So I went through the restaurant and around. and out and there was this beautiful courtyard and apparently there was like a theater show going on but the artists were outside just chilling on one of the benches and they were Polish and I could understand them But everybody else wasn't polished so they couldn't understand. But I didn't say anything I just listened to what they said and they're just talking about how tired they were Nothing spectacular. They're old men Not very old, but like in their late 50s, and they were just chilling in the sun and not caring about life. and there were some big swings and I just decided that I'm gonna go swinging because it seemed like a nice place to look out at the rest of the courtyard from. so I was swinging and there was this dog sitting there and he started looking at me and I thought that's a cute dog it was a kind of bulldog but I didn't see the evil in him I saw the good But after looking in his eyes, I realized that he also wanted to sleep with me. And everyone in the dream just had their, they were different kind of things but behind the eyes there were people and there was no rules. They were all just people but in different forms. So this dog wanted to talk to me, but when I realized that I just jumped off from the swing and I was running and I ran through the house, closed the doors behind me until I reached this one closet. and there was an Indian lady there and she was like hide here and I will tell him you're not here and then I was looking around and I realized that I was wearing Converse all-stars and I need to go deeper into the closet because the dog's eye is lower and the door is not so... there's a hole in the door which you can see through. So I went deeper into the closet and I was worried about spiders being there. But I just thought I will not think about it. So I put my hand down on this wood and I was just in the closet hiding. And thinking about other things and trying not to think about spiders being there. and the dog was walking around and suddenly my mind changed the dog into an older Indian lady. And she was looking around and kind of looked into my eyes while I was in the closet because there was glass doors. But she just kept walking and I don't know if she saw me or if she pretended not to see me. She really didn't see me. And then she just grabbed her jacket from the closet where I was in but she didn't look at me and went away. And the other Indian is like, hey, what he what the fuck And I didn't say anything because I was like, the lady fucking hasn't even left yet. Why is this idiot bitch talking to me right now? I can wait. So I waited a few minutes and then I answered and I was like just leave me alone and then I woke up.

25 Mar 2024



I was sliding down a rainbow with a rat in a unicorn costume wearing a leprechaun jacket When we hit the bottom of the rainbow we landed with a pot of gold and a whole bunch of sweets and treats people were watching us we were taking the gold and putting it in our pockets and the leprechaun was chasing us

23 Mar 2024



for some reason tyler and i and these two other girls that were friends with him and each other went on a road trip and we were all supposed to stay at this really fancy hotel with traditional large rooms and decor etc. we all get there and while the girls go to check in i'm repacking my lil bag bc i threw everything out looking for my lipstick and pen but while i'm leaning over the seats to head grab some stuff from the floor mats this mf comes up behind me and gets HANDSY so i giggle and make some snide comment i don't remember now lol BUT with bag packed again and lipstick on i shimmy down and out of the backseat. i think u asked for a kiss but alludes to my lipstick transferring so i kiss the excesses on my jacket sleeves some reason and makeout briefly before joining whoever these other girls are. first is room 19 i guess where we are moved to room 20 for a reason i don't recall. we knock on the door and some woman is like occupied wrong room so we are very confused but she's says this is actually suite 21 you're next door and we blindly follow for some reason. suite 21 a was oddly small for 4 ppl but the random girls settle in regardless. i think i wander around the area of not only the lodge but the nearby collection of businesses and restaurants but i come back and everyone's outside of "suite 20" where it unveiled that miss girl from "suite 21" switched the numbers but left something with her name on it welcoming her (it was none of our names i guess?) so we storm over like aight get out and her door is unlocked so we like go in lmao and then it gets wEIRD with the boss battle + her minions energy (said minion is an animal i think cat) but we defeat them and her and the front desk lady comes up in time like what happened? but keeps walking. i cut my nail rly bad (like in the middle of my nail bed) in the process but we all move to the initial 19 suite anyways which was still a nice room. other miscellaneous moments and comments happened but i don't remember enough to include :( i do remembering having fun makeup (white lashes / mascara specifically and colorful makeup) and wearing a risqué but similarly avant garde fit that i throw a big jacket over when we all walk into the hotel bc i saw a creep.

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