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Dream Interpretation: Leather ๐Ÿ˜ด - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Leather? Discover the significance of seeing a Leather in your dream ๐Ÿ’ค - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Leather appears in your dream โœ…

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๐Ÿ’กPossible meaning

Leather in a dream represents toughness, durability, and strength. It can also symbolize your desire for power and control. Alternatively, it may indicate your need for protection or a desire to be more assertive.

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๐Ÿงญ Direction


Think about the context in which the leather appeared in your dream. Are you wearing leather clothing or accessories? Are you touching or smelling leather? This may give you clues about what the dream is trying to tell you. If you feel like you need more strength or assertiveness in your waking life, try to find ways to build your confidence and take control of your situation.

โค๏ธ Feelings

The dream of leather may evoke feelings of toughness, durability, and strength. It may symbolize a desire for protection or a need to establish boundaries. The texture and smell of leather can also bring about a sense of luxury and sophistication. This dream may suggest a need to be more assertive or to stand up for oneself. It could also represent a desire for stability and security in one's life. Overall, the dream of leather may elicit feelings of power, resilience, and a longing for a sense of control.





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18 Apr 2024



I was sitting at a card table, across from another man. We were having a conversation I donโ€™t know what the conversation was about. Suddenly, another man walked up along beside us. He was carrying a brown leather case when he was directly beside our card table he turned toward us , and a small base dropped out of his case to the floor and his case flattened out and became a lecturn. he began talking to us; I believe he was actually preaching to us. As I recall, I was a bit irritated, but did not respond to him.

23 Mar 2024



I had an appointment with Po in town. We went to a coffee shop in Amsterdam North, it was a place with a beach club aesthetic. Then we went to a kind of clothing store in the center. Po still had to do something with that employee he knew there. I was waiting outside. It took a very long time. So I walked around for a bit and then decided to go home and change. I wanted to take the tram, but it was one of those trams where you had to stand on the outside of the back. There was a woman standing behind me who started squeezing my neck. I turned around and saw a brown haired woman, I got angry so I started pinching her back. She started screaming hysterically and looked like a demon. Then I was home and had to pick out an outfit for when Po was done in that store with the employee. I had tried on a lot of outfits, including two big black brown coats. I also tried a green dress with a black and white dotted blouse over it, but I thought that was too feminine. I also tried a white t-shirt with a brown spencer over it. That looked nice, but then I put a brown coat over it and everything looked like my skin color, so all the clothes disappeared and I looked naked. Then Lucy walked to my room and we all saw ants walking in the hallway. Lucy called our father and he also came to look at the ants. My father also saw a very large insect on the wall. He grabbed it but it turned out to be a wine bottle on legs. My father then had a company praying to get rid of those ants. That man came and immediately saw that there was an ant nest in the wall between the electricity cables of the laundry room. Then I texted Po and he said he was almost done, so I ended up going to town in a brown spencer with a black big leather jacket over it.

29 Feb 2024

New Job


I was un a new house that was unfamiliar to me. It was 2 story house with all hardwood floors. It was nearly impossible to walk quietly in that house. My bedroom was on the second floor by the stairs. I had my dog, Hermes, but he looked different than in real life. I'd invited my friend Jessica over to hangout. We'd been talking in my room for a bit, i don't remember about what. She'd gotten a call and my mom was calling me to come help her with something, so I left Jess in the room by herself. I went downstairs to help my mom with groceries but she didn't look like my mom. My mom looked like a black woman and I realized I was a black man, but I knew I wasn't really. I helped my mom with the groceries then went back up to my room. When I looked at my hands I was back to normal. Jess was nowhere in sight, but I had a feeling she was in the bathroom. I sat down in bed and put mu legs under the covers. I picked up an odd instrument from under my bed. It was like a synthesizer and a mandolin combined. I started playing a pretty little tune that I'd just made up as Jess came out if the bathroom. She looked really upset and it was obvious she'd been crying. She sat on the bed next to me and I asked her what was wrong. She told me her sister had told her that their mom did something horrible to her. Apparently her mom and sister got into a fight and her mom hit her sister. Jess was crying because she never thought her mom would do something like that. I offered a hug as consolation, but Jess got under the covers with me and pulled me in to cuddle. I layed my head on her chest and wrapped my arm around her torso. My hand accidentally brushed her shirt up and I felt her warm skin on my hand. I was about to readjust, but she put both her arms around me and held me in place. It felt so nice to lay with her like this. I briefly allowed myself to imagine how nice it would be if we could cuddle like this all the time and how I wanted to kiss her but know I couldn't. I kept glancing at my bedroom door that was open ajar and hoped that nobody in my family cam in to disturb us. I also didn't want any questions as to why we were cuddling because I had a husband. I looked up at her and was about to ask her a question when one of my brothers, Noah, walked in asking if I'd take a trip with him. He didn't ask or say anything about Jess and I cuddling but he gave me a knowing look that said it all. I rolled my eyes at him and said yes but to give me a bit to get ready. He said okay then left, leaving my door open. I turned back to Jess and apologized for the interruption and having to leave on short notice. I really wanted to kiss her and I could tell she was feeling the same way, but we both knew it was better if we didn't. We got out of bed and I hugged her goodbye and promised to talk more later and to hangout again once I got back. Then the dream shifted and I was on the trip with my brother. We were in a little town I was unfamiliar with, but it was an oil town and very old-fashioned. I don't know exactly how we'd gotten there but I think it was by bus. We were trying to figure out how to get home when I spotted a pink convertable Cadillac in the lot of a mechanic shop. The top was down, exposing the white leather seats. The shop was closed and there was nobody on the streets so my brother and I shared a mischievous look and decided to steal it. He hopped into the driver's seat amd I hopped into the passenger seat. I opened the glove box and found the keys, then handed them to my brother. With a quick prayer he turned them in the ignition and the car sputtered to life. We both cheered then sped off, heading towards home. We sped down the highway that went thought the forest and hoped to not get caught. I decided to rip off the license plate at the next stop to hopefully cover our tracks a bit. After filling up we made our way again but now I knew that people were onto us and after us. As we drove, suddenly the road turned into railroad tracks that wound and twisted like a roller coaster. We were trying to get off the tracks but the car was stuck on them and we had to just keep driving. Eventually I saw that the tracks were coming to an end and there was a barricade at the end. I told my brother we'd have to bail out, tuck and roll. So we jumped out of the car before it crashed into the barricade. We quickly ran into the train station that was nearby and laughed in our victory. We agreed to buy tickets and take the train home. The dream shifted again and I was back home, in my backyard with my dog. I was on the phone with Jess, telling her what happened, when I heard my mom pulling into the driveway. I panicked because I didn't know if she knew what happened yet and I didn't want to get in trouble, so I bolted inside and up the stairs, trying to be quiet. I'd made it quietly into my room and was about to shut my door when Hermes bounded up the stairs after me, his nails clacking loudly on the wood floors. I quietly ushered him into the room and shut the door, praying that mom didn't notice or hear. I watched the door anxiously and listened for her. After a few moments of silence, I relaxed and was glad we got away with everything. Then I woke up.

28 Feb 2024



I was walking to a place that looked like somewhere between the farmhouse at Seafield and the crofthouse at Dunrossness. It was a white building with a red door. It was night time, and apparently my auntie and cousins lived in that house. I walked right up to the house and looked up at the sky. The sky and moon was a beautiful lavender purple colour, which faded into black, where yellow stars shone. I was in awe at how pretty it was and I just stared at the sky with an open mouth for ages. I felt like I was in a magical world. I eventually stopped looking at the sky and wandered into the field next to the house. I opened the gate and as I stepped in the field, I ended up in this random bedroom that was seperate from the house, and anytime I tried to wander in the field, I couldn't, because this room just spawned around me instead. I went to sit on the bed, but then I got scared that someone was hiding under the covers, so I stood up. Apparently it was my cousin Bryden and his girlfriends bedroom. I went out of the room and into the main house. There was a warm yellow glow coming from the house windows. Then my cousins Bryden and Liam and Auntie Vivien came back and we all talked to each other. Before this, me, my auntie and my cousins were in some kind of game show set that Claudia Winkleman was hosting. We had to jump over these mulit-coloured soft leather blocks and do a bunch of obstacle courses in a set amount of time. I don't know who won but everyone was cheering and Claudia was congratulating us. Then we left the game show and were waving goodbye to everyone and Claudia waved goodbye to us along with all the production crew

19 Feb 2024



I was on holiday and first went by boat to an island near Bali. There were all kinds of tribes on the island. These were men who only wore a piece of animal leather, carried spears and had dreads. Someone I was on holiday with was murdered there. A whole investigation had to be done. Hannah was there too, and her room was next to my room. There were no doors so I could walk straight in. Then we had the funeral of the person who was murdered. But this was stopped by someone because they wanted to do more research. Then we went to South Korea, but it felt like Thailand. We were in a very nice hotel with a nice boutique, grandma was suddenly there too, and the three owners were very cheesy and had to laugh at everything. Then I suddenly saw Maria Tailor walking past, she had dyed her hair blue. I spoke to her to say how much I liked her, but she was a bit haughty. I was wearing gold Dolce & Gabbana shoes. When she saw those shoes she suddenly wanted to talk to me. I then went back to that boutique in annoyance to find my grandmother, but she was gone. Then Pleuntje suddenly was in that boutique with her father to find clothes for that evening, because she was going to Club Shelter. When I left the hotel I got stuck on the door handle and security laughed. Then we arranged for three cars to drive across the country. We were suddenly with my father, Brenda, Lucy, Yvonne, Dirk, Jorg, Iris and Lotte. We went to visit the family of the person who was murdered on the island. Lucy and I kept whining in the car about wanting to go to the 7/11. My music always turned on very loudly in the car. I only started vlogging on the second day in South Korea, because nothing interesting had happened on the first day. My father then started to control the car with magic by pointing when he wanted to go in a direction. Then suddenly I was in a hotel room with my mother and sister and my legs were completely tattooed with colored puzzle pieces. It was kind of like a sleeve on my legs. There was also a tattoo of two eyes and a few loose pictures. I showed it to my mother and she was in shock. At first I really liked it, but then I started to have doubts and suddenly found it very ugly. I immediately wanted to have it removed by laser. In the mirror it looked like I was wearing colored stockings.

16 Feb 2024

High School


I was staying with my family. Instead of with my boyfriend in real life. We went to the swimming pool with my family. I was a bit late and so I wasnโ€™t able to enjoy the pool for long. We went up the condo we live in. My sister told me I used to try to suicide oftern in high school. And had psychosis. Which was a shocking information to me when she told me cause I didnโ€™t know that myself. I didnโ€™t know I was delusional, I thought I was normal. My dad had a black leather belt on his hand. He said, he will beat me with this if it happens to me again. And I said, no. It felt everything was happening so fast. I couldnโ€™t understand him. I had an argument with him. And for some reason he wanted to beat me even tho I wasnโ€™t delusional. I ended up punching him in the face.

27 Jan 2024

New Job
Being Late


Dream I'm standing in line to order some food. It's a new place I've never been before. They serve these kind of strange pastries some are sweet, some are savory. Honestly they look like you'd be eating a hamster, but I don't want to be rude and feel obligated to try one. There are four things on the menu. I'm trying to decide which one. I ask the attendant for what he recommends, and he barks something in a foreign language I don't understand, clearly annoyed by now. So I nod and say " ok that one" he goes to give me my pastry but as he goes to slam it down on the bar- Suddenly I'm in a large grass field. There's a wooden table or stall and instead of a pastry a suit of armor comes slamming down. It's authentic, mostly rugged leather woven together with pieces of shiny metal. 'What? ' I say. 'what the hell am I supposed to do with this? How does this help me get home?" Suddenly I'm back in an airport. I'm late for a flight, I'm traveling with a friend (he looks like Wendall Pierce's character Greer from Jack Ryan) "hey" he points out an off the beaten path baggage check. There's only one person in line. "good call" I say and check my luggage (a small rollaway carryon suitcase) And we continue on towards our flight.

5 Jan 2024



I dreamt about my maternal grandfather. This is very interesting, because he passed away ten years before I was born. I've seen pictures of him in real life, I've been told stories about him in real life, and I've even seen a video of him in real life, but I have never met him, and no known recording of his voice exists. Anyway, in my dream, I'm in the house he built, in the workshop. He's working on something at his workbench. I look in the mirror, and I look like I do in real life: stretched earrings, tattoos, and teal-dyed hair. I become worried that my appearance may be jarring to him, since he was born in the early 1940s and died in the early 1990s. However, I walk up to him anyway, and tap him on the shoulder. He looks at me with a smile, but doesn't say anything. He shows me a pair of brown leather shoes that he's fixing, and a wooden plane. He then takes me into the kitchen, where my maternal grandmother, who passed away when I was 14 years old, has made cookies, pie, and scrambled eggs. My grandparents proceed to waltz around the kitchen, before sitting us all down and beginning the meal. My grandfather and grandmother both remain silent in the dream, but they never stop smiling. This is the happiest dream I've had in years, even though I miss them both dearly. Maybe this is dream is a message, telling me to take it easy, or that everything will be okay.

30 Dec 2023



I woke up from a nightmare, I was back home, it appeared that the adults where not home, there were a couple of childhood children around, my fathers business partners children in fact, we were in their home. We were often there, on the daily, the children were talking about having to go play a game in the parents room, something about a swimming motion game. This shocked me as it appeared to be more of a situation that adults may be taking sexual advantage of the children under the disguise of playing a make believe game to cover the true acts being performed. In the same dream my grand father showed up as if coming home from work. I apparently had chores to do that I wasnโ€™t aware of, cleaning up a living space? My room perhaps my grandfather was a very short tempered man, when he questioned me about tidying up my room I lied in fear of retaliation and a on the spot beating and said that I had cleaned up my room. Hoping that the the surface tidiness from a glance would suffice. However my grandfather was already triggered and fired up prior to getting back home, he was looking for an outlet. He went in my room and started ripping throngs apart? Pulling the bed away from the wall, undoing bedding and peeling back pillows which revealed a hidden covered up mess that was not cleaned up as expected. His face was bloodshot red with anger, he grabbed hold of a large leather belt and started lashing out at me, striking me over and over none stop over my arms, body and back, the attack came from the front like a monster on the attack, not from behind like a coward. He kept hitting and lashing me with the belt wildly in anger all I could do was whimper and cry trying protect myself from the lashings striking my face or head. He was enraged? I woke up suddenly while trying to protect my self by guarding my face body and head. He was so angryโ€ฆ

4 Dec 2023



Dreamed of my ex, the love of my life. He was not happy to see me I would happily follow him around and he would walk away He was wearing a brown camel leather jacket

14 Nov 2023



I was shopping in this huge school like place, I go home and I'm the oldest heir and princess in this kingdom. The King (my father) was forced to have sex with me in front of others. He felt horrible about it and I explained it was my duty to do this. Later that day the king locked the castle and started to have sex with me again. There was a guy behind us that was clanking pans and the King went to torture him, then the two staff came in and started to beat me with leather straps.

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