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Dream Interpretation: Crocodile 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Crocodile? Discover the significance of seeing a Crocodile in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Crocodile appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This symbolizes dishonesty, adverse impact, deceit, and danger. It suggests that someone in your close premises is cleverly hiding their emotions and are waiting for an opportunity to strike. It also means that you may face some unexpected situation in your waking life soon.

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🧭 Direction

Bad omen

Examine those around you. Pay attention and find out who cares for you and have any sincere feeling towards you. Do not be deceived or fooled by anyone. Be attentive and protect yourself and your assets from being used by others. Humans are capable of doing more harm than you can actually imagine. So be vigilant and protect yourself.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of a crocodile may evoke feelings of fear, danger, and vulnerability. This powerful symbol represents hidden threats or aggression lurking beneath the surface. It may suggest a need to be cautious and alert in waking life, as well as a reminder to confront and overcome challenges. The presence of a crocodile in a dream can also symbolize a need for self-protection and the importance of setting boundaries. Overall, this dream may leave one feeling unsettled and aware of potential dangers in their surroundings.





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29 Mar 2024



I was at this place that was kind of like an Orphanage, and there was a gigantic crocodile in a giant glass rectangle filled with water. Sometimes the person who was taking care of us would let kids swim in there with the crocodile. I thought this was super dangerous because they would swim by the crocodiles mouth. Then I don't remember what but something happened that made everyone have to leave because it wasn't safe anymore. Me and two other girls went back to see if the person who was taking care of us was okay, going back into the orphanage I had had a bad feeling that he wasn't okay but went anyway. We got upstairs to where the crocodiles tank was and saw the crocodile tearing him to pieces in the tank. We were all shocked and so sad but I said, "We have to get out of here it's not safe." And we all ran as fast as we could out the door and to where the cars were waiting. My stepmom Kate was waiting in her car and said "My back is open if you want to jump in there." So we got into Kate's car and she drove off. I said "I can't believe he's dead," over and over and was crying. I woke up in real life and went back to bed and my dream continued... It was a few years after the crocodile incident and me and the two other girls were coming back to the orphanage to collect the bones of two people that we had buried. We went in the front door and saw the massive skeleton of the crocodile. All of us were terrified moving around it worried that it would come back to life. We got around it and over to a spot of grass with a pebble on it that one of the girls had placed after she'd buried someone. She dug it up and put the bones in a bag. Then we went to the other place where bones were buried but we had to get there by flying on by paragliding over the ocean that was between us and the island the bones were on. We all made it over there after a few failed attempts and snuck into the building that was on the island. We were afraid that the crocodile was back to life and would get us. We were inside and found the turtle shell that one of the girls had placed on top of where she had buried the other body. She dug it up and put the bones in a bag. We paraglided back to the orphanage and weren't afraid that the crocodile would come back to life anymore. We hopped over the skeleton and out the door. The girls wanted to re-bury the bones in the front yard of the orphanage but I said "No we should bury them in a public place so their families can visit them." And then we once again left the orphanage.

28 Mar 2024



My mom brought a investigatiors to the house to tell and show me evidence that the guy I was talking to and messing around with. That he was lying to me and just using me. He’s still with his girl. The 1987 he was 23 years old. I saw a crocodile walking slowly towards me and I seen 2 dogs. He was also hiding in my moms bathroom in the house. My mom doesn’t like him

16 Mar 2024



Things I desired appeared out the sky. Large body of water (ocean, sea,lake, pod) A mother trying to solve the problem her way but more like getting in the way A couple scared to commit but ends up doing it because they are madly in love Play dough Different AI couples “I like turtles.. I so happen to be a crocodile they like turtles” It felt like I was watching a show

2 Mar 2024

Childhood home


I had a pet crocodile in my childhood home and it was chasing me into the kitchen and I had to get to higher ground

27 Jan 2024



I wad at my local grocery shop with my family. We were just chilling there while getting out weekly groceries when me and my sister went to the exit for some reason. Suddenly there was a crocodile that chased us and I managed to get of the exit. I ran a little bit before turning back and seeing my sister didn't go through the door at all. The exit was a sliding door and while I went through the sliding door it was already closing so it was hard for me to get through. I was afraid the crocodile would hurt me because I recently had the same recurring dream about this same situation. This time it's different though. As I was running I looked back and saw my sister and the crocodile but it didn't hurt her at first so I continued to run. I was running very fast as if I was flying, that was very nice. It was dark and on my way to a different exit where I could get help were a few men. I was afraid they would do something to me so I couldn't held my sister, they didn't. When I walked in there were people talking about how someone had to go to the hospital so I called the hospital and asked where my sister was. The woman in the phone was a little dumb so she could not tell me. Meanwhile my brother and my mom arrived.

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