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Dream Interpretation: Dragon 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Dragon? Discover the significance of seeing a Dragon in your dream πŸ’€ - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Dragon appears in your dream βœ…

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πŸ’‘Possible meaning

These symbolize power, independence, spirituality, and strength. It indicates that you are the master of your destiny and have the power to transform your waking life. It is an immensely powerful symbol, connected to your identity and confidence, and controlling this power will help you progress in your waking life.

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🧭 Direction


You have power residing deep within you, understand it and harness it to change your current situation. Embracing your spiritual energy will help you unleash your full potential and become independent. Sometimes this new power within you can be frightening, but now is the time to embrace your potential and enter into it without fear.

❀️ Feelings

The dream of a dragon can evoke a range of emotions, such as fear, awe, and excitement. The presence of a dragon in a dream often symbolizes power, strength, and the need to confront one's fears or challenges. It may also represent a desire for adventure or a warning of potential danger. The feelings associated with this dream can vary depending on the context and individual experiences, but they generally involve a mix of intensity and curiosity.





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7 Apr 2024



I recently had a dream that I was connected to a dragon through a soul bond and it felt so wonderful and safe having a being that would be by my side no matter what, we flew through the clouds together with me on its back, the saved my life once and I was always so happy to see them. But then it turned out I was sitting at a dinner table with my ex Meredith and it was actually a movie we were watching while we were eating and I turned to her and said how wonderful if would be to have a being that you know would always be there for you and you there for them and she replied saying that I had her, I looked away for a moment then back at her and she wasn't there anymore and cried in despair.

5 Apr 2024



I had a dream I was in school and we were going to do a general knowledge exam on specific topics. One exam paper was on Harry Potter, another on Motherhood and another on the decade Eighties. I chose to do the eighties exam paper, just general knowledge but then it started to ask me about the mythology of dragons. I got annoyed with the teacher, stating I was offended because I had done midwifery of an alien race, and this was the hardest exam paper I had ever done.

9 Mar 2024



Surviving Dragons with a community I come to love and nurture. Living in a city tall buildings that had food and running water. Kinda like last of us show

24 Feb 2024



Dreamt I had babies with a blue dragon. And our babies were blue dragons and blue dragonflies.

23 Feb 2024



My bank account hit zero after a barrage of purchases that I didn't make. Had to resolve this at the bank. At the bank, there was a galaxy map showing what was in the center of the galaxy and what kind of monsters were there. Then, I was sent on a quest to find something in that part of the galaxy. I then recruited some guys at work. During the trip, I listened to a story about this one women who used her magical powers to entrap people, but then it backfired and it entrapped her. We then found our destination. It was near the center of the galaxy and was a dark world with a purple glow. We landed on that planet and it was filled with purple chrystals. We then ventured to a layer filled with treasure, but it was guarded by a dragon. There was a great battle between us and the dragon, but we were able to slay the dragon and take the treasure.

19 Feb 2024



I dreamt about the Targaryens the ones specifically from house of the dragon but the thing was that I was a woman they said they found at the street and brought with them for some reason, so turns out when they found me I was unconscious for a long time like some months and everytime I got undressed by the female septa’s. rhaenyra ( the older version married to daemon) and alicent ( older version married to king viserys) would come and watch me naked and I don’t remember anything else because I woke up .

11 Feb 2024



There was a tunnel pitch black and a eerie shadow creature with 6 legs was emerging from it a bright light from within me shined through and an angel appeared then multiple angels appeared and they flew in the sky like a flock of birds suddenly an animated boy appeared he was running through a bright and vibrant forest he was running so fast that as he ran his surroundings were fragmented then an image of a man in a suit with black hair and a black beard appeared and he was sitting with a drink at what looked to be a bar then the sky appeared it was bright from the sunshine and the clouds were beautiful and fluffy and white a dragon was flying in the sky where the clouds were but I could only really see its white scaly wing

3 Feb 2024



I remember one of my dreams being that I had a red dragon tattoo on my arm and traveling around my shoulder going down my torso. I also recall having a golden earring pierced on my cartilage in my ear (it’s not pierced in reality)

26 Jan 2024



I was traveling abroad, somehow I ended up in a forest with a lot of mud. I went into a kind of a medieval dungeon/church where they had a small-like museum exhibition. There were a lot of statues, one had a dragon, and the dragon had a red diamond. I wanted to take it with me, I also lost my shoes and I couldn’t walk around. When I looked around, there were several skulls, with medieval chain mail, similar to Massacre of Wisby at the museum. The whole place was a burial place and I got very scared. I tried to take some of the statues or pieces with me, in particular the dragon. I don’t think I managed but this place was very creepy and mysterious

12 Nov 2023



In my dream, me and my family were given tickets to go to a theme park. It was late, so by the time we arrived most of the crowds had left, leaving us to freely explore the park at our leisure. A nighttime light show was happening, where a bunch of drones with bright lights attached would fly in formation and create a bunch of shapes in the sky. First was a green frog using its pink tongue to catch a yellow fly, then it was a purple dragon breathing orange flames, ending in a spiral of colors that spun around very quickly before dispersing. The show had no music, so it was very quiet as the shapes made by the drones moved around. After a while, the drones returned and the show began again, accompanied by no music. I got the idea to use my own music so my family, who had seated ourselves away from anyone else so as not to disturb anyone, could have a better show. I played some music that managed to synchronize to the drones very well, but the show suddenly stopped after about a minute and on the park speakers we could hear the voice of the mascot saying that someone was breaking the rules. All of the sudden, we were surrounded by theme park police and security who confiscated my phone and dragged us out of the park, throwing us into the street before they returned to the park itself. Disheartened, we returned home to find a notice taped to our door about how we would have to appear in court tomorrow, so we gathered our things and left for the court house as the sun began to rise. When we got there, police grabbed my baby brother snd sister and the judge demanded that we explain ourselves and our behavior from the theme park incident in order to win back custody of my siblings. At this time, my mother and her boyfriend left the court to prepare their case while I was left alone to try and stall for time. I was terrified and tried my best to explain my actions to the judge, but every word I spoke was met with criticism from her and ultimately did nothing to help our case, which lead the judge to bring the gavel down on my head, striking me physically until I collapsed. As I began to fade I could hear her shouting that I'll never be a good brother to my siblings and that I lost my right to have them, then I woke up in a cold sweat.

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