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Dream Interpretation: Pills 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Pills? Discover the significance of seeing a Pills in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Pills appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

Dreaming of pills can represent a need for healing or a desire to escape reality. It may also indicate a need for medication or a fear of becoming dependent on medication. Consider the color and size of the pills for further insight.

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🧭 Direction


Are you feeling overwhelmed or in need of a break? It may be time to take a step back and focus on self-care. However, if you are currently taking medication, make sure to follow your doctor's instructions and do not stop taking it without consulting them first.

❤️ Feelings

The dream about pills may evoke feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, and a desire for control. It could symbolize a need for healing or a search for a quick fix to a problem. The dream may also reflect concerns about one's health or a reliance on external substances for emotional well-being. Overall, this dream may leave a sense of unease and a longing for stability and inner peace.





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11 Jun 2024



I wrote this dream down in 2019, it was another MONO dream. So, my dream last night seemed like a combo of The Simpsons, Lost, Pokemon, and the Disney app game because I was on an animated island inside of a game. I was a part of a clan and seemingly nobody thought there were others on the island except for us. They were wrong and I was right. I was inside these buildings running around in a panic and all of a sudden I saw someone that was not part of my people and he was taking notes on me. Then I went to the land And it all looked like an amusement park mixed with Whoville. There was a Pokemon Adoption Center for old and retired Pokemon. The entrance was like the Cat in the Hat ride at Universal Studios. Then I went on an elevator down and I went to a Pokemon creation center where you could create your own Pokemon. While I was down there, some boys approached me and I had to fight, but they sprayed gas in my face and drugged me. Then I was running around my clan and telling them that we were not the only ones on the island. Nobody believed me, and so I went looking for the people. All the meanwhile, I was dealing with many shipments of small houses for small animals that were all in a room. I stumbled across the land that was animated by a big tree with a bunch of flowers surrounding it. It was pretty. I didn't know that I was being watched. Then I was taken. I woke up in a doctor room where they shot me with a needle right into my side boob armpit region because they missed my arm and it hurt because they didn't get all the air out of the tube before they shot it in me. They handed me like 20 pills in different sizes and colors and ordered me to swallow them. I kept asking what they were. Some were cut and some were huge like half of a pinky finger. For some reason, I started taking them and I was walking around the office when I stumbled across Krusty the Clown and Homer Simpson and they were arguing. Homer Simpson was also my husband and he was trying to convince Krusty that he could dress up like Krusty so Homer could do the surgery and not hurt me instead of Krusty because Krusty would hurt me. Krusty agreed because he couldn't take hurting more people with the surgery. I still didn't know what the surgery was. I stumbled across the main dude who was behind it all and tried to convince him not to do the surgery. I was whining and crying and losing my mind because I was on drugs. He said, nope, we're doing it. And Homer dressed up as Krusty gave me a wink while I was on the table. Then the main dude walks in, I jump off the table disoriented because of drugs and he says that we can't do the surgery today. Then he says, hopefully I won't die today anyway because all the pills I had to take. Homer and I stumbled out of the door and I tumbled down a hill. The people that surround sprayed gas in my face found me. I woke up scared and punching from the drugs in the doctor room. They told me to be quiet because my people were walking by and I started screaming. Then, I was back in the room of small animals living in tiny dollhouses. I was trying to keep the bad mice out from the good mice. Eventually, the people believed me that there were others on the island trying to do harm to us.

21 May 2024



Being given three silver coins and three white pills by someone I know. I accepted all the gifts and grabbed them in my hand

6 May 2024

Husband cheating
Red hair


I had a dream My husband was cheating on me with a girl at his work and never told me she had red hair on the first day I started working at his job he told me and he reported it and we all had to take pills I was very angry and hurt

26 Apr 2024

Old Man
Text message


I had a dream, that i couldnt remember half way. But all my family that dont normally go together was hanging out on this house with me. We went out to go eat some food. I had a burger but my dad thought i had steak. We were sitting next to a shoe shop, but it was outdated and we were talking trash about it and the basketball ball team who produced it. Also later, I had recieved weird tips on how to talk to people, which already know how to do. But then we heard of a dead body there and we had to find evidence. Afterwards, i took a break and went to another neighborhood really quick. I found myself in this house with a couple music artist that were familiar in real life, but were young and before the fame. I wanted to rememeber that day abd dream so i wanted to record it on my phone. My camera was really weird bc i was recording on the back camera and it was reall clear but its as if i was recording behind them. Then this old man randomly was shouting, basically telling me im not supposed to do that, which turned eerie really fast. He was almosr half a mile away yelling things, but i didnt let him get to me. I woke up, but it was in a dream and i was still in the house before i went to that neighborhood. Everybody wanted to watch a movie with me but they suggested and i still chose another movie. I took one of my pills that i take in real life but a friends told me how i should take and how i should feel about that and i responded quick saying everybody is different. Then i had a text from a friend that i hung out with which i never knew asking me if i was safe, i responded yea. But he was concerned if we found hints of the dead body. We were looking hard for it until a clue was in a stack of napkins. We foind a drawing and i was trying to take a pic of it, but it seems i had someone else that was competing to find and send it first out of nowhere. Tgen we both was looking for it again because it randomly disappeared. Then i woke up.

8 Apr 2024



I was with some friends and we were walking thought this place that was sort of a mix between a house and an apartment building. We were checking out different rooms and some were too messy and we said how we wouldn’t stay there and some rooms we said were too small. We also found some clothes and decided to take them and wear them. Then some of us ended up walking to this common room type area. There were a good amount of people and a bunch of them I had seen earlier in my dream but didn’t know, some I knew and some were strangers. There was this dude that set up parties or something and he was talking to people. At some point some people took some edibles and I asked if I wanted one and I said no because I quit weed since it made me anxious. I still hung out with them and we walked to the woods or something and just explored. It started to become a nightly thing where we all gathered and people would drink and do drugs. We all sort of lived in that big area where I first met everyone and there were all the clothes and food we needed. At first all I would do was drink alcohol but I started to join in when they did acid and other pills. It was fun but I also didn’t know if I was making the right decision doing them. Everyone else was all the time though so I thought it would be fine. I would get up the next day and barely remember anything from the night before. Some days I had absolutely no recollection of the previous day. I was having fun but I also didn’t like how I was always out of it and never remembered anything. We had a poll on where to have some big party and we decided on a big party in the woods. We were all drinking and stuff but then for some reason the party became a competition and we were fighting some people but I don’t remember why. We didn’t fight everyone just certain people. I remember me and one of my friends were talking to the main guy and there were two dudes we were competing agains and both of our groups wanted to win. I decided I wanted to get it over with so I put one of them in a choke hold and we started fighting. I would be winning for a minute then he would be winning for a tiny bit but I ended up doing better as I could grab him from behind and stop him from moving. The right ended when I knocked him over and slammed something on his head and broke his nose. The other people were impressed and I was like, I think I broke my finger, oh well. Then everything went back to how it had been and it turned into nightly parties after that again and everyday felt like a blur. I couldn’t remember what happened when and where we were each night. We would go to cool places and party in mansions or at concerts. After a while the parties sort of stopped and we were apparently supposed to decide what we would be doing from now on. Like what we would be doing with our life. Everyone was splitting up and I was sad. Some people could go with one person from the group but some people had to go alone. There were a bunch of different tables with people at them sort of like a career fair but we had to end up choosing one. Some choices would be something like fly to different places often, never have a specific home because you’re always traveling. One was like working on boats by the woods we had a party at and stay in the area. One was joining the main dude in charge and help him prepare parties. One was an astronaut and go into space and leave earth behind. They were all really weird and there ended up being a point system or voting to decide what you get. I didn’t have as many points as some people so I didn’t get to pick first and I was stressed because I didn’t want to do any of the options but I had no choice.

29 Mar 2024



I’m in my dorm room and on a call with my girlfriend Colleen it is 1am. We are looking through someone’s instagram profile then my friend Charlie who lives in the same building as me calls. I pick up and turn on the lights. She tells me that I have lost the keys to a black and white sedan and they’re looking for me. I tell her I don’t have a car and she elaborates that they’re using this as an excuse to search people’s rooms and that she’s already had her room searched. I say ok and put down the phone and try to hide my 2cb pills. I try everywhere but can’t find a good enough hiding spot. I hear the searchers coming down the hallway and I put them in my pocket. A man opens my door and sees that I am already waiting for him. I tell him that someone told me that I was going to get searched already and he tells me to go down the hall to be body searched by someone while he searches my room and I realise there’s no way out.

5 Mar 2024



My family and friends and I went on another trip together visiting islands and eating great treats when things suddenly turned for the worst, there was a person who came to us wearing a person's skin as a mask and we knew something was off but they turned out to have a gang of others who were trying to kill people and we beat them up, then they ate some poison and we were confused but when we look up at the sky it was pitch black, no stars or moon or anything. Then one of the people explained they were trying to save us from the "end" the last war between some aliens and humans so I asked for one of their poisoned pills and they gave me one. Then hell appeared and some devil lady with fire powers was trying to get us bur I somehow had ice powers but the ice only lasted so long since the hellfire wouldn't go out. And I managed to save everyone except my mom that fell thru the melting ice and the devil lady took her deep into hell. The rest of us ran and we ended up getting caught but I fought back and smashed her head open and smashed her brains so she couldn't do anything anymore. Then we were trying to figure out what to do with her body and destroyed brain so she never comes back

8 Feb 2024



I had a club and took a whole bunch of white circular pills and I threw up in the dream and also in real life.

20 Jan 2024



I had a dream that I went to a club with my family and my aunt asked the women in the front if we needed IDs and she said no then we walked to the back and my little cousin was back there he was smoking something and he fell down and like started having a stroke and I was the only one for a second to see it then my mom told me to go to the car and get those pills and I went to look everywhere in the car and did not find them then I remembered they were in my moms bag

1 Jan 2024

New Job


I was outside a house. There were two brand new cars. A couple of people who I think are family were outside with me. It was night. I felt afraid because I hear some sort of growling. I jumped on one of the cars and immediately I heard someone yelling at me to get off their car before I damage it. I kept apologizing. But didn't get down because of the growling. I think it was a dog. The other people walked inside. I jumped off the car and followed but someone was walking slow eating off of a plate and almost got attacked by the dog. They didn't seem afraid or bothered. I had to take their plate to let them in without letting the dog in. I'm struggling to shut the door behind them and asked them to get their plate and then hold the door closed for me so I could lock it. Now they seemed bothered but they did ehat i asked. Then I'm in a room with some family and some non family. The person who yelled at me to get off their car was mad at me and venting to another person. When I walked up she stopped talking but I spoke up anyways and told her I said I was sorry and i wasnt thinking. She asked if I was gonna take responsibility if there were any extra charges and I said I would figure it out but I'd need a receipt. She continued to belittle me so I snapped, tapped her arm with the rubber oven mit I was wearing and yelled at her that she doesn't get to scream at me and if they didn't want me here I would gladly leave. I went to a room where my stuff was and started packing. An older lady with glasses came in trying to calm me down. She offered me one of her purple pills and said it helps her not get angry at the person and that it would make me calm so I wouldn't be able to drive. I said I didn't want it and threw it towards the door and kept packing. She walked out the door. I woke up.

30 Dec 2023

New Job


I was at school eating lunch outside when I dropped all of my pills on the ground. I went to pick them up when someone took my last pill and started walking away. I had to chase them down and I yelled that that was my pill. She gave it back and I think she wanted to be friends. She was a transgender girl. I didn’t talk to her but she followed me back to my bag. I told her lunch was over and I had to leave so I’d maybe see her later. I went to art class and my boyfriend was there. I picked out some new earrings and they were massive and didn’t exactly look like earrings. He asked about how I’d even put those on. Then I realized that the earrings were actually parts of a sculpture that needed to be put together. I put the pieces together the best I could but I couldn’t get all of it. I got frustrated because I couldn’t finish it because some of the pieces didn’t fit together. Then the artists came in and didn’t explain how to put it together and I was even more frustrated. The sculpture looked like an African style totem pole. I put it away on a shelf at the end of class. Then we were all at a beach front bungalow. There were some men in the water who were about to fight due to some drama I didn’t know about. I asked a girl next to me what was happening and she told me a little before she told me to shut my mouth. Then there was a parade where each college had their own float. It was supposed to be cool, but only a few floats appeared and the parade seemed to end. I was talking with my boyfriend about what was happening and a few older people told me to be quiet. Then I was talking with an old friend when suddenly my boyfriend came up behind me and grabbed me by the thighs. It was awkward. Then it jumped to me and my brother in the attic. The walls were lifting up and we could see things we couldn’t see before. Like inside the walls.

27 Dec 2023



I was on a bus wearing my cap and gown for graduation. The guy to my right started picking on the guy to my left. I told the guy on my right to stop, it's graduation day. Next I was at a large grocery store. My classmates and I were packing necessities for a trip and loading them into a small plane. I went back to get shampoo and conditioner. Also some feminine pads. We all needed to take a drug test in order to go. I was nervous knowing I wasn't going to pass the test. Some girls started picking on my weight and I became really upset. I teacher saw and confronted the girls and apologized to me. Next I was at my mom's house and the phone rang. It was the school apologizing for the girls' behaviors and wanted to pay for my trip. I told the lady that I wasn't going to pass the drug test. She asked why. I said it's because I had been taking dieting pills to help lose weight. She told me they were so unhealthy for me and asked why I was taking them. I told her I had been bullied all throughout school for my weight. Next I was out in a field and we were lining up dogs like they were going to pull sleds. A police officer showed up. The officer said there was a dryer leaking gas and we needed to turn it off. So a couple of guys ran into the woods and found this dryer leaking gas and turned it off.

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