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Dream Interpretation: Bombs 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Bombs? Discover the significance of seeing a Bombs in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Bombs appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This symbolizes dangerous situations or past emotional trauma. This indicates that you are in danger either emotionally or physically due to potentially explosive conditions or the environment. Your dream is trying to make you aware of the situations where you feel vulnerable.

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🧭 Direction

Daily events

Your dream is trying you warn you of any potentially dangerous situations you may find yourself in. Pay attention to it, notice if you are placing these bombs, or if you are trying to avoid them. Your mind is either encouraging you to lay careful traps for the adversities that you face or warning you that you are entering into a dangerous situation that will require you to tread lightly.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of bombs can evoke intense feelings of fear, anxiety, and vulnerability. It symbolizes a sense of impending danger or destruction in one's life. The explosive nature of bombs represents the potential for sudden and catastrophic changes that may be beyond one's control. This dream may also reflect deep-seated fears or unresolved conflicts that are causing emotional turmoil. The feelings associated with this dream are often characterized by a sense of urgency, panic, and the need for self-preservation. It serves as a reminder to address and confront these fears in order to regain a sense of security and peace.





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12 May 2024



The dream starts off with my bombs starting to be dropped in the U.S. So I go inside the house, but these bombs are affecting the animals, so they're turning into vicious and Furel. And eating people, then this group of dire wolves came up and was ready to eat me, but I tame them with words. They allowed me to rub under their chin and scratch their back, and I fed them, and I told them that they didn't have to be vicious as long as they protected me. And they did. Me and my family set out to try and find shelter and safety from the bombs. And I believe it was Russia and China's doing bombing of the U.S. with the plague and other biochemical and biological weapons that affect people. So we took shelter in a really big house, but we knew we couldn't stay there for long. So we split up without wanting to, because I said everyone should stay together, but my best friend wanted to split up. We ended up going our separate ways. I ended up walking away from the area that was heavily infected with my daughters and my son. It was just me and my kids at this point. We ended up separating from my best friend, and I ended up finding this place where I thought was abandoned, but it wasn't. There there was a girl in there, and she had like all these keys. So I told her what was going on in the world, and she ended up giving the keys to get a car. We ended up getting in the car, driving around for a second, and then I ran into Shaquille O'Neal getting off a jail bus with another guy, a white guy. I'm not necessarily sure who he was, but someone I was with knew who he was, and I was basically telling him what was going on in the USA. My son ran over to Shaquille O'Neal to see if he wanted to continue on with us as a group because we planned on getting out of the country. It was raining down flyers that said, if we went to live we needed to get to a certain area so that we could escape the country, that we could go to a different country and be housed by the peoples of those countries. These are what the flyers were raining out of the sky said. But the police were saying, ignore the flyers, don't pay attention. The American police were saying, ignore the flyers, don't pay attention to them. But I wasn't doing that. I was planning on escaping with my kids. I woke up the moment my son got Shaq to come with us, and I recruited the other guy. I assumed he was either a driver. I'm not sure why they were on the jail bus, but I broke them free and told them what was going on, and I woke up.

20 Mar 2024



We were in our home at night when we noticed a lot of commotion outside. There was a riot happening in the streets and people were burning things. Someone threw a fire bomb at the side of our house, I worried that the flames would catch. I asked April if I should call the fire department , she said that with all these angry people the fire department would not come. I said that she should tell me when it looked like they had moved on and I could pull the hose from around back of the house and soak the wood. I remember feeling it get warmer and I played on my stomach to crawl to the kitchen so the rioters would not see me thrthe windows.

23 Feb 2024



It seemed so real, it was like I was in another planet with my grandma and sister and there was a war going on , where we were was bombed and I tried laying over them to protect them aganist blast and the buildings coming down. When the building came down I could feel the pain of the building and everything piled on top my back. My back was really hurting mmm all of sudden it like we started falling of this planet and as we’re falling I’m trying to grab my grandma and sister so I can hold on to them as we’re falling. I knew When we hit earth we’d all die but I just wanted to be hugging them when we hit the ground. I had a hard time getting my sister as we’re free falling but I got her and then my grandma kept slipping out my grip but once I finally got a good grip we just did a tight group hug while we fell and I just cried knowing we would all die and in my head I was just praying that we don’t feel anything and just go quick. My grandma tells me we’re close to land and I just hug tighter and close my eyes . Next thing I know we’re hitting the ground. It hurt really bad, like unbearable for like a second then I died and woke up!

19 Feb 2024



My husband was raging angry, throwing things, yelling, and kicked me and the kids out of the house. I we left for safety, until he calmed down and went for a drive. We got lost and used GPS to try to find our way back home. All of a sudden, the GPS stopped working and we were lost somewhere in the backroads and couldn’t find our way back home. There was an EMP, and the car stopped working too, so we got out and started walking. We saw the city far in the distance, and for a moment, I thought we were saved and no longer lost. But as soon as we started walking towards the city, is was attacked and was being bombed. Airplanes were falling out of the sky, building were being blown up and military helicopters were shooting civilians on the ground. I needed to protect my kids and feared for them. I took my kids and ran for a ditch for cover. The world was coming to and end and I woke up.

12 Feb 2024



I was at my mom's house. My mom and brother were in another room. Out of three nearby buildings, two were bombed. I ate a brownie cake with vanilla icing and nuts, put my slides on, and went for a walk through the woods to that old lake I liked, however, I didn't make it to even see the lake. I got a gut feeling to run to the nearest Chinatown train station. However, the station was bombed too but the bombs didn't damage anyone or anything. I began ramming myself into the sliding doors to open them up, no one helped me and I wondered why

6 Feb 2024



I had a dream that me and Anthony were on a vacation and we were both feeling sick and unwell and we were being Asked to leave the hotel because apparently we had internal bombs in our bodies that were going to go off. I also had a dream that my respiratory rate was very low.

4 Feb 2024

Dead body


there was a programme going on in our school which was barricaded by bamboos when all of a sudden 70-80 bulls came running from nowhere and those bulls started killing people. in the whole dream i was just running like crazy, it was super scary. for a moment i thought i can go inside the bamboo barricades so that the bulls dont reach out to me but then soon i was surrounded by two bulls from each side, i was stuck. just then my dance teacher- sourav sir came and helped to save me. i again ran and ran and ran and just kept of running. there were muslim people also, actually they were terrorists. i think they planted a bomb somewhere near. while i was running i saw tons dead bodies which were killed by the bulls. i finally reached home and puked on the floor

4 Feb 2024



I had a dream the cast of south park was really large like as high as the sky and they were evil, then fighter jets started storming my town and dropping bombs everywhere, there was nowhere to hide.

26 Jan 2024



I was driving to a city not far from my own at night. It was very dark out and foggy. All of my tired went flat when I had finally crossed the bridge and i asked some people from help. They said the couldn’t help me out air in my tired bc there was an emergency evacuation and they shouldn’t have been outside themselves and they were going to head home. I tried to make it back over the bridge home and called my mom and said “hey something’s wrong with my car I need help all my tireds are out of air” she said “I don’t even know why u went out dont u know there’s been a militarized evacuation and they are gas bombing the people who are out side?” I said no I had no idea I’ll be home as soon as I can” as I went over the bridge one of the army soldiers threw a smoke bomb at my car. The smoke filled the car and I drove off the bridge into the water bc I couldn’t see. I fell into the water in my car and that car stayed to fill up. In the water it was dark And murky. I tried my hardest to wake myself up from the dream bc I didn’t want to see any more and then I did and I woke up.

21 Jan 2024



I was at the beach with someone that I know and Drake came out of nowhere sitting on a big machine with tubes coming down with spikes spinning at the end and they started coming towards us so we went across to where it wasn't and the person that was at the beach with me didn't get there in time and she had to spread her legs and the tube went through her legs and cut her in side of thigh up but then she recovered and a bomb dropped out of the sky behind her and I saw a big explosion coming towards us and vaporize her and then I got vaporized and then we went into this really big underwater ship in like the afterlife and we became like little blue blobs floating blobs around in a ship

19 Jan 2024



I dreamt I saw 13 men all naked in doggy style positions with 13 but blush in them which were bombs. They were beeping like they were about to explode

6 Jan 2024



I was recruited for a secret organization that had a subterranean lair on a massive island just off the coast. I was there before some aliens came up and bombed the island I was working on and also somehow managed to tunnel this underground connection network like a hive mind sort of like tunnels everywhere which disconnected us from the subterranean area so we had to figure out how to get down into the escape pods but as I opened the escape hatch from like the main area there was like fish and beautiful big long fish

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