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Dream Interpretation: Gun ๐Ÿ˜ด - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Gun? Discover the significance of seeing a Gun in your dream ๐Ÿ’ค - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Gun appears in your dream โœ…

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๐Ÿ’กPossible meaning

This dream symbolizes power, knowledge, and self-confidence. It suggests that you will soon receive some powerful information that will significantly impact your life. It also signifies that you have the power and confidence to defend yourself against the world.

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๐Ÿงญ Direction


Be open and accepting of any information that comes your way. You never know which knowledge can help you where. Make a note of all the things you think hold power over you and deal with them tactfully. Trust your expertise as it will help you defend yourself in any given situation.

โค๏ธ Feelings

The dream of a gun can evoke a range of intense emotions. It may instill fear, anxiety, or a sense of danger. The presence of a gun in a dream often signifies power, control, or aggression. It can also symbolize a need for protection or a desire to defend oneself. The feelings associated with this dream can vary depending on the context and the individual's personal experiences and beliefs.





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Dreams of users containing the word Gun

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20 May 2024



i shot myself while sitting in a chair and modern family the tv show starting playing and instead of the intro being the picture frame of family its was my guts spilled

11 May 2024



I was working at the theater but in a mall location. Daniel was still working there and I had to talk to him about his behavior. He kept walking while I was talking so I was like hey wait Iโ€™m talking you. When we got to his car I was like โ€œdude we are letting you goโ€ he didnโ€™t respond and just opened his car door and pulled out a gun and pointed it at me. I was like oh my god and started running away. I got inside but I was scared. I called Nico for some reason because we were dating and he was like hold on Iโ€™m coming so we can call the police. He kept saying he thinks itโ€™s gonna get worst. So Iโ€™m waiting for him upstairs and all of a sudden a massive e shooting downstairs starts to happen. So Iโ€™m running hiding around the mall for like 15 mins trying to avoid him. He was shooting everybody though.

11 May 2024



My gun jammed in battle

10 May 2024



I walk down the stairs into my kitchen pick up a gun and shoot myself without hesitation, when I shot myself my soul went into a space with peace and no pain and stars everywhere, it was almost like I was floating within the stars.

6 May 2024



I had a dream I was holding a gun and a voice said put the gun down

28 Apr 2024



Dreamt a man with a shotgun was hunting me down and trying to kill me. I got away but he killed a woman because I hid in their garden. I got away in her car and managed to save her son. I drove to a pub outside of the town and tried to find a man I'd heard of so he could help me. The pub had lots of people in it and I was telling them what had happened. I was scared.

14 Apr 2024



Riots breaking out in big cities, stores getting looted, everyone that has a gun has it out ready to shoot. Iโ€™m in a pharmacy that just got robbed looking for anything that could be helpful. I found deworming kit that looks like candy. My family is sleeping together in one room. The baby is climbing out of a big play pen and I grab him and run to the room with my family. I make sure that my husband has his gun ready and I lay down next to him with the baby. I see on the news that people in Paris are going crazy shooting, robbing, and setting stores on fire. A man jumps on top of a smashed car holding a machine gun over his head, chanting

11 Apr 2024



Came to my boyfriends house, parked my car in driveway. Early in the we hours, there a knock at the door. He goes to see who it could possible be. Itโ€™s his ex wife. She storms in, i can overhear him ask her if everything was okay with the kids. She run past him and comes upstairs to where i was. As i hear her coming up the steps, my gun is already drawn and pointed towards the bedroom door. As she reaches the top of the stairs sheโ€™s comes face to face with the gun. My boyfriend repeatedly ask her to leave & ask me to put the gun down. She came towards me, i drop the gun and started beating her ass, throwing her down the stairs. She vanished from the dream. My boyfriend and i go back to bed, but hear a low noise out from by my car. Thereโ€™s a tow truck towing my car away and his ex wife is in her car waiting for the tow truck driver. Iโ€™m yelling at my boyfriend to stop her and get my car. Unfortunately the car was taken away, the ex wife had a friend of hers with a tow truck to steal my car. I told my boyfriend if he doesnโ€™t find and get my car back he had to buy me a new one and he said okay

3 Apr 2024



Steph Curry, a professional basketball player, was making basket after basket, did not miss one shot. Then there was a Mormon talking to a child who was part of my group, of which I am Catholic. Then I was driving a small motorhome with a few people, which was pleasant and fun. Later I bought a person an ice cream cone. Later that day I was playing baseball, shortstop, and missed two easy grounders. Then I was driving a small motorhome with a few people, shortstop, and missed two easy grounders. Then there was a Mormon talking to a child who was part of my group, of which I am Catholic. Later that day I was playing baseball, shortstop, and missed two easy grounders. Then there was a Mormon talking to a child who was part of my group, of which I am Catholic. Later that day I was playing baseball, shortstop, and missed two easy grounders. Then there was a Mormon talking to a child who was part of my group, of which I am Catholic.

31 Mar 2024

Old Man


An unknown male and I were in a dark and dingy pub with wooden panelled walls. We went to a pool table were two older men were playing and arguing about a 15 ball pool game. One of the old men Pete from the butchers arms dart team was berating one of his other team mates because he made a foul shot. I looked at the pool cue and the tip was bent. Also the pool table was against a wall with curtains on it. I pulled off the curtains and moved the table away from the wall

27 Mar 2024



I was at school but not really school, and I decided to wear really high heals but I could barely walk around in them. I stopped in the library before class to study and I saw my guys friends. I thought it was funny I was taller then them and I put my hands on their heads to show I was taller. Then I ended up deciding to stay there and skip class because I didnโ€™t want to go. The library turned into a dirt barn and I was with some of my friends and my highschool track coach. He was showing us how to throw a shot put. We ended up leaving and I was walking around campus but it was actually just a place with stores and I looked around at what there was. The heels were making it hard to walk so I put on flip flops. Some guys were saying it was stupid that I put on flip flops instead of my heals but another girl said she understood. Then I decided to head back to my dorm and I went back to my dorm but I was in my heals again struggling to walk and I tried to run across a road before a car got there but I could barely move.

22 Mar 2024



I had a dream, I don't remember the whole thing. But I'll start where I remember. I was laying on my back facing towards past my feet with a fake gun in my hand. I was wearing somthing that made it so they couldn't see me. I was on the flat part of the stairs before it curved around. The gun I had didn't work but that didn't stop me from pulling the trigger over and over and over again. The person I was pulling the trigger at while I was aiming seemed to be the Chinese government president guy. He also had 2 body guards. One of which looked past me as if they pretended I wasn't there. The Chinese govt gut was giving a political speech in hat was like a gym that was at the bottom of the stairs to my left. I was at the side of the gym. The Chinese guy actually heard me pulling the trigger and said to stop shooting at him. But not towards me directly, beacuse he couldn't see me. This Dream took a even weirder turn. The one guard who previously didn't notice me turned into one of my female friends. Kassy. And the Chinese politician turned into Bronson. And above the stairs there was chatter. Kassy now was at the base of my stairs against the white wall. I fired at her but my toy gun did nothing. From above they started praying in a group. And from below they grouped around Bronson. It turned out it was the start to a hunger game fight or die scenario. Kassy was going to kill all the people upstairs, she was willing to let me go if I dropped my gun. I walked towards her and idk what came over me but I beat her with 3 swings of the gun to death. I ran away. I ran into my dad's red pickup. I drove out of my driveway and before I left the street where I lived I was at a stop. Jay had gotten in the bed of the pickup and seinna was outside it. Seinna said somthing about my dad was cool and actually was a navy seal. I didn't trust seinna or Jay so I grabbed the 22 pistol and shot once, but it made 3 bullet sized holes through the window. I said "I don't trust either of you. Go away" they left I was now alone to survive. I had MRE's in the pickup that could last me a day or two.

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