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This symbol represents your strength in defending yourself from danger. This also signifies that you are trying to reach out to take hold of things in your life and achieve your goals. However, it also sometimes suggests obstacles that are in your way, preventing you from achieving your goals.

🧭 Direction

Your dream tells you what steps you need to take to increase your strength. This can be physical or mental, which will help you defend yourself and also help you achieve your goals. Make sure you notice everything about your dream, as it also helps you identify the obstacles that are in your way that you need to get rid of in order to achieve your goals.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of an arm can evoke a sense of strength, power, and capability. It may symbolize the ability to take action, accomplish tasks, or overcome obstacles. This dream can also represent support, as arms are often associated with comfort and protection. Additionally, it may signify the need for assistance or a desire for connection with others. Overall, the dream of an arm elicits feelings of empowerment, assistance, and the potential for achievement.

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