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Dream Interpretation: Group 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Group? Discover the significance of seeing a Group in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Group appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This symbolizes a collection of thoughts, ideas, or characteristics. Make a note of the key features you are seeing. Is it people or things? Based on that, you can recognize the topic that your dream is trying to communicate.

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🧭 Direction


Recognize this collection of ideas or topics and the key features your subconscious mind is trying to indicate. Notice how you feel when in the group; based on that, you can make changes in your waking life.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of being in a group can evoke a sense of belonging and camaraderie. It may bring feelings of connection, support, and unity. Being part of a group can also generate a sense of security and shared goals. This dream may symbolize the desire for social interaction, collaboration, and the need to feel accepted by others. It can also represent the importance of teamwork and the power of collective efforts. Overall, the dream of being in a group elicits positive emotions associated with companionship and a sense of community.





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24 Jun 2024



So it starts out at this house, everyone has their own chores. I’m doing dishes and I remember ranting to my sister about how I don’t like doing them and I just wish people would wash them after using them so I wouldn’t have to do a lot in a day and how it’s different for other families. As the day goes on towards the night, my sister and I go to this party/club. My sister takes me to it with her girlfriend. I meet my cousin which in reality I haven’t met in awhile but I meet her at the party in my dream and I kind of just sit down at a table. I know a couple of people there, they’re all people from my childhood or past. It almost feels like I’ve been there before in like another dream. I wave hi to my cousin who’s across the room from me, and she looks kind of sad but I brush it off. My sister and her girlfriend are like flirting a little. I see my ex-boyfriend Jonathan to my left but on the other side of the room. He looked at me for a second and he started to act weird. I kind of just brushed it off because why was he acting weird? He would look at me every now and then and it’s weird because I wouldn’t have to look at him to know he was looking at me because I could feel when he would. Later on, my dad texts me and actually there’s a part in my dream where I recall already have being there from a past dream… This guy at the party passes out papers to everyone and I call out to everyone “not to open it because it’s the same paper as last time.” It’s a black folder and it has like papers and documents in it but I don’t remember what the papers had on them. Shortly after the paper situation, my dad texts me and says “my cousin is here with me and supposedly she works at midnight, but that when she gets off of work she’s gonna fuck-”and he cuts off the sentence. So I texted him “what do you mean?” And he replied “don’t worry about it” and I was told him to just tell me but he didn’t say anything and instead said “just be thankful you’re there early?” I don’t know what he meant by that. So I didn’t brush that off, I was kind of worried about because who was she gonna have sex with? Was she gonna have sex with Jonathan? Or her boyfriend that she was talking to? I looked her way and I didn’t see her over there where she was earlier and so I started to wonder what my dad meant by after work? Because she was literally already here earlier. My cousin walks in the minute I’m done thinking that. I wave high and she’s all happy, and I look at her, and she comes over at me. I tell her to come with me to the bathroom and ask her if I can talk to her for a second. Everyone looks at me weird and she was like “I can’t really do that, there’s nowhere to go.” But there’s a bathroom to the right of us so I grab her arm and rush her into the bathroom with me. While we’re going to the bathroom, Jonathan stares me down, and I freak out on the inside. So when we get into the bathroom, I ask her “who are you going to have sex with tonight?” She told me “Oh no, I can’t tell you that.” So then I ask her, “is it Jonathan?” And she’s like “no.” So I ask if it’s her boyfriend and she says no, again. Almost as if she’s just going to say no to anyone I ask for. She also got nervous when I asked who it was. I start thinking, “what am I gonna do if it’s Jonathan?” I kind of just brushed the situation off a little, and these two other girls were wanting to go in the bathroom. So I kind of like packed up the conversation and they kept playing with the doorknob, and I tried to hold it so they wouldn’t come in. I let go of it and they came in anyway. I unlocked it and I went to the sink to wash my hands so it wouldn’t be weird that people saw the both of us girls go in there together. At this point I realize that the place the party is held at looks like my elementary school cafeteria but the party was just in a small corner and not the full area of space, and I don’t even know why I’m at the party to begin with. As I’m there I start to think that it’s not really even a party. Which in the beginning of my dream it started off as a party but then it kind of shifts into just this grey building. Like there’s a pool, and tables. A lot of tables actually. But yeah, as we walk out of the bathroom my sister looks at me and asks “what happened?” And I was like “nothing, I just had to ask her something.” And everyone went back to work? At this point, Jonathan and I both know that we’re both at this party, and we’re both looking at each other but he was on his phone and I was trying to brush off the fact that we were even seeing each other at a party in person. It was weird though because our phones were our shoes? I had a whole flip flop as a phone. Jonathan was holding a shoe too. After this part in my dream, it shifts into the morning. It’s just more light. This person calls for groups, so I get up and walk to this friend of mine. Her name is anais. She’s apart of this like group, so I ask her “hey can I join your group?” Acting like I know what it is, but I don’t. She tells me “yeah of course, come with me” and she takes me to her friend who has glasses, blond hair, and is really tall. Her friend was like welcome, I’m gonna show you around. Which leads me into a hallway, and room where I see my cousin and she says hey, I say hey back. Then we turn to the side that Jonathan is at. Which was across the whole venue. And I walk down, and he doesn’t acknowledge that I’m there but I know he knows that I’m next to him now. He doesn’t look at me at all. It felt off about being there, because I think he was signing up for groups too. So, I go all the way down because i don’t wanna be next to him. And this teacher, they have us sit at this table with our groups, and it’s basically like if there’s a problem we have to solve it within our groups. The first task was there was this clear wall, like a window. You had to figure out if there was a wall there. I didn’t think there was a wall there, I thought it was gonna be a piece of cake. Just walking through this clear wall. Because there was nothing there. I was the last one to walk through it because I was the last one in line. I went all the way down. All of the people in front of me were saying there was a window there. But I didn’t see or think there was one. They had to somehow climb over it. These two guys were making jokes about it, and I started to laugh about it. So did Jonathan. He had looked back and seen that I was laughing with them. But I look away so that I don’t stare him. It’s so weird because in my dream it’s like I knew when to look away. I always had a gut instinct telling me when to look away because he was looking at me. It never came my turn, it just shifts into a next meeting. That’s when I see Jonathan lined up. I go and stand next to where Jonathan was sitting. I kind of just stand there with this other guy who wants to be in club in. Because there were multiple clubs now, club 1, club 2, and 3 and all the way up until club 7. I was in club 7 and my friend was in club 1. I switch clubs because I wanted to be with my friend. So now I’m in club one with my cousin and friend, except I don’t really hang out with them because there’s a lot of people in this club so I get stuck with this big guy. He’s really chubby, but smart. And he kind of just let me follow him around. So I sat next to him, but beside me Jonathan appeared. And he tells me he wants to be in club 1. Instead though, he goes around the table. And basically went to where I was sitting in the beginning of my dream. So we basically switched seats. He kind of just stands there looking at me, and the teacher says “yeah I’m watching you Jonathan.” And Jonathan nods his head and he just stares off into the distance and I start to wonder what’s going on. I start questioning if he’s okay. At this point I start to question where my sister and her girlfriend are at, because I haven’t seen them since earlier and then I wake up from the dream.

11 Jun 2024



I was with a group of people. We were watching a space ship launch type of experience that went wrong. It launched in space and people were On the ship and somehow crashed out in the emptiness of space yet it was fluid and gel watery like. They were alive and breathing through the gel matrix and aware yet seems dead at the same time as they floated in lifeless like form in space yet aware and alive in the brain. We watched in awe but also felt like we were part of it

7 Jun 2024



I was working on something with a group of people and then suddenly a band showed up to perform. It was a band I later found out I didn’t care for. I was being forced to stop what I was doing to listen and view the live performance. Someone had to be outside though on rotation I think. Eventually, I was pulled away from the audience and pushed to be the one outside. After a while I started running around to different shops (it was like setup like a strip mall) and different rooms. I mingled briefly with people I knew in classrooms before running again. Eventually, someone was after me but couldn’t catch me. I didn’t go back to the place I initially started in

6 Jun 2024



I was in a really big building that kinda looked like a museum, and I was looking for the exit. I had a backpack on.I was walking around everywhere looking for the way out. I then came across my friend, Vivian, and she knew where the exit was. There was a time skip and I was right in front of the exit. We walked out together and there was a group of people. Everyone had a backpack on, but we weren’t on a school trip or anything. We went to the group and stood there. There was a boy who was grabbing people’s backpacks. I think he had a gun, but I’m not too sure. He was robbing everyone he could get a hold of. Me and Vivian were hiding behind the other people in order to not be robbed. Another time skip happened and we were with a group the was just on the other side of the trail. We were hiding behind their group. Something weird about this is that we were all really calm, including me and Vivian.

6 Jun 2024



I was going through a super market alone and stumbled into my friend Jacob. We started fighting about how he was acting like carp to me. Then I got back home mad and upset, and he followed me home. We started fighting each other and he wanted to steal my archangel sword necklace. The reat of my youth group came and helped me out.

28 May 2024



I had a dream of going to Jesus’ tomb . Getting baptized and being very happy about it . We went to the place as a group . I saw some of my coworkers and my daughter . Before we went to the place there was a violent storm outside . But it became calm after a while .

27 May 2024



I was on a train traveling with a handful of girls that felt like close friends in a foreign country and we were all trying to travel without getting caught by the government employees. Most people on the train didn’t say anything to us but we mostly communicated through our phones by texting. I’m not sure which country it was but English wasn’t the primary language spoken, but there were a few things in English. We had a plan to meet up after we got off the train and left the car but I didn’t feel confident everything would go according to plan. I made it to the end of my trip and right as I was tossing a few belongings over a high fence to an associate (she was a family me member of someone who lived there) and get my things sent home, a young black man caught me by the fence trying to go back down a hill to the car for my last piece of luggage and used his radio to call in that I was trying to run. I took off running in between the trees but felt scared because I didn’t know where the group of girls I knew went and I was in an unfamiliar foreign country for the first time. I knew getting captured wouldn’t end well so I fled leaving all my belongings behind.

22 May 2024



A group of people trying to attack us with guns the leader being a talk cufly haired women, us being surrounded with others trying to fight back. A guy being shot but everyone managing to get away and having to meet up in an hour at a safe house. In my dream I follow the guy who has been shot but from above not apart of the dream. He gets caught but manages to get away in a car, and has to drive it in the water. The others in the group manage to get to the safe house. The guys girlfriend is starting to panic and it turns out I'm the girlfriend, the guy is then in the hallway bleeding from the head, I wrap his head and stay with him. The group I'm with start to booby trap the safe house as the bad guys are closing in

14 May 2024



it was a really weird and intense dream. it was about playing soccer in a big group, but only a few people had faces. there were a few from work, my brother, my boyfriend and my mother. it was a very strange game because i was there, but somehow i wasn't. i felt very excluded, but i also felt a sense of dissociation. i don't know why

13 May 2024



My 10year old went missing I knew where she was. I ran down this long street but my legs wouldnt move fast enough. I ran past My daughter’d girl scout group and asked if someone seen her they said no. I kept running, my mom pulled at my arm to stop me and said “I know baby”. I got to the door who I believe had my daughter. A cop I knee was at the door with a crowd of people demanding the man to open the door. I pulled out my gun and cocked it. The cop held up a jug of juice and asked me if it was my daughter’s. The man was peeking out the door and finally opened it as I approached. I seen my daughter sleeping on his couch. I woke up screaming.

9 May 2024



At a group gathering a little girl asked me to hold her frog while she left the room and I tried to hold on to the frog and keep it wet but my guilt caused me to let the frog go.

8 May 2024



Dreamt I was at a kids playground and a group of men came up trying to take me away and beat me up.

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