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Dream Interpretation: Falling 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Falling? Discover the significance of seeing a Falling in your dream πŸ’€ - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Falling appears in your dream βœ…

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πŸ’‘Possible meaning

Such dreams are associated with anxiety, disappointment, and instability in our waking life. It also suggests that you are making some plans be it a job or personal, but those are too high for you to achieve. However, please note that if you have a medical condition, such a dream indicates a drop in blood sugar while sleeping, so please be careful.

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🧭 Direction

Bad omen

Make only realistic plans, which you can easily achieve without any worry. Keep away from things that cause stress and strain. If you have any medical ailment like blood sugar fluctuations, remember to cut out sugar and monitor your health regularly.

❀️ Feelings

The dream of falling can evoke a sense of fear, vulnerability, and loss of control. It may generate feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, and helplessness as one descends into the unknown. The sensation of falling can symbolize a lack of stability or a fear of failure in waking life. It may also reflect a sense of being overwhelmed or out of balance. This dream can leave one with a lingering sense of unease and a need to regain control and stability in their life.





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11 May 2024



I was falling down a flight of stairs in slow motion after jumping from the top

10 May 2024



Falling to hell to fighting my demons going to war destroy the once and for all so no one has to live in fear and and break the devil's neck spend annihilate the demons the whole people back

6 May 2024



Following Max down rocky terrain- fallling off a rock into brambles where thorns and an arrow stabbed my left foot- the fall resulted in breaking my foot in three places as well as getting a massive wound in my left leg ( right above my foot ) I asked max to help me and he immediately went for the arrow - we went to a hospital and toured it but I didn’t get my foot fixed- then got a massage in a cluttered basement by a weird random woman and I felt very uncomfortable

27 Apr 2024



I desperately held the trunk looked down to see the bottom I began to fall crazy

23 Apr 2024



I was falling in the air to the ground and when I almost touch the ground, my brain thought of phrase β€œ WAKE ME UP”, therefore I squinted as hard as possible, then I woke up. So I knew I was dreaming when I was in the dream.

22 Apr 2024



This dream is reoccurring and I only have the dream while I’m ill in bed with flu or fever. First had the dream when I was about 10yrs old. I was walking through a valley with big walls of rocks and boulders on both sides of me then all of a sudden the boulders start falling and just when they are about to land on top of me I wake up. I had the dream again a few weeks ago. I’m 43 now.

13 Apr 2024



I was jumping from building to building until I missed one of the buildings, grabbed the side of it. As I started to lose my grip, my nails started to scrape and peel off on the concrete, and then I fell to my death And I woke up with a nosebleed

8 Apr 2024

Dead body
New Job


I was in the car with my fiance. We were going down a road we've never been on. I said something about wanting to get a dog. He said that there would be a dog for me on the next road. There was this man walking a big great Dane. I could hear the great Dane talking. I don't remember what he said. I got out of the car to see the next dog. It was a little light brown bulldog. He ran up to me and said "I love you! Are you my new mom?". I said "yes I am, now let's go for a walk up this mountain ". I look down and I made a leash appear. We start walking up the mountain and I start getting an uneasy feeling. The mountain is steep and I keep looking over at the man with the great Dane. I heard the big dog say that he thought me and my dog were competition. He starts running faster, but his owners hold on his leash stopped him from running. I look at the owners face and notice his eyes change from red to black. I look down and were almost past the steep part of the walk. I notice holes in the ground. I can see inside and see this really big machine. I ask the man with the dog what is down there. He said "there's lots of dead bodies down there. Keep walking so you don't fall through.". We finally get to the top of the mountain. There's this store, and I go in. Instead of the normal conveyer belt at the cashier, there's cups. If your items didn't fit in your cup, then you couldn't buy it. I look around and see a lady who was meant to be a manager. I heard her thoughts. She was thinking about my performance as a shopper. I notice a paper in her hand, grading every worker and shoppers performance. If you didn't get a high enough score, then she fired you, even if you were just a shopper. I walk out and I'm in someone's house. I look around and think I'm supposed to be decorating. I'm at the kitchen sink and I look at the table. There's 3 unlit candles. I look back and notice the kitchen got messy in that time I took to look at the table. I look back again and notice the candles are lit now. I look back at the counter again and I saw sparks flying. The cabinet caught on fire. I use the hose setting on the sink to put out the flames. I'm trying to call the owner of the house, but I keep getting voice mails. I look around and notice the 3 candles turned into 3 people sitting at the table. I decide to join the conversation so I sit down. (I recognize one woman from other dreams I've had. I don't know this woman in real life, but I know her name is kelsey). A man was talking about how your eyes can change colors, so you can tell what psychic powers they have. I ask him about the man with red and black eyes. He said "that means fire powers. He also has super strength". Kelsey asks "My eyes are normally green but sometimes they change to blue and purple, what does that mean?" The man said "this means you can communicate with the earth and earth's materials like gems, metal, plants". I notice I appear at the kitchen sink again, so now there is 2 of me. The me at the kitchen sink says "well mine are normally green, but they change to a bone color. Almost white". The guy laughed and said "that's nothing. You don't have any ability". Then me at the table says "well we know white is the color of light when all the colors come together, like a prism. So would it be possible that she has every ability?". The guy said "you know what, I think you're right." He turns around to correct himself, then the me that was at the kitchen sink dissappears. I get up to find a bathroom and I notice that the shower is above the toilet. I decide to get a shower. As I'm getting a shower, I notice the drain looked like the holes in the ground I saw earlier, with the machine and dead bodies.

8 Apr 2024



Falling down an endless staircase to commit suicide

8 Apr 2024



I had a really sad dream that actually made me cry when I woke up. My dream was that I was at my university, and they were having a festival of some sort and all the students and staff were in attendance. I was with my two best guy friends, and we were walking through this gift shop area where I decided to try to call my husband to let him know we were waiting for him. I told my guy friends to start walking ahead of me and I would catch up to them when my phone call was done, but the phone kept ringing and he never picked up. Suddenly, I heard a gut-wretching scream and then multiple gun shots and looked behind me to see people running away from a man in a long black trench coat holding a huge semi-automatic rifle. I could feel the guns vibrations in my body while hearing the "flop" noise of bodies falling on the ground. The fear in me had me pinned the ground until I finally started running into a back room and found a couple people hiding back there. I asked them if anyone had seen my two best friends, but no one had seen them. I could still hear the shooting outside as it slowly grew louder towards the door. I told everyone to either run to another room or hide in the cabinets of this room we were in. I found a tiny cabinet that I could barely fit into to hide, where I took out my phone and kept dialing 911. The operator told me that the police would not save us because it was too dangerous for them. I kept texting my guy friends to see if they made it out safely or were hiding in a safe place - they never answered. In the meantime, I kept texting and calling my husband to try to warn him to not enter the building or at least run out if he was inside - he never answered. Finally, the gun shots ceased and someone knocked on my cabinet door to let me know the police came in and killed the shooter. When I got out of my cabinet, a guy I don't know looked me in the eyes and told me they found my guy friends, but they didn't survive. I didn't believe them so I ran from room to room until I finally found them.. on the ground, holding hands... dead. All my Korean friends were dead. All my classmates that I had been in classes since freshman year were all dead on the ground around me. I started screaming and wailing. I knew I had to look for my husband. I begged every single person that passed me whether they saw my husband or not - no one did. I called him over and over, and he still never answered. I never found him.

8 Apr 2024



I got shot in my left shoulder by some man I didn’t know he was with a group of men. I fell back when he shot me and when I stood up I saw my boyfriend beating up my ex and telling him it was his fault.

7 Apr 2024



i had the clearest dream of me being in my exs neighborhood talking to her friends in her house after just walking in and i was just asking a bunch of questions. her friend spoke about how she was hanging out with the guy but they gavnt done anything intimate like kissing or anything and idk in my head i kept having a recurring thought of me being at a gun range shooting at pictures of me and her but not like shooting at us, i was shooting at targets next to us and i noticed i shot at the ones of us being together and not the pictures of what i took of her if that makes sense. weird dream but it was so vivid. i was asking questions but i wasnt asking the right questions i do remember asking one of the people at the house if they could talk her into coming outside and talking to me for closure or just to talk to her but it didnt fall through

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