💡Possible meaning

It symbolizes confidence, a new perspective in life, freedom, and control. It suggests a positive change that will enter your life, and you will soar high with esteem and confidence. However, there are also some chances of you being overly confident about the situation, leading to misfortune.

🧭 Direction

Analyse the situation and your emotions. Try and look at things differently, find a new perspective. This will help you boost your confidence and let you find ways to resolve any issues. If there is anything in your life you feel overwhelmed about, work through it slowly.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of flying often evokes feelings of freedom, exhilaration, and empowerment. It symbolizes a sense of liberation from constraints and the ability to rise above challenges. This dream can generate a sense of joy, excitement, and a desire for exploration. It may also reflect a longing for escape or a need for control in waking life. Overall, the feeling associated with this dream is one of liberation and the limitless possibilities that come with it.

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