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Dream Interpretation: Gliding 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Gliding? Discover the significance of seeing a Gliding in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Gliding appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This dream symbolizes a sense of freedom, ease, and grace. It represents a smooth transition or progression in your life. You may be experiencing a period of calmness and tranquility. Alternatively, it may indicate that you are avoiding a difficult situation or decision.

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🧭 Direction


Think about the context of the dream and how it made you feel. Are you avoiding something in your waking life? If so, it may be time to face it head-on. If the dream brought you a sense of peace, try to incorporate more relaxation and calmness into your daily routine.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of gliding evokes a sense of freedom and exhilaration. It brings feelings of weightlessness and the joy of effortlessly soaring through the air. This dream symbolizes a desire for escape from the constraints of everyday life and a longing for a more carefree existence. It instills a sense of adventure and the thrill of exploring new horizons. Gliding in a dream represents a sense of empowerment and the ability to navigate through life with ease and grace. It elicits a feeling of serenity and peace, as if all worries and troubles have been left behind. Overall, the dream of gliding evokes positive emotions and a sense of boundless possibilities.





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17 May 2024

Dark Room


I was in a warehouse, stealing valuable items. I became wanted by the warden of the warehouse and I began to run, hide, and do whatever it took to get away from the warden. Once I made it outside, I was harder to find, but that did t stop the warden from looking. I passed a man who had a hover jet, which was a device, I can sit on and float over any surface, including water. I asked the man how much he wanted the hover jet for and he said $30. I told him $50 and went off, for I was still in a hurry. I made it to the water and I was able to lose the warden after that, but I was stuck on an island that didn’t touch land for miles. The hover jet only had so much battery, so I was back by the time it ran out of juice. Then I went back inside to see if I was still wanted. Bad idea. I was almost caught and back on the run. I ended up going into a room where there was no light and I had to hide. I was in the room with the warden, and her breathe hit my face, and I ran again. Out of nowhere, I was in a ridiculous outfit, that I can use to glide.

3 Mar 2024

New Job


I had a dream that I was running on roof tops, gliding easily from one to the next. It was in pure happiness. When I reached the last roof top, I took off flying. I felt so free and it felt awesome. I landed softly in land I've never seen before with new colors and feelings. I felt like I was home.

27 Jan 2024



From somewhere, a monster appeared. It was nondescript in appearance, being something of a mass of shadowy matter, but it was massive, towered over cities easily, and it floated, gliding across the continent of europe and rained lasers down on all the major cities of europe, I think starting from russia outwards. I was there when it first appeared, in it's first city. The monster had a standard procedure when it first appeared in a city. It starts with destroying all telecommunications, meaning all phones, radios, news stations, internet access, ensuring news of the monster was difficult to spread and harder to verify, leading people to doubt its existence and therefore not prepare for its next attack. Then it indiscriminately slaughters, attacking until the city is rubble, and its people are dead, any attempt to strike back against the mosnter is useless. I first saw the monster approach where I was in a rural russian town. Everyone understandably panicked, thinking the end was near. I refused to die like this, and instead fled, telling orhers to run. The monster was incredibly slow, meaning running on foot was a possible chance of survival. I fled into the countryside where a girl was, on a motorcycle that had broken down was in an argument with her friends who looked to be abandoning her. Something about her behavior told me that it was something deserved, so I kept running. She followed me, running alongside me, turning into an impromptu partner in our retreat. We convinced a local school to flee with us. We were refugees now, going across the continent of europe and making a stop in france so that we could fly to britain. There I had settled down a little, being held over in some kind of hotel complex waiting for something. I had tried to tell people of the monster, but they just laughed me off, the monsters tactics had worked. Suddenly the monster was on the horizon, and people once again began to freak out, a mass exodus fromt the city, while looting to take what they could. Suddenly, the queen was before me, and I was escorting her to safety. She told me somethings of the local sites, and asked if I ever thought about joining the police. I said no thanks, since I wanted to help people as I saw fit, not unconditionally. She understood, and I got her to safety. The last moment of the dream came as I got on a plane across the atlantic, flying to america, where i had heard that they were working on a device that could possibly impede the beast.

30 Dec 2023



I was hanging out with my family and Dena, my older sister was there. She was in her first trimester of her pregnancy and I felt happy I was there with all of my sisters. We were walking around and window shopping. It seems like I’ve been to this shopping area before. Dena and I seperate from our younger sisters and mom for a bit and go into one store. It seems like I want to take my time shopping but Dena then suddenly leaves the store, crosses the street, and is walking off without me. I get frustrated and it’s as if I won’t ever catch up behind her. I’m weaving through people, calling out her name. The streets clear and at one point I can see her. I start yelling at her, cussing her out and saying how rude it was to leave me behind like that. All the sudden I see grandpa Joe across the street just hovering… he had an empty looking face but you can tell he was surprised that Dena and I would even talk to each other like that. He then disappears but Mom, and my stepdad Kyle reappear with our younger siblings and our mom starts berating us on why we would make a fool of ourselves in front of other people and family, more specifically Dena for leaving me behind. At this point I completely start defending Dena. I laugh it off like it was some “sister” thing we do. We argue all the time but we always find our way back to each other. Kyle also then states his dissatisfaction too. Me and Dena then wonder off into an art museum. Dena wonders off again but with Genna this time. And Maria and I look around this tucked away home in the city. It looked small on the outside but on the inside it’s HUGE!! Carefully picked out and functional art in every room that’s beautiful. Maria encourages me to talk to new people and even leaves me alone at some points to talk to this new guy I meet. I started changing the way he looked with my mind somehow to someone I’d be more attracted to. We started to connect and really bond but then something happens to where the home/ art museum is disrupted and everyone starts disappearing. I closed my eyes and I pop back up in a different part of this world with Maria and Genna. We’re gliding over these beautiful waters across a lake to this huge and beautiful building. It’s overgrown with plants, the sky looks so blue… the glass windows are just shining and reflecting the sun. I blink and then end up at the rooftop of the building with Genna and Maria. We walk into the building and it seems like we aren’t supposed to be there since everyone is staring at us…. Everyone in the building is quiet, looking at us instead of the art. My sisters and I walk around and we’re having fun, all of us just taking in the art we’re seeing. It’s like a furniture store but every single room is a beautifully designed and unique room that had furniture out of this world. I kept thinking to myself “I wish Dena were here, she’d love to look at all of these designs”. We open a door that eventually leads to the exit of that building. We’re still all in awe of everything we just saw. Up ahead there’s tucked away cafes, restaurants. Everything from the outside looks like a ghost town until you enter each building to find it full of life with unique foods, or decor. My sisters and I state how we’re really hungry so we head over to this bakery I somehow know is there. Again, it’s like I’ve been to this world before and I’m slowly remembering everything. People around us overhear me talking to my sisters about how good this place is. They have different flavored puddings, mini cakes, pancakes, the coolest desserts you could think of. I remember checking my bank account on my phone to make sure I had enough money to cover my sisters and I. I do, or I at least think I do but when we head into the store I’m greeted warmly with a “welcome back!” It was a young white woman with a red cap on. It didn’t have a store brand or anything but she started going over the sample board I could buy of all their desserts. Mini pancakes with all different flavors and banana pudding. I go to pay but my wallet and my phone are not in my pockets. I nervously step aside and I say I’ll come back in just a moment. I start looking through my pockets again and I get disappointed that I won’t be able to get us any sweet treats. Maria suddenly pops up behind me with the sweet treats sample board and says “here, let’s snack on these until you find yours” I’m unfortunately not able to find my phone or money to get myself something or them more things, but we leave the shop and bump into Mom and Dena again. The end

15 Nov 2023

Make Out


I woke up in the pavement if a dark alleyway, it's night time and I'm in some sort of city that looks like Philadelphia in the USA. I see directly in front of me is the main road but there are no lights to light up the road except for 1 sole lamppost standing by itself only illuminating about a 3 metre radius. I walk towards the lamppost and see that behind it there aren't more buildings on this side of the road in fact just a metal wire fence. There is a hole in the fence and I decide to crawl through. On the other side there is nothing just a dark shade of grey filling the void. For some reason I feel confident walking alone and further into this void of colourless space. As I continue I can suddenly make out a different shade of grey like a large wall going up infinitely to the sky. As I draw closer I see light and colour emanating from some somewhere. I approach it to see 2 men and 1 woman sitting on overturned plastic milk crates arranged neatly in a semi circle around a bonfire almost as if they had been expecting me. The look of shock and then confusion plastered on their face told me that they were not expecting my arrival. "Hello?" I ask in befuddlement at the purpose of their location.... "you should of stopped... why didn't you just stay in your happy little world you were in? You should have stopped searching" they speak in unison their words harmonising together. "You should have stopped searching" they chant again.... I can see just beyond their bonfire is what appears to be impossibly a darker section if space in the already dark charcoal grey emptiness that surrounds me. There is a sudden crashing sound from somewhere behind me.... my head snaps onto the mysterious strangers around the fire my eyes trying to look for some sort of a reaction... there is none. The man closest to me looks up reluctantly and his watery brown eyes cut deep into my soul. Sometimes in life the simple sentences are the ones that hit us the hardest.... His words echo in the suddenly cold night ( my senses of temperature now kicking in) "Run you may but it will always catch up to you". What did he mean? My whole world seems to spin and I become light headed.... When I refocus I make out behind me is a shadow it's presence blurred but this fact does not take away from its menacing presence. Orange flaming eyes piercing through the night I can almost feel the warmth of this beings eyes. My mind joins the dots between the old man by the fires' words and the sudden rising panic I feel within myself. I turn to assess my options and it seems that the only place to run is into the dark gap in the charcoal surrounds. I take off and as I do I get the feeling if butterfly's as I see from the corner of my eye that the shadowy figure behind me moves like a cheetah with astounding swiftness as if it is simply gliding through the air! I run hard and fast to the dark gap. All I feel are eyes upon me and the feeling is like weight. And as I run I see flashbacks of all my memories in life flashing before me and I hear him say that he's been there through everything. I wake up suddenly and get this feeling that he's apart of me?

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