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Dream About Time Travel And Mysterious Portals

Dream interpretation about Sex, Falling, Escape, Alone, Horror, Kissing, High School, Leave, Holiday, School, Big waves, Family, Fun, Group, Ocean, Self, Laughing, Lot, World, Darkness, Jungle, Meeting, Body, End, Eye, Girl, House, Light (Not Dark), Year, Hotel, Letter, Middle, Name, Space, Stairs, Trip, Two, Waves, Back, Attention, Bed, Dinner, Door, Place, Room, Thought, Time, Week, Bathroom, Face, Floor, Front, Hand, People, Person, Step, Top, Wall, Paint, Point, Watch, Way, Looking, Walking, See, Woods, Clothes, Eating, Feeling, Food, One, Blue, Paper, Table, Yellow, All, Ask, Celebration, Corridor, My Room, Playing, Smile, Follow, Glowing, Hearing, Going, Lighting, Portal, Repeat

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This dream kind of freaked me out a little bit… but it started off fairly normal. I had been taken back in time to a few years ago. I had just graduated high school, just turned 18 and was single. My mates and I went up the coast for our celebration from graduating. Things were good, we were having fun, playing together, cooking and eating together and overall just enjoying each others company. One thing did change though. A group of random girls came to the house we rented for the week and sat down to have dinner with us. This one girl who sat across from me kept eyeing me down and smiling whenever we made eye contact. I thought it was cute so I made an advancement towards her. I walked over and sat down, we started talking and having a good time. Everyone else was still there and all having fun. I ended up giving her a massage and she was really enjoying it, so much that she was moaning and rolling her eyes back. She wanted me to take her to my room and give her a proper massage. So we did just that, she laid on my bed and I started giving her a fairly sensual deep tissue massage. She took off her clothes and asked me to massage her whole body. When I finished the massage she pulled me closer and started to kiss me, started grabbing places where she knew what she was doing. I went to the other room to go and grab some protection, but something caught my attention. I looked down the corridor and noticed a door that wasn’t there before, it was left slightly ajar. I tried not to think anything of it, but I turned to go back to my room and I started hearing a really deep buzzing sound, almost as if something was eminating from the door. I started walking closer and this whitish blue light started glowing from behind it. It was so bright that I had to close my eyes and walk through. But as I stepped in, I could feel the handle suddenly vanish from my hand, and I opened my eyes. I remember distinctively saying to my self, “huh, this is weird. Where am I?” I looked around and it turned out I found myself in another house that I had never been to before, nor have I ever seen it. I looked around for the door I had just walked through but it was completely gone, I was in the middle of the room. So, I started scrounging around trying to find out where I was. Suddenly, I heard clanking of utensils and plates and voices coming from the other room. I peaked around the corner and recognised none of the faces. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and turned around to see who it was. It was that girl from the holiday house, the one I gave the massage to. She looked at me in disbelief and said, “it’s… you?”. She told me to follow her and we went to the family dinner table and sat down, there must have been around 30 people all together, so I blended in. The girl went off to the bathroom so I was left alone, and I went towards the food and sat down at the table. I heard the door of the bathroom open and I looked over but as I did I see her just looking at me. Suddenly, the room went quiet. I turn back around and everyone was standing up, all with their eyes fixed on me. All in sequence they said, “ you aren’t supposed to be here.” I stood up and they all started to walk towards me, no matter if they had a table in front of them, they would just plough right through. I started walking backwards and tripped and fell. I thought I fell on the floor but I never felt my back hit the floor. I opened my eyes and found myself standing up. The room was like a hotel. Fancy yellow wall paper but dim lighting. I opened the door of the room. And I was met with a seemingly endless corridor. I set out to walk through, and for what felt like 30 minutes and 2 kilometres later, I found myself in a large space with repeating pillars and damp carpet. I felt uneasy, almost as if someone was watching me. So I kept walking. I noticed a hole in one of the walls with the word ‘escape’ all spelled with strange lettering, almost as if it was written by someone going insane. It was written in this kind of black paint, but I opted not to follow it. I look back up and start walking another direction, but as I glance in the distance, I notice a very faint movement of something that vanished behind a pillar. I tried to think nothing of it and pushed on. Finally, after what felt like an hour, I found a door that was labelled with strange letters I have never seen before. I turn the handle and hear running and loud footsteps behind me so I quickly close the door behind me out of horror and hear something slam into the door, then I hear a voice exclaim, “FUCK!” Thinking it was another person I opened the door back up again. But it was a completely different area, this time it was red wallpaper and spruce wood floors. So I thought, wait, does this door create random portals? I closed and opened it again. This time the door was over an ocean with a big wave about to hit it. I closed and opened it again and this time it was in a jungle. At this point I said to myself, am I dreaming? I heard a laugh come from behind me, in this large warehouse room carrying lots of machinery and technology that I would not be able to put a name to. It was distant, but made me even more scared and anxious to get back home. I thought to myself again, if I am dreaming, I should see if I can find that white void again, so I repeatedly opened and closed the door, viewing places that were not only from earth but elsewhere in the universe. Suddenly I found the door to the white space from the start and it sucked me right through. I was at the end of the corridor at the holiday house. It was quite late. Everyone was asleep. I go to my room and get in bed and close my eyes. In the darkness, I hear a girls voice say “Michael?” I opened my eyes but I had woken up.

Dream date:

31 Oct 2023

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👨 men of your age from 🇦🇺 had dreams about Sex by 43.9% more than 👧 women.

Emotional tone:

The rollercoaster of emotions involved fear, confusion, anxiety, but also a tinge of excitement and curiosity.


This dream was recurring 6 times last week


The dream reaches its peak intensity during the encounter with the endless corridor, the mysterious portal, and the chase, building up a tense and unsettling atmosphere.


The relatable details from the start of the dream, such as a holiday with friends and a seaside house, suddenly contrast with strange and surreal events, creating a sense of heightened unreality.


The dream's journey through different dimensions and strange environments is portrayed in vivid detail, leaving a lasting impression of the bizarre scenarios encountered.


The dream lacks a clear narrative structure and is characterized by sudden transitions and disjointed sequences, making it difficult to follow a coherent storyline.

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😟 Depression
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Dream review

Yvette Miller

Yvette Miller

Behavioral psychology & Wellness Advocate

Hey Michael! Thank you for sharing your dream with me. It seems like quite an intriguing and vivid experience. Let's delve into the interpretation. The dream starts off with a sense of nostalgia as you find yourself back in time, just after graduating high school. This may symbolize a longing for a carefree period in your life when you were single and surrounded by friends. The presence of random girls at the house signifies new and unexpected opportunities or encounters. The girl who caught your attention could represent a desire for connection and intimacy. However, as the dream progresses, it takes a mysterious turn. The appearance of a door that wasn't there before suggests a hidden opportunity or pathway presenting itself to you. The bright glowing light behind the door might symbolize curiosity and the unknown. As you enter this new space, you find yourself in an unfamiliar house with strangers, which could reflect feelings of displacement or uncertainty in your waking life. The encounter with the girl from the holiday house who is surprised to see you may represent a sense of recognition or familiarity amidst the unknown. The confrontation by the other people in the room, their statement of "you aren't supposed to be here," and their subsequent pursuit of you could signify internal doubts, fears, or insecurities. It may reflect a feeling of being judged or out of place in certain aspects of your life. As you escape through various doors, each leading to different locations, it highlights your search for an exit or a way back to familiarity. The presence of the laugh and the large warehouse room filled with machinery and technology can evoke feelings of anxiety and unease. Ultimately, finding the door to the white space and being sucked back into the corridor at the holiday house indicates a return to a more familiar setting. The voice calling your name before you wake up suggests a longing for connection or a desire for someone to recognize and acknowledge you. Overall, this dream appears to be a reflection of your search for meaning, connection, and a sense of belonging. It may signify a period of transition in your life where you are exploring new possibilities and encountering unfamiliar situations. Remember, dreams can be highly subjective, so these interpretations serve as a starting point for your own introspection and reflection.
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Yvette Miller

Behavioral psychology & Wellness Advocate

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