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Dream Interpretation: Space 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Space? Discover the significance of seeing a Space in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Space appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This is a symbol of the abyss of the unconscious mind. Contained within this darkness and void are all the potentialities and opportunities, but it is also the ultimate chaos that can be terrifying and inspiring at the same time. This also signifies that you have yet to explore your true potential and uncover your hidden desires.

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🧭 Direction


Give yourself some space to explore your passions, your potentials, and the darker repressed parts of who you are as a person. At first, this may cause you anxiety, but learn to love and accept whatever you find without reservation. When you know how to love and integrate all parts of you, you will become fully self-actualized.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of space evokes a sense of wonder, curiosity, and awe. It brings about feelings of vastness, freedom, and exploration. It may also elicit a sense of insignificance in the grand scheme of the universe. This dream can inspire a desire for adventure and a longing to discover the unknown. It may leave one feeling both humbled and inspired by the limitless possibilities that exist beyond our earthly boundaries.





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24 Mar 2024

Light (Not Dark)


I was cooking. Then I realized I was cooking wax and the wax was spilling over the edges so I moved it to the burner to the back left. Thought to myself, “that can be the craft burner so I don’t ruin the space I cook food in”. Then that burner floated away from the rest and I was transported to a different place entirely by following the burner and wax pan with my eyes. I’m not sure where we were but the light was dimmer. We weren’t outside but perhaps near a forest because I saw trees in my periphery. It may have been nighttime or evening when before it was daytime.

10 Feb 2024



I remember that I was in space traveling to find my way back home…to my mom. Once I have gotten to the planet it was a beautiful place with nature and vegetation. There were people on the planet and they could understand me and I asked them,” do you know where my mom is?”, as I stepped on some boxes or crates, the people got a little hostile saying” hey, don’t step on that!!!”, I quickly stepped off of the box, raising my hands showing them I mean no harm. The next part that I remember was me getting into a fight with a male, because I asked him the same question when I have arrived on the planet. However, this time giving me the answer, my mother was in or was the box that I have stepped on. No thinking ran back to the box, the male behind me trying stop me. Successfully tackling me to the ground now trying to pin, but unsuccessful; then I remembered I had him pinned and told him why I wanted to find my mother,” she all I have left, I’ve been so lonely wandering space, she is the only thing keeping me going…. Please…Please”. I said this with tears in my eyes to male, he looked at me with pity and finally showed my mother to me or at least hear her. I said to my mother,” hey mom”. After saying that I felt like a kid at home bonding with my mother. I remember her voice be so gentle and beautiful I don’t remember what she said but I know after our conversation she gave me task on what I should do. Then I woke up.

2 Feb 2024



A unicorn eating cupcakes in outer space.

17 Nov 2023



I knew I was unconscious but at the same time I was not in control of the dream. The dream itself was just empty space, like when you are asleep but aren't dreaming yet, but I knew I was there and felt like I was co noxious in my unconsciousness

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