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Dream Interpretation: Office 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Office? Discover the significance of seeing a Office in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Office appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

Dreaming of an office symbolizes your professional life and your career aspirations. It may represent your desire for success, recognition, and achievement. It can also indicate your need for structure and organization in your work life.

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🧭 Direction


Think about your current job and career goals. Are you satisfied with your current position or do you feel unfulfilled? Consider what changes you can make to improve your work life, such as seeking a promotion or exploring new career opportunities. It may also be helpful to focus on improving your organizational skills and time management to increase productivity and reduce stress.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of being in an office may evoke feelings of professionalism, responsibility, and productivity. It could symbolize a sense of purpose, ambition, and the desire for success. The atmosphere of the office may also bring about feelings of routine, structure, and the need to conform to societal expectations. Additionally, the dream may elicit emotions related to stress, pressure, or the need to meet deadlines. Overall, the office dream may reflect a mix of both positive and negative emotions associated with work and career aspirations.





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23 May 2024



I was sitting in an office, working. But I forgot everything. I didn‘t know what to do and how to do. People cane by to talk to me. I didn‘t feel good at all. I notice herpes on my lips. And that gotten worse and spread over my face while I was sitting there. No energy. Feeling really sick

20 May 2024

Waking up


My old boss that got fired was hired back on full time. I organized all my coworkers together and had us all sign a letter I wrote to corporate asking them to fire her again due to unprofessionalism and an unsafe workplace with her in leadership. I hid the letter in the office and called someone from the corporate office to come to our location. While I was waiting for the higher up to come out, Jaime (the old boss) came up to with the letter in her hand. I was so terrified by this that it woke me up

11 May 2024



I can't remember all of the dream that I had, but parts of it were nightmarish, while others were okay. The part that I do remember was that a friend, who isn't real in life, and I were walking around a large office building trying to find something. We had to be careful because there were some people that were after us before we got in. Not too sure if we weren't supposed to be there or not. We go up a few floors looking around, there's a bunch of files haphazardly crammed together in their shelves at practically every work section. We get to a corridor with glass panneled walls like many places have, but the bottom was metal. Like a stainless steel that went up the walls. The corridor was small, but turned just a little. I assume it was just to accommodate the floor plan. We stopped near the entrance to the other side of the office to regroup and talk about where we should look for this item especially if we were to avoid whoever was after us before. For the moment, we were safe. A man hurriedly came up to us carrying a pig and asked if we could watch him for a few minutes while he goes to take care of something. We say "yeah, sure. We'll take care of him." He says thank you and quickly runs off. The pig is pretty clean looking and fairly small. He doesn't really do anything but lay there relaxed and at ease. In the corridor there was a large amount of clothes and other odds and ends that were just laying around behind us. Not trash, just random junk and laundry that I assume was mostly clean. Suddenly the pig seemed to move a bit and about 2-1/2 ft worth of his lower intestine started to steadily come out from his rear as if it had somehow prolasped. We start panicking because that's not normal and shouldn't happen. At this point the pig starts to poop and we start panicking more trying to push all of the stuff behind us back further since we don't know how much this pig is going to go. It turned out to be not very much and the pig's intestine goes back up inside of him. Suddenly a very small puppy with dark brown fur similar to a retriever comes in wearing a blue collar. The puppy immediately goes and starts to eat this pig's poop. I quickly grab this puppy up to stop him and yell "Hey! No. You can't eat be eating poop!" in order to discipline him. The small puppy now has small traces of poop on his mouth, paws, and ears. He looks at me with the biggest saddest eyes I have ever seen and I feel awful for yelling at this puppy. I feel like I have hurt him so deeply by yelling at him and I feel absolutely heartbroken looking at him. The man who dropped the pig off then takes the puppy out of my hands and takes the pig back. We told him the pig went on the floor and he sad sorry and thanked us for taking care of him while he was gone. He once again rushed off. I don't remember what happened after that.

1 May 2024



There was a large group of people in the hundreds marching in order for solidarity. I went up to a man who was wearing a large crucifix, but he didn't take the time to stop. I wanted to ask him what they were marching for. I then went to get into my office, but had to bend way down because the entrance was very small and lowered. My eyes were then blurry, and then they cleared up, whereby an old girlfriend, Nancy, with whom I've had an on-and-off relationship with for the past ten years and am no longer seeing, came up to me.

28 Apr 2024



Making a flyer for conference. Using cava-can’t see my computer well. It’s starting soon. I have to get them printed. The poster is wild ‘-all kinds of images. I go to my office. It’s crowded. David has a sitting across from me. Can I turn on the light? Yes. Basically everything that can go wrong goes wrong. Hanging up giant poster with Ana-my poster won’t print. Ana is giving voice lessons in the office. supposed to give a lecture on Latin America. Doctors have taken over the office and everything is unplugged. Argh I just want a simple poster.

26 Apr 2024



Dreamt I went back to my old place of work at the office. It had changed. They had new computers and most colleagues no longer worked there. Much nicer people were there now. My boss, Paul, was so happy to see me and gave me a cuddle and gave me my old job back straight away. A person from my past was also there, and he cuddled me and thought we were now a couple. He held my hand and showed me around the new building layout. Upstairs was an area where we had to climb through a secret passage which led to the play arena. Lots of kids were playing having fun climbing through the holes at the centre. It was the same play centre I used to take my own son. We went back to office and it had so many cars inside now like it was a car showroom. It also had household items like fridges and microwaves etc. Everything was sparkling and glossy. A girl on the street outside stomped around angry on the phone to someone. I went out to see what the commotion was. She was saying how her kid didn’t have anything to keep warm at home, no bedding etc. I went around the back of the office building and Paul’s new car was there. It was a huge black shiny Jeep off-road buggy. I saw someone else I used to know, Fran. She was angry at another woman, Karla, someone else I knew growing up. Fran went off shouting at her kid to hurry up and never speak to Karla or her kids again. I was shocked at the outburst as they all used to hang out together as best friends. I watched as Fran’s kid fell over running but Fran just carried on. I went to Karla to ask what had happened. She explained but I can’t quite remember. Fran’s kid then turned around and recognised me for some reason tho I’d never met her kids before, but someone I felt like I knew him. I waved at him sadly through the window wishing I could help. He turned and ran back to us, gave Karla a cuddle and then me. Karla kept saying to him “you waving bye at Aunti Karla and Aunti Kim”? Fran wasn’t happy. They left and so did I. Then Paul drove past in his Jeep. I wish I had it, it was so cool. He and many colleagues were going for food. Paul stopped when he saw me and told me there was a party for the rest of us happening in the office. So I went there. But then Paul said oh I forgot Max’s cigarettes - Max was another old colleague. He went to reverse quickly but me and Fran put out our arms to stop the Jeep from hitting her kid. I went back to the office and people were eating different foods. There was a woman there and we were all introducing ourselves to each other. The woman kept mentioning emotions and how well she could read people’s and heal them. I kept saying “I could do with you in my home” but I think I meant inside my head to help me regulate my own. I felt like I could have deep conversations with her and she would understand everything I’ve ever felt. I felt deeply connected to her tho I didn’t know her. The man who thought we were now a couple came back and I had to tell him we wasn’t, letting him down gently. He wasn’t happy and stormed off. Everyone was talking about the food and trying it and saying how they eat their noodles and vegetables.

11 Apr 2024



I was in my office and it was mainly the same but slightly different. Next to the meeting room, there was another room that was a bedroom for some reason, it didn't belong to the boss, it was just the office bedroom. We were also a lot closer to the other sky scrapers. The bedroom was really cool, very modern, and had full window walls on two sides and the ceiling, but the glass was tinted a bit darker for privacy. There were two tvs in the room, one at the end of the bed and one even on the ceiling so you could watch tv while lying down. It was a normal day that was coming to an end and I was saying bye to one of my coworkers and my boss, but I decided I would sleep there that night because it would be easier not having to commute, and that I could invite my cousin there so we could have a sleepover

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