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Dream Interpretation: Passport 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Passport? Discover the significance of seeing a Passport in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Passport appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

A passport in a dream represents your identity and your ability to travel and explore new opportunities. It may also symbolize a desire for freedom and adventure. Alternatively, it may indicate a fear of being trapped or restricted in some way.

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🧭 Direction


Think about your current situation and whether you feel restricted or limited in any way. Are you feeling trapped in a job or relationship? Or are you craving new experiences and opportunities? Use this dream as a reminder to explore your options and take steps towards achieving your goals. Don't let fear hold you back from living the life you want.

❤️ Feelings

The dream about a passport may evoke feelings of excitement, anticipation, and a sense of adventure. It symbolizes the desire for new experiences, exploring unfamiliar territories, and embarking on a journey of self-discovery. This dream may also bring about feelings of freedom, as a passport represents the ability to travel and explore different cultures. Additionally, it may elicit a sense of responsibility and preparedness, as a passport is a necessary document for international travel. Overall, this dream evokes positive emotions and a longing for new opportunities and experiences.





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17 Jun 2024



I had a dream that I was going to catch a plane with my mum but we didn't have any money to do it or tickets and my mum doesn't have a passport so we decided that I was going to pretend that I was disabled and she was my carer and try and sneak on the plane. So we got to the car park at the airport and we found a wheelchair and I got in the wheelchair and she was pushing me all the way to the airport and then we were going through the check in and I started just making a lot of noise and they kind of ushered us through, got us on the plane and then we were sat right at the front and we were like okay, so far so good, nobody's checked our tickets and the flight was like I don't know, an hour and a half and we just pretended to be asleep and then we got off the other side and again I started making a lot of noise and they just ushered us through the other side without checking our passports and we were like wow that was really easy, that was quite bizarre and that was it.

14 Jun 2024



Mrs Meri missed her passport And the passport was found by a policeman, but when Mrs Meri went to the police station to get her passport, the policeman made it difficult and didn't want to meet her. Until I taught Mrs Meri how and finally we could meet the policeman. But the policeman did not immediately give Mrs Meri's passport, Mrs Meri told her to look for herself in a pile of many passports until I helped look for them. Praise God that when I was looking for Mrs Meri's passport, I found it.

12 May 2024



I was taking a trip with my friends to Mexico at an all inclusive resort. My passport looked like a small travel size glass bottle of perfume. We were having so much fun. The beach was packed with people and I got in the water and just let the waves come to me. At one point I was tired of riding the waves and i wanted to get out, but it became extremely difficult to to get out of the water. Once I was able to get out I went back to my room and I found my passport and I realized my passport had expired. I started to become extremely worried that I wasn’t going to be able to go back home, and was incredibly confused that they let me into Mexico in the first place. I had some days to figure it out though. I went to the lobby and it was full of people, my friends were there lounging and socializing. At one point the entire group started singing a musical number, and that’s when I noticed Mindy Kailing passing through. I internally freaked out but continued the musical number until it was done. Mindy went to the bathroom, and when I saw her pass back through I caught her attention and we started having a conversation. I told her I loved her and thank you for being such a staple comedy queen. At one point I got emotional and she said okay this is too emotional for me and she left. I think asked one of my friends if they weren’t going to let me back into the country if she could carry me inside her magical forehead

12 May 2024

Childhood home


I was traveling with my husband to go on holiday every time we go to the airport and when at the airport we realize we forget the passport and I'm like oh let's take a um a train back to the house to get the passport and when we take the train to come back to the house we end up in my old house where I grew up from where I grew up from yeah so and then I'm like ah but we're not we're not in our house like this is my old home like where I grew up as a child I'm like okay fine let's go back then we'll walk like going to the same bus stop that I went to and then go back to the airport in Birmingham and I'm like hold on we've forgotten our suitcase again at home let's go back and then we'll go back to the house but again I'll end up from from my old house to my old house again and I'm like again this is not this is not our house but we'll get our suitcase when we go this thing happened like four times the same dream kept happening four times like I'll go to the airport by the time I got to the airport I realized oh we forgot this so we have to go back to the house but every time I go to the house it's not our house but it's my childhood home

4 May 2024



Hotel - [ ] I had a dream I was on holiday in a poor country but in an expensive hotel. I was talking to a lady who ran a hotel in the country. We went outside the hotel and there were poor people. I remember seeing a rich man who was sitting on the floor talking to the locals. He had headphones on and I remember thinking that although he looked comfortable he may be in danger of getting robbed. I was then at an airport with two strangers I did not know and I could not find my passport to go through passport control. I was looking through all of my pockets in my case but could not find it. I then went in an elevator but it went down instead of up and I found myself in a totally empty terminal. I looked around and it was very quiet. I went back up via the stairs and saw a friend who I told what happened and she went back into the elevator. I then saw a Chinese man with his two children. He was travelling around the world. I remember sitting at a table with his daughter and she was on telephone trying to book a hotel in England. She managed to get a room but she was not happy with the price. I asked her to call back and make sure that breakfast was included. Hey brother then started speaking to me but can’t remember what he said. I left and was walking toward another hotel where my wife was waiting and looking out of the Window. I could sense I was in trouble for something. I entered the hotel and she said words I cannot recall. I was then with my girlfriend in a very large expensive white walled hotel room. We were having really good fun. She then changed into being really upset with me, although she wasn’t crying she was being matter of fact saying that our relationship was wrong and she didn’t want to continue it. I was confused and upset. I remember leaving the room with her and we went to meet her two sisters. There was a frosty atmosphere between us but it was not my fault. I remember that she was being horrible to a lady through a Window who was down below. She was shouting abuse. The lady was the model Kate Moss. My girlfriend and I went in the elevator and back up to the room and she told me it was over and that she was happy about it. She was teasing me in a horrible way. We were back in the lift and this time I was carrying a bag. We got out the lift on the wrong floor but still went into a room. It was not the room from before. I left my bag outside the door and was aware it may get stolen but did not collect it. I remember opening up all of the drawers to check for my things but they were empty. There was one tiny drawer that I opened that had pills and drawing pins inside. I remember thinking I wish I knew about the pills earlier. I put 3 pills into my pocket. The Two sisters were then with us in the room and one handed me a note saying “she will really miss you” I was too upset to think of anything else. I screwed up the note and left the hotel room. I went back to the elevator and cannot recall getting inside it.

28 Apr 2024



I was in a mall shopping and a lady needed help with her hairstyle and wanted to know if it looked good. She was with her daughter who was an adult. The hair looked nice but I thought a certain product would be helpful to her so I asked the daughter to come next door with me to get it bc it was cheaper at that store. She came with me and they checked our passports at the door. I was looking at the products in the store and the woman’s daughter walked off and I couldn’t find her anymore. I saw pastel coloured berets that I liked. I kept walking and suddenly the store started changing into a Chinese restaurant with fire dancers called Manchurian Palace. They had special rooms like a tea room. Then as I was trying to get back into the store I ended up going into another area that at first was these spa areas with plants and warm water to soak and relax in, it looked like a natural jungle with a beach. I slipped and fell down and my clothes got wet and a worker looked at me so I apologised bc I wasn’t a guest there and was just trying to leave. I kept going and I ended up at a big concrete water slide that I started climbing up. Eventually I got high enough that I decided it was a bad idea to be doing it so I started going back down and then some people on the water slide came through and knocked me down so I started sliding down the water slide too behind them. When I got to the bottom I thought I should just leave the store bc I couldn’t find the ladies daughter anymore. I got to the exit door again and they wanted to check my passport again and for some reason I had my own passport and two other people’s Norwegian passports as well in my pocket. The lady checked my passport with a chemical on a swab and she said it came back positive for drugs so they started checking my things but couldn’t find anything. I remembered that I had a small metal part of a pipe that screws together in one of my pockets that I had forgotten was there before leaving the house so as I was taking stuff out of my pockets for them I took it, pretended to cough and swallowed it so they wouldn’t find it. The lady couldn’t find any drugs on me so she had to let me go but she was berating me first saying they should send me back to Canada but since my passport was issued from Washington DC they would have to take me in Norway anyway even though they shouldn’t. A guy standing there says something about Mississippi and I misheard him, I say “oh I’m from Mississippi too!” And he replies “are you dumb, I said you’re from Mississippi and I’ve not been there”. I can hear the guy is Norwegian now. Everyone starts laughing at me

15 Apr 2024



In the dream I was at the airport with Corey (my ex), and some woman who I didn't recognize. She was a tad bit shorter than me, roughly the same build. She had long dark curly hair. We were flying within the country but the agent at the airline check-in desk insisted on seeing my passport. I didn't have it with me because I had my state ID which is all that's needed to fly nationally. But the agent kept insisting. Corey faced me and said "Go get it, we'll be here waiting for you." I got in a cab, went home, grabbed my passport, and headed back to the airport. I woke up from the dream still in the cab on the way back to the airport.

14 Feb 2024

Heart attack


I had a dream I self harmed on my thighs and I bit into my skin ,skinning myself. I hid these marks with a towel as I was forced to join my family at a restaurant, no one noticed but I felt terrible shame. The dream continue where I'm back in school, I'm a failure and I need punishment, I'm forced to drag my legs on the ground through course hot rocks. I'm treated with being electrocuted as there are live wires on the ground. Eventually I get stabed with needles for the fun of the other person. I felt the pain in my arms and back. They insisted it was my fault, that I should die. A man took me to a shelter, a church where they had genealogy books and passports , I was told I could alter the names if I prayed hard enough. I couldn't change the past. I remember they opened the book but section 2 was crossed out, instead it read ctye. There were lists and generations of names. I felt bad because they wanted me to change it by praying harder, but I couldn't. I left the church and watched a man go into a school and hurt the children there. I met a man , he knew what I did to my legs, while he was telling me I should stop, he died of a heart attack.

24 Nov 2023



I’m not Indian but I see a guy give me a Indian passport

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