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Dream Interpretation: Room 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Room? Discover the significance of seeing a Room in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Room appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This symbolizes a place you have deep within your mind. This can be either a set of thoughts or experiences or a particular part of yourself. This represents your desires and beliefs and a specific place inside your mind.

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🧭 Direction


This is an unexplored or forgotten part of your psyche or mind. First, you need to be more aware of yourself, your thoughts, and your desires. The next step is to embrace these parts of yourself that you have forgotten or hidden.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of being in a room can evoke various emotions depending on the context. It may bring feelings of comfort, security, or confinement. The atmosphere and condition of the room can further influence the emotions, such as a messy room causing frustration or a cozy room creating a sense of relaxation. The dreamer's personal experiences and associations with rooms can also play a role in determining the emotions evoked. Overall, the dream of a room can elicit a range of feelings, from tranquility to unease, depending on the specific details and individual interpretation.





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26 Apr 2024



In my room I go to take a nap and a white male whose a friend comes in and starts moving my stuff that’s under the loft bed. I felt so attacked, as in nothing I owe is actually mine. In a frantic state I move everything back to how it was and fight weird transparent lights and I attach them to my mini fridge. I go back into my loft bed and cry, realizing how little I have a say in anything. I couldn’t yell at the dude for moving my stuff because his dad owed the house, mom and I just rented it. If I made a fuss he could kick us out. Mother comes up to the ladder of the bed asking me if I’m okay, I lied and said yes I’m fine. I go back down and keep moving things back into place, I’m interrupted by 2 white girls wanting to ask my opinion on their outfits. I only had a T-shirt and underwear on. I was embarrassed and tried to hide my body from them. The girls scoffed and said “it’s fine don’t worry” then I peek outside of my doorway to see a long hallway with an open space to the left and another hallway to the right. My bff’s husky runs down the hallway and stops in front of me. 2 men watch and say “stand your ground, if you don’t want him inside your room” and I did, I growled and pushed the husky back when he jumped towards me. After 5 minutes of back and forth the husky gets the message and backs off. Next scene pans to a black man down on his luck and had to move into a trailer that’s falling apart. He is not happy to be living in that type of trailer again. The foundation is wobbly and next to horse stalls and a portable potty. The trailer falls and he leaves. The camera pans over to me heading into a camp site. I’m there with friends and other campers are also at the site. A lot of the men leave on motorcycles to go into town. There where still a family that stayed behind. They gave off hillbilly style and where arguing. A mom pregnant arguing with the man across from her. She was in the back seat of a minivan and he inside of his truck sitting with his legs outside. I walk past them and hear them yelling. The mom said “Quit giving me stress! It’s not good for the baby” and I felt that the father was at fault and an asshole, I did not like him. The mother of the pregnant lady walks into the convo holding a machete, swinging it around like you do a pen around your fingers. She calls the argument petty and boring. The father takes that as a challenge and grabs the knife, swinging it pretending to be cool and tough. I was unimpressed and annoyed when he swings the machete near me. I get past them and into the camp tables and sit on a chair. My friend Ari sat next to me and a Latin boy on my left. We turn around to see the moon, my camera took video instead of pictures of the moon. On the vid the colors swirled and changed color of the moon, very beautiful and mysterious. I get annoyed with all the men in the camp, so noisy and disgusting, one of them kept making fart jokes. Soon another friend drives up and she takes Ari, Makayla, Syl and I into town. We all had to scavenge food or drinks to bring to sell in town. I had a jug of fruit punch and a cup of chili to sell. A male made fun of my offers and I ignored him. Her mid sized navy blue car was decent, nothing fancy. It was around 11 when we get into town, we go into a building and I spot a bathroom that’s outside of the building. Inside the actual building was similar to a mall, many stores and a courtyard. We attended a meeting about art. A lady was talking about watercolor markers and drawing on a canvas. I sat pretty far away from everyone and yet a man, around my age, sat close to me. Anyone can tell he had a crush on me and I hated it. I quickly moved to where my friends sat to avoid him. A girl from our group tried to scare me by grabbing me from behind, but I wasn’t scared or surprised. A bit confused why she did it and I just looked at her, she seemed content and laughed about her failed scare. At the end of the meeting we all begin to leave and a white dude, around my age, was talking about me. He was talking about high school interactions between me and him. How I was very mean, funny and amazing at art. I decided to be nice this time and tell him it was good catching up and that I think I have improved since then. Maybe not in a few certain parts but I definitely improved emotionally. We leave and I had to use the bathroom before going into the car. I go into the one I saw earlier outside and I slowly put together what I saw in front of me. I saw a toilet and sink close to each other on the left side. On my right there was plants potted separatting the space of where the shower and jacuzzi where. I saw shoes and clothes string about the floor. I walk to the toilet and look at the shower area and made eye contant with an female monster. Both of us embarrassed and I say first “May I use this toilet?” She replies “yes of course! Don’t mind me” she looks away and darts behind curtains. A man tries to open the door and I quickly shut it and the female monster yells at him to go away. After I’m done I see her again and I say “you have lovely teeth! Especially those canines, I wish I had long and sharp canines like yours” she appreciates the compliment and I notice 2 other male monsters waking up. One of them turns into a githyankie (a race in a game, they’re very intelligent astral beings) and I turn around to see the female monster also revealing herself as one too. They’re notorious for killing brutally and hunting down their targets. I felt urgency to leave! Out the door I hear her say “goodbye beautiful” I manage to get inside the car before the male githyankie throws a knife my way. It missed and I yell to my friend to drive. We escape, all 6 of us in the car. One of my female friends decided to sit on my lap even tho I sat on the front passenger side. Her arms around my neck and kissing lightly my cheeks. I felt nervous because everyone in the car noticed and started to tease. “Okay enough just because I’m the lesbian doesn’t mean y’all get to make fun of me” we eventually get back to the camp and it looks abandoned. “Let’s go into the base camp, where the office is” I suggested and we left. In the dusty parking lot we get out and there’s a few empty and rusty cars around the lot. We see a distant tower in smoke, we record it. I said “you know we can all just leave and go back home! Why don’t we just leave?we don’t have to stay here and we can use the rest of our vacation doing something else fun!”as soon as I said that I felt a presence. I stop talking and subtly looked under the truck we where leaning on. I see 2 pair of feet. Immediately I grab my friend and drag her into the car. Before waking up I see the same 2 figures from the bathroom approaching.

30 Mar 2024



I was in a room.. there's men.. I hear them talking about me.. they're cooking.. grilled?

24 Mar 2024



I was a mob boss, I was getting ready to eat a meal in a room full of chefs. Gordon Ramsey was there too. Then I woke up

9 Mar 2024



Louis did not lock in and let us in the media room because him and Melanie were being bums

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