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Dream Interpretation: Repeat 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Repeat? Discover the significance of seeing a Repeat in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Repeat appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This dream symbolizes a feeling of being stuck in a cycle or routine. It may indicate that you are experiencing a sense of monotony or boredom in your life. Alternatively, it may suggest that you are repeating past mistakes or patterns of behavior.

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🧭 Direction


Consider if there are any areas of your life where you feel stuck or stagnant. Are there any patterns of behavior that you keep repeating? If so, it may be time to break out of your comfort zone and try something new. Look for ways to add variety and excitement to your daily routine.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of repeating something can evoke feelings of frustration, monotony, and a sense of being stuck in a never-ending cycle. It may also bring about a sense of anxiety or unease, as the repetition may symbolize a lack of progress or growth in one's life. This dream can leave one feeling trapped or overwhelmed, longing for change and new experiences.





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9 Apr 2024



So I’ve had this repeat dream at least three times in the last couple of weeks. I feel like it is my mom who buys me this house, but this house is really in bad repair and it needs a lot of work and I don’t really care for it. It seems the house belonged to a coworker of mine that I really did not get along with , nor did I like. as I’m looking around the house, I noticed that there is a feral cat. now, I can’t stand cats and I’m highly allergic to them and even a little afraid. but the real estate agent is telling us that the cat has to stay with the house. I am shaking my head thinking there’s no way I’m letting a cat stay in my house if I have to live here. I’m thinking to myself the whole time that I do not want to live in this decrepit old house with a feral cat.

4 Apr 2024

Dead body


I was working at an escape room place at the front desk. (I’ve never been to an escape room before) One day I went for a walk up a hill near where I lived in the dream and I had someone with me, but I can’t remember who it was, but we ended up sitting down on a picnic table at the top of the hill with a big tree next to the table. while we were sitting there I turned around towards the path up the hill, and there was a small girl in a purple dress with white mesh over it making her look ghostly. Her head was hidden from view behind a big branch so she looked headless, I screamed. But then her parents came up behind her and she came forward so I could now see her head she looked to be about 3 years old. They sat down at the table and we started talking, the little girl was running around and ended up smacking into the table. I went to check on her, but she was completely fine, she jumped back up and started running around again. As I made my way back to sit down my foot sunk into the ground next to the tree, when I pulled back from the hole the mother of the little girl came up and reached into the hole. She pulled up the dead body of the little girl that was running around. The mother pushed the dead child back into the hole and told me not to let the little girl see it, just then the little girl ran up to us and fell into the hole! I grab the girl and pulled her back up as quickly as I could and gave her to her father. We buried the dead body again and I found out the the little girl’s parents were her adopted parents and that they found her somewhere, it was all extremely strange. When I went back to work they next day I told my coworkers what had happened the day before on the hill and while I was telling them I realized that there was also a 4 year old boy that was there playing with the 3 year old girl. I then questioned myself if I dreamed the whole thing, but didn’t say that to my coworkers. After the day was over I was about to lock up when I heard people talking in one of the escape rooms and I got I strong feeling of danger and an urge to leave immediately, but I ignored it and went back to the desk and continued to tidy up before I closed for the day. A few seconds later three teenaged boys came out from one of the rooms and kidnapped me. One of the boys were my age 17 and the other two were younger than me, I did not feel threatened at all. I ended up talking to them and said that I would “never” run away (I totally would) the boy that was my age told me I couldn’t banish anyone either. As if I ever had that kind of power, and I told him as much that I can’t banish anyone. Just then another kidnapper showed up this one was big and mean he was older then all of us, I then said that if I could banish someone it would be the big mean one, all the other boys agreed. After a few hours two other girls were kidnapped and then that night I took them and escaped we ran down a hill, we then came across a house with a lot of windows. Through the windows on the bottom floor we could see a mother dancing with her daughters, she saw us running by and came up to the window held up her hand making then sign for phone with her hand and mouthed the words 9-1-1. We immediately agree one of the girls started crying with relief, I felt like crying to and I repeated back to the mother “yes 9-1-1” she called them and went back farther inside and me and the two other girls continued running, we ended up getting caught again but rescued soon after by the police showing up because of the mother calling them. I’m pretty sure I fell in love with the boy that was my age even while being captive even though he was my kidnapper..

4 Apr 2024



My wife and I were sleeping inside some type of group facility. We woke up and we had to wait in line to use the restroom. The facility had designated women's and men's restrooms. My wife put her arms around me and hugged me. She was telling me the reasons why she loved me and it sounded like she might have been repeating something from an audio book she was listening to. I embraced her back by hugged her and keeping arms around her while we talked. We embraced for a moment and then she went into the women's restroom. Right before I was about to enter the men's restroom, I saw my original work mentor. She's about 20 years older than me and already retired. She was waiting in line to use the women's restroom as well. I did not see her husband. I said hello to my memtor with my mouth covered in head slightly turned away from her. I was trying to indicate to her that my breath smelled and I didn't want her to smell my bad breath. I went into the men's restroom. My mentor really had to use the restroom and did not feel like waiting for another lady to exit first the women'srestroom. There was not a wait to enter the men's restroom, so she followed me into the men's restroom. I started to brush my teeth and she sat down on the open toilet next to the sink instead of using a private stall away from the sink. For some reason I didn't have any underwear. I had a long "wife beater" t-shirt on. She was talking to me while I brushed my teeth. She was making small talk asking me how things were going at work. I didnt have any underwear on and I had a slightly morning penis erection. She could see the forn of my penis under the t-shirt and a little bit of the base of my penis. The majority of my penis was hidden underneath my t-shirt. She was sitting on the toilet at eye leve to my penis. She noticed my penis and stared at it briefly before we continued to talk. She asked me how I was doing. I told her fine and then I asked her if she knew that our other colleague Robin was retiring in 2 weeks. She thought it was odd that Robin was retiring.

1 Apr 2024



I was babysitting a dog, however this dog was intelligent. After a while I could teach it phrases and actions like a parrot and I could have it repeat English words back to me.

30 Mar 2024



I had a dream that I was sitting next to this guy in a cafeteria and he was good looking. I tried to start a conversation with him, but he said no and he made a disgusted sound. So I was like, oh that's fine that you don't find me attractive and I said, just because I don't find you, just because you don't find me attractive doesn't mean that I don't find you attractive. I just want you to know that you're very nice looking and he said you and the cafeteria was kind of loud. So I repeated myself because I didn't think he understood what I was saying and I touched him and he was like, don't touch me and his friend was across the table and he said something and I said, I would love to talk to both of you at the same time, but I need to just talk to you in order one at a time. So then the first guy who was like you, he, I finished explaining to him that even though he saw me as ugly, that I felt he was beautiful and I just wanted to let him know, but I let my anger get the best of me and I said the same thing, it was disgusting and I punched him in the face. This guy was really tall, this guy was like nine or 10 feet tall, so he started to fight back a little bit, but I guess I was too quick or too aggressive, plus I'm a girl so he probably didn't want to fight me. So when he got up, I got up and I hopped up, I'm a pretty short person, I'm about five feet tall, I hopped up and I brought him down to the ground, I spun around him, spun him around by his eyes and I brought him down to the ground and then I punched him in the face and he got knocked out, then his friends started coming over, but by that time, the first guy's mom had walked in, I don't really know how the dream was going to end with the fighting, because after the mom walked in, it seemed like the school cafeteria turned into a jail cafeteria, because then we had to get locked down, they gave us ponchos to go out in the rain in shower caps, so that was my dream. Thanks for listening.

29 Mar 2024



I had a dream turned into a nightmare. In this dream, I was walking in a peculiar supermarket with my mom. The shelves were several hundreds of feet high filled with all kinds of colorful produce and the store itself had to be the size of five walmarts. The store itself was packed with all kinds of people rushing around to get food. I was at the front of the empty shopping cart scrolling on my phone and looking around the store. I looked back at my mom was at the back talking on her phone pushing the cart then turned my head back ahead. Shortly after I realized I couldn’t hear her anymore she wasnt pushing the cart. I looked back to see what she was doing and she was gone. I tried looking in between people to find her but when I didnt see any trace of her I started to panic. I left the cart and ran, shoved and, squeezed passed the crowd yelling for her. When I still couldn’t find any traces of her I intuitively grabbed a pack of exacto knives and ran into the frozen foods isles and searched in between the shelves inside the fridges and found her in a line of with a few other people surrounded by some men. She was kidnapped into a sex trafficking ring. I busted the door open and the crowd stopped and stared at the people behind the fridges. Suddenly I hear someone profusely apologizing from behind me. I turned around to a guy apologizing and explaining that he “just needed the money” and repeated “sorry” to me over and over. I was so full of rage I tore the three exacto knives from the packaging and yelled at him, “you’re sorry?! You’re sorry?!!” I then shoved him to the floor, straddled him, grabbed his hair and stabbed him in the face. The police came over but didnt stop me. I stabbed him and kept stabbing him even when he wasn’t moving anymore. His blood splashed everywhere and his face became unrecognizable, yet I continued to slash his face until the end of the dream. I woke up from my arm doing the stabbing motion pretty hard and a bit scared of myself.

28 Mar 2024



We were at the beach the whole family was there and we were getting out of the water and I saw some random guy scream and he picked up some shorts with the bottom half of a body in them with blood coming out then he started screaming saying "not my boy this the 3rd one and he lost his dick" so as we continued to get out I saw his friend dick floating at the surface of the water now this water was calm and clear all you saw was sand now this is where it gets crazy..... so after seeing the dick I saw snakes coming behind us as we were getting out and me and my sister kept screaming snake so then the whole family had to get out I went back to get the dick and ended up jumping over snakes as I was running I was being slowed down as if something was pulling me so I snatched away then looked back and it was my baby cousin for some reason he was walking at the time so I screamed at his mom to get him but a snake came along and ate him she tried to catch him but by the time she got there the snake was at his foot and she couldn't catch the foot cause he started at the head so then a crocodile came and ate the snake with my baby cousin in him so his mom was like any body got a knife or a gun earlier in my dream I had ended up in a polygamous relationship with 2 girls now my mom is also married to a women in this dream so later that day me and my mom went out on a lil date and got some food and I decided to tell her about the relationship before I could get it out good her wife whom I hated proceeds to walk in and say "what's going on" so I had to repeat it so now the wife disagrees with me being in a polygamous relationship only because we hated eachother so when my mom went to the bathroom she put a gun to my head and was like "from now on I'm your mom and your dad and you gone love me" sounding all evil and then she dropped the gun in my moms purse

25 Mar 2024



I keep having repeated dreams of my old bestfriend. I had at least 5 dreams about her . We left off on bad terms and she blocked me on social media . We have not spoken in at least a year .

23 Mar 2024



i keep having a repeated dream where i am filling my water bottle and then i look away for a second, look back and my water is overfilling... i'll get really scared and start panicing and try to turn off my water filler to stop the water from spilling on the floor but my body is frozen so im stuck eatching the water spill

22 Mar 2024



There was 3 of us two other running not sure where we was the everything around us was blurry and the same day kept repeating and every time the day ended the same with me dieing slowly I feel my body shutting down . Their day I noticed us 3 had to change something but it was to later I was not sure what it was that needed to be different

20 Mar 2024



My last dream was about being in a hospital. A doctor tested my memory and I had to repeat words back to him, to pass a medical exam. I failed the memory test, so I was admitted to hospital, placed in a private room by myself. I felt trapped from the outside world and wanted to escape. This involved sneaking past the doctor who diagnosed me. Eventually I managed to sneak past and that's when i woke up.

18 Mar 2024

New Job


I dreamt I was preparing to meet a client for my job. My coworkers and pulled up in cars and met in an open field. Everyone was wearing shades of pink except myself and another coworker she was wearing a black outfit. I didn't realize that we were to wear shades of pink to meet the client so she told the coworker in all black that I would be right back I left a suitcase or bag and it has a pink top in it that I could put on. She responded that the meeting with the client was at 10:30am and wanted to know if I thought I'd make it back in time. I told her I should be back so all my coworkers got into a single file line and headed towards the side walk to wait for a bus to take them to meet with the client. I sprinted across the field back to the suitcase to get my pink top. When I made it to the suitcase my coworkers that took the side walk met up with me basically at the same time it took for me to run across the field to get the suitcase. They waitin the bus and I waited for another. I never got to put on the pink shirt or meet with them to see the client because the dream switched to a different scene. This scene my boyfriend and I are at a fancy expensive restaurant were sitting at a table with a lady I know from church she say to the left of me and a little girls was with her she sat to the right of my boyfriend. Our racks cloth was white and our tables had long table legs that were anchored in the ocean and so did our chairs we sat up pretty high above the ocean the entire restaurant looked that you can tell we were outside no walls it was evening. Across from our table was an African American woman and her daughter . Below our table I could see an Orca whale it splashed its back tail fin on the water and I felt some of the water touch my face. Across the ocean I could see a group of orca whales at first it made me nervous but then I just pointed at them to show my boyfriend the group of whales. The a waitress comes out in the middle of the restaurant with a microphone. The waitress was a caucasian woman with red hair and the traditional black and white waitress uniform. She made an announcement that she was sorry but a storm was coming and we need to prepare she asked everyone at the restaurant to hold on to the tables and each other because the hurricane would be there shorty. My boyfriend and I made a comment to each other that we couldn't believe this was happening and it was our first time there. We put our heads down held on to the other two people at our table and then I looked up and I can see the sky getting darker as though the storm was forming the waves in the ocean were more and more intense and the wind got stronger and suddenly the ocean waves came straight to the restaurant. We were getting splashed by water left and right , I began to pray I said God cover us and protect us with your precious blood surround us with your angels God shield us from hurt and harm. I repeated the prayer over and over and I became more confident with prayer and got louder as though I was commanding the storm to stop. The lady sitting next to me starting praying to and then the storm stopped. The waiter came out again and asked if we were all okay and we told her we're ok we were just wet. The African American lady and the little girl that at the table with her was annoyed because her little girls fish had fell off the table and onto the bottom I could see the fish on the plate at the bottom. I told the African American woman that at least we are safe and she could get a new plate and she should be grateful she rolled her eyes at me and we argued about for a coun of minutes and then she and the little girl got up from the table and left the restaurant. My boyfriend and I also left the restaurant we were walking the location reminded me of Clearwater Fl. We were looking for a hotel to stay for the night as we were walking we saw a building that looked like a lighthouse we thought it might be a small hotel And I remember saying to him that we Joe's it wasn't a hotel because how would we sleep if it was a lighthouse. When we walked inside it was a restaurant. We then went to the Wyndham hotel got in the pool we didn't have any swimsuits we just wore what we had on. We were playing in the pool it was a large pool with pool dividers on the water I remember splashing to much and starting to float in the air across the pool. I was worried i would float away but I managed to grab hold of one of the pool dividers and come down i got back in the water and my boyfriend met me where I landed. We then decided to get out of the water and go to our room. As we were leaving the water it was an African American man sitting on ledge of the pool he had on a brown shirt blue denim shorts and long skinny dreads. He grabbed my arm and asked what was on my shorts belt loop. It was basically small locks of dreads tied to the loop of my belt I told him and then my boyfriend asked him to basically leave me alone we were on our way out the pool. As soon as we got on the walking area by the pool other guys got out and started to follow us they were complimenting me and I was telling them I was with my boyfriend. For whatever reason my boyfriend didn't see the other people behind us and kept walking ahead of me. I remember thinking why isn't he saying anything to stop them. Eventually we made it to our room and he got in the shower and I started to look around the hotel room . I got an odd feeling that the room was already occupied by someone else but they just weren't there. I opened the closet and there was a brown purse sitting in the closet and hair accessories like beads you would put in your hair they were yellow . I also remember a little girl pair of white dress shoes sitting in the closet. I closed the door and told my boyfriend that I don't think this is my room but he didn't seem really bothered by it. Then I thought to myself we never really checked in. We left out or the room and went to what felt like a beach or springs he told me to call his family and they could all meet us there to have fun and swim so I did. I saw a relative there who in real life is no longer living but she reminded of taraji p Henson the actress she was very pretty she had on a sun hat and a blue dress she was having a great time. I was taking pictures of her with I a ring that I wear in my real life it's a gold ring that says "faith over fear" the photos I took of her smiling and enjoying life were so pretty and I really wanted her to see them. But as people arrived some of the photos weren't coming out very clear. However she didn't seem to mind she was just having a good time. I saw an older lady from church and she said Karriscea how are doing nice to see you baby and I said I'm good just trying to take some pictures of cousin. Then the dream ended

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