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I Dreamt Of Getting Ready To Meet A Client And A Storm Coming

Dream interpretation about Blood, Falling, Hurricane, Arguing, New Job, Storm, God, Babies, Car, Group, Job, Whales, Woman, Family, Fun, Life, Living, Meeting, Church, Red hair, Boyfriend, Bus, Daughter, Girl, Leg, Suitcase, Eye, Hotel, House, Middle, Pool, Sleep, Two People, Water, Waves, Wind, Arm, Beach, Cousin, Man, Mind, Reason, Shower, Swimming, Floating, Guy, Old Lady, White dress, Bag, Top, Face, Hair, Head, Picture, Point, Shirt, Side, Sky, Thought, Wall, Door, Field, Sun, Walking, Looking, Restaurant, Uniform, Closet, Clothes, Fish, Ground, Wet, Figure, Hat, Yellow, My Job, Ask, Chairs, Little girl, outside, Pretty, Playing, Prayer, Praying, Repeat, My Room, Purse, Smile, Spring

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I dreamt I was preparing to meet a client for my job. My coworkers and pulled up in cars and met in an open field. Everyone was wearing shades of pink except myself and another coworker she was wearing a black outfit. I didn't realize that we were to wear shades of pink to meet the client so she told the coworker in all black that I would be right back I left a suitcase or bag and it has a pink top in it that I could put on. She responded that the meeting with the client was at 10:30am and wanted to know if I thought I'd make it back in time. I told her I should be back so all my coworkers got into a single file line and headed towards the side walk to wait for a bus to take them to meet with the client. I sprinted across the field back to the suitcase to get my pink top. When I made it to the suitcase my coworkers that took the side walk met up with me basically at the same time it took for me to run across the field to get the suitcase. They waitin the bus and I waited for another. I never got to put on the pink shirt or meet with them to see the client because the dream switched to a different scene. This scene my boyfriend and I are at a fancy expensive restaurant were sitting at a table with a lady I know from church she say to the left of me and a little girls was with her she sat to the right of my boyfriend. Our racks cloth was white and our tables had long table legs that were anchored in the ocean and so did our chairs we sat up pretty high above the ocean the entire restaurant looked that you can tell we were outside no walls it was evening. Across from our table was an African American woman and her daughter . Below our table I could see an Orca whale it splashed its back tail fin on the water and I felt some of the water touch my face. Across the ocean I could see a group of orca whales at first it made me nervous but then I just pointed at them to show my boyfriend the group of whales. The a waitress comes out in the middle of the restaurant with a microphone. The waitress was a caucasian woman with red hair and the traditional black and white waitress uniform. She made an announcement that she was sorry but a storm was coming and we need to prepare she asked everyone at the restaurant to hold on to the tables and each other because the hurricane would be there shorty. My boyfriend and I made a comment to each other that we couldn't believe this was happening and it was our first time there. We put our heads down held on to the other two people at our table and then I looked up and I can see the sky getting darker as though the storm was forming the waves in the ocean were more and more intense and the wind got stronger and suddenly the ocean waves came straight to the restaurant. We were getting splashed by water left and right , I began to pray I said God cover us and protect us with your precious blood surround us with your angels God shield us from hurt and harm. I repeated the prayer over and over and I became more confident with prayer and got louder as though I was commanding the storm to stop. The lady sitting next to me starting praying to and then the storm stopped. The waiter came out again and asked if we were all okay and we told her we're ok we were just wet. The African American lady and the little girl that at the table with her was annoyed because her little girls fish had fell off the table and onto the bottom I could see the fish on the plate at the bottom. I told the African American woman that at least we are safe and she could get a new plate and she should be grateful she rolled her eyes at me and we argued about for a coun of minutes and then she and the little girl got up from the table and left the restaurant. My boyfriend and I also left the restaurant we were walking the location reminded me of Clearwater Fl. We were looking for a hotel to stay for the night as we were walking we saw a building that looked like a lighthouse we thought it might be a small hotel And I remember saying to him that we Joe's it wasn't a hotel because how would we sleep if it was a lighthouse. When we walked inside it was a restaurant. We then went to the Wyndham hotel got in the pool we didn't have any swimsuits we just wore what we had on. We were playing in the pool it was a large pool with pool dividers on the water I remember splashing to much and starting to float in the air across the pool. I was worried i would float away but I managed to grab hold of one of the pool dividers and come down i got back in the water and my boyfriend met me where I landed. We then decided to get out of the water and go to our room. As we were leaving the water it was an African American man sitting on ledge of the pool he had on a brown shirt blue denim shorts and long skinny dreads. He grabbed my arm and asked what was on my shorts belt loop. It was basically small locks of dreads tied to the loop of my belt I told him and then my boyfriend asked him to basically leave me alone we were on our way out the pool. As soon as we got on the walking area by the pool other guys got out and started to follow us they were complimenting me and I was telling them I was with my boyfriend. For whatever reason my boyfriend didn't see the other people behind us and kept walking ahead of me. I remember thinking why isn't he saying anything to stop them. Eventually we made it to our room and he got in the shower and I started to look around the hotel room . I got an odd feeling that the room was already occupied by someone else but they just weren't there. I opened the closet and there was a brown purse sitting in the closet and hair accessories like beads you would put in your hair they were yellow . I also remember a little girl pair of white dress shoes sitting in the closet. I closed the door and told my boyfriend that I don't think this is my room but he didn't seem really bothered by it. Then I thought to myself we never really checked in. We left out or the room and went to what felt like a beach or springs he told me to call his family and they could all meet us there to have fun and swim so I did. I saw a relative there who in real life is no longer living but she reminded of taraji p Henson the actress she was very pretty she had on a sun hat and a blue dress she was having a great time. I was taking pictures of her with I a ring that I wear in my real life it's a gold ring that says "faith over fear" the photos I took of her smiling and enjoying life were so pretty and I really wanted her to see them. But as people arrived some of the photos weren't coming out very clear. However she didn't seem to mind she was just having a good time. I saw an older lady from church and she said Karriscea how are doing nice to see you baby and I said I'm good just trying to take some pictures of cousin. Then the dream ended

Dream date:

18 Mar 2024

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Emotional tone:

This dream is emotionally charged, with feelings of anxiety, determination, and relief.


This dream was recurring 10 times last week


The intensity of the dream varies, with moments of high tension, such as the storm, and moments of relaxation, such as swimming in the pool.


The dream shifts between realistic and surreal elements, such as the preparation for a client meeting and the sudden change to a fancy restaurant setting.


The dream is highly detailed and immersive, with clear imagery and sensory experiences.


The dream has a somewhat coherent storyline, with a clear beginning, middle, and end, but there are some disjointed elements, such as the transition from the meeting to the restaurant.

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🤩 Emotion
😟 Depression
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Dream review

Yvette Miller

Yvette Miller

Behavioral psychology & Wellness Advocate

Karriscea, Your dream appears to reflect a sense of anxiety and pressure to conform, possibly related to your professional life. The scene where you are rushing to change into a pink top suggests that you may feel like you need to meet certain expectations or fit in to be accepted. This feeling of being different or not fitting in may have been amplified by your coworker's comment about your black outfit. The transition to the restaurant scene may symbolize a desire for a more luxurious and glamorous lifestyle. However, the sudden storm and the need to hold on for dear life could represent unexpected challenges or overwhelming emotions that threaten to derail your plans. Your prayers and the presence of the woman praying beside you may indicate a need for inner strength and support to navigate these difficulties. The conflict with the African American woman at the restaurant could be a manifestation of your own internal struggles. Her annoyance over her daughter's lost fish may symbolize your own frustrations or disappointments. The fact that her little girl's fish fell off the table could also suggest a sense of vulnerability or loss. The argument with the woman could represent a part of yourself that is feeling resentful or combative.
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Yvette Miller

Behavioral psychology & Wellness Advocate

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