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Dream Interpretation: Babies 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Babies? Discover the significance of seeing a Babies in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Babies appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

Dreaming of babies symbolizes new beginnings, innocence, and purity. It may also represent your own inner child or desire to start a family. Alternatively, it could indicate vulnerability, helplessness, and dependence on others.

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🧭 Direction


Consider the context of the dream and your current life situation. Are you starting a new project or relationship? Are you feeling overwhelmed or in need of nurturing? This dream may be a reminder to take care of yourself and embrace new opportunities. Alternatively, it may suggest a need to let go of old patterns and embrace change.

❤️ Feelings

The dream about babies evokes feelings of tenderness, nurturing, and innocence. It symbolizes new beginnings, growth, and the potential for a fresh start. This dream may also bring about a sense of responsibility, as babies often represent the need for care and protection. It can evoke feelings of joy and excitement, as well as a sense of vulnerability and the need for support. Overall, the dream about babies elicits emotions of warmth, love, and the anticipation of new possibilities.





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4 May 2024



Babies and baby bottles. Dark but I’m happy. My husband is happy too.

28 Apr 2024



Okay, I'm gonna re-speak my dream again because the first time I tried to re-speak it, it didn't work. When I tried to use Instagram meta AI to type my dreams, it was too many words. It's like I'm not being able to get the message, but I'm gonna further explain. So basically to start off I was in my mom upstairs apartment and her door was wide open and there was a line set of babies behind me. Now I didn't hear them whining yet but I felt their presence. But in her room, because her door was wide open, I saw different teenagers. There were probably like five of them. I didn't count because I was so fixated on this one person that I know. And they were sitting on this couch. The couch wasn't facing her room door. It was facing like the opposite way and they were watching TV or whatever. So the teens or people, they weren't really sitting right close to each other. They were kind of separated, you know, all over the place on the couch. So the couch was kind of wide. but I was fixated on this one person. His name is Zakai and he is in real life the person that I lost my virginity to and I noticed him even with his hair being cut because in real life he has a lot. He's beautiful, you know he's Mexican, well he's black and Mexican but he carries more of Hispanic genes physical feature wise but yeah he has beautiful hair, tall, he not skinny, you know he's kind of buff, but he also not fat, you know he don't really got a stomach, he plays football, and he's just really really handsome. But in the dream his hair was cut low like it wasn't bald, but his hair was cut low So in doing this as I'm walking close and really already kind of realizing who it is I begin to get flustered and kind of like a lustful, you know Like you know as I as if I like him type of feeling. So I'm really trying to peek over to see what he look like because just from the back of his head, I guess, my body already felt kind of physically attracted to him. Mind you, me and him have not spoken in real life, by the way. Mind you, me and him have not spoken in forever. And last time we spoke, he followed my Instagram or whatever and texted me and was like, you know, trying to set up a date for us to hang out, really, so we can fuck. Because, like I said, he is the person I lost my virginity to, and we used to have sex all the time, a lot. And by the way, this is not my first like I would have a lot of reoccurring dreams about him But it don't be back-to-back. It's like every rarely now with it and then it'd be a coincidence because like a month later or So a couple weeks later I hear from him. So it's really really weird. I'm happy where I'm at. I have a boyfriend It's just weird that he you know comes to mind or he's in my dreams like what? But yeah, I walk closer to you know, because I'm basically attracted to him I wanna know what he look like. He ended up turning his head based off of You know, you feel a presence behind you. He basically turned his head based off of that. So when he turned his head, I kind of paused for a little bit, and we were kind of looking at each other. Because he was so handsome, so attractive. So I ended up running back outside my mom's room door or whatever because now he saw me and now I'm kind of like, you know, nervous or scared or whatnot. So... So when I ran out, there was, the babies started whining a little bit, I kind of heard them. But I'm like, you know, peeking still. Like, even though I'm outside the door or whatever and that I ran, I'm like, a little bit further to the left to kind of like, still peek my head through or whatever. So he won't really see my full body or whatever. I'm still trying to get a look, get a peek. Also, even when I ran back towards the line of babies, I never saw them. I always felt their presence and I either heard them. So even when I ran back, I wasn't even looking at them. So he ended up turning his head back around again based off the baby's whining so much while I'm peaking So we made eye contact again And I think he turned over like twice and when he turned over the second time he was kind of like what the F You know like why the baby's whining basically so, um, I know we made eye contact or whatever and I Went back down a crawl once he looked over the second time because the first time I was still trying to peek And then second time he turned his head That's when I kind of dropped down and went to crawling But by the way, I was happy when I was crawling, like I was kinda still cheerful, still in this lustful feeling. Not even lustful just physically attracted just attraction type of feeling So I decided to go downstairs to go talk to my mom or whatever. Just to see her outside the bathroom door that's that the light was on in the bathroom and She's outside the bathroom door with this black dress on the dress had a slit she's turned kind of like Diagonal a little bit so she's not facing the bathroom or me for real I can only see like her side profile a little bit, but she's not standing directly to the side either So I see mostly of her back though She's standing to I see mostly of her back, but I can still kind of see like her face a little bit But yeah, she had a slit on the left side of her dress and on the back of her dress Her dress wasn't long on the back like I seen straight booty and she had a thong and the thong looked like it was halfway on like it looked like you can either pull them down it looked like she was pulling them down and pulling them off that's what it looked like where they were at but her thong was halfway on and her dress from the back wasn't as long as it was in the front like in the front it was touching her feet but in the back of her dress bro it was straight booty and the dress was only one up to like above her butt and that was it on the back So, of course, I'm kind of weirded out, but I still asked my question. Um, I asked her, uh, hey, you know, what's up, basically, what's up with the transportation? I don't remember exactly what I said specifically, but I remember it had something to do with who's taking me home or who's coming to get me, like, as if, like, you know, basically seeing if she had spoke to Sheena herself, which is my stepmother. Because, you know, I live with my stepmother, my dad, and my stepsister. in real life. And then her response, um, uh, was like, it was like a passive-aggressive and, um, I don't know how to explain it. It was just passive-aggressive and it was kind of awkward, like it wasn't hesitant or nothing. It was really quick and, you know, just a little weird. As if she felt judged or whatever like and the reason why I say that is because She was like, um, actually I could take you home now like In that type of tone, then says, um, I'm a grown woman, well, I don't remember exactly what she says this time or whatever, but this time, she was basically referring to, I'm a grown woman, so I can wear these type of things and meet up and go places because I'm grown and I can do whatever I want. Going places as in going to get fucked, basically. Is what she meant Even though this this wasn't what she was saying specifically this is what was implied And I don't remember exactly the specific response I had but it was referring to like hey I wasn't I didn't even say anything about that I really asked about you know the transportation that's what I really want to know about so I don't know why she felt so judged But it's almost felt like you know she wasn't taking accountability for the fact that hey girl I'm probably traumatized like you decided to be but be almost butt naked outside of an open bathroom With the light on knowing that there's teens and babies upstairs what? But I didn't even make a comment about that so it was weird But basically, and I'm pretty sure it was weird, because she already know I see her like this, she's out here like this, in our mind, it's literally about, you know, what's going on right now. But what I was talking about wasn't, you know, what we was thinking about, you know, it was like one of those obvious situations. So then she's like, oh, so then I go to the bathroom, like I walk past her, I go to that bathroom that's open with the light on to go text my stepmother to see if my mom can take me home. So, in the mirror, I was basically watching myself text my stepmother and go through my thoughts. Like, I was going to text her, hey, my mom is taking me home. But then I was sitting there pausing for a moment because in real life, my stepmama and my mom, they have like this whole blowout. So, she don't want them to know where we live at. So, instead, my stepmama would come and pick me up from her place majority of the time. So then, in my mind, I was like, you know, going through that, thinking about that as I was looking in the mirror. And then my mom kind of answered as if she heard my thoughts. I don't know if I was mumbling or talking, but I do know I was thinking these things and my mom in the back read them in the dream. and my mom was kind of like oh make sure you ask like she um that was her response to my thought she was like make sure you ask first so i don't i don't know if it was like a coincidence in timing like oh my god i was thinking this and then she was like make sure you ask first or because i was speaking out loud or she actually read my thoughts in a dream i don't remember i just know that was a thought whatever and i heard her in the back kind of respond to that thought so then i um asked my stepmother i'm looking in the mirror of myself text my stepmother or whatever i don't remember seeing the phone but i do remember me holding my hand up as if i was holding a device in the mirror. So my stepmother then says, okay, I'll pick you up from your mom's and I was like, okay. I told my mom and she was like, okay, and I'm telling my mom I'm finna go back upstairs or whatever. And the dream gets all wonky and tries to cut out. And I was trying to fight my dream to stay and see what happens when I get upstairs, but it ended with me looking at my mom, walking towards her.

20 Apr 2024



I dreamed I was taking care of some of the babies I care for at work in someone’s vacation house and they were impossible to put to sleep. One of my coworkers was getting frustrated and shaking their cribs pretty violently, and stomped out of the room when I asked her to stop. Two of the babies were asleep on the floor in a room— they woke up screaming and so I laid down between them to hold them and they crawled all over me to get comfortable. Meanwhile the dream showed a wall of photos and trophies showing Harry Potter and photos of dumbledore. An article discussed how magic was lost to so many thanks to the loss of dumbledore. I don’t remember much else, but I do remember I was in a lot of pain throughout my body.

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