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Dream Interpretation: Strangers 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Strangers? Discover the significance of seeing a Strangers in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Strangers appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

Dreaming of strangers can represent the unknown or unfamiliar aspects of yourself. It may also indicate a fear of the unknown or a need for new experiences. Alternatively, it may symbolize a feeling of isolation or disconnection from others.

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🧭 Direction


Consider if there are any new people or situations in your life that you are hesitant to approach. It may be time to step out of your comfort zone and embrace new experiences. Alternatively, if you are feeling disconnected from others, try reaching out and making new connections. Remember that everyone starts as a stranger, and sometimes the best relationships come from taking a chance on someone new.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of encountering strangers can evoke a mix of emotions. It may bring feelings of curiosity, uncertainty, and even a sense of vulnerability. The presence of strangers in a dream can symbolize the unknown aspects of our lives or represent new opportunities. It may also reflect a desire for connection or a fear of the unfamiliar. Overall, this dream can leave us with a sense of intrigue and a range of emotions as we navigate the complexities of the unknown.





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19 Jun 2024



Signs, Dreams, and reminders A Cosmic Apple picked from the tree, but it’s “bruised” in multiple spots despite being picked straight off the branch. A school hallway. And a sidewalk pathway to school with apple trees alongside… Boat. A speedboat 🚤 is significant. Pumpkins and Oranges…both growing on the same tree…in various sizes and sometimes breeded together to make new fruit. Mydayis and Zoloft pills…not taken but forgotten to be taken.. (seems significant) Persephone (Goddess) Apollo (two confirmations in waking life) A pink incense stick with cherry blossom 🌸 patterned wrapping? Strangers…folks I haven’t seen. Moths (significant nocturnal insect in waking life) The folks I care about and I throwing backs out…. I’m guessing the weight of everything is throwing us to pieces… The back…the spine seems significant.

17 Jun 2024



Some friends and I were at a cabin for the weekend and some strangers came in and tortured us . I was wrapped in barb wire all over my body and when I tried to move it would cut deep into my skin

8 Jun 2024



Some guy tried to rape me and he beat me up. I ran and got away and ended up at a high area I had to jump off of to keep gettin away and once I landed all the cops were there. I was surrounded around random strangers with severe injuries needing the hospital and before the cops made it over to me. The random guys gang came over and shot a lot of liquid heroin into my mouth to kill me. I was in so much pain that I willlingly drank the heroin. Then I felt like I stopped breathing and woke up.

4 Jun 2024



it was a re occurrence kindoff dream where for continuous 3 days after sleep i dream about a place of foreign village where i am running from someone who it seems they are trying to kill me, there were people who were fighting for me and in everytime i dream that one person was always helping me to run away from them but they were getting killed and i continue the run while crying and scared, after few seconds i woke up and didn't remember the faces or the reason i was running for, even i dont remember the reasoj the fight got started. The people who were trying to kill me were strangers in my dream but felt close relation with them and i felt confused, even the people who were helping me to run nd getting killed or lost were also felt someone close but i don't know any of them

3 Jun 2024



Dream of traveling with Mom and sister. Viewed beautiful mountains and water bodies while on the train. Conversed with strangers guys from Kerala while I accidentally shot their video. We were worried about where to depart as we didn't have a ticket and railway police were with us. After departing, I saw my 12th classmate Aiswarya traveling solo. Surprisingly, while it was about night, I saw my roomies. I hugged them tightly and introduced my family to them

29 May 2024



Finding an antique sword on the ground. The sword have black and white stripes all over it. Some strangers got electrocuted by the sword when they tried to pick it up from the ground

19 May 2024

Teeth falling out


My first ex-husband came to my home with two other men to show off his new charter bus. My first ex sees my second ex husband and instantly gets upset. I reassure ex #1 that ex #2 will be leaving shortly. I walk ex #2 to the door, and he leaves. Once that happens, I am shown this huge grey charter bus. Then, ex #1 and I are in something that looks like a tree house. He is looking at me, and takes my ankle and starts licking it. He says don't stop him, while I ask him to stop and remind him that he is a married man. He stopped, but the dream then showed me in my living room and strangers come from nowhere to do a makeover. After the makeover, I go to the mirror and look at myself. I start to check myself out and notice that I am missing one of my front teeth, with the second one breaking off after I touched it.

16 May 2024



I had a dream that I came out of an event in a large building. There were people everywhere. I saw my old boss who I do not like. He is hard to be around. I said hello, how are you and told him I missed him. He is bald. He has appeared in my dreams before. Now I am in a new area. It looks like a large wooden house, like my first home. I am next to a large bed, a two person bed. It is my childhood home but I am next to my dads bed. My family is not here. Lots of people are here but they feel like they could be strangers. The tv is on. I poplar twitch streamer named Annita is on the tv. I watch her videos sometimes but she is not my favorite. She has appeared in my dream once before at least. I am next to the bed deciding if I want to masturbate. Now I am outside and a small girl child runs out into the woods. Her mother calls out to her “Maria” that might have been it, her name might have been Maria but I don’t remember. But instead of Maria coming bad, the mother accidentally summoned the ghost of a girl who was also named Maria

6 May 2024

Old boss
Text message


I was doing an interview but it was a written test. I knew the woman who was conducting the test, she was an old boss. We didn't get on. I left without finishing but I was there for 1.5hrs. I was sat with a man who helped me with the test, he was a friend. When he left I text and said I liked him. He didn't reply. I could do front and back flips in my dream. And I slid down a stair bannister. I was young and was wearing a black mini skirt. There were people around who I didn't recognise.

4 May 2024



Hotel - [ ] I had a dream I was on holiday in a poor country but in an expensive hotel. I was talking to a lady who ran a hotel in the country. We went outside the hotel and there were poor people. I remember seeing a rich man who was sitting on the floor talking to the locals. He had headphones on and I remember thinking that although he looked comfortable he may be in danger of getting robbed. I was then at an airport with two strangers I did not know and I could not find my passport to go through passport control. I was looking through all of my pockets in my case but could not find it. I then went in an elevator but it went down instead of up and I found myself in a totally empty terminal. I looked around and it was very quiet. I went back up via the stairs and saw a friend who I told what happened and she went back into the elevator. I then saw a Chinese man with his two children. He was travelling around the world. I remember sitting at a table with his daughter and she was on telephone trying to book a hotel in England. She managed to get a room but she was not happy with the price. I asked her to call back and make sure that breakfast was included. Hey brother then started speaking to me but can’t remember what he said. I left and was walking toward another hotel where my wife was waiting and looking out of the Window. I could sense I was in trouble for something. I entered the hotel and she said words I cannot recall. I was then with my girlfriend in a very large expensive white walled hotel room. We were having really good fun. She then changed into being really upset with me, although she wasn’t crying she was being matter of fact saying that our relationship was wrong and she didn’t want to continue it. I was confused and upset. I remember leaving the room with her and we went to meet her two sisters. There was a frosty atmosphere between us but it was not my fault. I remember that she was being horrible to a lady through a Window who was down below. She was shouting abuse. The lady was the model Kate Moss. My girlfriend and I went in the elevator and back up to the room and she told me it was over and that she was happy about it. She was teasing me in a horrible way. We were back in the lift and this time I was carrying a bag. We got out the lift on the wrong floor but still went into a room. It was not the room from before. I left my bag outside the door and was aware it may get stolen but did not collect it. I remember opening up all of the drawers to check for my things but they were empty. There was one tiny drawer that I opened that had pills and drawing pins inside. I remember thinking I wish I knew about the pills earlier. I put 3 pills into my pocket. The Two sisters were then with us in the room and one handed me a note saying “she will really miss you” I was too upset to think of anything else. I screwed up the note and left the hotel room. I went back to the elevator and cannot recall getting inside it.

29 Apr 2024



My husband and I were sitting in a car at a gas station and these random strangers started demanding personal information. My husband told me to stay in the car because he would handle it. I kept asking everyone questions and no one would answer or respond to my questions. My husband began play fighting with someone with a knife and I did not like that. After being in the car for a prolonged period of time we were finally able to leave and drive away. The random strangers stopped us as asked us for clothes because they were homeless. They would not accept my shoes and continued to ignore me. I threw one shoe out the window and was mad that my husband allowed me to be ignored so I left the car and ignored his questions of asking where I was going while I walked to fast food restaurants to get things to eat. I was very angry with my husband in telling him my opinion, communication and being taken seriously did not matter to him.

26 Apr 2024



Dreamt I was in a shopping mall and was queuing for the theatre. I was with people I didn't know.

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