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Dream Interpretation: Aliens 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Aliens? Discover the significance of seeing a Aliens in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Aliens appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

Dreaming of aliens can represent feeling like an outsider or experiencing something unfamiliar. It may also symbolize a fear of the unknown or a desire for exploration and discovery. Alternatively, it could suggest a feeling of being invaded or overwhelmed by outside forces.

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🧭 Direction


Consider what the aliens are doing in your dream and how you feel about their presence. Are they friendly or hostile? Are you afraid or curious? This may give you insight into your own feelings of isolation or curiosity about the world around you. Try to embrace new experiences and perspectives, and don't be afraid to reach out to others for support and connection.

❤️ Feelings

The dream about aliens may evoke feelings of curiosity, fascination, and wonder. It could symbolize a desire for exploration and the unknown. The presence of aliens in a dream may also create a sense of fear or anxiety, as they represent the unfamiliar and the possibility of the unexpected. Overall, this dream may leave a person feeling intrigued and intrigued about the mysteries of the universe.





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1 Jun 2024



Last night I had four or five rounds of the same dream, with the theme of body-snatching—aliens were chasing me, taking over my friends, and even being nice to me because they figured they would get me anytime. I woke up several times and went back down into the same dream!

27 May 2024



I just had a dream. It was technologically, beautiful very good very vivid. I dreamed John, my live-in boyfriend, came into the old department that we lived in in Morganton arms when I was growing up and said “we need a flashlight”. I walked into the alcove of the apartment building and looked out the front door and stood there with my mother, my sister and John and the whole world was pitch black you couldn’t see anything. I thought to myself, “I wonder if this is biblical, where in Revelation it talks about the blotting out of the sun?.” Then I looked to the left, and I said “is there any aircraft in the sky?” We all looked to the left and there was enormous plane moving across the sky and it would stop every so often and turn on its side and show a huge white letter I. The airplane was so black that it showed black against the blacked out sky. It would move very quickly between stops. We watched it move to our right and then all the sudden 10 planes fighters all of them tour across the sky after it I saw two 6 generation fighters, 4 five generation fighters and four that lookedblike F-22’s. suddenly they appeared to have light blue LED target circles around them. They were lined up under the big aircraft left to right. It appeared that the larger alien aircraft obliterated them in a split second, and then it continued to the right. the sky began to clear up, and the power came back on in the building. I went to go out the front door and there were UN trucks everywhere. There was daylight but it was dark daylight. There was debris falling from the sky. They told me we weren’t allowed to go outside. A woman showed up at my door. She said her name was.A-ma, but I knew she wasn’t telling me her real name. For some reason the name Jennifer Christian comes to my mind. She was exhausted and fell asleep on one of my chairs. when she stirred, She implied she was a journalist and she needed my help. I said, of course I would help. Debris Continued to fall. I asked what it happened. She said that the “I” was from a company called “Interveron”, but that was largely considered to be another name for the illuminati. I thought that didn’t sound right. I went over to the right of my front door. There was another exit and I was prepared to walk out onto the street. a tall black man who seemed like a mid-level official told me I was still not allowed to leave, but I saw there were other people on the streets. I looked to the right and just a couple blocks down. There were several plumes of black smoke I asked if that was the aircraft that got shot down, he said that and other things. I came back inside and the lady and I walked back around what looked like a corridor that was very busy and full of people inside the building my apartment was in. It may have been a college. we went into a room that looked like a classroom and several other women who were obviously on her team came in and sat down. She introduced me and said she was staying in my apartment so naturally I would be helping her. She told everybody that so far they had collected 86 truckloads of debris. I heard John down the hall. He sounded like he was greeting somebody with enthusiasm. I wondered how I would tell him what I had found out about what had happened. I wondered if she was getting ready to tell us more and if what she was going to tell me would be things I could tell him. I felt like it was apocalyptic I heard the saw downstairs and I woke up with a start. I called out for my mother because she was supposed to be here.

30 Apr 2024



I had a dream about twin sister aliens. They had a face at the front of their head that resembled humans ,but with extra eyes and a face behind their head that had sharp teeth. One had pastel pink colored skin with brown hair and the other sister had pastel purple colored skin with blonde hair. The mother had pastel pink skin as well with brown hair and the farher had pastel green colored skin with blue hair. They were born on a colorful beach. They're mother and father were so overjoyed when the saw their babies. They called each babies name then turned their heads 180° and spoke in another language. The babies made cooing noises, turned their head 180°, then spoke in another language and crawled towards the laying down parents. Some time passed and the girls grew older. The older twin sister (who was the pastel purple one) was prophesied to be able to control light and the stars while the younger twin sister ( the pastel pink one) was not. But at an odd turn of events, the younger twin (the pastel pink one) suddenly demonstrated the powers she was not supposed to poses in front of many other aliens. I remember one beautiful elder aliens face splitting down the middle to show many sharp teeth. I don't remember much of the dream after that.

5 Apr 2024



I had a dream I was in school and we were going to do a general knowledge exam on specific topics. One exam paper was on Harry Potter, another on Motherhood and another on the decade Eighties. I chose to do the eighties exam paper, just general knowledge but then it started to ask me about the mythology of dragons. I got annoyed with the teacher, stating I was offended because I had done midwifery of an alien race, and this was the hardest exam paper I had ever done.

30 Mar 2024



I was in a scenario that kept replaying. Like I was in the movie a quiet place. It’s like I kept reliving the event when the world had ended. I remember driving or riding in this bus to salvation. But the thing is some times when it reset, when we talked, the alien monster killer things didn’t come. Out. Other times they did. It was like an apocalypse, it’s the end of the world.

25 Mar 2024



Dreamed I lived on a planet that was attacked by aliens. At first I had help and was gathered to a high ranking officer's compound where they gave me a huge room and said I'd be safe. However, everyone was alarmed and the refugees were worried they'd die. I was in the big room when a couple of maids came into the room. Suddenly we were attacked by two green pugs and two white ones, but they had long alien tongues that tried hitting us. Somehow we killed thtwo green ones, and I had to dodge the attack of one white pug and then had to choke out both pugs, which made me feel guilty. After that I had a plan to fight the aliens. I went downstairs and told someone but no one believed me. I left to do it on my own and found something like a futuristic motorcycle. I was attacked by a huge bot and it was really sad and kept running after me and shooting grenades at me. It finally self destructed and took out the door of a shop I was nearby with it.vI got out unscathed and went back to the high officer's building and talked to a lady. She told me it was my ex who sent the bot after me but since I survived, I was fine. I got angry and started yelling at them when her said it didn't matter because she had like billions of dollars through her buisness. I was like good for you! I was almost murdered because you helped my ex! And she goes, "Well what if I pay you half a million dollars?" And I think for a second and say "Can you give me a pension?" And she says "Abolutely! Just talk to my coworker!" And I calm down and say "Sure, I suppose." And then I wake up.

24 Mar 2024



Part of it is a bit blurry but I'll try tell what I remember. First, I'm at a bar, wearing a red short dress maybe seeing it in first and third person and it looks like I'm drunk or drugged, and I walked to this weird ice cream dispenser and then I try to walk out by the front door(they are clear glass doors, then what I remember next is being in a truck, like those used in military, and I remember seeing a ex friend(his name was sam and he was taller than me with short dirty blond hair and blue eyes) and two others guys in the truck while it was driving and then he uses this weird looking shot gun, it's black but looks futuristic, and them I thought the same one from like a stall that sells guns and it said exactly "1.00" and I assumed that was the price and then, (again, thirs person) eveything is like someone drew anime and then(I don't know why) two of the giu kissing one on both of the cheeks and the guy in the middle blushed and then everyone's face was red and scared and so were the three guys and then behine them was this giant yellow ball of light with giant eye and then it transformed into this tall bulky guy that was wearing a black tank top and a bit of red appear from the yellow light and had(I'm assuming a giant black sword) then I'm in my mom's Chevy Tahoe truck, singing the song in English and Spanish, started with the words, "mirror, mirror, mirror," but I don't remember thr rest. The my favorite YouTuber, "Kub Scouts" is like playing it, shooting at bathrooms and checking of there's anything bad and one gets blast open by this weird purple thing that has yellow eyes and screams like an alien and then gets shot at then this guy(I can hear his voice) says that you can buy for this amount of money or buy it at this place, etc then I look back at it, it's like I'm seeing the episodes of what I just dreamt about like if it was an anime and then I was like "I have to find this" like I was obsessed with show that I jusy dreamed about and then I wake up.

24 Mar 2024



I had a dream where I was in the walking dead and like It was Frazior and I and a friends that I’ve known since childhood and we stood together and we protected each other , for some reason there was these known zombies *but looked alien like in the face* they couldn’t be killed and we was walking and we all fell thru a hole and I woke up surrounded by the zombies and I was like “awake” but not really and I seen them rip my dog apart and eat him alive they was gonna eat me next until my friend went crazy shooting at one and actually killed it and then that’s when I fully woke up but when I woke up I actually woke up from my dream out of my sleep and feeling beyond shaky and when some chest pain.

23 Mar 2024



In a abandoned tower, making a home, hiding from invaders. The tower gets struck with lightning and a huge flash combusts all around us. But feel no pain. In another dream I was in a hotel with my family and a lot of important people, their were aliens in ufos all over the city. I tell my sister to turn off all the lights and to stay still, and to not make eye contact for they won't see us and therefor be captured. As soon as the ufo gets out of our vision we took off, knowing the elevators were not safe, we use the stairs hoping others will too will follow to safety floor level. To find family.

22 Mar 2024



I was at work attending a training workshop. My colleague was given a presentation. He was talking about his belief on alien life and inteligent life before mankind. I wanted to participate and answer the questions but my boss looked at me and gave me the eye like I should not participate or ask any question. I remember at the end of the presentation as the workshop was ending, we stayed around and one of the College vice presidents was talking to me. We were walking together to go to Subway which was in the next building on the campus. As we were walking he told me he makes a six digit figure salary and he is depressed. He went on to say that his depression is not from everyday life, he believed his depression started in his mother's womb because of her lifestyle and because she was depressed. I just listen I was very surprised that he was sharing such personal information with me. I wanted to share with him some information but I never got a chance to do so. After we entered the building I just ordered an iced tea even though I was somewhat hungry. I grab the cup for the iced tea and I almost grabbed this lady's pizza and then I realized I didn't actually order pizza. Then another friend of mine came over and said, hey that is my pizza. she actually ordered the special cheese on her Pizza just like she saw me order the last time we had lunch together. I went over to the beverage dispenser to fill my cup with iced tea and then my boss came over and was asking me what I knew about the next phase of our project. As she was talking to me I was not paying attention to filling my cup and the tea over flowed and spilled into the floor. My boss wanted me to tell her what I knew about our project as I was starting to cleaning up the iced tea. She went to go grab some napkins. There were napkins next to the beverage dispenser right by me so I begin using them to clean up the tea. She was getting a little impatient as I was cleaning up the iced tea. I finished cleaning it up anyway as I was telling her about phase two of the project. She said no I don't want you to tell me, I want you to tell the president and the vice president. I look over to my left and the vice presidents for the college and the president were sitting on the floor, on a red rug with their legs crossed Indian style. They were waiting patiently little kids waiting for the teacher to read a story book. I looked their way and started talking to them and explaining to them what I knew about the phases of the project and what each phase would accomplish.

18 Mar 2024



I had a dream in which a strange alien virus caused non-organic material to duplicate, but once it reached humans it caused them to grow in horrific ways, this spread across the world and I eventually found sanctuary on a moon base as I began flying over the rest of the world, Peoples faces becoming painful horrific smiles as their teeth became like skyscrapers, their eyes became flatlands, their mouths into chasms too deep to see the bottom of, the earth becoming irrevocably damaged

17 Mar 2024

My crush


There was an alien invasion when I was staying at a this hotel. I was helping the police dispose of all of the alien eggs to crush them. A big part of the dream was that I had a “job” at this ice cream place that also was a singing studio. I often came back from my job angry and distressed. I got upset at one of my friends because they purposefully broke my pencil when I was in the middle of writing. At some point I was sobbing and screaming for my mom. Because of the alien invasion there was extreme traffic. A news airplane landed and began asking people questions about me. When I finally found my mom, I felt so relieved.

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