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Dream Interpretation: Satan ๐Ÿ˜ด - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Satan? Discover the significance of seeing a Satan in your dream ๐Ÿ’ค - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Satan appears in your dream โœ…

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๐Ÿ’กPossible meaning

Dreaming of Satan represents your inner demons, negative thoughts, and fears. It may also indicate a feeling of guilt or shame. This symbol may also suggest that you are feeling powerless and vulnerable in your waking life.

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๐Ÿงญ Direction


Reflect on your current situation and try to identify any negative thoughts or emotions that may be holding you back. It's important to confront these feelings and work towards overcoming them. Seek support from loved ones or a therapist if necessary. Remember that you have the power to overcome any obstacle and rise above your fears.

โค๏ธ Feelings

This dream may evoke feelings of fear, unease, and discomfort. It could symbolize inner conflicts, temptation, or a sense of being influenced by negative forces. The presence of Satan in a dream may also suggest feelings of guilt, powerlessness, or a need to confront and overcome personal demons.





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Dreams of users containing the word Satan

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13 Jun 2024



Well I was in a castle and outside I saw two armies fighting in a civil war, it was between satan who is on the loyalists side and Lucifer who is on the rebel side and they are fighting over if I should be a authoritarian towards my subjects or let them be free and help them

11 Jun 2024

Black Cat


A girl gave me a bracelet that was supposed to have powers and she started becoming mean so I took it off and she was freaking out saying I needed to put it back on or she was going to hurt me and then I saw a black fat cat that was satanic and had little 6s in its eyes and he said I needed to put the bracelet back on and she would stop trying to hurt me so I did and then I woke up

30 May 2024



Well Baphomet showed me in a hospital while I was in a hospital, wearing a gown and is pregnant that I must let yourself go while also donโ€™t loose your wrath as he agrees with satan that I must do that because something was about to go down on my lifetime. There were two babies inside me that I was holding. One red and One blue and they made peace but they always fight with each other

27 May 2024



Satan and I sparred at the astral cathedral and he told me that while it may be too late undo the damage, he saw that he wants me to be justice and the change in order to get revenge. We used sticks and spears to fight off against each other and then Asmodeus came in and he joined with Satan and Lucifer to fight me and while I lost, I got back on my feet

24 May 2024



Well me and satan (my infernal lord) told me to spare with my elephant son Harold and they and I have fun but also to learn how to understand each otherโ€™s emotions. We were in a galdiator match and satan told me that my revenge will come and I will win

21 May 2024

High School


Well I was in a highschool gym where I was in a pool and Satan told me to dive in and I did, and I meditated in it to block out the noise and bad stuff and allow my mind to be filled with kinder thoughts

21 May 2024

Old woman


I was in a boarding school building and realising that they had evil plans for the children in there, I was the only one to get out beside an old woman who worked there, before leaving I saw an ally of mine get shot in the head by a sniper I couldn't find, when we saw each otherbwe laughed about our fear of them coming for us. I ran, dodging piles of horse poop as a voice in my head was telling me of a coming evil, a detail I remember was them being a black man then turning into a "white" man. I came across a battle about to take place between good and evil I think, where on one side stood Satan/Lucifer Morningstar and some others, I think all these people were mutants, someone on Lucifer's side used "the Gift" to get people to their side making it 50/50. I was hesitant about if I should fight or just watch like the others who had gathered, however before I could start someone put a grease on me that began messing with my vision and then I woke up.

8 May 2024



I dreamed of the place I grew up as a child. I was in my grandparents home. The house has grey cement around it not paint. The windows are old type with 8 windows stacked in two's about 12" x 6". Some windows were opened with a book inserted to keep them up. It was early in the morning, I could see the sun shinning from a big window which was located in the middle east side of the house. I saw people walking around outside, people didnt know. Their were native americans, whites, and African american people just walking around outside. They kept knocking at our front door. We had two doors in the front of the house, one was located toward the east and one toward the north. I was looking out the windows closing the curtains. The curtains were made of a piece of fabric with wire holding it up as their curtain rod. No matter how I closed them you could still see through the cracks. I was there with my grandmother. She hears people knocking at the doors and I'm telling her not to answer, but she opened the the door to the west and people started coming in. The people were not normal. I tried to figure out what's wrong with them. They started attacking me. I noticed they could not speak, but could communicate telepathically. So when they were attacking me I told them telepathically, " My God is most powerful and almighty. I am his messages, Satan can not defeat him there I am God's messenger". I looked into their eyes saying that. I was not afraid anymore. But more and more people started to gather. So I asked the people I released from being possessed, " Why is this happening?" , they told me it's the devil and they told me I had to go to hell and tell him to stop. I asked, "Where is that at?", they told me the door is in the ditch behind the house where people are coming out from. So I started walking behind the old house and walked toward the ditch. I walked into what looked like a giant whole in the ground, the dirt was the same color of the dirt at my grandma's house. When I walked in it was like a long hallway, I could stand and walk in it. I could smell the wet dirt. As I walked further I started smelling an order like metal. The smell was unbearable but I kept walking. They I saw a light, like an end of a tunnel light. I kept walking through it. The smell got worse. They I walked into a sleeping area seemed like to me. There were beds like cubbies dugout from the dirt. There were women laying in each covered in blood completely naked. They were laughing at me. I realized the smell was blood. Some were pregnant. Their bodies all smeared in blood. They were not hurt. As I walked through so many of them finally came to a room. And I saw him. I think it was Satan. He was short had two small horns on his forehead and his ears were pointy. He had a long tail with a speared tip. He had hands with five fingers with black claw like fingers. His feet was large with five toes on each side with claw like toe nails. He was a male and was naked with blood smeared all over is body. He was standing walking back in forth in front of me. There was a dog like animal laying at his feet. It was a large animal like a black wolf with big teeth and it had large claws as well. Satan kept walking back in forth in front of me. There were other creatures around sitting or standing. The creatures were also big and had fur. And they were standing with legs. I was not afraid because I trusted in God fully. Satan did not speak bit communicated telepathically. Asked me why are you here. I told him, " I am a messenger from God, stop possessing those people. God is my protector in him I give my life to, he is my savior. He is most high and powerful then you. So stop the possessing these people. And he told me, he will stop. And nothing is going to hurt you walking out. So I left. Then I woke up...

3 May 2024



I was playing the game called roblox and I just noticed an account that was following me was a bald default avatar named satan and everytime I would join a different game he would be right there chasing me into a hole a unknown hole.

22 Mar 2024



Right after i had the Satan/Demon dream, I had another about losing my youngest child to abduction at school.

18 Feb 2024



I am swimming in dives above sharks, behind Rachel. The sharks emanate a deep grumbling, and embody satan. When we dive in I disturb them, and they begin to chase after me. Iโ€™m taken out of my body and shown a third person view, I follow Rachel up through an exit tube. I just hold on and breathe through a tube until she lets me up. Iโ€™m looking from the outside in, and the tube is reminiscent of a throat, breathing. Just before this I was washing my feet with seals, because I had just run through the mud. My friend found some of my rave goggles and I couldnโ€™t see I was stepping on sage sprouts. She said โ€œwhereโ€™s the sage?โ€ Continually. I was coming from a huge buffet and school event, where David from class was invited for Air karate, and my grandfather was still in construction. I remember driving past huge tractors taking up most of the road. It was like I was in Africa, because David from the education pillar was in love with me. Also I was buying alcohol for my friends Salva and Reed, although the store was packed and I donโ€™t remember if we got it. Somehow we drove with Cameron to the wake up calls, and they had sold Richland to this diner. This dumb fucking girl who I hated started bad mouthing roasters and so I destroyed their entire store. Amen. We ended up in a holding cell where bail was $1350 or we had to write a 20 page essay. She came a sat right in front of me and I told her to move bc I hated her. Also very early in the dream, I was going up to this food truck court, and I went up to one with the pastor who didnโ€™t like my dress and he was selling hot dogs or ice cream or something for $6, because as a mom-profit they can only have transactions for under $10. So I celebrated, because that means we can sell coffee. I walked back and passed Siah and Seven and was walking behind this loop. He was flamboyant and I already knew what he was gonna say. He was describing an outfit, boots up to the thighs, with a heel sharp as a boxpick. Going up within it formed a skirt. Me and another girl repeated this, and I went to the buffet. I also woke up with the worst headache.

22 Dec 2023



Instead of walking I was floating around this concert hall. While I was floating above the seats I see a group of people holding bibles. I mocked them and said "This is the powers you get from worshipping Satan, what powers did your god give you?" I laughed at them then floated out of the room. There was a crowd of people standing around and I floated above them.

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