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This symbol represents blamelessness, wisdom, and the higher self. Your "higher self" is the part of you that transcends the stress and snares of life and sees the greater understanding and insight. However, this may also symbolize your savior complex and how you are playing the martyr for others, putting yourself last.

🧭 Direction

Listen to the communication from your higher self and the symbols from your unconscious mind. This symbol will demonstrate that you should hold hope and purity in your current situation, inspiring you to transcend the troubles you are facing presently and remember the greater goal. However, it may also be making you aware of your savior complex, which may be toxic as you often try to save people when that is not your place.

❤️ Feelings

This dream of Jesus may evoke feelings of awe, reverence, and spiritual connection. It may bring a sense of peace, comfort, and guidance. The presence of Jesus in a dream can symbolize faith, hope, and divine intervention. It may also elicit feelings of love, forgiveness, and salvation. This dream could leave one feeling inspired, uplifted, and blessed.

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