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Dream Interpretation: Jesus 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Jesus? Discover the significance of seeing a Jesus in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Jesus appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This symbol represents blamelessness, wisdom, and the higher self. Your "higher self" is the part of you that transcends the stress and snares of life and sees the greater understanding and insight. However, this may also symbolize your savior complex and how you are playing the martyr for others, putting yourself last.

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🧭 Direction


Listen to the communication from your higher self and the symbols from your unconscious mind. This symbol will demonstrate that you should hold hope and purity in your current situation, inspiring you to transcend the troubles you are facing presently and remember the greater goal. However, it may also be making you aware of your savior complex, which may be toxic as you often try to save people when that is not your place.

❤️ Feelings

This dream of Jesus may evoke feelings of awe, reverence, and spiritual connection. It may bring a sense of peace, comfort, and guidance. The presence of Jesus in a dream can symbolize faith, hope, and divine intervention. It may also elicit feelings of love, forgiveness, and salvation. This dream could leave one feeling inspired, uplifted, and blessed.





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28 Feb 2024



I am getting up from a nap and the closet door is open. I try to open the closet door but a force is pulling it back. I keep pulling and pulling and I can’t get it open. I say to the door not today demon and I then close the door. The closet door then opens slightly. I then try and pull the door shut but something is pulling back. I then say in the name oh Jesus I rebuke you but that did not help. I then get the door closed and sit down on the bed. While I am sitting on the bed I start to feel something trying to put a ponytail on my head. I then give the mysterious person my comb and brush and hair tie and I ask who are you. I then hear a giggle and then see a silhouette of an arm.

25 Feb 2024



I was in a beautiful very green grass field and I seen a figure walking towards me . The figure was close and look like Jesus christ and I dropped to my knees crying for forgiveness and Jesus bent down comforted me and told me it's ok. It's gonna be ok.

11 Feb 2024



Jesus came back to earth

9 Feb 2024



My dad was a king in a cave he was the head leader of the cave men and he said something out of pocket so everyone turned on him and he was locked in the cave with a stone like the one Jesus rose in

30 Jan 2024



I’m using my mind to close doors, with the power of Christ. And I’m video taping it, and I am astounded by the power Christ has afforded me. I go outside and it’s sunny, but cloudy. There are big trees in the front yard and a big fence, I think I’m in Portland. The sun is pouring out onto a lawn chair, and i am called by Jesus to sit. And as I look at the sun it goes away and turns to night time, and the stars come out so numerous. So multipled, so in numerous. I think I saw the pleadies. And god showed me them. That’s his dream. Also…. I was in a bridge on a plane with Reed and cam and drew and curly. And there was a ladder in which we were being thrown to and fro. And curly really wanted a coffee from “lift off” before the plane took off but I ha to turn around on g way so I don’t make it. Also we were seated at a restaurant and the waiter was getting me to try on clothes, and they didn’t look good on me. But then I saw some of my own dresses which would have looked good on me but I didn’t take them.

27 Jan 2024



I had been asked to get the grandparents house together for some people who were coming by. They asked me to hide certain things in the garage, like a yellow hard hat and some boxes. I wasn’t sure why, I thought it was simply because they didn’t want clutter detracting from the simple narrative of the home. I was in the process of following these instructions when the people show up. They are wearing yellow hard hats and gloves and bringing stuff similar to the things that were hidden. I am not sure if I should conceal what I’ve been doing, or conceal my presence altogether, but I decide to hide behind a large box in garage. It is no use though. A young man comes toward the box and says “hello’”. I emerge from behind the box and greet him. “we are just dropping a few things off for you. Do you need a rug?” he hands me a soft woven door mat” “I think we have a welcome mat already.” I show it to him.. “Oh, no. This one is to wipe your feet on.” he positions one on the porch and the other in front of the door. Then he says “I was wondering if you’d be interested in coming to our church? “We already go to church.” I reply, but thank you. I confront the grandparents because I feel like I’d been set up for this encounter. I ask why they wanted me to meet this guy. To which the grandmother says , “I was just trying to get you to go to church. “we have a church” I tell her. She looks frustrated, “I mean a REAL church.” thus revealing that when she had visited she had not been impressed with the informality of what she had seen. “Oh” I say, “You’re one of those”. I continue, “I suppose you need the architecture, and the windows - have you forgotten that Jesus said, “where two or more are gathered in my name, I am there in the midst of them?”

22 Jan 2024



Was in a small ship with too many passengers in it. We then went to dock at Washington DC. At Port, we had some shore leave. We went to a museum of dedicated to the navy. At the museum, there was a hotel. At the hotel, there was a picture of Obi-Wan Kennobi, but everyone thought it was a picture of Jesus. We then went out to sea again. There, we encountered a stormy sea. We then ended up on an island with buried treasure, but there were pirates on the island guarding it.

19 Nov 2023



I was walking on a beach and swimming in a ocean surrounded by red rock mountains, I was with Jesus and we were talking I can't remember the whole conversation except one part that struck out to me and that was after some time of me being with Jesus someone runs over to us all excited, Jesus asked him/her "how do you know her ?" The other person was wearing clothes od a sort, bright colors but he/she was blurred out, and the voice of this person wasn't one I recognize, they said "she's my friend" Jesus then said to them "Did you know her soul is 107 years old ?" Then I woke.

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