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Dream Interpretation: Pastor 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Pastor? Discover the significance of seeing a Pastor in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Pastor appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

Dreaming of a pastor symbolizes guidance, support, and spiritual growth. It may indicate a need for guidance in your waking life or a desire to connect with your spiritual side. Alternatively, it may represent a figure of authority or a fatherly figure.

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🧭 Direction


Reflect on your current spiritual beliefs and practices. Are you seeking guidance or support in your life? Consider reaching out to a trusted spiritual leader or mentor for guidance. Alternatively, if the pastor in your dream represents a figure of authority, examine your relationship with authority figures in your waking life and work to establish healthy boundaries.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of a pastor may evoke feelings of guidance, support, and spirituality. It may symbolize a need for guidance or a desire for spiritual connection. The presence of a pastor in a dream can bring a sense of comfort and reassurance, suggesting that there is someone looking out for you or offering guidance in your waking life. It may also represent a need for moral or ethical guidance, or a desire to connect with your own inner wisdom and spirituality. Overall, the dream of a pastor can evoke feelings of trust, faith, and a sense of being guided on your life's journey.





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24 May 2024



I'm having a weird dream. I am at a beach. I'm at the beach with my friends and we had to get some kind of drug I think to make me get better or something. There is a pastor too and me and my friends are trying on our own to talk to this old Chinese lady but she's really not cooperative and will only give a certain amount and make us pay overprice. So the pastor walks in and wants to help by taking this Chinese lady into the water, dipping her under and saying God will never forgive you and he will let you drown if I let you. And we get to get back into the beach. She has her daughter there which is kind of dying from not eating and we have food but the pastor says no food. She can't get any of our food as long as you are denying to give us what we want. If you give us what we want for a reasonable price your daughter can get food. And then my dream kind of stopped. I never got ending on what is going to happen with this lady or me.

5 May 2024



I'm in a house or a building. There are a group of people who are helping cleaning it. I'm sweeping the floor with two others. The woman told the man that he missed a spot. He gets annoyed. In another room, there's a mother and daughter. The mother is very verbally abusive towards her daughter. I feel sad for her. I keep sweeping. Then another mother and with her baby comes. She asked her baby if she wants to go on the bouncy mushrooms? The little baby says yes. She takes the baby in her lap and bounces (slides) up a hill. I keep sweeping the floor. Pastor Vona walks to me. He says something (I don't remember it). He says something else. I answer, "I'm trying." He leaves and walks in a different room. He closes the door and prays. He comes back out and says,"As your parent, I need to tell you that Jesus' Spirit is always within you. Don't let no one make you forget it." I say,"I know."

18 Apr 2024



I had a dream I was in my childhood church. I have not been to this church in years. In the dream I was standing in the front of the church and I was annoyed and was rolling my eyes while the pastor was speaking. He looked at me and started preaching to me. People in the church was looking at me in shock because I have not been there in years. They were surprised I was back in the church

24 Feb 2024



i was at a mega church i used to belong to. i was scheduled to speak about Matthew 25 and being wise in the fear of the Lord and intimacy with Jesus; but it seemed to take forever to get to my part where i would speak. all of a sudden, i noticed no one was paying attention at all. my sister was sitting in the balcony, so i sat by her. she was trying very hard to pay attention and had a set of notes she handed me. she said something along the lines of ‘the pastor wanted you to see his notes;” however, these mysterious notes were not given to me. i started trying to make my way to the pastor and briefly ask about the notes. it seemed to take a long time. everyone had the appearance they were engaged; but no one was listening! i eventually get to the pastor. by this time, people are actually talking while another former pastor is speaking, including the current pastor that i’m trying to get instruction from before i speak. he literally began talking to me about chocolate in a joking manner. there was this feeling that the congregation was not ready to hear what i had to speak. then i woke up.

18 Feb 2024



I had a dream that I was sleeping with a man who was a pastor. I was his mistress. The wife found out and tried to used me as an abuse victim. They had several children probably 12 and they were deceiving their church by stealing money from their congregation. I kept trying to flee and every time I did I was on a stairwell and would run into the wife and one of her kids. The pastor and his wife had plans to make their children become famous- but their kids had other plans and wanted to be themselves some of them even happened to be gay and that was frowned upon in black Baptist church.

18 Feb 2024



I am swimming in dives above sharks, behind Rachel. The sharks emanate a deep grumbling, and embody satan. When we dive in I disturb them, and they begin to chase after me. I’m taken out of my body and shown a third person view, I follow Rachel up through an exit tube. I just hold on and breathe through a tube until she lets me up. I’m looking from the outside in, and the tube is reminiscent of a throat, breathing. Just before this I was washing my feet with seals, because I had just run through the mud. My friend found some of my rave goggles and I couldn’t see I was stepping on sage sprouts. She said “where’s the sage?” Continually. I was coming from a huge buffet and school event, where David from class was invited for Air karate, and my grandfather was still in construction. I remember driving past huge tractors taking up most of the road. It was like I was in Africa, because David from the education pillar was in love with me. Also I was buying alcohol for my friends Salva and Reed, although the store was packed and I don’t remember if we got it. Somehow we drove with Cameron to the wake up calls, and they had sold Richland to this diner. This dumb fucking girl who I hated started bad mouthing roasters and so I destroyed their entire store. Amen. We ended up in a holding cell where bail was $1350 or we had to write a 20 page essay. She came a sat right in front of me and I told her to move bc I hated her. Also very early in the dream, I was going up to this food truck court, and I went up to one with the pastor who didn’t like my dress and he was selling hot dogs or ice cream or something for $6, because as a mom-profit they can only have transactions for under $10. So I celebrated, because that means we can sell coffee. I walked back and passed Siah and Seven and was walking behind this loop. He was flamboyant and I already knew what he was gonna say. He was describing an outfit, boots up to the thighs, with a heel sharp as a boxpick. Going up within it formed a skirt. Me and another girl repeated this, and I went to the buffet. I also woke up with the worst headache.

10 Feb 2024



The dream took place at my grandparents house. It was mixed with the one that’s alive and the one that’s dead both of their houses. I drove over to my grandparents house (the one that’s alive) and she was going to take me to the hide and seek game to play , the person that was hosting the games was the pastor of a church that I’ve only been to twice. whoever got out first lost and whoever is the last one standing wins a very large cash prize. The first thing I did when I got there was scope the house out and see where everything was at second find some good hiding spots and it became around two or three in the afternoon and the game is about to start so everyone’s trying to use the bathroom at the same time every bathroom that I went to. It was either occupied or the door is being slammed in my face, so I just waited outside of the bathroom. eventually did open so I went into use the bathroom and I was getting really nervous how the game was gonna work, i didn’t wanna get caught or ‘die’. while i was in the bathroom I heard the Blair go off for the game to start and I was like oh shit I’m still in the bathroom so I get out of the bathroom and I go out to see where I’m at and all the lights in the house are turned off. I creeped around the house and eventually made my way into the dining room. I think it was and everyone was just standing on top of the table. The objects in the house were normal size, but for some reason we were 10 times smaller than it was so everyone in the house could fit on top of the table, eventually I saw blue light creeping around on the floor and I looked down to see what it was and it was like dustbunnies screw drivers and just weird common household objects. They seemed really scary at first because they were chasing everyone around trying to catch them but eventually I just got tired of running around and playing the game. I was running out of breath, I ended up going into the bathroom upstairs in this bathroom is looking down at the stairs into the living room. I don’t know why I didn’t shut the door, but for some reason I decided to take a look around before shutting the door and one of the little glowing bolts got into the bathroom with me and just slightly tapped my leg and I turned into a light blue thing. I assume that meant I was out so I just made my way downstairs to find my mom and she was still playing the game she was still in the game, so I told her I’m out I’m just gonna go chill outside and wait for you to be done. So went outside and outside look like my dad‘s house. Everyone is just chilling on the front and back porch and on the back porch I see the pastor, the one who’s hosting the game just chilling on the back porch. He’s leaning against the back door and talking up the storm with someone he had that look on his face like he was up to no good anyways the game ended. I don’t remember who won but they got their prize and everyone left so I got in the car and my grandma said you know there’s another game later tonight, right I was like no I didn’t know that but I can’t drive there cause I can’t see in the dark and she said I can just drive you there if you want no biggie. I said OK why not? I got nothing else to do so she starts driving me there and it takes a while to get there at least two or three hours and when we finally get there, there’s like no one there it’s just me and one other person, obviously the pastor was there because he was hosting the games. But this house was exactly like my grandmas (The one that’s dead). so I go in and just take a look around getting used to surroundings. Obviously I didn’t realize it was my grandma‘s house my dream, but I did notice it when I woke up, but I had over to the laundry room for some reason and I saw another girl just doing the laundry. So I decided to kneel down and help her switch over the laundry while we were switching it. She looked over at me and said do you just wanna team up instead of going against each other and I said yeah sure why not. It’s just the two of us. right in the middle of switching the laundry, the lights turned off, and the Blair went off for the game, and I immediately went to the kitchen. She followed me. I saw brownies laying out on the counter, so I decided to start taking what was left and save them for later when I was done, I was eating them while I was taking them. Me and her decided to tidy up the kitchen a little because it was a mess but we saw blue light creeping into the kitchen and we both immediately went for the bathroom. I don’t remember what happened because I woke up from my alarm.

2 Feb 2024



It was my wedding day. But the ceromony started four hours late. I kept going upstairs to see what the hold up was and turns out we were waiting on the pastor because he went missing in action. The pastor that was the wedding offciant in my dream just passed away in real life on yesterday. I kept running up and down the stairs between the basemnt of the church (where my wedding party was) and the sanctuary (checking on the guests). The choir was staggering in and I was really flustered trying to keep it together and ensure that my guests were occuipied all while half dressed with a robe over what I assume to be my decoy wedding dress. I was getting super emotional because I wanted everything to go smoothly as I had envisioned my wedding day to be. Also because who i believe to be my wedding planner was informing me of all the overages that were going to have to be paid since the cermony was extremely delayed. However, I noticed that I was also unbothered about the amount of money that was going to have to be paid to extend times for different aspects of the wedding. I literally wasnt worried about the money. My bridal party, actually the entire wedding party, dressed in like a deep yellow color and denim. Which literally is not the colors I’ve fantasized about having in my wedding. The wedding finally began and I was frantic trying to get dressed. My wedding dress was super gorgeous! Although I expected it to be a shade of baby pink, it was PURE WHITE. Getting dressed was like being backstage at a fashion show during fashion week but just with a team of two people helping me get ready. I remember having a huge decorative silver double butterfly hair clip that I placed in my hair. Also my accessories were butterfly themes: a butterfly ring on my right hand and my shoes had butterflies wrapped around the tie of them. I also noticed that my dad was there the entire time. He was super calm but making sure that things went as planned. He never left his one spot of sitting in a chair making comments while playing a crossword game on his phone. He was even there when I was getting dressed (not in the room but in the same general area). I could hear the pastor praying and the choir singing while I was still getting ready. One of my bridal team girls (who actually is this reality tv star on a show that I watch) kept me super calm, as I started to become nervous about walking down the aisle. My dad was still there giving his very laxed but noticable “dad seal of approval” on me as a bride. All while I could feel his reluctance/discomfort of “letting me go” when a memeber of my bridal team made a joke about how “less stressed I’ll be when I make it to the honeymoon”. I had one last spray of perfume (actually a scent that I been eyeing on my social media) then I had another member from my bridal team make sure I had the rings, then it was time to head up the stairs...but I woke up before I could walk down the aisle. Also althoigh I dont know who I was getting married to, I had a strong sense of love in the dream and I was excited to marry him…whoever HE was

28 Jan 2024

New Job


I had sex with Musiq Soulchild. But, First I ended up at my grandmothers house with my mother. Little did I know she was leading me into a trap, my siblings were already in there. I got to door my uncle was standing there with is van blaring music. Like a movie soundtrack. He told me that “the other kids didn’t make it, I know you want but here you go” he opens the door and I get sucked into house. The stairs were long and creaking, I made it to the top and was greeted with the smell of: bake chicken, greens, cornbread, cake, green beans, and potato salad. My grandmother was just like stuck cooking but didn’t seem bothered by it. I said “hey” and she just started making my plate. Even tho the rest of house was a never ending trap. One of the side rooms had people sick strapped to the bed wanted to get out, the living room people was watching tv and rambling. And other craziness, I got my plate and went to the back porch and saw soooooo many parked cars. I took a chance in going downstairs letting my food on the steps. The food look so good but my body was GOING OFF telling me not to eat it. I go downstairs and is welcomed in this larger church setting, crème walls and red pews. All filled up with people I know, people I don’t know, famous artist and extended family. Everyone is talking and mingling like they don’t know about the chaos upstairs. My mom was surprised to see me and darted towards me but was stopped by the pastor starting. The pastor starts saying “Secrets are no more, come up to sing” my body alarms told me that it was after in the Chior stand than in the audience, I listen, now viewing the congregation. It’s much larger now but secrets started to come out as we are singing “songs” we were just singing peoples secrets. A couple of my deep secrets came out and i stood there and admitting because I wasn’t afraid anymore. People apart of my secrets, especially my mother, followed me outside of the church wanting deeper answers. Now we are back in my grandmothers backyard with all the cars. This limo pulls up, I get in trying to avoid the questions and my mother, a drag queen and my siblings all get in this limo with me. My mother tries to be scary and demanding about shaming me for dating this Drag Queen. I tell her OFF and everyone I that limo OFF besides the drag queen. I get out and realize we didn’t leave the backyard. The. That’s when Musiq Soulchild comes out and offers me to take me away from this hell. He was towing cara as a side job and one of his cars was underground. The opening was full of rust and barnacles, I was about to drop down until he seen a car that was the perfect size to get away. Throughout this ordeal, we did share eye contact and during that eye contact memories of our past, with one another, started to come up. It was like we were old lovers and saw each other again for the first time. We got in the SUV and people came after us. Running trying to stop the car from leaving, being broken out of a trance. He stayed calm and we dashed out of there, as soon as we left the parking lot it was like we were already on the highway entering Maryland. That whole ride we talked, laugh and caught up. I got to a house that I remember vividly, it was his home. I was so elated to be back in his house and safe. He picked me up over the treshhold and carried me all the way to the bedroom. Were we had some of the most nastiest, fantastic sex people dream of. Then I woke up .-.

19 Jan 2024



I had a dream I was sleeping in the bed with my daughter and I was dreaming. In the dream my daughter was being kidnapped and I was screaming and crying then I woke up from the dream. I was still in the dream and my ex boyfriend came into my room. I asked him how did he get into my house and he said my son let him in. He looked drunked and confused and i asked him to leave. He also had a man with him that was his friend. I did not like that he came to my house unannouced with a friend . Then he said him and his friend just wanted to hang out because they had nowhere else to go . I later found out he brought his girlfriend over to my house as well. This made me really angry so i went downstairs to find out if this was true. I went downstairs and his girlfriend was siting in my living room on my couch. As soon as she saw me she got up to run and i grabbed her and starting beating her up. In the dream i was fat and ugly with no hair! . I grabbed his girlfriend by her hair and threw her out of my house. She said she didnt want to fight me because she thought i was pregnant. The police came and my house was a diaster. My ex and his girlfriend destroyed my house and i was so upset. I called my mother in law and told her what happend and she came over. I decided to leave and take a walk then i bumped into my pastor and me and him were walking and ended up in the mall. He bought me a beautiful purple dress. I put the dress on and it turned black. Then i met this girl in the bathroom and gave her a hug while we were doing our hair.

5 Jan 2024



I dreamt of people being sucked into the sky with black vapors of dark cloud while they were asleep in the year 2015. The clouds were wisps in small cylindrical trapezoidal shape and like black clouds of smoke. We rose into the clouds which were strange and multicolored and people vanished into the clouds. They were grey, and red, and black, and purple. I noticed myself drifting upwards and left the black cloud of smoke immediately. Levitating at cloud level, I watched people's soul self/dream self/Astral selves getting sucked out of their dwelling places and into the sky. Only a few people who knew how to lucid dream or Astral project were able to save themselves. I shared this dream with someone in 2015. This was a pastor and ordained Prophet in the united church of christ. They also had this dream and also dropped themselves out of the cloud

3 Jan 2024

New Job


I dreamt that I was plotting some sort of crime, like a complicated heist, and that I had people I was traveling with and trusting with different aspects of the job. We had to travel by the town's waterways so we could get to the outskirts of the city undetected. We couldn't use boats or anything noisy, we were going swim, using the strong water current to carry us out. And we had to begin by getting through a huge, modern church complex built on a hill above the first waterway. Because I had grown up in churches like that, I knew how to blend in, infiltrate and steal what we needed as we went through the complex. We had to get through the building, past all the parishioners and pastors, and then climb down through the external foundations, down the complicated pylons and structures set into the earth, to get to the water. I managed to find or steal the backpacks, phones, ropes and other things we needed for the heist as we went through. I was leading the others in the climb, confidently showing the way, but they were skilled at climbing too, so quickly understood each step as it was revealed. I let a few more people join my small criminal crew as we went, each selected because I knew their specific skills were what we needed to succeed. When we reached the water, we started to swim towards the goal. It was effortless because of the strong current carrying us. I was supremely confident and calm, even though I was excited to see how well it was all going. But I woke up before we reached the heist destination.

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