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Dream Interpretation: Priest 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Priest? Discover the significance of seeing a Priest in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Priest appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

Dreaming of a priest symbolizes spiritual guidance, faith, and morality. It may indicate a need for guidance or a desire to connect with a higher power. Alternatively, it may represent guilt or a need for forgiveness.

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🧭 Direction


Reflect on your current spiritual beliefs and practices. Are you seeking guidance or feeling guilty about something? Consider reaching out to a trusted spiritual advisor or mentor for support. Alternatively, focus on forgiving yourself or others for past mistakes.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of a priest may evoke feelings of spirituality, guidance, and a sense of higher purpose. It may bring a sense of comfort, faith, and connection to something greater than oneself. The presence of a priest in a dream can also symbolize the need for moral guidance or a desire for forgiveness and redemption. Overall, this dream may leave one with a sense of reverence and a reminder to seek spiritual fulfillment in life.





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9 Jun 2024



In my dream, I was in a very small apartment that we live, me and my son live there. I was waiting for him to come and it was late. And then he came, I was asking him to go to bed. We went to bed, we sleep at the same room. That apartment haven't had any bedrooms. So we slept at the same apartment, two sides, it was two different beds. So we slept on them. And then I had a dream. So in my dream, I had a dream while I was sleeping. So it was a kind of ceremony that in his school. So he was with his classmate girls, they have all dressed up. And they were running out. I was coughing and something comes out from my throat. I wanted to throw them away, throw them somewhere, clean up, but they haven't had any paper. So I took it with my hand and it was in my hand, so I had to throw it somewhere. I ran after that girls to go out, but I found they actually went inside church. So I was in church, all of a sudden I found myself in church. People were sitting and the priest was preaching. Then I saw a table and a Bible was open on that table in the middle of church and I was about to go and pick up a paper from that table which I saw someone pure water on that table and all the table and papers were wet and other it was a lady there used some paper toilet paper to dry them up so I was waiting for her to move away then I can pick up some paper and clean up my hand while I was trying to throw out what I was in my hand and look at the people sitting in church and listening to the priest and then someone hold me I saw it was a priest behind my back and he found out he has to pray for me so he put his hand behind my back and wanted to start to pray with smile for me and I feel some very very strange heavy feeling in me I thought maybe I have some devil spirit in me but actually it was very bad and I thought I'm going to lose control but I try still try to calming Then it's everything become dark and I all of a sudden woke up again in the same bed when I was in dream and I told myself oh it was a dream but still that person again start holding me from my back very tight and I couldn't breathe but I knew it's someone who loves me. So I told myself this is Kian or my older brother who has passed away long time ago in awakened life. So I tell even it's my brother who has passed away or it's my son but I saw my son was sleeping other side of the room so it wasn't him and I saw it's small hand for a boy I couldn't find who is this so I try push myself to turn to see his face and I saw kind of could recognize it's my brother and I said oh it's you it's you start smiling but his face was numb and scary and and I try and keep changing but I could still I tell myself no this is this is him this is him and I told him you're not going to hurt me you're not going to hurt me you're my little brother you're not going to hurt me but his hand was around my neck and we were both was laying on the floor because I was struggling to get free of him but I could just turn to see his face but I become I wasn't completely sure it's him or not but I just keep telling myself no it is him it is him he's not going to hurt me but I could feel at the same time the heavy hand around my neck I tried to make myself free and I was telling it with you and trying to shout and say that in a loud voice then my son will find out and will help me but seems like he couldn't hear maybe but I was trying and trying and trying to say it out loud to them if this noise can make him awake and help me out and while I was trying to sing his name and telling him that you're not going to hurt me and talk to that things who hold me tights, i woke up eithy owen voice

18 May 2024



I dreamed that I went to Disneyland with one of my children and my ex who is her father and his new pregnant girlfriend and some other kids. We were at the theme park and we were taking pictures in the photo booth but things kept happening to distort the pictures and I was in line to go on a ride that was kind of dangerous and I was talking to the carnival attendant who was in charge of the ride and explaining to him why it was dangerous and why he shouldn't let small children on it and I would had a stack of papers that belonged to my uncle and they all blew away into the breeze When I was looking for the papers on the way, I found myself looking in a car. The car happened to belong to my baby's dad and his girlfriend. She walked up behind me and asked if I wanted to go back with them to town because we were in L.A. and we had to go back home which is about 6 hours away right outside the Bay Area in a place called Tracy, California. I agreed to go, and on the way back, it was me, my baby's dad's girlfriend, and his mother, and my child in the car. For some reason, we were looking for Catholic churches to go to, to go to a mass. We eventually found one, and when we got there, it was very unorthodox for a Catholic church. There was a lot of dancing and a lot of worshiping unlike Catholic church. They had sodas and vending machines and all kinds of stuff inside. I listened to a man who was talking to the priest there and he was begging for a job as a teacher, but the priest was explaining to him that he didn't finish his degree and he couldn't hire him, more than likely. And the guy just kept persisting. It was kind of strange. I went to a soda machine and one of the sodas came out without me paying for it, so I was looking for somebody to ask them how to pay for the soda and I couldn't find anybody. Then I seen some young girls and they knew me from my Facebook page and they started talking to me and then I started walking around the parking lot looking for the car, looking for my baby's dad's girlfriend and his mother and it took me a long time to be able to find them so I got in and the girl was mad at my baby's dad and she was trying to gossip about him and about his personal business. I told her that it was none of anybody's business and it was none of hers either and she needed to stop talking about it and his mother agreed. We then saw my baby's dad drive across the parking lot and pull up at the church. I guess he forgot his tools there from work so we went out to approach him and he seemed to be drunk or something. He was trying to make her mad or jealous or something, and he was trying to hug me and acting really extra friendly. He said where do you think we would be right now if we were still together and I told him to be honest we would probably be rich. She then got very upset and he told her to go ahead and leave if she was going to be upset about it and she did. Then I asked him how I was supposed to get home and he said he would take me to my car and I could drive home myself. But there was no car seat for my child in his car. The dream ends there.

18 Mar 2024



Traveled to a far away island where there were a battle between ironclad and traditional pitates. The ironclad won since they had the superior firepower and protection. Talked to the leader of the pirates and he said that they, the ironclad operators has been ravaging his home islands, so he rebelled. Went down to an underground bunkee on the island to do some research. There was my parents and some a lot or my family there running it. We were all in debt to the company that owns it. Had to do errands, had to give a presentation about a Presbyterian Cathedral and how it was different from an Episcopal Cathedral. Some artifacts got broken and me and my sister got accused of breaking then, even though we did not. The management said we must work this new debt off before we can leave. So we went down the the deepest depths the the facility to watch a science experiment. It goes wrong and I escaped. When I escaped from the facility, I found a tree house that was still be used. As I approached it, it said, run by woman priest. I was built by the former Episcopal Chaplin who fled from the facility. In the tree house, I got comfortable and made myself at home. The priest, she said she fled the facility because they overworked her, and was bad for the environment. She also took the cat with her when she fled. She was planning on building her own church in the tree house and enlisted my help. We drew up some blueprints on how the church was going to look. Then a few troops from the facility was below the tree house. They were looking for employees that deserted the company. They were lead by a cat. So me and the priest mounted a defense of our new home. We got rid of the company soldiers. After defending the company men, we built our new church and one new home there. The tree house became the tree castle that spanned multiple trees. Me and the woman priest lived happily ever after.

15 Mar 2024



Around mid December 2023, I had a dream where me and my father went to my cousin Arunothini’s house to do a ceremony to celebrate the one year death anniversary of my aunt Thayanithi. In my waking life, my uncle Sriram didn’t come to attend it. However in my dream life he did. In the dream, Me, my father, my uncle Sriram, my other cousin Aruljothy (Arunothini’s brother), his wife Vathini, his three sons, Arunothini, her two daughters, her husband Rameshkanna, Aruljothy and Arunothini’s father Arulsubramaniam were all at the house together. Arunothini hired a priest whom she knows to perform the ceremony. As the the priest conducts the ceremony, he asks us to sing any thevarams we know. Most of us have sung a few that we know. However for me, I didn’t want to sing due to the humiliation I went through at a temple by another priest a few years back that has left me regretful and ashamed of ever wanting singing any songs associated with the Hindu deities and for any auspicious Hindu holidays my family and I would celebrate every year. When the priest asked me to sing along with the rest of my family members, I told him I didn’t want to. Arunothini then tells the priest what happened and why I am reluctant to sing. Prior to this in my waking life, Arunothini already knows about that incident since I opened up to her and everyone else about it through a story I had written for a story writing class her father Arulsubramaniam is teaching. In my dream life after Arunothini told that incident to the priest, he became very understanding about it and tried to encourage me to sing as he wanted me to sing for my aunt Thayanithi’s sake to make her happy. I still was reluctant and didn’t want to sing still. This made my uncle Sriram get mad and impatient and demands me to sing and not keep everyone waiting. I told my uncle that I didn’t want to sing which the escalated to the both of us having a heated argument. At the heat of the argument, I call my uncle Sriram “Chithappa” (The term to call your mom or dad’s younger brother in Tamil.) for the first time as I wasn’t that close with him before to call him that. Overall, the heated argument between me and my uncle Sriram left us angry and frustrated. It made me crying a little bit, but Arunothini and the priest were able to calm me down and comfort me. They still tried to encourage me to sing a Puranam to which I reluctantly gave in. They were glad that I was able to sing and the ceremony continued until it was over. Then everyone eat the food we have cooked. Eventhough, I begin to feel a little better, I still couldn’t get over with the argument I had with my uncle Sriram a moment ago and was still shaken about it. In my dream life, I feel like our relationship as uncle and niece will be strained and I doubt that it will not get any better. However, in my waking life, I am glad that the argument between us never happened. Despite me not being that close with my uncle Sriram, I still think he is a good person from the many times he has helped my parents before when they were getting ready to settle in to have me and my siblings.

3 Feb 2024



I was first in london, it was evening time and everything was very lively. Then I was in Birmingham... so we were staying in spires service apartment... I wanted to the canal side... so my mom took me through a shortcut which consisted of crossing a building.. the building was super gorgeous... It had a floor full of books... after going to the other side, I bought boba tea and then went back to that building and went to the floor of books... I started reading them and then I observed the other floors. I was in love with a guy named aarav... every evening we were going out.. I used to share everything with him, but he usually spoke less as compared to me. Then one evening we went to a church in Indiranagar after pizza... I sat along with aarav and the church priest told everyone that we have finished only 1 verse of Bible.. and she started reciting the other verses of Bible and I told aarav that "I can't understand a thing", he was like "yeah love, me too". Since we were Hindus I asked the priest whether it was okay to come in with our shoes on, then she was like it's your wish... me and aarav kept our shoes out of the church and then came in.. While going home.. I was sitting behind aarav on his bike. Then I was like aarnav, why do you pretend to be aarav.... he told me that because he is your imaginary lover, and I want to be your real lover. Then I asked him... so you love me? He did not answer... we went into a cabin, I saw my parents eating pizza... but I followed him to bedroom. He pretended to sleep, but yet again I asked him the same question.

31 Dec 2023

New Job


I had a really bad dream with demons… it was terrible. Ethan a new guy I met that I like was in my dream too. I was helping him move. And we stopped at my place, only it wasn’t my place as it is in real life. It was a big dark house and a terrible demon lived in it. Crazy shit started happening and I was really scared. But I was happy we are leaving, I just took a few things I needed and was leaving… but the realized the demon decided to put itself in a tennis rocket and followed me. So I tried to trick it and stopped at a church it couldn’t go it there… but then it transformed into this beautiful black chubby black woman dressed in red, and tricked the good people of the church to let it in. And was just happy I was scared of it and it wouldn’t want to leave my side, and I was just crying in the middle of the church begging God to get rid of it 😅 but no one would listen. And the priest tried but didn’t understand that the demon was real and while I was telling him about it I started flying because apparently I was also a fairy 🧚 😂but then he tried me down because that was unholy and questioned me on how I did that. And then I woke up

20 Nov 2023



Starting out, I was playing a game of darktide where I was the character as we were in a vast cave system fending off hordes and hordes of pox walkers (zombies), and other elite enemies, full of twists and turns of betrayal, cooperation, deceitful enemies, but we ultimately succeeded in winning with an epic desperate escape in which we all made it to the extraction elevator and beat the level on the hardest difficulty. Then, I was at the Warhammer 40k store gamers haven, hanging out with nerdy people, painting miniatures and designing characters when two pretty girls joined me at my table and were very pleasant, and I was looking forward to hanging out with my girlfriend later at our favorite bar. Another aspect of the dream was that I was in basically a space station, navigating my area, looking for new things, and trying to buy better guns and equipment to play more rounds of darktide and do better in the caves. The order was 1. Space station, getting security clearance to wander about and buy weapons, 2. Darktide level caves, 3. Post extraction, a bar, going to the Warhammer 40k store, and then painting at that store. I remember Iade a really cool mechanicus version of Lord Solar, with multiple tech priest arms and he kind of looked like general grievous.

3 Nov 2023

Haunted house


I went to this haunted house that was apparently in times Square with my grandparents and my mom. The house kept doing stuff that was freaking me out and I felt like they were trying to hurt me. I had also mentioned dreams of the old woman trying to kill me by suffocating me and an axe. My grandma told me it was an animatronic from a haunted attraction. I ended up waiting outside with my grandpa, who then became a priest and when I realized I left my special doll in the house, I had to grab it, so I raced inside to avoid the hippos in the yard trying to attack and then grandpa blessed it with holy water that looked like orange goop just to be sure.

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