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Dream Interpretation: Devil 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Devil? Discover the significance of seeing a Devil in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Devil appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

As disturbing as it may appear, this symbol represents unpleasant and adverse events; however, it also helps raise your awareness. It also reflects your shadow side. The one that you have well hidden because of your belief that it will cause harm to you and the ones around you.

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🧭 Direction


Recognize the parts of you that you have hidden. Learn from them as they have the ability to help you reach your goals. Ignorance and naivety will become an end for you, always pay attention to things around you, so you don't drag yourself to hell. Think of this as a warning sign to come out of hiding and embracing everything about you.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of encountering a devil can evoke intense fear, anxiety, and a sense of impending danger. It may leave the dreamer feeling overwhelmed, helpless, and vulnerable. The presence of a devil symbolizes inner conflicts, temptations, or negative influences in waking life. This dream may also reflect feelings of guilt, shame, or a struggle with one's own dark side. The unsettling emotions associated with this dream can linger, leaving the dreamer with a lingering sense of unease and a need for self-reflection.





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13 Jun 2024



So it starts out, I am in a doctors/dentist office waiting room. A receptionist comes out, a red head waitress I worked with. She just told me, “alright he is ready for you.” I got up to follow her to the 1st door on the right. As soon as im approaching the door, something I couldn’t pick up on changes, but I just got absolutely filled with the most fear and dread I have ever experienced in my life, and I knew for a fact, I was meeting the Devil. I walk into the room, and nothing, its just like a home bathroom with a shower toilet and sink counter. I just look into the mirror and catch a breath, when all a sudden I see him sitting right next to me, maybe sitting in the toilet, but sitting, waiting for me to achknowledge him. He appeared just as a regualr man in his early 30’s, good looking admittedly, and just a charming charesmatic guy. I felt instantly safe and fine around this guy, though I still understood he was the devil. I had a conversation with him about life, I remember absolutely none of the convo. But at the end he just evaporated into nothing and I left the bathroom room and I woke up. My friend thinks I made a deal with the devil. He is religious and my dream freaked him out a bit. I am not religious but I talked to whatever my interpretation of the devils presense is.

9 Jun 2024



Dream of being a female with black boots and shorts on killing zombies and being chased after by a herd. And my group slips. Then I'm in a room with a red-ish devil succubus lady while her tounge leeks out and licks up some one private parts and while she was naked and on top the the person and turns and looks at me and smiles. I feel this tingling sensation and sense I'm supposed to go over to the lady and have my way with her and dominate her but I watch her ride someone's dick and as I watched I felt the need that I was the person she was riding and I had a split image of me have an ogre with the succubus and I'm enchanted by her tail and horns. And I had the feeling she was enchanting me with a spell But I didn't and the dream changed to me walking up to a nice white house with flowers and then as I was inside the dog ran out the door full of zombies outside.

4 Jun 2024



I had a dream where I would record bird chirping into an app and get paid $15 for each animal. Then I showed my half sister kendall how to record the sounds to make money. We were at a petting zoo in the backyard of their new house and she recorded the sound of a goat. Then I took the goat with me trough some outdoor area and up a hill and into some mansion where there was a lot of powerful people. They saw me with the goat and I showed their kids how to use the recording app. Then the goat turned into the devil and I carried it out of the mansion and slid down a hill where there was a devil in front of me and a devil behind me. I chose to go forward and dodge the devil in front of me. Then I had a dream where I was in a classroom and I was trying to be really understanding of a hippie girl and how she saw the world. Some guys full of hate were arguing with her about something and so I backed her up and killed those guys, who happened to be alien cockroaches in disguise as humans. She walked off crying and I gave her a hug and let her cry on my shoulder. Then I was sitting at one table with a bunch of people and my friend Tyler benbrook was sitting at another table with a bunch of people. Someone from the room we were in announced that it was saint patricks day and so I said “it’s Tyler’s birthday then.” We were figuring out what to do with those cockroach aliens. I started walking down a ladder and there was a bunch of selections to choose from what to do to the cockroach aliens. So I chose to turn them into fish. I put them on a table and some in a blender. A bunch of fish were randomly in my mouth, so I started trying to spit them out and they wouldn’t come out. So I started pulling them out. Then I dreamt that I was playing a dragon ball video game with my little brother. He was playing as vegeta and he didn’t know how to do a kamehameha, so I showed him how and he was able to do it because I helped him out and then I woke up.

19 May 2024



I dreamed that it was some sort of apocalyptic time in the end times and there were some undersround bunkers made of layers of steel so that these alien things that traveled under ground couldn’t get us there but during the day we traveled and sometimes you could stumble upon them thinking they are rocks.. they had a list too of people that were looking for.. and we were in this karaoke place during the day my friend Bobby and his cousin were there and he is sick with cancer… I asked him did he want me to pray for him. I put my hands on him and prayed for God to heal him and he healed him. He said so happy with tears in his eyes. “It worked I knew it would work!” And there were only a few girls in there and they were singing todays songs and I told Then I was going to sing but it was going to be Jesus music bc God is real and he is the reason this is happening to us that we needed to repent and turn to God. I was waiting my turn and this guy almost found this ladies bunker and I told him it was a craw space.. then the owner started closing the business down. I leave and I had this toboggan hat that was long on both sides… passed Clair Danes and asked her did she want it.. i think it made devil horned but when she put it on it kept making angel wings. The. I heard them announce my name but it was Melissa wood.. and they were looking for me.. I was trying to get back to the bunker I had already been there once in the dream… it was almost like a whole nother world in there

14 May 2024

Tarot cards


i dreamed about some weird house that had three floors, in the basement was a room that had a tarot card of the devil in it and in the rooftop one for the angels. I’ve been mistreated so I decided to ask the devil for help and curse a boy. which worked but the devil tried to get more souls and I decided to ask the angels for help, there was a white witch that helped me create some circle each side had four numbers. 9, 7, 4 and 6. but for some reason i wasn’t able to do it cause the devil already cursed me. so the angels banned me into the basement and i drowned there because they filled it with water. then my soul transferred onto a boy so he could finish my work which did. though the devil tried to drown the white witch in thr basement and I dove down, yelling at the devil with some sort of siren screams to leave her alone, apparently I was purified and an angel myself that saved the white witch and all others too. after that my old dad died and thats when I woke up.

10 May 2024



Falling to hell to fighting my demons going to war destroy the once and for all so no one has to live in fear and and break the devil's neck spend annihilate the demons the whole people back

9 May 2024



Satan was at my bedroom door to my room in my old house. He knocked on it and was speaking to me through the door. There was darkness outside my room and I covered the door shut and used towels to keep the door shut. He never physically came in but kept using words to talk to me. One of the things that he mentioned was something like that of God sending him because God was losing health.. I went up to the door to see and peeked through the crack of the door to see what he looked like but it was so dark that I couldn’t see him. So I slammed it quickly. As I was laying in my bed being harassed by Satan he still wouldn’t leave me alone. I was hoping on God to help me and I was reciting scripture but God didn’t seem like he was there. I felt like I was being gripped by darkness and Then two of my cats came and climbed up on top of my bunk bed. Kiki and Hoho came to comfort me and laid on my chest and near me while Satan was trying to convince and harass me. Then I felt better when they were with me. Then I woke up

8 May 2024



I dreamed of the place I grew up as a child. I was in my grandparents home. The house has grey cement around it not paint. The windows are old type with 8 windows stacked in two's about 12" x 6". Some windows were opened with a book inserted to keep them up. It was early in the morning, I could see the sun shinning from a big window which was located in the middle east side of the house. I saw people walking around outside, people didnt know. Their were native americans, whites, and African american people just walking around outside. They kept knocking at our front door. We had two doors in the front of the house, one was located toward the east and one toward the north. I was looking out the windows closing the curtains. The curtains were made of a piece of fabric with wire holding it up as their curtain rod. No matter how I closed them you could still see through the cracks. I was there with my grandmother. She hears people knocking at the doors and I'm telling her not to answer, but she opened the the door to the west and people started coming in. The people were not normal. I tried to figure out what's wrong with them. They started attacking me. I noticed they could not speak, but could communicate telepathically. So when they were attacking me I told them telepathically, " My God is most powerful and almighty. I am his messages, Satan can not defeat him there I am God's messenger". I looked into their eyes saying that. I was not afraid anymore. But more and more people started to gather. So I asked the people I released from being possessed, " Why is this happening?" , they told me it's the devil and they told me I had to go to hell and tell him to stop. I asked, "Where is that at?", they told me the door is in the ditch behind the house where people are coming out from. So I started walking behind the old house and walked toward the ditch. I walked into what looked like a giant whole in the ground, the dirt was the same color of the dirt at my grandma's house. When I walked in it was like a long hallway, I could stand and walk in it. I could smell the wet dirt. As I walked further I started smelling an order like metal. The smell was unbearable but I kept walking. They I saw a light, like an end of a tunnel light. I kept walking through it. The smell got worse. They I walked into a sleeping area seemed like to me. There were beds like cubbies dugout from the dirt. There were women laying in each covered in blood completely naked. They were laughing at me. I realized the smell was blood. Some were pregnant. Their bodies all smeared in blood. They were not hurt. As I walked through so many of them finally came to a room. And I saw him. I think it was Satan. He was short had two small horns on his forehead and his ears were pointy. He had a long tail with a speared tip. He had hands with five fingers with black claw like fingers. His feet was large with five toes on each side with claw like toe nails. He was a male and was naked with blood smeared all over is body. He was standing walking back in forth in front of me. There was a dog like animal laying at his feet. It was a large animal like a black wolf with big teeth and it had large claws as well. Satan kept walking back in forth in front of me. There were other creatures around sitting or standing. The creatures were also big and had fur. And they were standing with legs. I was not afraid because I trusted in God fully. Satan did not speak bit communicated telepathically. Asked me why are you here. I told him, " I am a messenger from God, stop possessing those people. God is my protector in him I give my life to, he is my savior. He is most high and powerful then you. So stop the possessing these people. And he told me, he will stop. And nothing is going to hurt you walking out. So I left. Then I woke up...

3 May 2024



I was playing the game called roblox and I just noticed an account that was following me was a bald default avatar named satan and everytime I would join a different game he would be right there chasing me into a hole a unknown hole.

2 May 2024



My dad sister and I were out drinking at night which we never do and after a drink we decided to walk back home to our Airbnb. It had rained a little earlier so we were laughing as we were jumping around puddles as we walked past trees. On the way a big delivery truck stopped as we were walking by, and it was one of my friend's parents. It was great to see him again, and he was reading A Course in Miracles, a book that I'm currently reading, and he mentioned how much he loved it. as we were leaving this girl and her brother who I've never met before started talking to me she said that she was from Argentina the city Cordoba and wanted to hang out more but my dad and sister said that we gotta go and that you shouldn't be talking to her because she’s got bad intentions. After that, we finally got back to our Airbnb. When we got back to the AirBnB, we had some trouble with the key, but eventually we were able to get in. The door lock ended up coming out, and I had to work to put the lock back together and open the door.

26 Apr 2024



This was a nightmare about an invisible devilish entity living in a house. A girl sat at the dinner table speaking with the entity. As she spoke to it, it got stronger. You could tell it was getting stronger by its voice. The first time I spoke to it, the entity was weak. The second time it was stronger and like an invisible force it grabbed me and submerged me below the floorboards unter the house and down into a deep ocean underground.

24 Apr 2024



I had a dream that I was being lured by a man that was represented as the devil i think and i was screaming in my dream and screaming in my sleep " God loves me and I am Gods." until my fiance woke me up because i was screaming it out loud in my sleep.

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