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Dream Interpretation: Familiar 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Familiar? Discover the significance of seeing a Familiar in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Familiar appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

Dreaming of something familiar can represent comfort, security, and a sense of belonging. It may also indicate that you are experiencing a sense of déjà vu or a feeling of familiarity with a situation or person.

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🧭 Direction


Consider the context of the familiar object or person in your dream. Is it a positive or negative experience? This may provide insight into your current feelings of comfort or discomfort in your waking life. Additionally, reflect on any recurring patterns or situations in your life that may be contributing to this sense of familiarity.

❤️ Feelings

This dream evokes a sense of comfort and recognition. It brings about feelings of familiarity and a connection to something or someone from the past. It may elicit emotions of nostalgia and a longing for the known. The dreamer may experience a sense of ease and reassurance, as if being in a familiar environment or with familiar people. Overall, this dream elicits a warm and comforting sensation, providing a sense of belonging and security.





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13 Apr 2024



i dreamt about being at school and the principal following me around. she was trying to talk to me and say she was there for me. i walked away and sat down in the middle of the school with a fimiliar girl but i couldn’t tell who she was. the principal didn’t follow me so i went down the other hallway and i felt very uncomfortable and sad and scared but i don’t remember why and i just started running. while i was running there was a strong force pulling me back and i kept falling and crying and i finally made it to class and then i woke up.

6 Apr 2024

New Job


I dreamt about my old coworker Liz, who I became super infatuated with. I always wanted to get to know her on a deeper level, but her professionalism kept that wall up between us. I once invited her to a birthday party and she declined because she could’ve gotten in trouble for hanging out with me, as it would break the rules of her job. I couldn’t help but feel a flirty tension between us though constantly. Unfortunately nothing ever happened between us, and I moved away a few months later. In the dream, however, we were paired together on the job like we used to, except this time she was going through struggles with her boyfriend, and I leaped on the opportunity. We crept around behind the scenes and hid from familier faces like Miguel, and Illiana, our store managers. The environment kept changing though, we weren’t working at Hollister but more of a Walmart/Sam’s club like store. And we hid in the isles and got to know each other well. When I was finally ready to make my move I kissed her. I felt as if it was real, every sensation I remember from my first kiss flooded my mind. Then I woke up not too long after…

5 Apr 2024



I was in school. Not sure what grade and not sure what school because it didn’t look familiar. Anyways I was in class and the teacher was teaching. All of sudden BOOM!!!! Everyone heard the loudest noise u could ever hear. Everyone froze. I didn’t. I got up and ran outside. There was trees and no road so it wasn’t like a regular school. Kids and teachers were running towards the building behind me. I started running from where they came from. Someone that I believe was my friend told me it was a gun shot. After hearing that my heart dropped and I ran too pushing through the crowd of people. Once I got to the door there was an annoucement of a girl who poses as a human but it really something else unknown. To make sure we are okay we have to check the features of the person. I opened the door and the girl behind me was telling no try again as to close then open the door again. So that’s what I did, all the way up till she said “okay she looks good we can go in.” She was the first one in after that I followed and everyone else came. I didn’t go straight to my class though I went to a different classroom. As soon as I opened the classroom door, a little girl screamed, “OMG MYA. I THOUGHT YOU WERE OUT THERE.” She jumped up from her seat and ran towards me. The weird thing was I wasn’t confused that she called me someone else’s name. In my dreams I normally don’t have my own name. Anyways. After we hugged for a while, she let go and asked what happened. She looked more relaxed now that she saw me. I told her nothing she should worry about and had her go back to sit down. I walked over to her teacher and asked her teacher if she knew what had happened. She said no and looked lost. She told me by the time she came into the classroom with her class and shut the the door they all heard the boom. I heard that and felt so relieved. For some reason when I ran outside I seemed to be looking someone while also trying to figure out what happened. That little girl was who I was trying to find. She was my little cousin!! I left her class and walked to mine. I got to class and everyone was looking at me and I just walked to my desk as I saw the angry expression on my teachers face. I said proudly and frank, “ I heard a loud noise outside and I had ta make sure my cousin was safe. I don’t care if I get into trouble that’s family and I bet you would’ve done the same thing.” I got to my seat and my teachers face turned to a more understanding look. She turned towards the white board and continued speaking to the class. I put my head down on the desk and then I woke up.

4 Apr 2024

New Job


OK I had a dream where the settings started at my old school mixed with my new school mix with some apartment mixed with my house ok so the dream started when I was having PE and I think I’ve had the stream before last year where we would do a whole bunch of exercises, but this was different. I met a guy that I didn’t know that was really nice and we held hands then when we were holding hands, I had my friends in my dream and my ex in my dream after that he was gone but I felt connected to him somehow but the thing is I didn’t. I don’t think I knew him and he never told me his name. He asked mine, but I didn’t get the chance to tell him and then when I was going to the locker room, I think I don’t know what happened but my clothes were like off like I didn’t wear any clothes but I was holding them and so I wrapped a towel around me and I walked to where my next class would be in a towel and there was this group of guys that I that I know but I never talk to them. They were sort of flirting, but in a friendly way it was kind of funny but I get to the bathroom I go into the wrong bathroom I go into the guys bathroom then I see a teacher walk in there and then my cousin Jeffrey walks in there and he’s like OK, you gotta go so I was like OK so he’s like just make it look like you need to go get food and then go to the other side and the thing is that this side of the school looks like a familiar school my other dream that I had a long time ago and when I get up I’m scared I kind of freeze in the guys like just so I go and I’m scared that he might like tell another teacher so I make my way to the other side of the bathroom to finish up changing and then I see two police cars just with their sirens on and they’re like driving around. I was like wait this is weird, I was going to my class and then for some reason my class ended up mixed with my house that I live in now and I saw my dog but there’s two of him and my mom was on the phone and she was talking to my grandma and then she told me to talk to her and then my dream stopped

2 Apr 2024

Tarot cards


I was in Colorado in the mountains. We were on a retreat, period. There was a school bus that we were getting around in. Then we got dropped off at a grocery store. It was familiar, and I felt like I'd shopped there before, but I didn't shop for any food. Instead, I went to the counter on the side to find boxes, period. There were boxes of tarot cards. I looked through all of them and opened them to see what was inside, period. I remember seeing the devil card on one of the decks, and I opened and looked through a bunch of them, period. I was looking through them for a very long time, and I knew the bus was leaving soon, but I did not care, period. I brought the decks over to the counter, and he said it would be $30 for everything. The bus was about to leave, but I was still checking out, and I took my time. He said, $50 for the books and the tattoos, and I said, tattoos? I don't need any of those. He said, okay, good. Then we'll just do $30 for everything, period. I paid them in, and the bus left without me. Another person was left with me, too, and we were told the bus couldn't come back until Monday, even though today was Saturday, period. Oh, it's not the end of the world. I'll just call us an Uber. So I called us an Uber back to the house, and we drove through the mountains, and there was a beautiful crystal hot tub outside, and the dream ended.

1 Apr 2024



Dreamt that I was feeling unsure of myself and the decision I chose. I was pregnant with my ex boyfriends baby. It finally clicked to me the responsibilities and challenges it would come with, and how my life would change forever. I knew abortion would be the smartest idea but I wanted to keep the baby because he was created with a person I love. I felt guilty for wanting to keep the baby but also it not being my ex boyfriends choice. And him being down or his life ruined because of the choice I wanted. It was a piece of him I didn’t want to let go because o found love in it. I laughed so hard I peed my pants a little bit so I had to go find a bathroom, it was funny. Started exploring cool dreamscape architecture. Slid down a steep hill. Landed in the city near a gym. Went inside. The basement was a library but also had research rooms. They had a psychology experiment room dedicated to studying the archetype of teeth in dreams. One of the research assistants looked familiar

30 Mar 2024

Running away


Me and my immediate family was at our step fam house. Everyone was outside standing around. The eldest mom wanted to pray sing for us. There were a bunch more kids here than we actually have in the waking life. The eldest mom started and during her pray we heard someone going around inside the house. We thought it was an intruder because everyone was accounted for outside. I went to look and only found someone’s shadow running away. I went back inside with my bracelet broken and told the others that they were gone. They were heading back to the front yard but something in me wanted to go back and see who the intruder was. So I pretended to go look for my charms that were on my bracelet and seen a girl coming up the stairs. She looked a bit familiar. I told her she was pretty and wanted to get to know her more. She agreed so I was going to take down her number but then my family started to come back to see where I was. I told them everything was good and they helped with the broken bracelet. I left them again to quickly get her number but another girl was there. But I didn’t seem afraid. I said hi and the girl I was looking for came back. We all decided to be friends. As we were talking my family was coming back out to the back and we ran. We ran until we found a security card to a door and went in. There were people there and they thought were the new workers. So we went along with it to try to look around. There were two other new people , men, who were very nice. They had us drawing something each different and interesting. I couldn’t finish mine and they decided to help me. I didn’t know they were able to do that and I started crying. We ended up being live while the whole thing was playing out and our family found us, they were commenting about us. The people at the place we were at discovered we were runaways. I think we got kicked out. So we ended up with our families trying to explain everything and it was at some school. I felt like I was off the hook but one of the girls were in trouble. Not because she ran away but because her dad discovered she liked girls. I didn’t like that he didn’t approve. As they talked privately I looked around the school and there were people actually there learning. I climbed thru a vent in the floor and that’s where I found a storage room. A teacher came in to grab a hiding student and I told them I was only looking for something. So they let me go. I climbed back up and went to check on my new friend. She was crying and laying on the floor. I asked my mom what happened and where her dad go. She didn’t say anything. I went to her as she was lying there and she yelled “ I said ok!!” I guess he tried to “convert” her to not liking girls. I told her it was me and laid next to her. She started crying and said thanks. I don’t know where they other girl I liked had gone but we decided to run away again. We say a door down the hall and took our chance. It was a play room. But we couldn’t figure out how to get around. After we figured it out there were other kids there playing. We tried to figure out how to leave as we all got called to come back.

30 Mar 2024



On March 30th, I dream I was meeting a mink. Minks in my dream are humanoids with animal features. In my dream it's a mink dog. It was night at that time.. I asked him to make the other minks leave.. since we'll have a private discussion..and the other minks left. Then I remember I was in a family reunion.. outside in some place.. it was not dark nor bright.. there's no sun nor moon. It's on afternoon.. I guess.. or evening.. the sky is light purple.. We we're all chatting.. then there's this woman/girl.. she looks older than me.. but I don't remember her.. she's elegant and rich as they said... She said about treating my tuition on college.. or so.. So I talk to her a bit more.. Then we need farewell.. I ask her name but she was already far away.. she answered but I couldn't here it.. There's a man and a woman waiting for me.. I go into the house.. There's a grandpa and a grandma... They seem busy.. and unhappy.. I try to make a conversation yet.. they're playing.. I took an interest on the grandma.. Then I strangely rowing a boat.. in a fast pase on the raging water wave.. it's rocky and we're sliding... Then for some reason I'm rowing in a broken ice.. I thought to myself it would've been easier if they're all frozen.. Then I'm in a banquet.. There's a lot of food stalls.. It's bright outside.. And I meet a familiar face.. Aye. A classmate of mine.. She accompanied me on walking around.. I stopped on one food stall... I was looking for a chicken but there's one chicken that's odd.. they said it's not chicken.. I taste it and it's not.. close, but not chicken.. Still I took it

30 Mar 2024



I was dropped off in Seattle and I had amnesia and I had no idea why I was there. I wandered certain areas that seemed familiar but I couldn’t point a finger as to why. I walked around a down town area, where there were people eating outside in patios aside restaurants, shops and even a park with swings. Then I found a phone and called a number I remembered, then called someone which was my husband and he explained that he was there too but he is in a work meeting. Then all made sense.

29 Mar 2024

Dead body


There I was. Impaled through my stomach and out by back by one of the needles that was sitting at the bottom of this abyss I was knocked into that now has my blood dripping on it covering it in my blood. My limbs are twitching as I'm stuck around the needle point as my body is unable to go further down towards the bottom. My eyes pour blood the same time my mouth is throwing it up. I saw from a different perspective this time. This time I'm looking up at myself. But as bad as it is it couldn't possibly get any worse. That was a lie. Sooner than later I see a train falling right above me. And at the right moment, I woke up. I rose up quickly dripping in sweat and tears looking like I just been baptized. I found myself clenching my pajama shirt in between my stomach and my chest where there was excruciating pain. But it was only a nightmare. So why am I having this pain? This feeling was familiar to me… could this be another one of my prophetic dreams? If it was than I need to figure out what it means. Quickly. I laid back down questioning myself. How did I end up in that situation? Well let me tell you. I'm standing in front of an abyss. In between this large rigid train track that goes across this petrifying hole that leads to another side. I tried to run to the other side of this abyss but I gave up to the thought that it wasn't going to end. I closed my eyes and I somehow ended up in the same spot to begin with. “this place seems scarcely familiar..” I whispered to myself afraid that I would attract unwanted attention. I examine the place trying to look for certain things that could possibly ring a bell so that I can remember where I am and how to escape. And this is what I see. I looked in front of me and there is a train track that has no support holding it up above or below. I looked down and I saw a corpse lying on the train track where its ‘used to be’ head was. When I looked over to where the rest of its rotted head has been scattered to, I get startled to the sight and jerked backwards falling having tripped on the boards of the track. My hands start to shake like they were having a seizure and my heart was already starting to beat up against my ribs trying to escape and leave me making my breathing pattern irregular. Soon I get up and back away quickly from it and turn around ready to run away from this place like a headless chicken. But alas I am stopped by a brick wall that was infinity high. I immediately run to get around it but the deeper I got thee more ominous that place got. I started to feel my tear ducks fill with salty water as I become frustrated and terrified I was with this place. I close my eyes to release the tears and found myself right back in the middle of the train tracks. I continued to keep looking around and I eventually see an old abandoned gas station with one street light flickering and shining over a figure that would sometimes appear under the light and a sign written in blood, ‘Only the true special ones make it home this way’. I tensed up at the sign as another dead corpse lying on the side of the sign. I felt offended by the sign saying ‘only the special ones’ due to my narcissistic side. It was like it was taunting me saying I wasn't. But I am special! “What makes me different from the people that survived?” the next thing I knew, I see a train coming right for me on the tracks right when I began to start hoping on the boards. Still on land I watch as the train speeds my way as I stood there as numb as a block of wood. But right as it seemed it was about to hit me, I stupidly cross my arms in front my face and lower myself into a stance ready to accept my fate. My eyes teared at the thought, ‘Maybe I'm not special…?’. I closed my eyes tight enough it felt like my eyes were being pushed in by the lids of them. I stood there and opened my eyes hesitantly expecting a harsh impact, I felt nothing but strong wind. I stayed in that position for another half a second before fully opening my eyes with confusion. I could see the train around me as I went through it. “ghost train..?” I asked quietly before falling to my knees as the winds stopped holding me up. After another second I stand up again from my knees regaining my confidence despite this ungodly place and ignoring the fact that something was waiting for me on the other side. I begin hoping on the boards risking my life with each hop. It wasn't until I get to the middle of the huge abyss where I missed a step and fell in between the boards. I immediate reflex was to hold on to something so I don't fall in. I grasped onto one of the boards that was thankfully not far away. I couldn't bring myself back up due to the many trains that were passing by and possibly knocking me off the track, so I had to reach to the next board like I was playing on monkey bars. Once I finally reached the end of the abyss, I climbed up onto the land and unlike the other side I felt grass in the ground so I knew I was making ok progress. Still being the darkest, gloomiest and most ominous place I've ever seen in my life, I am still cautious to this new sight. I stood up facing a forest with very tall thin grayish brown trees with dull grass. As I stood up as silent as a white rabbit hiding from its prey, I observed the forest regretting having gone over here. Until I heard a faint whisper and rustling leaves behind me. I ran. I ran as fast as I could. I tuned around to see if I've gotten far from whatever that was, but it turned out I didn't get far at all. I stopped trying to run and stood looking behind me. Nothing. I figured I could continue finding my way through this forest but as soon as I turned around I meet this thing with a safe for a head wrapped in thorns and an apron covered in dirt and blood along with its hammer covered in mud blood and other disgusting fluids you could ever think of. It already had its weapon held up high as I stood there and before I could process the moment, he swung his hammer and I fell in the abyss. I'm falling and paralyzed and afraid. This is where I've met my wits end. Even though I can not move or scream and cry bloody murder for help, I can still feel this pain that has impacted me. It felt like someone dropped a wreaking ball wrapped in sharp wires cutting open my skin while releasing its disease through my sore body. It felt like someone injected a poison in me that also had small crystals inside of the killing substance just to tear me apart on the inside as much as it is on the outside. As I'm falling the river of tears, blood, and a black tar like substance flow out of my eyes, nose and mouth. I see all the lost souls, dead bodies, blood, and organs spread out everywhere. My perspective changed in this dream changed so that I could see myself falling from a distance. I see that as I fall I managed to turn over facing the ground. The perspective changed again and now I see that my face has gone pale and I could feel my heart giving up and my eyes changing to a cloudy gray. And there I was. Impaled through my stomach and out by back by one of the sharpest infectious needles that was sitting at the bottom of this abyss I was knocked into. My limbs are twitching as I'm stuck around the needle point as my body is unable to go further down towards the bottom. My eyes pour blood the same time my mouth is throwing it up. I could still see from a different perspective this time. This time I'm looking up at myself and the train falling right over me behind me. The fastest second went by and the train finally fell on me. Scattering my insides out. Squirting all the fluids out my body. And splitting me in half due to the pressure put on my body while still on the needle like a kebab.

29 Mar 2024



I was at my previous apartment, it and the town had all become run down. Almost post-apocalyptic. There was an old tree that had fallen and rotten under the moist conditions. Rain and humidity were very much common in this environment, both in dream and real life. But it was far more prevalent in the dream. It served as a great hinding spot for hinding resources. At some point, my sister and I were young enough to need a caregiver. Our parents had both died and we were being looked after for years by my coworker, who in real life, is actually a Philosophy teacher. He was always kind to us. My sister and I were young adults and were out in this harsh landscape of what the city had become. We ran into a few pokemon, some I recognized, others I didn't. There were evolved forms of Koffing, the smoke pokemon. And a few electric-type that were familiar only in the dream. It sortof looked like Electebuz meets Elekid. For some reason, in this dream, pokemon evolution was achieved by combining two matching pokemon instead of gaining experience or any other means. So, we just went around evolving the two pokemon mentioned earlier. While walking along one of the sidwalks in some broken down part of town, found out that he had suddenly died, my sister tried to prevent me from seeing the text message telling me. I assume this was to protect me since I'm the youngest sibling. But I had told her that I had already seen it. We had become old enough not to need caregiver (very young adults/teens), but not too old to require support and guidance from an adult. After this my sister and I suddenly aged rapidly. We became old women. I ended up guiding a tour of kids around my previous apartment and showed them the local flora and fauna that had started growing after all the devastation. I was even teaching them survival since this whole place required it. One little boy pointed out the little jar of stones I had collected. And I just sort of glazed over the subject. The old tree that had fallen and rotten earlier had now grown a lichen inside of it right under the bark and around the exposed inner surface of the tree. It started falling apart the more you kept digging.

27 Mar 2024

New Job


I was walking around my neighborhood when I noticed the house across from mine was way different and brand new when suddenly I went into the car with my brothers and a oddly familiar white guy. When we were driving we entered onto a highway the white who was driving began driving recklessly making me feel nervous but at the same time exited. Then suddenly I ask the driver “Could this be a dream” to which he didn’t reply so I reality checked. Once I became lucid I attempted to change our setting only to send a powerful purple shockwave going through one lane of the highway then I woke up

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