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Dream Interpretation: Storm 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Storm? Discover the significance of seeing a Storm in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Storm appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This symbolizes chaos, discord, and tension in your environment. This could be external, with your friends, family, or work, or coming from within you. It could also mean some bottled-up negative emotions which you find hard to express.

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🧭 Direction

Bad omen

Make preparations to weather these difficult times. You may be feeling anxious, but build your confidence and take care of yourself because once this time is over, there will be the opportunity to grow new life.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of a storm can evoke a range of intense emotions. It may bring feelings of fear, anxiety, and vulnerability as the storm represents chaos and unpredictability. The dreamer may also experience a sense of powerlessness and helplessness in the face of the storm's destructive force. However, there can also be a sense of awe and fascination, as storms possess a certain beauty and raw energy. The dream may symbolize emotional turmoil or a challenging situation in waking life. Overall, the storm dream elicits a mix of negative and ambivalent emotions, reflecting the complex nature of storms and their impact on our psyche.





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6 May 2024

Video Game


I was running from some sort of monster that looked like a storm. I was in a desert surrounded with Harry Potter, Dumbledore, Hermione, Ron, Snape, and loads more of Harry Potter characters. We fell upon quick sand and decided to allow it to pull us in. It took a while, but when we slipped through we landed into a secret layer. We all stayed together as we were scanning all of the various rooms. We soon enough went into a room that locked us in. It took a while, but we found a secret way out, which lead us to a room with a huge chessboard. While everyone was playing the chessboard to escape, I was scanning around as Harry Potter was following me as if I was the main character in a video game. I wound up finding another way out. We followed this escape route into some sort of auditorium where Voldemort was waiting in the shadows. Harry went off to battle him while Dumbledore was warning him not to. The dream ends there.

18 Apr 2024



I was outside and it was about me and 200 people. It was night and there was this big open field of grass with trees around the perimeter. They said a tornado started and since I was meteorology major it was my job to forecast everything and protect the people. There was no tornado but it was thunderstorming with a lot of heavy rain. The wind picked up a lot and all off our tents that we were under started to topple over. I tried to grab one side and hold it down and some people helped me but then it just flew away, and I kept trying again but it kept failing so I switched plans and I told everyone to get under cover under the trees at the perimeter of the big open field. I was yelling a lot because there was lightning in area and people could get hurt. I was trying to keep everyone underneath a tree which had long branches and acted as a new tent and I hoped the tree wouldn’t get struck by lightning. If the tree was struck by lightning we would all die but it was a risk worth taking. Some guys had ran back into the field to pick up objects they left like peoples phones which was stupid and while I new the phones were important I was screaming at them to get back. They were all people that I had known through different stages of my life. Then I saw little light balls traveling up to the sky and I new that those were negative and positive charges trying to reach each other for lightning to form and strike. I knew that wasn’t how lightning worked in reality but I didn’t care. I didn’t have a sense I was dreaming but I new what I was experiencing wasn’t real. There was lightning everywhere and the light balls path finding towards the sky. It was actually really beautiful to watch these light balls go up into the sky in zigzags but they indicated impeding doom. I was yelling at people to stay on their toes and to make themselves small so that they had less of a chance at being struck that way and that’s what I had learned. Unfortunately a guy I knew who was running through the field got struck with lightning and he kinda exploded. There was a lot of blood and he ended on the ground. Some people screamed, but since I was in charge I had to do something about it. I got a stretcher and another guy who was strong and not afraid and we ran into the field after the guy despite the possibility of getting struck. I was scared but I knew I had to get the guy into cover. We got him, put him on the stetcher, and hobbled back under the big tree that was the main headquarters. For some reason people under the other trees tried to get to our tree cause that was where the “headquarters” was but I was screaming at them to stop because it was dangerous being in the open. The whole dream was really loud and people were then getting struck and it was windy and rainy. Another guy got struck and it looked like a bomb had gone off. Blood exploded into the air with smoke and then he got struck again and the blood in the distance was very vivid. Some people looked at me like I had failed the guy and I gulped because I knew despite being in charge I really had no blame for others bad choices but the situation was really bad I only wanted no problems to happen. I was really emotionless to this despite the internal emotions, and I said to some people that “that was rough” about the guy. I felt like some people looked at me with distain because I wasn’t emotionally present or empathetic. Eventually the storm disappeared, and everyone came out from their coverings on all sides. It was still grey outside but everyone had these papers pinned to their shirts that were colored. It showed that they were in teams and that they were actors. Apparently everyone who got struck by lightning was just a simulation and nothing bad had actually happened. That’s when I laughed and then started sobbing really hard and one of my male buddies opened up their arms for me to hug because they looked really awkward about me crying and didn’t know what to do. I hugged them really tightly which is very unusually especially since I’m a girl and they are a guy. When I stopped I saw another one of my male buddies and I knew he was thinking that I could hug him as well to feel better but I was ok so I ignored him kinda, just brushed off my previous emotions. This is when I woke up from the dream, but then I checked the time and since I had another hour and a half of sleep I immediately fell back asleep and the dream continued where it left off. I was playing a bored game with my sister, then we went back into our dorms and my mom and grandma came to visit. My sister disappeared from the dream. I was talking with my mom about the whole situation, and she said I should marry my buddy who hugged me. I was a little annoyed because I didn’t like him that way and since he is in my squadron I’m not allowed to date any of my buddies. He really appreciated hearing that though because he had some insecurity issues. I glanced at another one of my male buddies that I am good friends with and he looked a little annoyed at the conversation so I left to avoid drama. My grandma asked me if I had talked to my sister and I told her I recently played a board game with her, which I haven’t actually talked to my sister in a month. I went outside of my dorm onto a small porch and it was nighttime and calm outside. I gave my mom a really long and good hug to stress relieve.

14 Apr 2024



I had a terrible dream a friend and I were walking through some bushland and we could tell something terrible had happened it just felt so dark so I said let's do a karakia which is a māori prayer but something instilled so much fear in my friend....she wanted to stear clear and we left Afterwords we all went home and I was having these terrible headaches almost like seizures not that i would know....I was home alone during a storm and I just had the worst feeling like something bad was going to happen....or something was watching me or whatever I felt so bad I was trying to make something to eat and someone called the house (totally different house i sont recognise it) the dryer was going off the cat was being a nuisance and I kept dropping everything it was just a messy chaotic dream It was a stormy night and all I remember was someone trying to get ahold of me as if to warn me

30 Mar 2024



My soccer team and I were playing in the indoor soccer competition. We were doing really well and we made it to the finals. During the finals we were winning the match, but the refs started making bad calls which took two of our goals away and we had to go into overtime. I remember being frustrated and angry with the referee for those bad calls. As I'm typically understanding and calm. Before overtime started we huddled up to get motivated and we really wanted to win but for some reason I knew we were going to lose. The game started and right when the game started they scored and we lost. I got extremely upset with the referee, screamed at him and then stormed off.

18 Mar 2024



We were having a field day then there was a huge storm outside so we went inside, there was a huge tunnel underneath the house we were able to go back in time everything was nostalgic. I went to go pee and it was going everywhere so I woke up

18 Mar 2024



The world was almost in a pre apocalyptic state. Everyone was confused but I was stuck in a grocery store full of people I didnt know but somehow was bonded to. The government or men in black came and dropped this enormous silver/ mirror like ball in front of the store and left. When I asked about this they daid “this is where all the bad weather will go”. Suddenly we were all surrounded by thick storm clouds with lightning buzzing all through them and us. I started being pulled to the middle where the ball was but was too scared to let go of the whatever I was holding onto to keep me as far away from it as I could. We were all scared about something but we really didn’t know what was happening. Gravity seemed to start going away slowly and we all expected the ball to take away all of the clouds but after a little bit nothing happened and we all scurried to find somthing to help keep us from being sucked up by whatever force that the ball had. Only me and the 2 females I didnt know but was bonded to were there at the end stuck trying to figure out what to do next. Then I woke up

13 Feb 2024



I had a dream that I was walking home from the middle of my city from a field trip, to my house. However, there was a lightning storm and lightning kept hitting all around us. A woman got hit first, which is when the severity of the situation hit. I remember cutting through some woods to get home faster, then got hit in the arm with lightning. It hurt and left a mark. In a subsequent dream, a cloud formation in the distance expanded in a vivid manner, with the rain line rapidly approaching, followed by more lightning.

27 Jan 2024



One day I was checking the weather app and it said there was supposed to be a huge lightning storm in a couple days where thousands of lightning bolts struck at once, so I was looking at the days after and it said it could stay between to 2,000 or 3,000 degrees with one of the days hitting 9,000 degrees. For some reason my family was leaving me alone to go on a trip to Canada and I had to stay home and take care of my dog. I kept asking them how he was going to be able to use the restroom since the temperature would be in the thousands and they said to just lay out a big sheet of paper and let him use that to go to the restroom. And I asked how we were going to be able to get food and they didn’t answer and just walked out the door. Then I woke up.

4 Dec 2023



I was trying to find cover in a fast food restaurant while there was a really bad storm. The storm ripped off the front of the building and there was lots of wind and rain.

22 Nov 2023



It was storming outside but i was at school with friends and we were conducting science expiraments while havinh a party

26 Oct 2023



I was living again in a past house, organizing my bedroom, when it started raining. The windows were open so run and close them. The rain quickly turns into a storm. I hear a loud noise outside and go to the living room to know what happened then my sister calmly opens the front door. I yell at her, telling to close the damn door so our house wouldn't be destroyed, which to she rolls her eyes and says it is just a small rain and it'd be over soon. I was in shock, it was hard to believe someone could be this stupid. The wild wind invades the house, making a huge mess. In front of our house there is a neighbor's entire rooftop, wich explained the previous noise. A while later, with dirt everywhere in the room and our furniture completely wet, the storm finally stops. I go outside to check on the surroundings and I see another destroyed rooftop by the end of the street and some of my neighbours looking around thinking of how to clean the mess. I still don't know if the other neighbor was ok, considering what happened to their house, so I ask someone who says that they probably wasn't at home when it happened. While I'm still very angry at my sister for ignoring me and taking the situation for granted, I can't not feel bad for the other people whom now have to deal with the consequences of the sudden storm.

21 Oct 2023



I’m standing outside my nanny’s house it looks like a storm is rolling In because the clouds are dark. There is someone in front of me, a man, and he says that all the houses in the vicinity were empty and I could have my choice of them. It was such a beautiful gensture that I started to cry because I knew it couldn’t last forever

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