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Dream Interpretation: Rain 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Rain? Discover the significance of seeing a Rain in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Rain appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This dreams is often considered a good omen and symbolizes emotional development and positive life. Water is usually associated with our emotions and suggests growth and development in our personal life. It also indicates great success in the near future.

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🧭 Direction


It's time to get rid of any negativity that you have been holding on to in your life. Instead, tune into your inner self as it's trying to bring you emotional and physical development. Believe in yourself and your abilities as it can provide you with financial gain and prosperity.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of rain can evoke a sense of tranquility and renewal. It symbolizes cleansing and emotional release, bringing a feeling of refreshment and rejuvenation. It may also represent a need for emotional healing or a desire for growth and change. The sound and sight of raindrops can create a soothing atmosphere, fostering a sense of peace and serenity. Overall, this dream can leave one with a sense of calmness and a longing for emotional clarity.





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11 Jul 2024



My dad was driving me to a Retail park, there was a brand new blockbuster store that I wanted to go and see, but my dad said no. There was a medical centre we went in about feet. There were loads of people waiting. We left and walked back to the car, it was raining and my dad handed me the car keys. I was so tired that I lay down and couldn't get back up. He told me to wait and he walked to get the car. The ground was wet and there were puddles.

10 Jul 2024



i was staying somewhere with my family and me and sister got into a bad fight and i pushed her out of a car when we were driving and when we got back to where we were staying it started raining really hard. we were staying by the ocean so the storm turned into a tsunami type situation. it got so bad that things started breaking and water was getting in and i was convinced i would die

9 Jul 2024



My dream from last night was really weird. It started off on Halloween. I put on my costume before realizing that I had to go to school. The school didn’t allow its students to wear costumes, so I had to take mine off. Once I got to school, it started raining. My teacher talked about Halloween and how she loved it and that she wanted to see everyone’s costumes. Since I left mine at home, I couldn’t show it to her. She said that it was okay, but the assistant teacher came out of nowhere and offered to give me a ride back home so I could grab my costume. For some reason, I decided to take his offer and soon the two of us were in his car. We went to my house and I grabbed my costume from the closet before getting back in the car. The assistant teacher said that I should put it on before he drove to his house. Once at his house, he lead me to the bathroom and told me to put my costume on again. I started to get a little nervous, but I did it anyway. While changing in the bathroom, I noticed just how weird it was. The toilet was right next to the door and had a giant changing table in front of it. I wondered why he had that in the bathroom since he didn’t have a baby, especially one that needed its diaper changed. I also noticed that the sink was small and that the bathtub had a clear shower curtain on it. Anyway, after I was done looking around, I started changing. Suddenly, I heard a commotion above me. It sounded like arguing and was followed by a loud thump. Then, everything in the bathroom activated at once. The toilet, the sink, and the bathtub all turned on and got water all over the place. There was also water leaking from the ceiling. It stopped after a while so I went back to changing into my Halloween costume. Once I was almost done, someone knocked down the bathtub wall and walked into the bathroom. It was the assistant teacher, and he was holding a hammer. I screamed and covered myself up. He told me not to worry and to calm down, then put a hand on my shoulder. I pushed him away and ran out of the house. Once I was far enough, I called my boyfriend and my friends. They decided to take me to a spa to help me relax. While at the spa, I noticed something strange about the owner. After some spying and investigating I learned that she was killing her customers and using them as food for the built in restaurant at her spa. I went to confront her and almost died because of her. Fortunately, I survived and she was arrested. After that, I found a secret passage in the spa that lead to a beautiful looking cave. The cave was full of colorful crystals and flowers that were being watched over by fairies. The fairies congratulated me before setting off a bunch of fireworks. Then, my boyfriend appeared and the two of us watched the fireworks together. And that was where my dream ended. Like I said, it was a weird dream.

6 Jul 2024



I was walking through a town when I looked up at a balcony and saw a man spray something onto another man’s face and set him on fire. I was afraid and started running away from there and it began to rain. As I was running I was praying for The Most High to forgive me and give me a different fate than that man. I was with my husband in a strange place where it seemed like there had been a flood and still very dangerous area because of violent people that stayed behind. We had to go into a boat with high walls to cross town but the water still came into the boat when it would move. The water went over my baby’s head so I had to hold him up higher so that he could breathe. We went into a restaurant to eat. Our waiter was my ex-boyfriend that I hate because he was very abusive throughout our relationship. He was being polite and doing his job correctly. He brought a sauce to the table that we asked for. My husband was standing up and somehow the sauce got on his foot and he held his foot up to me angrily and made me clean his foot. As usual I did what I was told but it hurt my feelings that he treats me like this. Later I put my foot up to his face and told him clean it. To show him why I was angry. I walked away and got the baby in his car seat. This woman that obviously was interested in my husband pushed me and I told her to keep her hands off me. She did it again so I grabbed her by the hair and threw her down. She got up and tried hitting me again but missed and I slapped her across the face. I told her to back off. She tried to hit me again but I blocked her hit and shoved her. She got next to my baby I told her don’t be stupid and I grabbed her by the neck and threw her and told her don’t fuck with my baby

5 Jul 2024



I was in my backyard and had a bunch more random dogs that were mine, I made this homemade dog crate with a bunch of pillows and metal. It started pouring rain and then there was two dogs outside the fence that were attacking my dogs. My dogs began to scatter and the dog attacking was a small mishapen brown French bulldog, I ended up getting ahold of all my dogs and threw them into the crate I made.

4 Jul 2024



i was with my sister and her boyfriend and my friend bryce and i was pretty drunk but i was for some reason driving them all somewhere in my golfcart. it was raining and we were driving down this winding mountain and as we were coming up on a sharp turn i knew i was going to fast but i couldnt slow down. the golfcart slid out around the corner and i flew out of it and off the side of a cliff that was at least a 200 foot drop into shallow water. right off the edge of the cliff was a little peninsula that i slammed into and was able to wedge myself between that and the cliff to keep from falling but i had to grab onto the peninsula which isolated me from the land and i was stuck. i watched as my car keys and my skateboard fell 200 feet into the water which was our only way of getting home. all i could feel was fear and knew that it was only a matter of time before i fell. out of nowhere my friend bryce comes sprinting and jumps off the cliff landing perfectly safe in the water to retrieve the keys and skateboard. it was really a spectacle because it was surely a death fall but somehow he was fine. i was still slipping but i knew i wouldnt make it like he did and my sister and her boyfriend were on the other side completely unable to help me. then i woke up

3 Jul 2024

Black Cat


I had to get my car Towed and the name of the towing company was called Catskill. I stayed at person‘s house who allow me to stay there while my car got towed and when I was sleeping on the sofa of their house, they’re black cat and white cat wouldn’t leave me alone. It slept on me right on my back as if it were hugging me and wouldn’t get off of me even though I wanted it too. I had a dream that I was arriving to my godmother‘s house in Brazil again since I’ve already been there once and I knew how to get there. I arrived at night, walked across the bridge to the hotel, went to the second floor and took took a car that dropped me off at her house. It was raining outside during the day, and I struggled to tip the driver because I had my hands full with my luggage and wet in the rain, but I ended up giving him five Brazilian dollars as he went away when he pulled away, I went to enter the house and noticed that when I went to get the money for my pocket and put down my bag, I put it in a puddle and got everything wet and I also noticed that I brought a wrong bag. I brought a soccer bag with soccer balls, which wasn’t I wanted to wanted to bring. Dream transition to me being at the music festival where I got to see my girlfriend, but also stay at the house she was staying at with her best friends who are also attracted, but I wasn’t as attracted to them as I was to her. We were trying to figure out how to get from the campsite to the festival and decided to take a bus when I got to the bus station. It was just me and it was pouring rain. There’s no coverage and I was getting soaked and I was really cold waiting for the bus with some other people when the bus eventually did come I wasn’t able to get on the bus because other people pushed past me and filled up the bus. This Left me a little disappointed and even more cold. I ended up walking to the next bus stop to see if I could get luckier there as it was on the corner of the street. While waiting, a family next to me decided to call a self driving car to pick them up and bring them to their spot. for some reason I was able to get on and we made a pitstop at a fast food Restaurant. while we were there, there was a guy sitting across from us who I felt like I talked to day day prior and he was trying to get his life together and rid himself of his negative habits which he was struggling to do. I could tell that he was falling apart at this fast food restaurant. He wasn’t eating, he was stuffing food in his mouth. You could tell he wasn’t being mindful with his decisions, and he even tried to steal two boxed water bottles. I was disappointed with him because he shared with me the day before that he wanted to get himself together but He wasn’t taking actions to do that. Then my vision in the dream transition to thousands of white rabbits running through a simulated pasture together in unison and a voice of my hand said that these rabbits can take you exactly where you want to go. I asked how could they know exactly where I want to go? And the voice said that these rabbits have watched hundreds of recordings of individuals and that they know what we will be doing before we know. One step forward, one step back one step left.

2 Jul 2024

Broken Leg


I was at my mums house with my nan who has passed in my waking life and my son, I was meant to have an operation done on my back that had been booked for ages, but I forgot until the day of the appointment. I called the hospital to explain that I had the following Mondays date in the diary as today was a bank holiday - I was telling a white lie. They said I could go down asap, I said I’d be a few hours due to having to sort out my son, my dogs, my husband, and my nan!… My nan laughed when I said what I did about getting her ready, so did I, but I did say that I had been looking after mum, whilst she had a broken arm and paul with his broken leg for the last 3 months, so it was kind of true - looking after mum and paul my husband actually happened in my waking life. I was calling my husband on his phone but it wasn’t connecting, so I rang his work phone and he answered, I asked him what was going on with his phone, he said he didn’t know. I said to him that it was strange how he had gone back to his home town and now there’s problems with his phone? - in my waking life, my husbands home town was a place filled with very toxic friends and people, he hasn’t been in touch with them for a long time. My husband was previously married to a woman from there who he consistently cheated on, took drugs and drank a lot. He was also quite violent under the influence of these. Now he is a very different man, we live the opposite end of the country and live very differently to how he used too. In my dream he was in hospital, but I’m not sure why? When I was getting ready to go to the hospital to have my operation done, I was doing my hair, trying on different weave, then remembered that I wouldn’t be able to keep it in, so took the hair out and had my own hair. Im sure I was walking to the hospital and I’m sure it was raining? When I would usually drive and I’m sure my nan and little boy where with me? I got to the hospital, I was looking for my husband, but couldn’t find him, it felt like he was cheating or lying to me in someway? I had the same feelings I did when I first started dating him in my waking life, anxiety, knowing he was lying and that I had to find out why he was lying and what he was doing? The nurse in the hospital showed me where to go to get ready for the operation. I have just had the operation my in my waking life, so I wasn’t sure why I was having another one in my dream? I just knew that I had to have it done to relieve me from pain - the same reason I had the operation done in my waking life….

1 Jul 2024



I had a dream that there was a storm in the town I was at, I remember looking outside and seeing northern lights but they were extremely vibrant and showed pictures across the sky. I remember looking over in the distance and seeing a tornado form extremely fast, I grabbed both of my kids and ran downstairs to the basement under the stairs and held them while listening to the rain and wind.

28 Jun 2024



In my dream I had gone to my ex coworkers house. She had a big window above the sink in her kitchen that showed a small hill in her backyard with a canopy on top. We were talking about her new dog and I went to put dishes in the sink wgen something caught my eye outside. There were 3 infants cryong on the hill under the canopy and it was raining. We both shrieked and ran outside and she claimed to have no idea whose babies they were. I grabbed two and she grabbed one and we ran inside out if the rain. It was obvious they were triplets and it was two girls and a boy. I made them bottles and changed them and they started growing over time. When they were toddlers I took that to a park with bumper cars and when they were in middle school I watched their school plays. Throughout the dream they became my children.

28 Jun 2024

Best Friend


I was in the area of my old elementary school, it was a rainy day, I walked towards the school passing it. In another scenario, I came across an old classmate from elementary school which was nice since he is one of the classmates I’d ever want to reunite with and he asked if we could be best friends and he was with this girl and I wondered to myself why don’t they become best friends. I was in a fancy restaurant with this mature guy and there were some others we came in with who was also with their dates. We were using this mixer, and mucked up what we were tryna make in it which was a bit disappointing but I was in good spirits I was talking about how it was such a bad idea to mix such as such with that even though I wasn’t being serious I was just being funny but it might’ve looked either wise so the guy I was with let me know gently to calm down and that’s when I assured him I was just joking which he laughed and understood. I was chilling at a table with the girls that came with their dates, while the guys were behind us. One of the girls were so smart and intelligent, she was 24, she was gorgeous and just finished college. One of my adolescent clients were there, and he got up and walked away to possibly use the bathroom so I eventually followed him so he doesn’t get lost.

20 Jun 2024



I was at a worship service held at home After the service it was raining heavily I invited them one by one to come in and join the service. They made excuses and wanted to stay outside. Finally the rain and storm came while they were still outside

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