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Dream Interpretation: Drowning ๐Ÿ˜ด - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Drowning? Discover the significance of seeing a Drowning in your dream ๐Ÿ’ค - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Drowning appears in your dream โœ…

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๐Ÿ’กPossible meaning

It symbolize your emotions, how you feel about the thing you do in your daily life. It also suggests that you are overburdening yourself and that you must unload before you move forward. Finally, it indicates that you are taking on more than you can handle, which is overwhelming you. Please make note that sometimes drowning dreams are associated with a medical condition known as "Sleep apnea."

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๐Ÿงญ Direction

Bad omen

Find what is preventing you from becoming a better version in your real-life and eliminate them. Learn your worth and appreciate yourself more than anyone or anything else. Let go of the useless emotions and become mindful and conscious of your surrounding.

โค๏ธ Feelings

The dream of drowning evokes intense fear and panic. It symbolizes being overwhelmed by emotions or situations in waking life. It may reflect a sense of helplessness, vulnerability, or the fear of losing control. This dream can also signify a struggle with overwhelming responsibilities or a fear of being swallowed by life's challenges. The feeling of drowning in a dream is a reminder to address and confront these emotions or situations in order to regain a sense of control and find a way to stay afloat.





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2 May 2024



I am hanging, suspended and still, in a vast depth of water. Ice mingles with my flesh as I drift within the Abyss, phantom beings carving my flesh. I am drowning within it all. In moments of clarity I believe I see things around me that terrify me, monsters made of shadow and teeth. In time, I strike out, fighting and clawing at them, trying to reach for the light I know must be above me. My hand strikes something solid, and, for a second, I think it might feel like I do. I think it must be of flesh and warmth. No, I scream, even though I cannot hear my own voice. I shriek that it is a monster, for nothing familiar lies here but darkness and I. Voices grate on my ears, and I feel certain I am persecuted. This is a version of hell, I am sure. Of cold terror and silent thoughts. I feel my bones brittle and wear, my muscles strain and tear. I feel my eyesight grow stronger and better, then, even as my body withers. With time, I realize that the blackness I have found to cover my vision is not the cloak of night, but my own closed eyelids. I open them, nearly crusted over with disuse and thickened with opinion. What I see is light. Not above me, but behind me. When I look around I see monsters, creatures with gnarled skin and grotesque claws, biting tongues and teeth to shred hearts. I am disgusted, terrified at these things that surround me. It is when I try to turn myself around to go back to the light, that I understand. With strong eyes, I see that my hands, once pink with newness and youth, are withered like a beast's. They are clad with long, shredding claws like a Reaper's sickle. I run scaled fingertips across my face, but I find only teeth and bone. I hear, then, that it is them screaming around me, accusing each other of being monsters as I did moments before. For I am them, striving for light with eyes closed, determined in my suffering, dragging others with me into darkness.

1 May 2024



I dreamed drowning in the water

28 Apr 2024



I dream about drowning in mud with my sister. I was having fun suddenly I felt someone is behind me I saw my bestfriends brother who came to find me where I was and take me home , he has phone in his hand and talking with my brother . I saw in my dream I'm with my sister at my mom's village . Their was a small old time shop children shop my sister took some toys and snacks and I liked the sticker of rabbit I lov it . Then I saw two men physically fighting with each other very badly I got scared and wakeup from dream

8 Apr 2024

New Job


I had a dream where it was me and a bunch of people that I know and we had a job where we had to โ€œfishโ€ but we would also be swiping and we was on a boat , and we had to pull things in that we would catch on a chain . And all of a sudden there was this sting ray that Specifically stayed by me the whole time we was fishing and it caught me when I almost drowned and we ended up catching like 2 cars but then the waves took em them away ; and then we had to leave and go home and the sting ray followed us all the way to the doc and I ended up picking it up and saying โ€œthank you for spending time with me and my โ€œfamilyโ€ and I said I enjoyed it so much please stay safeโ€ and i put it back and it swam away. And when it swam away I woke up.

6 Apr 2024



drowning in an ocean storm while holding a baby swan

4 Apr 2024



A shadow man that was 10 feet tall was watching me hike and tried to drown me later and had a distorted face and looked dead. It was talking to me in a language I didnโ€™t understand. It then put me back in the water and left me to drown and die.

29 Mar 2024



I had a dream that I was in a passanger seat of a car and there was a man with blonde hair driving. I didnโ€™t recognize the man or the car. We were on a really long bridge over a huge body of water, similar to the causeway over pontchartrain lake but miles longer. There were other cars riding along the bridge and the sun was out and barely any clouds. I felt content in the car and looked around out the window when suddenly a steam engine train t-boned the passenger side of the car causing me and the man in the car to get thrown off the bridge and into the water while simultaneously flying out the car. When looking at the place of the collision there was no sign of ghe train and the other cars werenโ€™t affected at all and continued on the bridge as normal. I looked to find the man and the car and the man was standing going towards the car and I was still behind. The body of water was very shallow about 3 and a half feet deep, yet the water rose over my face as I sunk to the bottom and drowned watching the man walk away. I woke up in a cold sweat gasping for air as my body stopped itself from breathing.

25 Mar 2024

Haunted house


Dark scary haunted house I see a pot of water real dirty green and pink and dirty and my babygirl is drowning and im reached in to grab her and I can't seem to grab her I see her drowning and watching me try to grab her

21 Mar 2024



So I was at the ocean and I had these goggles on that allowed me to breath under water, I went down one time and everything was good. Then I went down a second time and it was all good. Then finally I went down the third time and slowly the water starting filling up the goggles and I wasnโ€™t even close to getting out yet so I had to rush and I woke up before the water filled the goggles all the way up but I felt myself drowning already.

20 Mar 2024



Me and Lilyana Kayla Emma weโ€™re on the water, and we were drowning, in an underwater cave, and me, Lilyana, Kayla, and Emma rescued and then we went to the oil rigs and they were bad guys on the oil rigs the end

15 Mar 2024



Severus snape tried to make my friend drown me

26 Feb 2024



okay so basically i was in school and i went out my class to the hallways and everyone was panicking, i asked why and turns out there was a flood and we were gonna drown in the school, and for some reason my principal didnt let anyone evacuate and he said "if this building goes down we go down with it", for some reason we all listened to him but we were still scared and crying lol

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