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Dream Interpretation: Pavement 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Pavement? Discover the significance of seeing a Pavement in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Pavement appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

Dreaming of pavement symbolizes stability and a solid foundation. It may represent the path you are taking in life and the progress you are making. It can also indicate a need for structure and organization in your life.

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🧭 Direction


Consider the condition of the pavement in your dream. Is it smooth or cracked? This may reflect the state of your current path in life. If it is smooth, you may be on the right track. If it is cracked, you may need to reevaluate your goals and make necessary changes. Use this dream as a reminder to stay focused and grounded in your pursuits.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of pavement may evoke feelings of stability, direction, and progress. Walking on a smooth and solid surface can symbolize a sense of groundedness and confidence in one's path. It may also represent a desire for structure and order in life. The dream may bring a sense of assurance that one is on the right track and making steady advancements towards their goals.





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25 May 2024

Roller coaster


This was also a strange dream. I dreamt that me and my soulmate, my husband, we were at a theme park and we waited in line to ride the biggest roller coaster and we were so glad to sit in the front. So, once the roller coaster started going up, it goes down, falls down into a slip and then the ride starts. But when it went up, it stopped at the top and lost power. The whole theme park lost power and I started to get anxious. My husband that was sitting beside me took my hand and I took his hand and I just told him, don't let go of your seat, you know, the thing that keeps you safe. Don't let go of your seat, babe. I told him, please don't let go of your seat, I will grab you. And it was very, it was terrifying. But then the roller coaster started moving back, back to where it started and it was the conductor that slowly had the roller coaster move back, back, back into the safe space. Even though it lost its power and we thanked him, we got off and we thanked him and went our way. Then the scenery changed. It wasn't my husband that was walking with me, it was my brother. We were walking and it was strange because I felt like the only one that had this feeling that something is wrong. And I kept seeing small signs that gave me the feeling that something was wrong. Like cracks in the pavement or in a building that was selling sweets and cotton candy and stuff. But I thought I was seeing things so we were just walking until we found the area of the theme park that didn't lose power. And I was very glad because I really wanted my brother to go on the ride and have fun. So we were looking for the rides that were working so I can join him and have fun.

22 Feb 2024



I traveled down to Kentucky with my kids to see friends since we used to live there years ago. While down there we ran into their dad, who we haven’t seen in 7 years, he seemed the same and asked if we wanted to hangout with him. Suddenly, we’re all in the car together driving, the crazy thing is we weren’t driving on pavement, but in water in a car boat. The entire town was in water with buildings, like Venice. We decided to go to the mall and get Indian food, that’s when I saw a few of my friends, but the friends I saw aren’t from Kentucky, they’re from St. Louis. Then my ex, our kids, and I after eating decided to go to into this store, it had a bunch of things in it, but when the owner saw Tanner (my ex) the owner stopped him and told him (Tanner) he owned the owner $150. If Tanner didn’t pay him he would take him to jail. Tanner didn’t have $150 on hand, so I ended up paying the owner. We then left the mall in the car boat.

21 Feb 2024

Being Late


I was driving around with my sister and her fiancé. It was late and night and we were trying to find a place to park. I see him pull onto the street we needed to be on and then he put it in reverse and backed up. I got confused and a little worried that he was going to hit another car with how quick he backed up. It was also raining pretty hard so on top of that it was hard to see. He backed up and turned around and went into a parking lot that was further from the place we wanted to be. It frustrated me that we would have to walk in the torrential down pour but I just wanted to get to the place we needed to be. I started walking then realized I was by myself. My phone went off a couple of times and I got excited to see that it was from my crush. I intentionally left him on read because I thought it might provoke him to start a conversation. Even though I couldn’t see what he sent, I kept getting so many notifications from him. So I started to run and then it felt like I was filming a movie. I was running in the rain in slowmo and I really had the audience’s attention. I get to the place and it was a coffee shop I used to go to when I was younger before I had dance class. Except all the other buildings were different or unmarked. I walked into the coffee shop and it felt different. I went to go greet them and there was an older woman sweeping up behind the cash register and a younger woman who was also doing some busy work. As I opened my mouth to speak the older woman said something about closing that I didn’t quite hear. I asked her to repeat herself but as I looked up at her, her face wasn’t there. I could see her head moving with what she was saying but her face had disappeared. It was still hard to hear her and infocuse my attention to where her mouth would be so I could try to read lips. But they were gone. I could see her jaw moving in a motion that she was still speaking but her face was blank. I then ask her to relate herself again and this time I turn my face away so that my right ear is closer to her as a way to distract myself less with her missing face. But when I looked back everyone was gone and the shop was completely void of anything at all. I walk out and try to make my way back to the car in the rain but like before I was running in slowmo like I would be if I was in an intense drama movie. I turn around and see someone running as well. Not after me but towards me. He bumps into me and I fall on the wet pavement hard. I open my eyes and he’s looking back at me with a malicious look. I know he did that on purpose I just don’t know why. Then I start to see a light and I shift my focus to where it’s coming from and it’s a huge truck barreling down the side street. I quickly roll over to the sidewalk just in time to not get hit by this truck. At that point I knew it was a dream and I didn’t know what else to do. But I ended up waking up from my phone getting text messages

6 Feb 2024



I had a dream a couple off months ago that I was driving a car without a license and then when I started walking I had to grab onto stuff in the street such as fences hedges poles railings and I had too pull myself forward using these objects too move forward then I tried to phone my daughter off my mobile I could see all the contacts and numbers in my phone but I couldn’t find her number and then when I did it wasn’t allowing me to phone her I couldn’t use my mobile phone then I became to annoyed then I stared grabbing the street pavement which was made of large concrete slabs to pull myself along the street and then I woke up

4 Feb 2024

New Job


I was in a place that looked like an outside shopping centre consisting of white-looking buildings. I go into the building and go to the right hallway which was quiet short to see 2 doors, one on the left and one on the right. I didn't notice the right door so I went to the left and opend it. In there I saw a church I have never seen before, it was vibrant and it looked colorful like they were celebrating something. I go inside of it and walk up to the alter. A kid peeks inside the church but leaves after he sees me. I assume I'm not suppose to be here so j also leave. I walk through the short hallway to see a door I didn't notice before so I go peek inside and ji forgot what was in there. I leave the building and suddenly I'm in a shopping centre but this time the shopping centre is vibrant, warm in color and is one of those enclosed shopping centres. I see a group of people, they look like from another culture going to celebrate something in the church building. I see that they have a Dutch flag somewhere. So I start trying to speak Dutch to a girl my age which I found attractive. I say hi in Dutch and ask her where a place is but I don't know how to say bathroom in Dutch so I ask the other Dutch people how do I say bathroom in Dutch. So I say i want to go to the bathroom in Dutch is(I assume I do because I sent know how to say that yet) and she tells me where it is. Then I say" thank you?" With a question mark because I wasent sure if that's how I say it. The other people are confused so I ask them, how do I say thank you and then they understand what I was trying to tell her. So I say thank you and leave. This conversation probably reflect how I talk to girls my age that are attractive, I mess up a little. Anyways later on my aunt takes me to a place where she is the leader and has some type of following. The place is red, dark and unsettling when she's there. When I was one though, me, Mario and some other game character were new to this place, Mario was playing with a bow and I had an arrow in my hand when my aunts follower comes and says that playing with a bow is breaking the law in here and that Mario is going to get executed for it. The he looks scared and accidentally fires the arrow into a cracked in the pavement. Suddenly lots of followers come Mario is chained to the stage so everyone can see him. He looks scared. I told myself that they were definetly not gonna kill Mario for something like that. But my aunt comes and slices q bit of his neck and he dies, there isint a lot of blood though. I get startled and later on I accidentally bump into one of the followers and im super apologetic because I don't wanna end up like Mario. Later on me and my cousins are in a car with my aunt and they're having fun going to q place. My aunt drives back to the place we were and I switch cars with some other cousins.

24 Jan 2024



I was playing a game in this dream or I was watching it be played I don't remember exactly but the character in the in the game was a young woman dressed like a page from tarot and she had to go on all of these quests but it was really fun like it was a very light-hearted game that I was either playing or watching I was enjoying myself but then let's see towards the end of the dream I don't remember the middle part but in the end of that at the end of the dream the page girl was gone and I was in an alleyway with a young woman who was dressed like a lady with her hair up in a gown and she was with a vampire and the vampire was trying to get her to expose her neck more and more like turn your head bury your neck and she finally did and he bit down and I was close enough so that the blood gushed out of her neck and hit the pavement of the alley and splattered up onto my legs and I turned and walked away and that's when I woke up

1 Dec 2023



I was watching a movie in a cozy living room with lots of strangers. I sat behind these 3 boys and when I did 2 of the boys left and the movie screen turned off and disappeared. Everyone vanished after that besides one guy. I approached him instead and we both laid down on our stomachs, I pulled out my phone and we started watching our favorite videos together. Every minute or so he would get closer and closer to me, practically rubbing against me a few times. His breath grew louder and I could hear him shuffle around to free his arms from under him. I felt him grab my butt as he pushed himself against me, my stomach sank and I started shaking. My back started to heat up and I start to feel sick throughout my whole body. He cradled my face within his large hands and his face grew closer to mine - I remembered what he looked like but I recognize him. He whispered malevolent things softly and my name would come after. My eyes closed and it went dark, I must've passed out or something but as I re-opened my eyes I noticed I was in a large shirt, the man was gone. I realized I was in my own home, but it lacked furniture. I found the man in the bathroom, playing dress-up with clothes, wigs, and makeup. When he saw me he started touching me again, and pushed me up on the counter. After, he kicked me out of the bathroom, but I could here the sound of my mother yelling outside the front door. I had tried to escape before but was dragged back upstairs by the man. This time, I jumped down the stairs before the man left the bathroom and I opened the front door. Nobody was at the door like I had heard, my mother was no where to be seen. I ran out the door into my neighborhood, nobody was around to help me, and the entire neighborhood was quite. I screamed out as the man that raped me started walking down the street. I yelled and cried for somebody but he only laughed as he taunted me. A lady pulled out of her driveway in a large car, I screamed and crawled to her car but she only stared out her window in my direction with no emotion or heart. She drove off and the man walked closer and scooped me off the pavement.

15 Nov 2023

Make Out


I woke up in the pavement if a dark alleyway, it's night time and I'm in some sort of city that looks like Philadelphia in the USA. I see directly in front of me is the main road but there are no lights to light up the road except for 1 sole lamppost standing by itself only illuminating about a 3 metre radius. I walk towards the lamppost and see that behind it there aren't more buildings on this side of the road in fact just a metal wire fence. There is a hole in the fence and I decide to crawl through. On the other side there is nothing just a dark shade of grey filling the void. For some reason I feel confident walking alone and further into this void of colourless space. As I continue I can suddenly make out a different shade of grey like a large wall going up infinitely to the sky. As I draw closer I see light and colour emanating from some somewhere. I approach it to see 2 men and 1 woman sitting on overturned plastic milk crates arranged neatly in a semi circle around a bonfire almost as if they had been expecting me. The look of shock and then confusion plastered on their face told me that they were not expecting my arrival. "Hello?" I ask in befuddlement at the purpose of their location.... "you should of stopped... why didn't you just stay in your happy little world you were in? You should have stopped searching" they speak in unison their words harmonising together. "You should have stopped searching" they chant again.... I can see just beyond their bonfire is what appears to be impossibly a darker section if space in the already dark charcoal grey emptiness that surrounds me. There is a sudden crashing sound from somewhere behind me.... my head snaps onto the mysterious strangers around the fire my eyes trying to look for some sort of a reaction... there is none. The man closest to me looks up reluctantly and his watery brown eyes cut deep into my soul. Sometimes in life the simple sentences are the ones that hit us the hardest.... His words echo in the suddenly cold night ( my senses of temperature now kicking in) "Run you may but it will always catch up to you". What did he mean? My whole world seems to spin and I become light headed.... When I refocus I make out behind me is a shadow it's presence blurred but this fact does not take away from its menacing presence. Orange flaming eyes piercing through the night I can almost feel the warmth of this beings eyes. My mind joins the dots between the old man by the fires' words and the sudden rising panic I feel within myself. I turn to assess my options and it seems that the only place to run is into the dark gap in the charcoal surrounds. I take off and as I do I get the feeling if butterfly's as I see from the corner of my eye that the shadowy figure behind me moves like a cheetah with astounding swiftness as if it is simply gliding through the air! I run hard and fast to the dark gap. All I feel are eyes upon me and the feeling is like weight. And as I run I see flashbacks of all my memories in life flashing before me and I hear him say that he's been there through everything. I wake up suddenly and get this feeling that he's apart of me?

7 Nov 2023

Pembunuh berantai
Melarikan diri


I was inside my house and there's two men intruding into my house, one of them is a surgeon and his assistant, they are both crazy and act like serial killer, I was tied into a chair and they did a surgery on my face turning it into a yellow smiley face, I was unconscious and when I woke up I looked into a mirror and tried to clean my face off it, I harshly wash my face until the yellow color disappear but it left me with a hideous face that looks ugly and inhuman. Days later I was looking for them to take revenge, they were in a dirt pavement standing outside their car, when the surgeon distracted I grab the assistant by the neck and took him down and hid between the tall grasses and bushes, I was pressing a a hook side of a hammer into his throat threatening him to stay silent when the Surgeon looking around for him, when the surgeon walk away from my distance I casually ripped his throat with the hammer and stand up and run toward the surgeon but 3 of his people come out of nowhere and charging toward me so I fight them and killed them all, but the surgeon manage to run away and turned himself to the police so he can get jailed and I failed to kill him

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