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Dream Interpretation: Suitcase 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Suitcase? Discover the significance of seeing a Suitcase in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Suitcase appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This symbol indicates baggage and preparation, indicating some past baggage and unresolved issues that are causing you concern. This sometimes also communicates anxiety due to the lack of preparation, making you feel rushed. However, there are certain times when this symbol can be interpreted positively, indicating that you are well prepared and are ready for the adventures ahead of you.

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🧭 Direction

Daily events

Notice how you are preparing and getting ready for the future. You will need to let go of those things that hold you back while taking those necessary to aid you in your journey. Take a hard look at what you are holding onto and see if it is helping you.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of a suitcase can evoke feelings of anticipation, adventure, and preparedness. It symbolizes the need for organization and the desire to embark on a journey or new chapter in life. The suitcase represents the ability to carry one's belongings, both physical and emotional, and the readiness to face the unknown. It may also bring a sense of excitement and curiosity about what lies ahead. Overall, this dream elicits a mix of emotions, including hope, curiosity, and a readiness for change.





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16 Jun 2024



I was in a foreign country with my mom. I’m not sure if there was an apocalypse kind of thing happening but it kinda felt like one. In one scene that I remember, my mom had me rushing out of the townhome with our bags and everything packed to the car. While I was arranging things and getting our dog situated, my mom told me come hurry over to her as she could see a rainbow in the sky. When I rushed over, I didn’t see it. She brought me to a different car with my things and was wishing me safety on my journey. In another scene, I was at school but had my packed suitcase along the wall of the classroom. After a while, someone handed me a hall pass to leave and when I peaked out of the classroom, there was an immigration service there with some other students. When I went back into the classroom, the desk I sat at was pushed tightly close to another desk so I couldn’t sit there. I was told that for some reason since I wasn’t a citizen, I had lost many privileges and couldn’t sit there. So I started packing up my bags and getting ready to leave but I woke up before I left

13 Jun 2024



I was at my family church and I was in the sanctuary and it was like really scary in there and dark and I was scarred to be alone but my suitcase and shoes were down there and I was trying to get them so I tried to get them one time but the person I was with wouldn’t wait for me so I took what I had in my hand and took them up stairs out of the sanctuary then I walked away bc I still had more stuff down there then when I came back they was alll down there with again so I took my brother with me to pick them up but he wouldn’t wait on me to get them all then I was in the car with my mom she stoped to get some gas so I went for a walk down by the woods and I met to guys they were pretty cool so we went our separate ways then somebody in a green truck was trying to get me to get inside his truck but I was trying to say I was okay but he just kept pushing then those 2 guy came to help and took me back to my moms car but one of them got in the car and tired to steal it

8 Jun 2024



I was on a school trip and I was always with a friend of mine. we had a backpack from a suitcase and together we had a case with some formal clothes inside. we traveled by bus. some people from our school were playing music and singing inside the bus. they had brought two drums, a guitar and a microphone for the singer. in the back of the bus were two ladies chasing us. we were constantly trying to hide from them. At one stop, we went to the back of the bus when the ladies weren't looking and hid under two seats. when the ladies came down, they seemed to be looking for us and transformed into two children.I recognized one, she was a fellow camper from the last summer at camp, I never liked her. They took the next bus, which passed right next to ours and they were looking inside our bus to see if we were still inside, and I think they saw me. then my friend told me that if they get back on that bus again, we all have to go out together, our whole school. and we went forward to tell the professor who accompanied us what was going on. the professor was not one of those we had in high school, he was a professor who taught the next section, in the elementary school I went to. when we got to the front, we were trying to fit the case of formal clothes into some kind of suitcase, so that we could run if necessary. at that time the professor said that we were getting off, but while we were getting our things to get off, the driver closed the bus door, and left, the professor tried to explain to him that we had to get off and asked him if he could stop there for one minute. The bus driver refused and continued. Then me and my friend started to have suspicions that the driver was in the bay with the ladies who were looking for us. The bus stopped, only one door opened, the ladies got in and my friend and I looked at each other scared, then I woke up.

31 May 2024



While sleeping in a hotel room on vacation in real life, in my dream and woke up in the hotel room we were staying end amd went to the bathroom to wash my hands with soap. There was only one faucet for both the hot and cold water and it was placed into the left side if the sink bowl instead of on top of the sink bowl.. After I wash my hands and exited the bathroom to return to bed. I noticed that the suitcase I have placed in front of our hotel door before going to bed (in real life) was now on the opposite side of the door in the hallway. I could see a corner of the suit case through the door as if it was moved supernaturally through the door. I wasn't sure if someone entered our hotel room while we were sleeping or if a ghost moved the suitcase. I pened the door quickly and my wife pulled the suitcase back inside the hotel room. Later in the dream the hotel door open mysteriously by itself as I laid in bed with my wife. The suitcase I had placed in front of the door as a self-made alert system should someone try to enter the hotel room was no longer in front of the door. I felt frightened and afraid that I was experiencing a supernatural event. I tried to wake up from the dream to warn my wife, but I could not speak or move in my dream. Then the door closed byself and above the right side of the door appeared a symbol of an angel as a neon sign. The neon angel sign was blue and red and only appeard for a few seconds. I woke up suddenly from the dream.

17 May 2024



So I just had a dream about my grandma who passed about eight months ago. In the dream, she was still alive, but still really old. She was having some kind of celebration with all her family there and during the celebration she was going to give away the things that meant the most to her, to her family members. It was like she knew she was dying so she wanted to give away the things of hers that she loved the most, to the ones that she loved the most. So before the celebration, she gives me this silver necklace with these beautiful diamonds and emerald stones in it and she put it around my neck lovingly, and I looked down at it and it’s beautiful. I hug her and I thank her and I tell her that I want to go get dressed for the party. There is so many people there and so many suitcases that I can’t find mine. I’m looking everywhere, even outside where I find clothing that is blowing away, but it’s not necessarily my clothing. There is just so many peoples clothes and luggage there that I just can’t find mine in all the chaos, so I can get dressed for the party. It seems like I’m searching for hours for my suitcase and I can never find it. The party, by this time, has gotten started and I come out in what I think is my old clothes and I hugged my grandma and I thank her for the necklace and I tell her how sorry I am that I’m in my old ratty clothes and I’m sorry that I can’t find my nice ones to change into. She looks at me and she smiles and she says that I look beautiful. I looked down at my clothes and I’m wearing beautiful outfit, with the beautiful necklace that she had given to me earlier. Her and my mom kind of smile knowingly at each other and they say it’s always the three month mark when she finally gets it. I don’t understand what they meant by that?

12 May 2024

Childhood home


I was traveling with my husband to go on holiday every time we go to the airport and when at the airport we realize we forget the passport and I'm like oh let's take a um a train back to the house to get the passport and when we take the train to come back to the house we end up in my old house where I grew up from where I grew up from yeah so and then I'm like ah but we're not we're not in our house like this is my old home like where I grew up as a child I'm like okay fine let's go back then we'll walk like going to the same bus stop that I went to and then go back to the airport in Birmingham and I'm like hold on we've forgotten our suitcase again at home let's go back and then we'll go back to the house but again I'll end up from from my old house to my old house again and I'm like again this is not this is not our house but we'll get our suitcase when we go this thing happened like four times the same dream kept happening four times like I'll go to the airport by the time I got to the airport I realized oh we forgot this so we have to go back to the house but every time I go to the house it's not our house but it's my childhood home

29 Apr 2024



I was with my husband in an airport. His family was there with us too. We were going to take a trip somewhere and no one would tell me where we were going to. Not the city, not the country. They just kept smiling when I asked. We got on the plane and flew somewhere and landed. When the plane stopped, everyone started getting off he plane but I couldn’t find my carryon suitcase. I hadn’t brought any other luggage and we couldn’t afford for me to buy new things so I started freaking out. I went to get my husband to help me look for the suitcase but he had just gotten his own things and walked off and left me on the plane, I guess assuming I would just follow him. The workers on the plane told me I had to leave without my suitcase. So I got off the plane and started searching for him. I still didn’t know what country or city I was in! I finally found my husband and his family sitting down waiting for some sort of show to begin and started yelling at him. A random person behind him told me to shut up and that I was crazy. I went off on him too. He said I was fat and ugly. My husband didn’t say anything.

8 Apr 2024



There was some type of trip to a planet similar to earth. There were school buses lining everyone up. Then we were on a cruise in the middle of the ocean but there was a spy and I needed to get rid of them. At one point I was in a car driving down a steep hill with a little upward slope. When I got to the bottom the slope propopelled me high in the air, so high that I flew over the Jesus statue in sao Paolo. Then the dream changed to me being home watching a commercial that mentioned taking a trip outer space. Later on when I’m at the port I see a spaceship that kinda just looks like a charter bus. For some reason I’m fighting like an alien of sort in space because aliens were trying to ambush us before we landed on the new planet. It was like a matrix fight in outer space, nobody knew I was outside fighting because they were all distracted. Then we’re in the planet and there’s a cruise ship, we’re taking a trip around the different oceans. I meet a lady on the cruise who looked like this girl I went to high school with, esilona. I don’t know the exact details but something happens on the planet that makes us basically realize we’re all going to die. I have a vision of my family watching the news and crying for me. We are limited on the amount of mail robots, so I can only send one letter to family. I decide not to send a letter immediately since it might be better to send one before I died. The planet is going dark, and shrinking like a deflated ball from the top down. Alien critters have come out and they are eating our food. Esilona and I are on the balcony in the cruise ship, talking about life and reminiscing memories because we know we only have about 6 days left before the planet folds itself and we inevitably die. Well, it turns out that the spies are still here and they infiltrated the cruise. They actually organized a meteor to crash into the planet and kill is all. Turns out that the free tickets we all had to come here was just a ploy and all of us were on some kind of hit list. They’ve been killing people one by one but nobody knows because everyone is too stressed about the world ending. Esilona and I take it upon ourselves to find them and find out if they know how to save us. In real life, we were on a cheer team together, so in the dream, we were doing a lot of acrobatics when fighting the spies. I found a suitcase with a space laptop and sent communication to the USA government that this was all a trap. No response. Meanwhile, the entire world is watching the news daily, hoping that someone would come save us. There is a meteor shower going on between earth and where we are, and it doesn’t seem safe enough for anyone to rescue us. I suddenly because the spokesperson for the group, talking to governments on the space laptop. Clips of the conversation were shared on the news and in my visions I see my entire family sitting in front of the tv. There are candles lit, my grandma is lighting sage, my mom is holding a rosary and praying, my dad and brothers are crying and holding each other. Back on the planet we still have the atmosphere shrinking, air is running low. Esilona and I are laying in a beach looking at the sky, patiently waiting for death to come take us. That’s when I get a vision of seeing the planet from space, and I see different axis, trail of meteors, and a rendezvous point. I run to the cruise ship and yell “is anyone good with their hands?” And an couple of men say they are engineers, blacksmiths, carpenters, etc. together we try to find a way to create a shield around the cruise, hoping that it could float in space and give us more time until spaceships came to get us. It worked, and we managed to launch the ship into space. That’s when I find a piece of paper and some crayons, and I write to my family “mom, dad, Jeff, Mickey, I love you all so much. If I don’t live, know that I tried as hard as I could to save us all” and give it to the last mail robot available. That’s when suddenly there is a loud snap in space, and we see the planet burst into little pieces. Everyone unanimously voted that I was now the captain of the ship, and so I went to the front of the ship with a space costume to sit alone and look at the empty black space sky. I saw about 50 spaceships coming our way to save us so I ran inside to tell everyone to be prepared for rescue. Then our ship imploded. The force field couldn’t contain the pressure of space anymore. We all die. But then I wake up on a beach in what I think is some kind of deserted island. Turns out that the implosion took us to different timelines on earth because we fell into a black hole. The island that I washed up on was actually a military site, and the scientist there knew that I would be coming. Together we work to predict this ploy to send passengers to their death in the new planet. And I realize that my dream just looped, and now I can stop it all from happening.

2 Apr 2024



I dreamt that I was packing a suitcase, I couldn’t close it and eventually I did, it was full

18 Mar 2024

New Job


I dreamt I was preparing to meet a client for my job. My coworkers and pulled up in cars and met in an open field. Everyone was wearing shades of pink except myself and another coworker she was wearing a black outfit. I didn't realize that we were to wear shades of pink to meet the client so she told the coworker in all black that I would be right back I left a suitcase or bag and it has a pink top in it that I could put on. She responded that the meeting with the client was at 10:30am and wanted to know if I thought I'd make it back in time. I told her I should be back so all my coworkers got into a single file line and headed towards the side walk to wait for a bus to take them to meet with the client. I sprinted across the field back to the suitcase to get my pink top. When I made it to the suitcase my coworkers that took the side walk met up with me basically at the same time it took for me to run across the field to get the suitcase. They waitin the bus and I waited for another. I never got to put on the pink shirt or meet with them to see the client because the dream switched to a different scene. This scene my boyfriend and I are at a fancy expensive restaurant were sitting at a table with a lady I know from church she say to the left of me and a little girls was with her she sat to the right of my boyfriend. Our racks cloth was white and our tables had long table legs that were anchored in the ocean and so did our chairs we sat up pretty high above the ocean the entire restaurant looked that you can tell we were outside no walls it was evening. Across from our table was an African American woman and her daughter . Below our table I could see an Orca whale it splashed its back tail fin on the water and I felt some of the water touch my face. Across the ocean I could see a group of orca whales at first it made me nervous but then I just pointed at them to show my boyfriend the group of whales. The a waitress comes out in the middle of the restaurant with a microphone. The waitress was a caucasian woman with red hair and the traditional black and white waitress uniform. She made an announcement that she was sorry but a storm was coming and we need to prepare she asked everyone at the restaurant to hold on to the tables and each other because the hurricane would be there shorty. My boyfriend and I made a comment to each other that we couldn't believe this was happening and it was our first time there. We put our heads down held on to the other two people at our table and then I looked up and I can see the sky getting darker as though the storm was forming the waves in the ocean were more and more intense and the wind got stronger and suddenly the ocean waves came straight to the restaurant. We were getting splashed by water left and right , I began to pray I said God cover us and protect us with your precious blood surround us with your angels God shield us from hurt and harm. I repeated the prayer over and over and I became more confident with prayer and got louder as though I was commanding the storm to stop. The lady sitting next to me starting praying to and then the storm stopped. The waiter came out again and asked if we were all okay and we told her we're ok we were just wet. The African American lady and the little girl that at the table with her was annoyed because her little girls fish had fell off the table and onto the bottom I could see the fish on the plate at the bottom. I told the African American woman that at least we are safe and she could get a new plate and she should be grateful she rolled her eyes at me and we argued about for a coun of minutes and then she and the little girl got up from the table and left the restaurant. My boyfriend and I also left the restaurant we were walking the location reminded me of Clearwater Fl. We were looking for a hotel to stay for the night as we were walking we saw a building that looked like a lighthouse we thought it might be a small hotel And I remember saying to him that we Joe's it wasn't a hotel because how would we sleep if it was a lighthouse. When we walked inside it was a restaurant. We then went to the Wyndham hotel got in the pool we didn't have any swimsuits we just wore what we had on. We were playing in the pool it was a large pool with pool dividers on the water I remember splashing to much and starting to float in the air across the pool. I was worried i would float away but I managed to grab hold of one of the pool dividers and come down i got back in the water and my boyfriend met me where I landed. We then decided to get out of the water and go to our room. As we were leaving the water it was an African American man sitting on ledge of the pool he had on a brown shirt blue denim shorts and long skinny dreads. He grabbed my arm and asked what was on my shorts belt loop. It was basically small locks of dreads tied to the loop of my belt I told him and then my boyfriend asked him to basically leave me alone we were on our way out the pool. As soon as we got on the walking area by the pool other guys got out and started to follow us they were complimenting me and I was telling them I was with my boyfriend. For whatever reason my boyfriend didn't see the other people behind us and kept walking ahead of me. I remember thinking why isn't he saying anything to stop them. Eventually we made it to our room and he got in the shower and I started to look around the hotel room . I got an odd feeling that the room was already occupied by someone else but they just weren't there. I opened the closet and there was a brown purse sitting in the closet and hair accessories like beads you would put in your hair they were yellow . I also remember a little girl pair of white dress shoes sitting in the closet. I closed the door and told my boyfriend that I don't think this is my room but he didn't seem really bothered by it. Then I thought to myself we never really checked in. We left out or the room and went to what felt like a beach or springs he told me to call his family and they could all meet us there to have fun and swim so I did. I saw a relative there who in real life is no longer living but she reminded of taraji p Henson the actress she was very pretty she had on a sun hat and a blue dress she was having a great time. I was taking pictures of her with I a ring that I wear in my real life it's a gold ring that says "faith over fear" the photos I took of her smiling and enjoying life were so pretty and I really wanted her to see them. But as people arrived some of the photos weren't coming out very clear. However she didn't seem to mind she was just having a good time. I saw an older lady from church and she said Karriscea how are doing nice to see you baby and I said I'm good just trying to take some pictures of cousin. Then the dream ended

7 Feb 2024



I entered an apartment building with strangers. They had suitcases and large garbage bags filled with clothing. A scary man was following me, but the others were unbothered. We all entered the same unit. It looked like a normal apartment. All of a sudden, I was in a cafeteria eating broccoli with one of the women in our group. Then I reappeared in the apartment alone. It was dark. For some reason, I dialed numbers on a keypad that was on the wall. I think I was trying to enter some sort of password. I don’t know why. I started to feel anxious. That’s when I heard a loud banging sound in my dream. I woke up

4 Feb 2024

New Job


I was on holiday in China with Lotte and Marijn. I was vlogging but forgot to film on the plane. This really frustrated me because I love to be able to make holiday trip videos. We walked through the city and arrived at a well-known square. There was a very large skyscraper that moved a lot due to the wind, it almost looked like a fairground attraction. It was spinning and moving very much. It was so high that we couldn't even see the top. And there were trees or plants that had grown all the way up that building. The building was so big and moving so much that I couldn't even capture it on camera. I went to travel by train in China, Lotte and Marijn were already there. I sat at the very back of the train and when I got off I forgot my suitcase. The train was already driving away, but I ran after it, and through the window I saw my suitcase on the train going away. The train had a six-part vehicle number, but I had only been able to read the first three while running. Then I had to contact the public transport website to get my suitcase back, but they didn't speak English. I had to write the message in Chinese, but they couldn't find my suitcase. Then I went and bought a new suitcase in China. I then bought all new clothes at clothing markets, because I thought the shops were still quite pricey in China.

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