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Dream Interpretation: Cabinets ๐Ÿ˜ด - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Cabinets? Discover the significance of seeing a Cabinets in your dream ๐Ÿ’ค - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Cabinets appears in your dream โœ…

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๐Ÿ’กPossible meaning

This is a feminine symbol indicating your emotions and how you handle them. This also represents preparation for new ideas and your future. You will get a chance to begin something new in your life; this could be emotional growth or productive growth in your job or business.

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๐Ÿงญ Direction

Daily events

Be careful not to stuff your feelings down or bottle up your emotions by hiding them. Make preparations for the future and care for the new ideas that need protection. Grab onto any new opportunity that comes your way; this is your chance to grow.

โค๏ธ Feelings

The dream about cabinets may evoke feelings of curiosity and intrigue. It signifies a desire to explore hidden aspects of your life or uncover secrets. This dream may also bring a sense of organization and tidiness, as cabinets represent order and storage. Additionally, it may elicit a feeling of mystery and anticipation, as you wonder what may be hidden behind closed doors.





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Dreams of users containing the word Cabinets

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8 Apr 2024

Dead body
New Job


I was in the car with my fiance. We were going down a road we've never been on. I said something about wanting to get a dog. He said that there would be a dog for me on the next road. There was this man walking a big great Dane. I could hear the great Dane talking. I don't remember what he said. I got out of the car to see the next dog. It was a little light brown bulldog. He ran up to me and said "I love you! Are you my new mom?". I said "yes I am, now let's go for a walk up this mountain ". I look down and I made a leash appear. We start walking up the mountain and I start getting an uneasy feeling. The mountain is steep and I keep looking over at the man with the great Dane. I heard the big dog say that he thought me and my dog were competition. He starts running faster, but his owners hold on his leash stopped him from running. I look at the owners face and notice his eyes change from red to black. I look down and were almost past the steep part of the walk. I notice holes in the ground. I can see inside and see this really big machine. I ask the man with the dog what is down there. He said "there's lots of dead bodies down there. Keep walking so you don't fall through.". We finally get to the top of the mountain. There's this store, and I go in. Instead of the normal conveyer belt at the cashier, there's cups. If your items didn't fit in your cup, then you couldn't buy it. I look around and see a lady who was meant to be a manager. I heard her thoughts. She was thinking about my performance as a shopper. I notice a paper in her hand, grading every worker and shoppers performance. If you didn't get a high enough score, then she fired you, even if you were just a shopper. I walk out and I'm in someone's house. I look around and think I'm supposed to be decorating. I'm at the kitchen sink and I look at the table. There's 3 unlit candles. I look back and notice the kitchen got messy in that time I took to look at the table. I look back again and notice the candles are lit now. I look back at the counter again and I saw sparks flying. The cabinet caught on fire. I use the hose setting on the sink to put out the flames. I'm trying to call the owner of the house, but I keep getting voice mails. I look around and notice the 3 candles turned into 3 people sitting at the table. I decide to join the conversation so I sit down. (I recognize one woman from other dreams I've had. I don't know this woman in real life, but I know her name is kelsey). A man was talking about how your eyes can change colors, so you can tell what psychic powers they have. I ask him about the man with red and black eyes. He said "that means fire powers. He also has super strength". Kelsey asks "My eyes are normally green but sometimes they change to blue and purple, what does that mean?" The man said "this means you can communicate with the earth and earth's materials like gems, metal, plants". I notice I appear at the kitchen sink again, so now there is 2 of me. The me at the kitchen sink says "well mine are normally green, but they change to a bone color. Almost white". The guy laughed and said "that's nothing. You don't have any ability". Then me at the table says "well we know white is the color of light when all the colors come together, like a prism. So would it be possible that she has every ability?". The guy said "you know what, I think you're right." He turns around to correct himself, then the me that was at the kitchen sink dissappears. I get up to find a bathroom and I notice that the shower is above the toilet. I decide to get a shower. As I'm getting a shower, I notice the drain looked like the holes in the ground I saw earlier, with the machine and dead bodies.

8 Apr 2024



I had a really sad dream that actually made me cry when I woke up. My dream was that I was at my university, and they were having a festival of some sort and all the students and staff were in attendance. I was with my two best guy friends, and we were walking through this gift shop area where I decided to try to call my husband to let him know we were waiting for him. I told my guy friends to start walking ahead of me and I would catch up to them when my phone call was done, but the phone kept ringing and he never picked up. Suddenly, I heard a gut-wretching scream and then multiple gun shots and looked behind me to see people running away from a man in a long black trench coat holding a huge semi-automatic rifle. I could feel the guns vibrations in my body while hearing the "flop" noise of bodies falling on the ground. The fear in me had me pinned the ground until I finally started running into a back room and found a couple people hiding back there. I asked them if anyone had seen my two best friends, but no one had seen them. I could still hear the shooting outside as it slowly grew louder towards the door. I told everyone to either run to another room or hide in the cabinets of this room we were in. I found a tiny cabinet that I could barely fit into to hide, where I took out my phone and kept dialing 911. The operator told me that the police would not save us because it was too dangerous for them. I kept texting my guy friends to see if they made it out safely or were hiding in a safe place - they never answered. In the meantime, I kept texting and calling my husband to try to warn him to not enter the building or at least run out if he was inside - he never answered. Finally, the gun shots ceased and someone knocked on my cabinet door to let me know the police came in and killed the shooter. When I got out of my cabinet, a guy I don't know looked me in the eyes and told me they found my guy friends, but they didn't survive. I didn't believe them so I ran from room to room until I finally found them.. on the ground, holding hands... dead. All my Korean friends were dead. All my classmates that I had been in classes since freshman year were all dead on the ground around me. I started screaming and wailing. I knew I had to look for my husband. I begged every single person that passed me whether they saw my husband or not - no one did. I called him over and over, and he still never answered. I never found him.

29 Mar 2024



Keala and I were having a busy weekend as usual. I remember having to drive his truck and going somewhere but I came back and we got ready and I found us already at my high school I graduated from. There were a pack lions there, and a white male tiger. We started in a field. Like a baseball field I believe, we donโ€™t have a baseball field at that school, itโ€™s somewhere else so that was odd. Then I changed from slippers to shoes and the track meet was about to start. Keala and I were waiting around a bit and we had walked pass the runners as they were stretching on the side. I recognized some of the girls, I had gone to school with them but I wasnโ€™t close friends with them. I remember their faces but canโ€™t seem to remember their names. At one point I was by the two girls and their moms and they finished stretching when I heard my name from one of the girls. I wasnโ€™t sure if they remembered me but was a bit shocked when they did. We exchanged some words, cordially greeting each other and then the announcement went off that the meet was about to start. I found Keala and asked if we could stay, but we both noticed how dark it was getting, the clouds were in circle like rings, kind of like a tornado but not really, it was like rings. There were 3 circle like shapes in the sky. It was about to storm, hard. Keala mentioned that the meet probably would get called off and we began to leave. He reached into this metal like filing cabinet and pulled out empty Pringle like containers, about 3 of them. As he was grabbing those containers one of the moms of the two girls I recognized had asked me if I had the snacks for the runners, and I said no. Keala and I then began to walk back to his truck. We were walking through a bit of grass and a bunch of fine dirt, we were kicking the Pringleโ€™s containers like a soccer ball. I remember making the conscious decision to kick it like how I would with a soccer ball. When we got to the driveway area, I noticed the lions fighting and further out onto the main driveway, I saw a bus full of kids waiting. We were all waiting. Keala somehow found a white tiger stuffed animal and we were in a corner holding our stuff and waiting for the lions to stop. We were in their territory. Around the corner comes a white tiger. The male white tiger sees me with the stuffed animal and tries to take it. Eventually keala and I get it back before alerting the lions.

19 Mar 2024

New Job


After divorce, I was walking around my house, trying to find all the areas that I might not yet have discovered where I could put things. It was weird because I saw things like kitchen cabinets above my head on the ceiling, which was a wild place for those. I was walking and surveying it all. My house was much bigger in the dream than in real life. I found a whole room I hadnโ€™t ever been in, way up high, and I walked across the floor, a thin, wooden, unsteady floor that looked like it was about to fall apart. I was looking for a tool. Suddenly, my ex-husband was there in the doorway, seemingly out of nowhere and he said sarcastically, โ€œoh, I see you wait till Iโ€™m gone and then you finally make use of this place.โ€ I started to hurry toward the door because I felt like the floor was getting ready to fall apart and he said that everything was fine and I was just imagining things basically. But I believed he was wrong . There is also a part in my dream where I was hanging out with friends, and I was suddenly jumpy because I thought that we had gone inside my exโ€™s new apartment but then I felt better when I realized we were in my new home and I didnโ€™t have to worry anymore. I felt very edgy and unsafe in the dream.

26 Feb 2024



I was making a place for my mother to use as a filing cabinet out of a box. It looked nice. Then I started declutterring the whole room and making it real nice.

3 Jan 2024

New Job


Dreaming of being in a kitchen, looking for a wisp to bake a cake. I opened one of the cabinets, it was dark. I got my phone, turned on my flashlight, turned it to a corner of the cabinet, and there was a bunch of spiders that scurried. I found a new mixer, never been used, but it was too small. So I put the flashlight in the even darker crevice of the cabinet, and a bigger spider came out, scurried and ran. However, this spider had three human eyes, one on the forehead, that kept looking at me as if it was trying to tell me something. The spider was orange, black, and white. I was not scared, it woke me up.

23 Nov 2023



My grade was in a huge hide and seek game in a weird somewhat parking garage, it had big boxes and shipping containers and more. It has a big office with cameras and computers. And a huge long counter in a round formation against the wall..if we were found by the seekers then we were dead and would come back in the next round..I was between 2 big boxes and I was able to pull a shipping container to hide behind. I slightly pushed it open for me to look out and I saw my best friend Damien hiding next to me between 2 boxes but I was caught and killed but Damien escaped and hite under the counter and far against the wall. I was a somewhat ghost or a spectator and I laid next to Damien under the counter and spooning him in a hug while rubbing his shoulder to comfort him. The next round I was back in the game and I found Damien, we were in a little maze in the parking garage. We were both running to find the office to hide under the counter again. We found it and we both hid under the counter, there was a file cabinet in front of a part of the counter so we hide behind in that corner and huddle together. The seekers were the animatronics from Five Nights At Freddy's. Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, Foxy, and I saw Spring Bonnie and Springtrap.

7 Nov 2023

New Job


a dream where me Mike and danny were living in a really shitty apartment but it was cheap. We're just chilling when suddenly we all get possessed. We get possessed by a family where the parents were really abusive to their daughter. I ended up being possessed by the daughter but I couldn't tell who was possessed by who. But I watched them from a closet as they laughed and pulled their own teeth out, ripping out their hair. I was scared and began to cry. But it was the actions of the possessed spirit and I tried to gain back control so that I'd be quiet but that just made the spirit louder. The two found me and began to beat me when suddenly the spirits left and we all looked at each other in shock. We looked normal again, like the possession never happened and danny said we need to get out now. We started looking for new places but nothing was available. Weird stuff began happening, like if we wanted food and we looked through the cabinets, we'd get hurt where it felt like somebody bit us. Or as we sit on the couch someone would suddenly get pulled off. After weeks of searching and torment we were scared out of our minds. We randomly get a call that we can move in. We immediately began packing all our stuff into our cars, not bothering with boxes and danny says whatever doesn't fit just leave behind, only take what you need. As we're gathering our stuff, we expect to be hurt in the process, but nothing ever happened. I then woke up.

2 Nov 2023



In my dream, I live in a shared house that is kind of like a strip mall but for houses. Each house is connected by a series of communal basements, each basement having different amenities, such as a library, a couple kitchens and living rooms, a bathroom with a makeup vanity, a daycare, and a few bedrooms. I remember the dream starting out with me lying in my bed, reading up on an arg and noticing a phone number on one of the videos. I call up the number and it's a staticy robotic voice telling me commands. Next thing that happens is that the voice changes when I try to talk to it, quickly becoming Ranboo's voice. He speaks out of character and I start telling him about my life. I take the phone with me outside of the room and mute myself to go to my bathroom. When I get into the bathroom, there is a leak in the ceiling. The ceiling is very damaged. I do my business and go to wash my hands. A pipe bursts in the ceiling causing water to spray everywhere. Everyone in my house evacuates to the basement. The connected basements range from huge rooms to tiny spaces that you can crawl through. The first space I remember is this huge concrete room that lead to the first kitchen. There were concrete stairs leading down towards the kitchen. I go into the next room and it resembles the kitchen from my first childhood house. It's small and cluttered. Next to it is my living room from my childhood home. The next room I remember is another kitchen, more akin to the one at my friend's old apartment. After that, I get into this area that could pass for an apartment. It's fully furnished and looks like someone lived there. In fact, someone did. I ran into the woman living there when I went to check out the bathroom. She was a short woman with long blonde and wavy hair. She was a little chubby, but she was still gorgeous. She mentioned getting ready to go out to the bar with some friends as she put on her red lipstick, peering into the vanity in the bathroom. I leave her area and stumble across a sad excuse for a bedroom. The room is small, the walls are this off-grey and blue color, the only light is a lamp on the floor in the corner of the room, and there is a mattress sat on the floor with a grey fitted sheet over it. The mattress is pushed against the corner wall. The floor is white tile and I feel the chill of the floor from my socks. I lie down on the bed and leave the door open. At some point, an older man I don't recognize comes into the room and starts feeling me up. I get extremely uncomfortable and I scream for help. A younger man comes in to help. He has brown, curly hair and he starts to tell the guy off. They start arguing, until they suddenly go quiet. One of them goes to close the door as they both give me an eerie smirk. I start panicking and I somehow get the door to open. They start chasing me through the hallways and doorways of the basement, until I crawl through a space and get into a child's bedroom. The color green sticks out to me as a theme for the decor of the room, though the walls are a cream color. I hide behind something green in the room, presumably a toy structure and they come in to find me. They can't find me and eventually they leave. I see the glimpse of a child looking at me and I exit the room. I go back into the lady's apartment. I start digging around her cabinets for alcohol, but to no avail. I get back on the phone with someone and I walk back to the library. I sit down on a hammock and lie back as I continue having a conversation with them. At some point, I change locations because my dad came in there and started getting mad at me over nothing. I happen upon this lounge area in a relatively small room. There are fake plants everywhere and a wall that's just a staircase of glass. I am on the inside of the see through glass, so I can look outside and see the people walking around, as I lay down, relaxing and talking to someone over the phone. I drift off to sleep, and then I wake up.

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