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This is a feminine symbol indicating your emotions and how you handle them. This also represents preparation for new ideas and your future. You will get a chance to begin something new in your life; this could be emotional growth or productive growth in your job or business.

🧭 Direction

Be careful not to stuff your feelings down or bottle up your emotions by hiding them. Make preparations for the future and care for the new ideas that need protection. Grab onto any new opportunity that comes your way; this is your chance to grow.

❤️ Feelings

The dream about cabinets may evoke feelings of curiosity and intrigue. It signifies a desire to explore hidden aspects of your life or uncover secrets. This dream may also bring a sense of organization and tidiness, as cabinets represent order and storage. Additionally, it may elicit a feeling of mystery and anticipation, as you wonder what may be hidden behind closed doors.

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