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Dream Interpretation: Buffet 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Buffet? Discover the significance of seeing a Buffet in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Buffet appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

A dream about a buffet symbolizes abundance, variety, and indulgence. It may represent your desire for more choices and options in your life. It can also indicate overindulgence or excess in some area of your life.

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🧭 Direction


Consider if you are feeling overwhelmed or overstimulated in your waking life. Are you taking on too much or struggling to make decisions? It may be helpful to prioritize and focus on what is truly important to you. Be mindful of your choices and try to find balance in your actions.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of a buffet evokes feelings of abundance, indulgence, and excitement. It signifies a desire for variety and options in life. This dream may also reflect a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, as one is able to freely choose and enjoy different experiences. It can symbolize a time of plenty and the opportunity to explore different aspects of oneself or one's life. Overall, the dream of a buffet elicits positive emotions and a sense of gratification.





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1 May 2024



I had a dream that I was with two friends in a buffet restaurant. I was getting myself some eggs from a giant pile of fried eggs but I could not reach them. I managed to reach them however I then couldn’t pick them up because the yolks kept bursting. I then decided that I would get food for my friend Tony and choose all the food he would like. I sat at the table and gave him his food and I did not eat. We were talking about a show that we were late for that had already started. I was then heading back to a hotel room to get ready to go out and we had to pay for a football match on the television that would be on later it at was £15 Tony said he would give me half the money but he had no change so he gave me £10 because I was paying for the ehectric, when he handed me the money it didn’t feel like money it felt furry. I went to the toilet and ultimated. We were talking about going out for The evening but I couldn’t find my shoes, we had to be at the place by 730pm. I left the hotel room alone but when I arrived at the destination it was a Swinming pool. I remember being in the pool with my friends but I don’t know who they were. I started talking to Two Young women who were extremely pretty and they were talking back to me and kissing me. I seemed to know them from the previous night and was aware my friends knew them too. After I spoke to them I realised that my friends had gone. I was aware thinking to myself why did they not tell me they were going? They could have told me? I was then in the corner of the pool with the two girls kissing one on the back. We were talking about one of their friends, I dived backwards into the pool and remember being upside down. I remember trying to hoist myself out of the pool but my body was too heavy. I was then out of the pool and it was dark and I was outside a hotel smoking a cigarette with one of the girls, a group of people approached us and asked for direction’s, someone from the hotel came and showed them. I looked through the hotel window and saw a toddler running towards me, he came out of the door and ran to his mother who picked him up and cuddled him. I saw an elevator but did not go in. I left the girls and was then with someone I know but do not particularly like and it was daytime again. I was looking for My friends because the football game was due to start on the television. I was walking down a big flight of steps wondering where they could be it was bright sunshine and I was in lanzarote. I was concious of the time and off being late. The person I was with suggested going back to the hotel room because that was where we had paid to watch the football match. I was walking past all the bars and restaurants talking to the person I was with who I knew but couldn’t remember his name. I Was telling him about a bar i knew and how busy it got. He said he hadn’t heard of it. It was night time again and we were standing talking I remember him telling me off all the women he had slept with and he was acting very vulgar. We did not walk anywhere however we were suddenly with a group of people we did not know, we were talking. One of the people spat into the air and I remember feeling it on my skin and seeing it on my leg. I was angry but cautious. I looked into the back of the car and a Man was staring at me, I told the person I was with that it was time to go and I remember opening the boot of the car but do not remember what I took out. We then started to walk and the bar I was telling the person I was with about was not there it was an empty space, we turned right after the bar and all of a sudden I was in the town I grew up in walking along a familiar road. I was still with the same person and still aware that I need to find my friends. It was still dark and I was walking up a hill. I was then with someone who I can’t recall and although I couldn’t see it I had the feeling I had just got off an aeroplane and was walking through an airport. The people walking behind me I knew and they were talking about not paying taxes and that they keep forgetting. I remember that I had to keep tapping my phone every twenty steps to pay my tax and that the woman behind me copied my actions thanking me for reminding her. I remember during this time I was still wondering where my friends where and if I’d ever find them.

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