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This is a symbol for your responsibilities, cares and love. Often people will dream about harm befalling their daughter when they are feeling anxious, stressed or not strong enough to protect or attend to their responsibilities and loved ones.

🧭 Direction

Believe in yourself! You are strong enough to care for and protect those things you love. However, doubt will sabotage your abilities. Notice the state of the relationship between you and this vulnerable part of yourself and your relationships . Believe in yourself to make the changes and take the stand that you need to.

❤️ Feelings

The dream about a daughter can evoke a range of emotions such as love, protectiveness, pride, and joy. It may symbolize the deep bond and connection between a parent and child, bringing feelings of warmth and happiness. This dream can also represent nurturing and the desire to care for someone. Additionally, it may evoke a sense of responsibility and the need to guide and support others. Overall, dreaming about a daughter can elicit positive and tender emotions associated with family and the special relationship between parent and child.

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