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Dream Interpretation: Daughter 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Daughter? Discover the significance of seeing a Daughter in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Daughter appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This is a symbol for your responsibilities, cares and love. Often people will dream about harm befalling their daughter when they are feeling anxious, stressed or not strong enough to protect or attend to their responsibilities and loved ones.

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🧭 Direction


Believe in yourself! You are strong enough to care for and protect those things you love. However, doubt will sabotage your abilities. Notice the state of the relationship between you and this vulnerable part of yourself and your relationships . Believe in yourself to make the changes and take the stand that you need to.

❤️ Feelings

The dream about a daughter can evoke a range of emotions such as love, protectiveness, pride, and joy. It may symbolize the deep bond and connection between a parent and child, bringing feelings of warmth and happiness. This dream can also represent nurturing and the desire to care for someone. Additionally, it may evoke a sense of responsibility and the need to guide and support others. Overall, dreaming about a daughter can elicit positive and tender emotions associated with family and the special relationship between parent and child.





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22 May 2024

Violence and death


Last week I dreamed I was having to discipline my 13 year old daughter for something she had done and had told her she needs to go to her room as a result. Shortly after, I was laying in bed with my husband and she came back into the room with a hammer and smashed my knee with it. I was screaming and crying out in pain. She disappeared into the darkness and kept laughing. I called 911 for help and felt an overwhelming sense of fear and uncertainty about how to handle her violent attack and fear that she was going to come back out and kill me with the hammer.

13 May 2024



My 10year old went missing I knew where she was. I ran down this long street but my legs wouldnt move fast enough. I ran past My daughter’d girl scout group and asked if someone seen her they said no. I kept running, my mom pulled at my arm to stop me and said “I know baby”. I got to the door who I believe had my daughter. A cop I knee was at the door with a crowd of people demanding the man to open the door. I pulled out my gun and cocked it. The cop held up a jug of juice and asked me if it was my daughter’s. The man was peeking out the door and finally opened it as I approached. I seen my daughter sleeping on his couch. I woke up screaming.

12 May 2024



My daughter was trying to catch money in the wind and was run over by a bus

11 May 2024

High School


Someone took my daughter and kidnapped her. Put her in a room with a double sided mirror and tried to show me her and my dad and when they walked out of the room they disappeared. And then I found her and I carried her through out my high school that turned into a military organization and got her to my car but something took over the car and just kept spinning us in circles. My father's mother was also in the dream as a nurse who has had thisnhappend to who in real life I'm not close to and she told me that the only way the man let them free her brother and her was because he shared a booger with her for food and that's when I realized I was in the dream but couldn't wake up

11 May 2024



My eldest daughter and I are on a trip somewhere cold, remote, and snowy. We're surrounded by snow. I was raised in the north with a lot of snow. My daughter was raised in the south, so she doesn't have much experience with it. We're in a car, and our car breaks down. We need to get help. Instead of sticking together, we decide to separate. I somehow end up in these snowy woods, and I'm calling my daughter, looking for her, and reaching out for her. And we cannot find each other. Every time we walk or we take steps forward, we get lost and we're mapped somewhere else. And in the dream, my daughter on the other end of the phone tells me to pretty much just give up and stop looking for her because we're in this foreign country stuck somewhere.

10 May 2024



I shot awake during my sleep because in my dream my daughter was playing and then fell backwards off the top deck. I jolted in my sleep and immediately woke up.

8 May 2024



I'm holding my two year old daughter Abby, I'm in front of a living room window. I kneel down to pick something up and put on her shoes. I look out the window and see the bus I was waiting for, to pick her up for daycare, is across the street, but it's leaving. I run after it with her in my arms. It's too late. Someone points out it's stopped at its next stop down the street. I keep running and approach a 4 lane highway, on a normally busy street but it's clear, in fact it's deserted, there isn't anyone else around at all. I cross the road quickly and hand my daughter to a passenger on the bus. Suddenly I'm at a party, an outdoor party, but it's wrapping up. It's the next day and apparently I forgot to pay my bill/for my ticket and owe $100. I pull out my check. I already had it filled out I just forgot to sign it and hand it over, here you go. And I hand it off to Evan an old friend from high school, all grown up now. I ask when the reunion will be, he says I'm sorry you weren't invited you weren't in good standing because you hadn't paid your bill. He privately apologizes, "John if I had known you were here...' He assured me I'll be on the guest list at the next event provided I stay in good standing. I leave feeling sad, ambivalent and confused. I was dropping off my daughter! And I missed her bus, I didn't realize I hadn't paid the bill.

5 May 2024



I had a dream about my bf and our daughter, also dreamed about death or her death im not to sure which one. It’s been on my mind all day. Hooefully I’m able to get a clearer picture and a better understanding.

5 May 2024

Killer whales


My youngest daughter Scarlette that was about 7 with autism and nonverbal. I was walking her into a body of water that had trees growing in it and spread out and as we got deeper into the water, suddenly I seen water getting sprayed upward. Looking at the water I realized it was a killer whale spraying water from its spout. Then I looked around to realize there were 2 adult and baby killer whales staring at me and in the water next to me. I picked up my daughter and slowly started to walk backwards out of the water, but they watched me and never attempted anything.

3 May 2024



My daughter comes home from school and tells me about a guy outside her class. He sometines comes inside abd help her with school work. She touches him i. Returb. She doesn‘t want to do it. Anymore. She is scared. She ask me not to taök to school. I do it anyways. First I have someone on the phone. She doesn‘t want to listen. Is very petroniti g. I lose my cool with her. I go to the school abd I see the principal, leaving the scjool. He doesn‘t want to help. When I tell him what happened. He does something. We szart looking for that guy. There was another girl that he abused her. All of sudden the lady from the phone is there. She is condesending, indifferent and minimizes the whole thing. I get in a fight with her. I get so angry I start punching her, rolling on the föoor with her. I wake up

30 Apr 2024

Brother in law


I dreamt my youngest daughter passed away, I was hanging out with my brother in law and he put some owl statue on the wall to summon my sister & I was so upset because I didn’t know she died and nobody told me. Then I’m my dream I woke up and realized it was a dream then I woke up again.

26 Apr 2024



My daughter falling from a broken portch

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