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Dream Interpretation: Door 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Door? Discover the significance of seeing a Door in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Door appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

It symbolizes, a new stage in your life, an entry, and an exit point. It suggests that something new is going to enter your life while something old is about to exit. Door dreams also symbolize a transformation or a change in your life. It could mean that you are walking towards a new opportunity that is arriving in your life.

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🧭 Direction


Don't cry over the loss and wait for the new things that will arrive in your life shortly. Be willing to accept new things and changes that will come in your life. Examine the stage you are on in your life and make a firm decision about what you want.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of a door can evoke a sense of curiosity and anticipation. It represents opportunities and new beginnings, as well as the unknown. It may also bring feelings of hesitation or fear, as opening a door can lead to unexpected outcomes. Overall, this dream symbolizes the desire for change and the need to explore new paths in life.





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8 May 2024



Had a lucid dream where i walked through a door intending to go somewhere, but then i fell through the floor and kept falling into these like mountains that were being swallowed up by waves like a tsunami, and i was falling into the water, and then i woke up.

27 Apr 2024



Was at home preparing to go out. My roommmate was upset i wasn't cleaning even though i'd been cleaning all week and i barely clean. Random people kept showing up at the door, first two teenage boys and then a celebrity drag queen. They all implied there was something going on later that I would be going to, but no one would be clear on what event was happening. My roommate said the teenagers were two her mom hired to make sure I was pulling my weight as a roommate. I go to make coffee and add small square of chocolate. My family then arrives and they're also eagrr for an event amd they imply it has something to do with my but won't tell me what. My mom is just talking to my roommate, my brother is driving a super fancy new blue car and along are my sister in law, niece, and baby nephew. My niece and sister are trying to figure are dropping hints at how I'm going to enjoy tonight but won't elaborate. I suddenly know the event will be m monster themed so I choose a pink sweater with a monster lady on it and wonder if I should wear my frog bucket hat and a food jacket or if I should go for something more sexy. My roommate and brother are rushing me to finish up so we can leave. I'm going from room to room trying to find my pronoun pin but can't but I do wear a pin with a tree and an apple (somehow this is for the show gravity falls) and a pin that is a septer with an apple at the end (the one from the show hazbin hotel that lucifer has) I'm hungry and want to finish my coffee but there's no time. A sleek black car pulls up and the men inside tell me nathan is expecting me and I'm stunned because Nathan is an ex boyfriend who I really loved but he didn't feel the same way. My brother tells the guys he wasn't supposed to tell me anything, but oh well let's go. I wake up before we get to the event

26 Apr 2024



I keep dreaming about people knocking on my doors. I hear it multiple times and it wakes me up

15 Apr 2024



I had a dream that I was trying to open a door and that it wouldn’t open and then somebody behind me unlocked it so I could get in. When I went through the door I was in an old place of work that I recognised in a small familiar office the office was crowded so I left. Behind me was a young boy who I seemed to want to help. I sat at a computer and started to write a message to the boy but I remembered that I did not have the young boys address. I then saw the young boy walk away and I did not speak to him. I then heard two old friends voices telling me my friend needed help so I went to help him dismantle some large objects that did not look like but I knew were barbecues. I helped him. I knew I was still in the old place of work but it looked different and suddenly I wanted to buy a barbecue and there were many to choose from, only one was a barbecue others were different things that did not look like barbecues but I recognised them as barbecues, one has a silver week on it and one was a taxi. I then saw the barbecue I wanted to buy and it was in a box. I knew the box would be heavy but when I lifted it I found I could carry it quite easily. I asked the manager to buy the barbecue but I was not happy with the price. We eventually agreed on the price. I was then back in the office talking to a beautiful girl who I did not recognise, we were flirting together but I knew my wife was around and did not care. I was writing on some paper but I do not know what I was writing. I was attracted to the girl very much. In then left the office and my used a telephone to call my friend who i wanted some advice from. I knew it was him on the phone but his voice was different and it eventually changed to his normal voice. He talked to me about opening a hotel. I was then on a large inflatable bouncy castle and the sun was shining very much. The bouncy castle was hot but not too hot, there was a young boy who was warned not to jump too high because a tree root was going to piece then inflatable castle and break it. I went to the root and used my feet to break it. I did not kill it. I was with a family I was comfortable with but did not recognise. There was a young boy throwing oranges that although I didn’t touch I knew were squishy. I then saw another taxi that was old and I knew would not be able to drive.

15 Apr 2024



i can’t remember the surrounds but i was in this eerie place. In front of us was a door. We were told we if we passed the test we would able to complete testing and someone special. So we laid omg beds and they hooked us up and next thing i knew i was watching someone’s memeories through there eyes. It was a little girl and boy and i was watching through the boys eyes. as the two kids walked around the large home the guards seemed to all bow and respect her but gave me dirty looks. The girl wanted to play hide and seek the boy who i was watching through poured and said no because the girl knew the castle better than him. She then said we will pick an area then play. So she leads to a small area tells me to count. As i do i squint my eyes peaking to see where she’s at she then opened a secret door by pressing a brick and disappears. After awhile i follow her through the secret passage. It’s pitch black and there’s only one direction to follow so i beginning walking down while keeping my hand to the wall. Soon there’s a light towards the end bringing some sight back to my surrounding that reveal that we are underground and the walls are made of rock like a cave. I speed up my pace getting closer to the end of the walkway when all of sudden i hear a scream. I now run i towards the end and break out into a huge cavern a large black mass almost like a shadow is in front of the girl and she’s just standing on the ground. As soon as i yell for the girl the shadowy figure that reached the ceiling sunk swiftly into the girls shadow that was cast onto to the floor. She turned and looked at me and even tho she looked fine i could feel the fear that was in the boy that i looked through. Soon the dream shifted to me looking into the mirror. I started back at the reflection of the boy but older. He stood there for a minute feeling sad but i couldn’t tell why. He grabbed his keys and soon i shifted into another scene showing him around a group of guys. They spoke abt how tonight was big as the princess of the land has just been married off to some other lands prince and that this is the moment to strike the royals who held all the money and power while they were distracted. It was clear that my group was the distraction. Again the dream shifted to me a nice fast looking car w a radio that buzzed w information in my hand. athe person on the intercom said it was out time to shine and the boy shifted into gear and drifted out on the main road. Soon cops begin to chase him as we get closer to the princess parade other cars come from my group distracting the other police and getting in there way. Finally i drift out in front the parade rev and spinning my wheels being loud and making smoke but the girl and the boy lock eyes. Her eyes are dead despite her expressive face . All of sudden there’s a loud bang as something shatter through my window and boys pov slides down. All of sudden i open my eues back in the room w the door i look at the others who are stil asleep w there goggles. Someone comes into the room and they said i was the only one that passed and can move to the next stage. The door opens and reveals are dark room with a glowing tube that had thick wires attached to it. In it was girl i saw through the boys eyes naked and a little older her eyes were closed as she floating in the tube and oxygen mask on her face. I looked at the person who led me here w horror. As i stepped closer the girl in the tube opened her eyes to show glowing pink eyes and then i woke up

29 Mar 2024

My House


A ghost coming in my house and it would open doors and move things right infornt of me and other people as well and it was a powerful entity and it couldn’t leave it would just stick with you. It was a bad entiy and a good entity at the same time.

27 Mar 2024



I was in a motel but everyone kept their doors open. My room lead to a downstairs and backdoor. The area looked very poor and people were struggling. Someone asked me for some fruit so I decided to go grab some. I jumped off the top staircase to fly. The lady who asked me for the fruit was shocked I could fly. I said "I have to fully believe I can and I will fly". I didn't go and get the fruit after that because I needed to defend my room from something that I don't remember

23 Mar 2024



A gangster whom had a gun in possession kept knocking at my door 3 times

10 Feb 2024



Going through different doors trying to find something or someone but keeps taking me through a maze and different doors

24 Jan 2024



I was in this big room full of doors. i had to time it right to get the correct blinking door. but the floor would change and drop. I made it to one door but completely unaware that i went through a door to get into the room. The room was just dark and i had to feel my way through. i was confused, i was like how did i even get in here, until i ran into someone else that’s when i became aware that we had to escape or find a way out the person didn’t fully understand until we were back into the big room with the doors waiting to go to the next door to save more people

20 Nov 2023



I was in an out door class when the professor took a turtle out of his bag and put it on the ground. He put his hand on top of the turtles shell, and as he lifted his hand the turtle grew with it as his hand got higher so did the turtle. The turtle got as tall as the professor...and started chasing the class

18 Oct 2023



The door of my bedroom had been opened and i can’t get up to close it, i afraid that something scary might show up

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