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This is a "master number" in astrology and is meant to emphasize the emotional meaning of the number 1. This represents a feeling of mysticism, intuition, and spirituality. Since this is a "double portion" of the number one, it stands to accentuate the characteristics of the number one: leadership, initiation, and independence.

🧭 Direction

Trust your gut, and follow your instincts; this is a symbol of your own power and ability. Though you may feel alone in your endeavors, that is because you are blazing a new trail that others will find inspiring and attempt to follow! Allow your intuition to guide you through these challenging times.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of eleven may evoke feelings of curiosity, intrigue, and a sense of mystery. It may symbolize a desire for knowledge, exploration, and a thirst for understanding the unknown. This dream may also bring about a sense of anticipation and excitement, as if something significant or unexpected is about to happen. The number eleven can represent a gateway to new possibilities and opportunities, leaving the dreamer with a sense of wonder and a longing for discovery.

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