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Dream Interpretation: Anxiety 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Anxiety? Discover the significance of seeing a Anxiety in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Anxiety appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This dream symbol alerts us to a conflict between expectation and reality. The anxiety you feel is experienced becuase you are trying to hold onto an expectation of control when this may not be realistically possible. This could be happening in your life today or may come from something in your past that still impacts you. Your dreams try to release unprocessed emotions left over from your day, giving them an opening to vent out so the pressure does not build up.

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🧭 Direction

Bad omen

You may be more anxious than you realize; it's time to make a change. Let go of stress and tension in your life by taking steps to distance yourself from people or projects that are bringing you down. However, you may not need to let them go; instead, you may need to take on less emotional responsibility and accept that some things are broken and outside your ability to fix them. You will feel immense freedom by letting them go!

❤️ Feelings

This dream evokes a sense of unease and worry. It may be a reflection of underlying fears or concerns that are causing restlessness and tension. The dreamer may be experiencing a heightened sense of apprehension or nervousness about a particular situation or aspect of their life. It is important to explore the root causes of this anxiety and address them in order to find peace and tranquility.





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25 Apr 2024



There is a feeling of anxiety. I am trying to get organized to leave. I am trying to go somewhere. There is a group of people that have on grey shirts.

29 Mar 2024



I had a dream that I was in a room I didn’t recognize. It was in what seemed to be an abandoned vacation house on an island. I knew I wasnt alone though, and the room I’m in has a piano and I played the song “Chamber of Reflection”. The one that was sung by Your Anxiety Buddy, to lure out the other person I was with from the other room. I believe it was a person that I had romantic feelings for. I’m still playing the song but I look out the window at another island with a white van crashed at the bottom of it and I little girl that’s tattered up playing with tattered dolls.

16 Feb 2024

Serial killer


Dreamt I was being chased by the most infamous serial killers like Micheal myers and ghostface. Each time I found out who the murder is, another one appeared. People got murdered in front of me. When I discovered who the murderers were, it was people I had never seen before. I was chased in school, a festival and in a home I had never been in. I felt anxiety in my dreams whenever I opened doors or heard the name ghostface. Suddenly Pokémon was real and I kept petting them.

16 Feb 2024



I dreamed about my grandma and my dad telling me they had good news about my life bit couldnt tell me right now. After that we sat and talked about life they apologized about all the bad things they did to me and my brother i accepted. And my dad asked me how my mom was doing and said he still loved her very much and likes to visit her every now and then. But also said he likes to prank her by waking her up when its not time but he also had things he wanted to talk about to her. My grandma also said she loved my mom very much to and was sorry about all the things she did to her and wishes she could do life again to apologize to her personally. They also said they both were on earth waiting for me so that when it was time to come back we could do it all together as a family. They asked me about my life told me to stay in the relationship i am in cause jeremy is the best person for me. And they both said they watched our relationship all of the time. They stay with me and watch me and attemot to guide me but some days cant when i feel sad. They said they dont want me sad anymore they want my anxiety to go away and they want me to keep on trying at life for the people that are around me. They say they are happy to be able to watch me like never before. And then they tell me they cant talk anymore but they will be back when i need them to talk to. And tell me anytime i need advice just out loud ask they can hear me and to watch for signs that they hear me. And the dream ended

3 Feb 2024



so I was on like a vacation type trip with my family like a lot of my extended family and we were kind of just all there and having a good time and like everything was good like there was no anxiety nothing wrong like it was kind of just a regular dream of all of us together on like a trip but then once it became nighttime I started running around the hallways of where the hotel rooms were like I was running around the hallways and stressing because in my dream it was time for my third period exam and I was stressing because I couldn't find what room it was and I was already late and I was scared to be too late for my exam so I just had a lot of anxiety running back and forth through the halls trying to find my class and I couldn't find it and then I think I just got tired of trying to find it so I woke up

2 Feb 2024



my mom found out about a big secret im keeping from her because my younger brother and my younger cousin told her and she started yelling at me and getting mad and i had a lot of anxiety the whole time because i knew i would be in so much trouble.

31 Jan 2024

My Teacher


I kept going in a waiting room that was also a dormitory where everything every kid was in black and white. It was a movie of an anxious person. At school I learn that my teacher is really young. The main character of the movie becomes extremely anguished and the movie shows a parallel with what makes her anxious. She was bald. It was an unbearable anxiety. I remembered I was told it was one of the most anxiety inducing movie so I stopped watching.

21 Jan 2024



I met a girl whom I really enjoy being around and talk to, we did lots of our tasks which involve lots of teamworks and actions, we finished flawlessly despite my horrendous skill at social interactions and group work. She was handling all the hard tasks and helping me along the way as if she knew me before. Around early sun set, we sat on top of a building’s roof and had a relatively enjoyable conversation with constant laughter. I cant help but think she is a pretty and amazing person but as the cool breeze went by she asked “do you remember me?”. I got startled, everything went dark for a moment as my anxieties seeks in, questioning what she meant by that and who could she be while still senses some familiarities in her but unsure . Shooked in confusion I mumbled “no..” She looked at me, a bit stunned but then quickly fixed her expression, calmly replied “oh! That’s alright!” as her usual grind shortened to a soft smile, disappointingly looking into the distance afar as the wind set chills down my spine. Sudden urge of sadness hits me, realizing we soon will have to part ways. I asked “will I’ll be ever to meet you again?” And she replied “we’ll meet again in 5 more years”. I woke up remembering that I’ve used to had the same dreams couple of times, with the same events happened throughout my childhood before stop seeing her again, for years, until now, but I had never actually finish the dream nor had I be able to see the sunset with her like I do now, the ending was bitter sweet leaving me stunned for a while.

17 Nov 2023



I had a dream I can't quite remember what I was doing but I think we were running around me and the guy I'm currently talking to looking for some holiday gifts I remember me having a lot of anxiety and a lot of worries and him reassuring me a lot and making me feel better. I also remember seeing the number 444 a lot everywhere throughout the time and for whatever reason that felt reassuring. And although in the beginning of the dream, and throughout the dream, I had this sense of dread and anxiety and depression, by the end of the dream, I was smiling.

26 Oct 2023



I was cussing in front of my mom and her boyfriend. I don’t remember any reaction from them, but I was experiencing anxiety in the dream.

25 Oct 2023



I was looking at stuff about 1989 Taylor's Version and it changed from blue to black. It was giving me anxiety because I didn't know what was going on and was worried it'd be reputation and not 1989 and then people started arguing that it wasn't a color change. Then I woke up in pain and threw up

12 Oct 2023

Running away


I have recurring dreams about my ex boyfriend. He has narcissistic traits and the relationship was very toxic. After four years I finally left him. But in my dreams he still harasses me. It’s the same thing every time: I’m somewhere in a house with him. We’re a couple and I’m happy. After some time I realise we are not actually together anymore. That’s when I freak out. I get anxiety and need to find an escape as soon as possible. I’m scared he will notice I’m trying to sneak out and run away. I search for door. And then I run outside. I run for my life. I feel so scared he will find me. I hear him screaming my name so I know he’s coming after me. In some dreams he found me. In one he even pointed a gun at me. When I wake up I feel scared and harassed.

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