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Dream Interpretation: Follow 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Follow? Discover the significance of seeing a Follow in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Follow appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This dream symbolizes your desire to be guided or led by someone. It may also indicate that you are feeling lost or unsure about your direction in life. Alternatively, it could represent your tendency to conform to others' expectations and not assert your own individuality.

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🧭 Direction


Reflect on your current situation and ask yourself if you are following someone or something blindly. Are you sacrificing your own desires and needs to please others? It's important to take control of your own life and make decisions that align with your values and goals. Trust your instincts and don't be afraid to take the lead.

❤️ Feelings

This dream of following signifies a sense of curiosity and adventure. It evokes feelings of anticipation, as you are eager to discover what lies ahead. There is a sense of purpose and determination, as you are driven to pursue your goals. This dream may also bring about a feeling of being guided or supported, as you trust in the path you are following. Overall, this dream instills a sense of excitement and optimism for the future.





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6 Nov 2023

My crush


In my dream, I was at my Aunt's with my cousins and we were in the garage. Just looking through stuff. In the dream, my aunt had a cat but in my dream, I knew she didn't have one IRl. The cat was nice at first but when I tried to pet the cat it scratched me. My aunt said it was just hungry and the cat food was coming with the Walmart online order she ordered. A while later it came back and the cat food was the first thing I grabbed so I could feed the cat. Then I was moved to another dream where I was at the festival and they had rides, games, and concessions. I was with family and my sisters friends and one of my friends that I used to have a crush on was there with a another friend. We decided to merge groups and we explored the festival. After that everyone was ushered to this giant Amphitheater for karaoke. My friend who I had a crush on Sat next to me but she saw her friend sitting alone and sat with her. The show started and everyone took seats and the first person came up. They sang some old-school rock song but had backup dancers which made the performance cool and he got off when he was done. The next guy sang a song from the beastie boys which had backup dancers as well. Next this lady come up to talk to me and check if I wanted to sing so I said yes and I followed her into a building with twist and turns and eventually got into a room which resembled a classroom mixed with doctor's office. They said this room was an interview room for the karaoke. She handed me a piece of paper and told me to look at the camera and answer the questions and gave me another paper that asks questions about who I am. I couldn't read them because the text was jumbled up and in cursive and I realized I was dreaming and woke up.

3 Nov 2023

Running away


I had a dream that I was at work but it wasn't my current job or like anything I had done before, ut was this big maze like building and every room was like another giant warehouse, but for some reason even though nothing was familar and I didn't know anyone there, I just interacted like it was my daily routine, I found all these cats and then the dream changed it was like they were all mine and they where in a home that was apparrently mine but i'd never been in before, then all the cats kept running away and getting lost, I was so stressed trying to find them and I followed them to a field where U was trying to dig them out of a rabbit hold but as I was pulling them out all these people showed up and started playing with them, then this woman that even though I know she isn't I recognised her as my mother, she shated handing out food to everyone and it was like a picknick, it was at tjis point I realised I wasn't an adult in my dream anymore but a child, I woke up shortly after to my cat pawing at my face, very strange dream even for me, I don't normally dream of people or places I've never seen before,it's usually a mash up multiple places I know connectling into eachother, or peoples i've previously known but not thought of in a long time

3 Nov 2023

High School


This dream was very choppy, it also could have been two separate dreams in the same night that went into each other. It started with me, I was selling tickets to watch a football game. It was weird because a lot of the people who were buying tickets to said football game were people I went to high school with. (I’m now 20) In this part of the dream it was like I was younger, maybe 16. Basically in my dream I was rushing to get my house clean to watch the football game, but the football field and bleachers were also inside my house. In my dream I could jump up and start flying. I would fly by everyone I knew sitting in the bleachers almost to show off. At one point I flew over the football players of my favorite team. The odd thing is that nobody saw me or said anything to me. I was a ghost. Suddenly, the scenario changed. All the bleachers, the field, and players were gone and it was just my house. I was rushing to find a tv to get the game set up for everybody who came but I couldn’t get it set up and I felt super embarrassed, my house was super messy and I was poor, I didn’t have cable to even watch the game. That’s when the dream cuts to a completely different setting, I was following my family members back from somewhere but we were all in different cars. We stopped at a gas station and some how i was left in that town at the gas station by myself with no vehicle. Completely stranded. Somehow the dream cut again and I was with 3 of my friends and we were all stuck in this other town that’s about 20 miles from where I live. We tried calling people, but to no avail, for some reason we could not get a hold of anyone. This town was completely empty, no sign of life anywhere, it was dark, and there was a red haze over everything outside. In this dream, I was close with somebody that I haven’t talked to for years now, I was never close with them in real life it’s just somebody I know from school. This person was not at his house, but we stopped at his house to get some stuff for our journey ahead even though he was not home, we just let ourselves in and I took one of his hoodies. We then made our way outside his house and I put the name of our town into my Maps on my phone. The route that was the fastest was down a spiral mountain that our town was at the very bottom of and we had to walk through a super long cemetery that went all the way down this spiral mountain. It also had that red haze all over it. There was 4 of us total, one of my friends refused to walk through the cemetery so she started trying to find a different route even though this one was the fastest. Originally one of my friends stayed back with her, and one of them was going to go with me, but when I turned to look behind me, all three of them were still standing back there, looking for a safer way. I made the decision to keep going but before I made my way to the cemetery I woke up.

31 Oct 2023



This dream kind of freaked me out a little bit… but it started off fairly normal. I had been taken back in time to a few years ago. I had just graduated high school, just turned 18 and was single. My mates and I went up the coast for our celebration from graduating. Things were good, we were having fun, playing together, cooking and eating together and overall just enjoying each others company. One thing did change though. A group of random girls came to the house we rented for the week and sat down to have dinner with us. This one girl who sat across from me kept eyeing me down and smiling whenever we made eye contact. I thought it was cute so I made an advancement towards her. I walked over and sat down, we started talking and having a good time. Everyone else was still there and all having fun. I ended up giving her a massage and she was really enjoying it, so much that she was moaning and rolling her eyes back. She wanted me to take her to my room and give her a proper massage. So we did just that, she laid on my bed and I started giving her a fairly sensual deep tissue massage. She took off her clothes and asked me to massage her whole body. When I finished the massage she pulled me closer and started to kiss me, started grabbing places where she knew what she was doing. I went to the other room to go and grab some protection, but something caught my attention. I looked down the corridor and noticed a door that wasn’t there before, it was left slightly ajar. I tried not to think anything of it, but I turned to go back to my room and I started hearing a really deep buzzing sound, almost as if something was eminating from the door. I started walking closer and this whitish blue light started glowing from behind it. It was so bright that I had to close my eyes and walk through. But as I stepped in, I could feel the handle suddenly vanish from my hand, and I opened my eyes. I remember distinctively saying to my self, “huh, this is weird. Where am I?” I looked around and it turned out I found myself in another house that I had never been to before, nor have I ever seen it. I looked around for the door I had just walked through but it was completely gone, I was in the middle of the room. So, I started scrounging around trying to find out where I was. Suddenly, I heard clanking of utensils and plates and voices coming from the other room. I peaked around the corner and recognised none of the faces. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and turned around to see who it was. It was that girl from the holiday house, the one I gave the massage to. She looked at me in disbelief and said, “it’s… you?”. She told me to follow her and we went to the family dinner table and sat down, there must have been around 30 people all together, so I blended in. The girl went off to the bathroom so I was left alone, and I went towards the food and sat down at the table. I heard the door of the bathroom open and I looked over but as I did I see her just looking at me. Suddenly, the room went quiet. I turn back around and everyone was standing up, all with their eyes fixed on me. All in sequence they said, “ you aren’t supposed to be here.” I stood up and they all started to walk towards me, no matter if they had a table in front of them, they would just plough right through. I started walking backwards and tripped and fell. I thought I fell on the floor but I never felt my back hit the floor. I opened my eyes and found myself standing up. The room was like a hotel. Fancy yellow wall paper but dim lighting. I opened the door of the room. And I was met with a seemingly endless corridor. I set out to walk through, and for what felt like 30 minutes and 2 kilometres later, I found myself in a large space with repeating pillars and damp carpet. I felt uneasy, almost as if someone was watching me. So I kept walking. I noticed a hole in one of the walls with the word ‘escape’ all spelled with strange lettering, almost as if it was written by someone going insane. It was written in this kind of black paint, but I opted not to follow it. I look back up and start walking another direction, but as I glance in the distance, I notice a very faint movement of something that vanished behind a pillar. I tried to think nothing of it and pushed on. Finally, after what felt like an hour, I found a door that was labelled with strange letters I have never seen before. I turn the handle and hear running and loud footsteps behind me so I quickly close the door behind me out of horror and hear something slam into the door, then I hear a voice exclaim, “FUCK!” Thinking it was another person I opened the door back up again. But it was a completely different area, this time it was red wallpaper and spruce wood floors. So I thought, wait, does this door create random portals? I closed and opened it again. This time the door was over an ocean with a big wave about to hit it. I closed and opened it again and this time it was in a jungle. At this point I said to myself, am I dreaming? I heard a laugh come from behind me, in this large warehouse room carrying lots of machinery and technology that I would not be able to put a name to. It was distant, but made me even more scared and anxious to get back home. I thought to myself again, if I am dreaming, I should see if I can find that white void again, so I repeatedly opened and closed the door, viewing places that were not only from earth but elsewhere in the universe. Suddenly I found the door to the white space from the start and it sucked me right through. I was at the end of the corridor at the holiday house. It was quite late. Everyone was asleep. I go to my room and get in bed and close my eyes. In the darkness, I hear a girls voice say “Michael?” I opened my eyes but I had woken up.

29 Oct 2023

Being Late


Lately I've been having a dream that I'm going to the airport and there's always something which makes me be late or in a short amount of time, let's say the bus didn't come when it's supposed to come. Some people are getting attention from me and then I can't get on taxi or again on a bus in a time. I wake up in the middle of my journey and I remember how usually I'm having a problem also about the money. Like let's say I bought a ticket for the bus, the bus didn't came and then I am not really able to buy another bus ticket so I need to find another way how to get the bus ticket or I need to use the same one and hope that no one is going to figure out. It's also been always from Latvia to Sweden. I am originally from Latvia and now I'm living in Sweden, so it's interesting. And the thing is, I really, really want to get out of there. I don't want to stay there. With no chances I can allow myself in my dream to stay there. But as I said, every time when I'm dreaming about that, I don't reach the final destination because I wake up. And then the next dreams has a little bit different scenario, but the same meaning is following me.

24 Oct 2023

New Job


I had a dream about two of my friends and one friend who my friends are friends with but I didn't really know and they were sitting in my garden and I had my window open and they were talking really horribly about me so I went outside to like confront them and they had left so I followed them and we ended up in a station near my actual village and I ended up fighting the two friends who I'm actually really good friends with and the mutual friend wasn't there. Then we ended up getting on a train and there's a boy I know and this other boy I know who I used to talk to and I once really liked but that was years ago and I don't really know why he was in my dream because I haven't thought about him in years and we ended up talking me and this boy that I used to talk to but the dream fast forwarded into like a whole different dream where I was in Essex and I was looking for Basildon but I ended up at the seaside and I was walking along the pier and there was loads of families behind me and there was this massive like sand hill and at the top of all like this hill it was like a straight hill with a dip and in the dip was obviously the pier which I was walking across but at the top of the hill there was loads of kids and then there was a massive bird with a long beak who took the kid and just flew off of her and then the little girl's sister said to her mum where are they taking her and her mum shouted at the kids and said to a new home and I woke up from my dream.

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