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Dream Interpretation: Darkness 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Darkness? Discover the significance of seeing a Darkness in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Darkness appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

Dreaming of darkness symbolizes the unknown, fear, and uncertainty. It may represent a situation or emotion that you are not comfortable with or do not understand. It can also indicate a need for introspection and self-discovery.

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🧭 Direction


Take some time to reflect on your life and emotions. What are you afraid of? What is causing you uncertainty? Once you identify these issues, take steps to address them. Seek support from loved ones or a therapist if necessary. Remember that facing your fears and uncertainties can lead to personal growth and a sense of empowerment.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of darkness often evokes feelings of fear, uncertainty, and vulnerability. It symbolizes the unknown, hidden aspects of our lives, and can represent a sense of being lost or overwhelmed. It may also reflect a need for introspection or a fear of the future. Overall, this dream can leave one with a sense of unease and a desire for clarity and light.





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21 May 2024



I’m with a group of friends I don’t know very well. They seem kinda off… they start prepping for us to all have a sleepover. I have a really bad feeling about it. I don’t want to be there… I say I’m going home but they all look at my weird and they turn on a horror movie. As soon as I start watching it the screen expands and the movie scene slowly becomes my reality. Everything goes dark and around us and I hear the shrieking of inhuman rage. I look around at the group but they don’t look back… they all ripped their eyes out and their flesh is turning molten black and begins to melt off their bodies. One guy stands next to me screaming at them… he darts away but I grab his hand and pull him deeper into the landscape away from his friends who scream and rip at eachothers melting flesh. We run into the feilds the sky turns dark red casting a glow onto the soggy fields. I look down… it’s not a field it’s mounds of dead baby animals and bloody naked children. I know most of them were raped or eaten. The sky begins to pour blood. I let go of the guys hand and dart into the woods. I look behind to see him turning and screaming flesh monsters running after me. Out of the ground blackened bony fingers rip off me clothes and drag me down assaulting my every inch of inner flesh and began ripping me into pieces from my inside out.

21 May 2024



it was dark outside and I was alone in the cold and I was afraid of everyone who walked past me I kept screaming at them

18 May 2024



I was in a dark abyss. Super creepy faces appearing out of the darkness. I couldn't move at all. At the end of the dream, a gunshot was heard and I'm assuming I was the one shot.

14 May 2024

Haunted house
Locked Door


In my dream, I had woken up at about 9pm on the couch after falling asleep while watching tv. I tried to turn the lights on, but nothing happened when I flipped the switch. At first I assumed the light bulb had died. So I went to turn on a different light, and still nothing. That’s when I realized the power must had gone out while I was asleep. But then I realized the tv I had fallen asleep watching was still on and playing a show about true scary stories. I got an eerie feeling, and I tried to calll my partner, Nick, who was at work still. He works second shift, and wasn’t due to return home until about 11:30. But my phone wouldn’t make any calls. Then I looked up and noticed there were three end tables balanced on TOP of the entertainment center where the tv was. That’s when I knew that it was a haunting. I immediately got scared for my young daughter who had been asleep in her bedroom, and ran to go check on her. Her door locks from the outside so that she could never lock herself in, but when I went to open her door, it wouldn’t budge. I really started to panic at this point, but I knew that giving in to fear would only escalate the situation, so I tried to remain as calm as possible. She wasn’t crying, so I assumed she was still asleep. That was one relief anyways. I eventually got access to her bedroom, and when I got in there I noticed this very large and heavy empty picture frame just hanging off the wall as if it were about to fall down, which would really hurt my daughter. That really scared me, and I was now worried for my daughters safety. When my boyfriend finally got home, I showed him all of the anomalies I had observed in our home. He quickly came to the same conclusion that I did about the place being haunted, but he reacted with anger and started to yell at whatever entity had done this while also starting to angrily take the misplaced furniture down from the top of the entertainment center. I got nervous and told him to not antagonize the spirit that had done this in fear that it would retaliate. I told him we needed to go check on Winnie, and when we did she was still sleeping safely and soundly. Then we went back to the living room, and he tried to turn on the lights. On the first try nothing happened, but then he tried a second time, and the lights all came on as if nothing ever happened. Next he tried the phone, and that had started working again too. That’s when I was awoken from my sleep in real life by my daughter screaming for me. I was completely drenched in sweat to the point where I had to change my pajamas because they were so wet from sweat.

11 May 2024



I had a dream about me being at my great grandmas house with my mom and terell. It was weird entities that were there and when i closed my eyes i hear weird evil voices in my head talking to me. I dont know what they were saying to me but they were giving me ideas. I declined them alot and talked back to them rudely. Then i went upstairs in my GG house and went in the bathroom. I dont know what i was there for but i randomly started doing some music video in a weird way. I was doing dances and then i danced my way back down stairs where everybody was at and danced around them. Later i was trying to sleep in the same room with my brother that night and i woke up in a different one. For some reason night time came so fast and it was time to go to sleep again. I was looking for the other room but i couldnt find it and i had to sleep alone in the dark. Eerie stuff happened that I dont remember. I woke up in the morning and went outside, and seen my mom trying to hode because she was too angey at certain people. I followed her back inside to go upstairs and go through a hatch to the roof and she climbed up in the chimney that was extremely tight and hid for a minute until the people were looking for her. They were gonna intimidate her to take me with them but popped out the window in the hidden room and started talking to them. I tried to fit in and go with her and but i couldnt fit at all through where my mom went. But everything was cool afterwards and she came back out. It was all cool and then next we heard about some mission we needed to do. So apparently i was watching some film like the Gatsby that was actually a future vision of what was gonna happen. But i randomly ran into this white dude and apparently he had seen that Leonardo DeCaprio, the actor of Gatsby was shot in the heart and dugged up, but found out he came back a live by replacing his heart muscle with a dead duaghters piece or something and came back out and went against us. The guy i worked with was saying that he found a tomb of his daughter. And what we did was bring her back to life somehow by giving her a little peice of our hearts? For some reason doing that gave me super speed and flight. The father didnt get anything so they were going to the gatsby house to the party they heard he was hosting. While we were driving, there were corrupted police going there as well and for some reason they caught us and hacked through our radio call while we were deiving at night and said, “cant wait to go the Gatsby party, but im not famaliar with the action you are taking. And the father I worked with just completely ignored them and hung up with no words said and the police were really mad and suspicious. But then they were trying to chase us down, and turned to a need for speed game and i was controling the car with a controller. I was really sweet with the driving like a pro. We were able to escape from the police and we ended up in the feild infront of the house to talk to someone to get the exact location and one of Gatsby ops just seen us and was trying to kill us with a gun, but i used my super speed to take him down. Then the father and daughter go back in the car and was on our way to the Gatsby house. I was flying over to make sure there isnt anybody stopping us. And then we made to his house and it was a big party. We saw him at the pool, I guess where he died at the first time from a shot but he was with everybody so no use to worry. He had actually wanted to confront Gatsby guy for what he did. But bedore we were about to reason with him, the fathers daughter who was in a black hoodie had a gun and shot him in the heart again and he died again in the same spot he had before. No one thought a 12 year old girl would just come out like that with a gun and just shoot someone. It was tragic but everything was normal now and she had her life back and ge was dead again. Then after that I woke up. I liked Leonardo DeCaprio so no hate. But it was weird to just go after him again to kill him in the same exact spot.

7 May 2024



It was a dark dream there was literally nothing... What does that mean??

6 May 2024



I have this recurring dream that I’m in Walmart and everything just goes dark and people begin to panic.

30 Apr 2024

Childhood home


In the dream I a young girl with dirty blond hair bright blue eyes. My name is May. I am wearing an old peasant dres that is old and torn. I am sitting outside surrounded by rubble. I sit on a rock near a little fire made from stone and wood. The ground is a soft dirt surrounded by shrubs and old and dead trees some grass is growing. Beside me is a wise and old monk. Dressed in a brown but worn robe. He is a friend and provides a sense of comfort. We talk with each other about a power I have that is spiraling out of control and the darkness with it and how it came to be. I speak to the monk with much sorrow in my heart. “ I’m sorry but there is no beauty in a gift so terrible.” He responds saying, “But May, there is beauty in it. The things he taught you and showed you when it came to your gift is a lie. I have watched as it only brought in darkness and anger into your life, where love should be.” I tell him how I’m, I’m not even sure I ever knew what love was or is. But he confineds in me that I do. That I have for many years. He tells me to think back. Think back to the girl and the world I created with my magic when I was just a child. He tells me that the little girl is me! At least she is who you longed to be when I was young. My eyes fill with a bitter sorrow as I thinks back to the little girl I met in the forest. I think back to when we used to play together near the castle where I once lived. I talk about how, for the longest time I never knew that the girl never truly existed. The girl I created as a child with my powers name was Nadia. In the dream May starts to imagine her in her head and remembers Nadia. She was so kind and graceful. Her smile was like a ray of sunshine. There was a light of hope when ever May was around her or Nadia’s family. When May was with them she didn’t feel so alone; nor did she feel like she had to hide from the darkness. It just seemed to vanish. The Monk continued , “She was another side of you that you wished to be. There was love lacking in your life; so you created her to try and fill in that gap.” I began to cry. “I needed her. I thought she needed me too; but she vanished just like everyone else in my life.” My voice began to break as the anger rose up in me. “All I wanted was love. She was the only one I ever felt gave me that. Then she changed and she.., she left me…” My eyes filled with tears. I grasped her chest, trying to just take in a breath. The monk looked upon my face with concern but he smiles at me and gently says to me. “May, you are loved. It was him that hid that from you. That made you feel that you were incapable of love.” I shouted at him. Feeling a sense of rage. “But look at the way they treated me… They looked at me as if I was a monster. How could someone love something they feared..?” I thought I had it under raps, but eventually it drove even Nadia and her family away too. You can not say that it was all him that made others leave me?” The monk stood silent for a moment. “Sometimes when we are so encased in darkness we don’t always see the pain that others are in. That goes for all of us. There are things we did not see when it came to you and this growing power that consumed you. But you also did not see others pains and afflictions. There was pain and darkness even within the girl you created. You just didn’t see it. You only clung to the love you thought was there. This world is a lot more complicated and others pain is not alway laid out so clearly in front of us.“ I started to dry my eyes, though the pain and sorrow still lingered. I tried my best to make sense of his words despite the agonizing conflict I felt in my heart, But manage to say “But she always looked so perfect to me.” The monk smile before saying “Because that is how you imagined her to be. You felt alone May, and unseen by even those closest to you. You were so desperate for love and to be seen that you disregarded the darkness that was there and just clung so desperately to the love you thought she and others had. You incased yourself in it; blinding yourself to the reality of how things actually were. In the end she couldn’t save you unless she let you go and you her. You had to wake up May and start learning to love yourself. She could not do that for you.” My eyes once more filled with tears. His words pierced my heart as I saw the truth within his words. Though a part of me didn’t want to hear it, nor except it. However, I knew it was true. But I still doubted myself. Tears filled my eye before I spoke. “How can I, when so many have shown me every reason not to.” Then I woke up crying.

24 Apr 2024



I was in a random place couldn’t tell where I was at but a lot of people were talking to me but didn’t know who they were because their faces were blurry. Though in the end of the end right before I woke up a person with a scary face just stood in front and now that I remember I saw it so dark but looked like if only his face was just skull no skin.

23 Apr 2024



I was walking in an AI VR world that was supposed to be relaxing. The AI was supposed to take my ideal vacation spot and turn it into a world where I'd be able to "walk" through in VR. But it seemed like something was off, because in each world I felt like I was being stalked by something I couldn't see. Eventually, the more worlds I wandered through, the darker the scenes became and I did manage to see what was following me. It looked like a tall human with a mask and horns, but with a Bigfoot body type. I was able to escape the entity without incident, but after removing the VR headset, I still felt scared. In the dream, I was living in a world that was developed solely off of AI, and I was scared that I wouldn't be able to live in that world by myself without someone else's company and companionship.

19 Apr 2024



Me and my kids and my girlfriend were sleeping in a tent out side and I felt on edge prior to falling asleep well I brushed it off and finally fell asleep I woke up at 3 am gasping for air trying to scream for help but couldn't in my dream there was a dark demonic figure trying to gran me or suffocate me or something by pushing the tent in on my it was saying something but I couldn't understand it what's this mean

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