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Dream Interpretation: Paint 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Paint? Discover the significance of seeing a Paint in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Paint appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This symbolizes your creativity and imagination. This suggests that your creative energy will bring new life to your environment. It also indicates that you are the master of your own creation, take matters into your own hands and allow the change to flow freely in your life.

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🧭 Direction

Daily events

This symbol tells you that you need to develop and express your creativity to breathe new life into your environment. This creative flair will bring the best things to your waking life, open up, and accept the new things that will soon enter your life.

❤️ Feelings

The dream about paint evokes a sense of creativity and self-expression. It brings feelings of excitement and inspiration, as if you are exploring new possibilities and unleashing your artistic side. The vibrant colors and textures of paint symbolize the freedom to express yourself and the joy of creating something unique. This dream may also signify a desire for change or a need to add more color and vibrancy to your life. Overall, the dream about paint leaves you with a sense of liberation and the urge to embrace your creative instincts.





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13 Jun 2024

Parking Lot


I used white paint to paint a grassy hill white. And since it was white people could sled down it, so we did for funzies. Later my ex boyfriend needed to buy a new car and I painted the car parking lot yellow and red so we could access the car

29 May 2024



I was a artist painter living in a foreign country. I was sent there by my home country to observe and paint. I resonated most with the children. The children seem neglected, and the adults seem to look down upon them. The children are usually alone with other children with no parents around them. There was once when a child stood in front of a moving bus that I was in. There was a scene where children danced and screamed around a bonfire. And another scene where children spaced around on a barren land seemed exhausted and hungry as if they were remnants of what's left at the end of a war. In all the scenes, I would unfold a chair and set my materials in the middle of it all, and start to paint. My method of painting was to start directly with paint without prior sketch or drawing. I also noticed that noone spoke in this dream, it was all incomprehensible sounds and facial expressions with a sense of gloom.

7 May 2024

Old friend


I Dreamt an old friend had invited me to come see her at her place. She was the most charming of our group and had a special way of making people gravitate towards her. However I I'm not sure if I saw her differently or if it everyone else felt it. It always felt like something haunted her and no one was ever close to her. So natural I agreed to see her. This time when got her place the layout was familiar but it seemed her powers of seduction had grown. There was a Party. Full of people much older than she even her parents were there. This surprised me because of how much they used to object to her abusing her witty charm. Our usual gang arrived around the same time. She Greeted everyone, nearly ignoring Me. A habit of hers that she knew always struck a nerve. Though Seething inside I kept myself grounded as she gave the possie a tour. The whole lot asking questions and in awe at her "new house". I However Noticed it was the same as before with a few minor changes. One, they added a bar. This was either her dad's or her idea. They both had terrible drinking habit. Which is another reason kept my distance from her. If she and I were any form of compatible it'd trigger my own drinking. That side of my terrorfied me to my core. The second change was a ballroom dance floor. This is where most of her guest were. Fancy men, seductive Ladies, obviously part of her grand scheme. Not sure what was going on here but I knew it was necessary to pass through the crowd. Though guiding the possie she had yet to speak to me until this point. The third and final change was the Paint, it was now my favorite color. Almost a light lavender with a very complimentary blue accent. "Victor, you coming?" Then I felt it the thing that haunted her. It was the same feeling as the last time I Dreamt like this. For some reason the character Solomon grundy haunted her (I'll call him Sulum Gumdy because that'show his name appearedin my dream). I felt his presence as I passed by the slant in the wall where he first appeared last time. I carried on through the crowd not to make it obvious. Something must've happened to make her bring us here. She was spiritual and definitely had a way to lock away Sulum Gumdy. I guess whatever method she had was breaking. I Saw him leave the spirit realm and enter ours. He sensed me but pretended not to. I Had to make myself scarce. I vanished after getting through the crowd and raced through out the house, seeing if Sulum Gumdy sensed me through out the house and would get confused or hone in on me like a blood hound. He entered the attic where I was hiding. "Sulum Gumdy Fiiiind you " He said in a playfully mocking tone. I Darted out the attic and down to my friend's favorite room. I knew this was her favorite room because it must've had some kind of ghost repellent. She was always at peace here. I felt powerful and rebellious. as I waited for her, which took until the party passed its crescendo. I held a powerful stance. Then realized this would take hours. So I sat in her favorite spot. When I heard her footsteps coming around the corner, and her sweet laughter, I resumed my power stance. Her Laughter died before entering the room. Her social battery ran dry. I could feel that her Facade Drop. "YOU?" she said in a nearly vengeful tone. But there was something about her that reeked of exhaustion. She Had no fight in her. Her heels tiredly clicked beside me. Her Voice began to monolog. I know she was ranting about life but I could hardly focus. My mind became drown with her thighs, heels, bust , voice, feet, hands, hair, and especially her surrender. As though she had given up on her scheming. In turn I could do nothing else but forfeit. I fell into her lap, a drowsy child. She patted my head like a nurturing mother. Sulum Gumdy ascended from the Floor . She turned vile and green. Sulum Gumdy opened his mouth to speak but her words Shot out like Precise Blade chopping his neck. "NOT NOW". I Felt the intensity Sky rocket but I knew I was safe in her lap. Sulum Gumdy decended back into the ground. That act of disrespect earned him an unrivaled opponent. She kissed my head and hypnotized me to evade him precisely and leave before midnight. So I Did.

1 May 2024



I was traveling with a friend on a road trip with multiple stupid. We showed up to our Paris-based Airbnb. The room we were staying in was bright and airy looking, but it smelled heavily of paint. The walls had the wet sheen of fresh white paint. There was also plastic sheeting on the floor, around the perimeter of the wall's edge. As I walked around the room, I accidentally shuffled the plastic sheeting such that it was flipping itself upside down, and white paint that was on the sheeting was now getting on the carpet. I realized I had messed up by not being more careful about where I was walking. I was annoyed with myself for not being careful. I was also annoyed with the owner for painting this room right before our arrival. I go to complain about the paint to the owner. I also pin the paint on the floor as having been there before I walk in the room. My tone is demanding - I question why they wouldn't do something as simple as tape the plastic sheeting to the floor, so it's more secure to walk on. The owner doesn't appreciate my attitude and questions what she can even do about it. I don't know, but I'm annoyed enough that I threaten to leave and get my money back. She laughs at me - where will my friend and I even stay? I whip back that we are in Paris - there's plenty of other options. In my mind's eye, I see a map that has 12 other spots to consider. She laughs heartily. "Yeah? In Paris, Indiana??" My heart sinks - she's right. The map in my mind's eye becomes clearer - we are in the middle of nowhere. My friend and I do end up leaving. When we try to find somewhere else to stay, it ends up falling through. One town is burdened by the case of a missing Asian immigrant woman who is feared dead - as women, my friend and I are troubled by the case and don't feel safe there. Another place ends up being a mansion that belongs to a mutual friend's family member. The owners of this mansion are rude to us, and make snide remarks about our desire to stay there. I consider just driving us overnight to get to where we need to go, so we don't have to make any stops for lodging.

28 Feb 2024



Paint peeling off wall's

31 Oct 2023



This dream kind of freaked me out a little bit… but it started off fairly normal. I had been taken back in time to a few years ago. I had just graduated high school, just turned 18 and was single. My mates and I went up the coast for our celebration from graduating. Things were good, we were having fun, playing together, cooking and eating together and overall just enjoying each others company. One thing did change though. A group of random girls came to the house we rented for the week and sat down to have dinner with us. This one girl who sat across from me kept eyeing me down and smiling whenever we made eye contact. I thought it was cute so I made an advancement towards her. I walked over and sat down, we started talking and having a good time. Everyone else was still there and all having fun. I ended up giving her a massage and she was really enjoying it, so much that she was moaning and rolling her eyes back. She wanted me to take her to my room and give her a proper massage. So we did just that, she laid on my bed and I started giving her a fairly sensual deep tissue massage. She took off her clothes and asked me to massage her whole body. When I finished the massage she pulled me closer and started to kiss me, started grabbing places where she knew what she was doing. I went to the other room to go and grab some protection, but something caught my attention. I looked down the corridor and noticed a door that wasn’t there before, it was left slightly ajar. I tried not to think anything of it, but I turned to go back to my room and I started hearing a really deep buzzing sound, almost as if something was eminating from the door. I started walking closer and this whitish blue light started glowing from behind it. It was so bright that I had to close my eyes and walk through. But as I stepped in, I could feel the handle suddenly vanish from my hand, and I opened my eyes. I remember distinctively saying to my self, “huh, this is weird. Where am I?” I looked around and it turned out I found myself in another house that I had never been to before, nor have I ever seen it. I looked around for the door I had just walked through but it was completely gone, I was in the middle of the room. So, I started scrounging around trying to find out where I was. Suddenly, I heard clanking of utensils and plates and voices coming from the other room. I peaked around the corner and recognised none of the faces. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and turned around to see who it was. It was that girl from the holiday house, the one I gave the massage to. She looked at me in disbelief and said, “it’s… you?”. She told me to follow her and we went to the family dinner table and sat down, there must have been around 30 people all together, so I blended in. The girl went off to the bathroom so I was left alone, and I went towards the food and sat down at the table. I heard the door of the bathroom open and I looked over but as I did I see her just looking at me. Suddenly, the room went quiet. I turn back around and everyone was standing up, all with their eyes fixed on me. All in sequence they said, “ you aren’t supposed to be here.” I stood up and they all started to walk towards me, no matter if they had a table in front of them, they would just plough right through. I started walking backwards and tripped and fell. I thought I fell on the floor but I never felt my back hit the floor. I opened my eyes and found myself standing up. The room was like a hotel. Fancy yellow wall paper but dim lighting. I opened the door of the room. And I was met with a seemingly endless corridor. I set out to walk through, and for what felt like 30 minutes and 2 kilometres later, I found myself in a large space with repeating pillars and damp carpet. I felt uneasy, almost as if someone was watching me. So I kept walking. I noticed a hole in one of the walls with the word ‘escape’ all spelled with strange lettering, almost as if it was written by someone going insane. It was written in this kind of black paint, but I opted not to follow it. I look back up and start walking another direction, but as I glance in the distance, I notice a very faint movement of something that vanished behind a pillar. I tried to think nothing of it and pushed on. Finally, after what felt like an hour, I found a door that was labelled with strange letters I have never seen before. I turn the handle and hear running and loud footsteps behind me so I quickly close the door behind me out of horror and hear something slam into the door, then I hear a voice exclaim, “FUCK!” Thinking it was another person I opened the door back up again. But it was a completely different area, this time it was red wallpaper and spruce wood floors. So I thought, wait, does this door create random portals? I closed and opened it again. This time the door was over an ocean with a big wave about to hit it. I closed and opened it again and this time it was in a jungle. At this point I said to myself, am I dreaming? I heard a laugh come from behind me, in this large warehouse room carrying lots of machinery and technology that I would not be able to put a name to. It was distant, but made me even more scared and anxious to get back home. I thought to myself again, if I am dreaming, I should see if I can find that white void again, so I repeatedly opened and closed the door, viewing places that were not only from earth but elsewhere in the universe. Suddenly I found the door to the white space from the start and it sucked me right through. I was at the end of the corridor at the holiday house. It was quite late. Everyone was asleep. I go to my room and get in bed and close my eyes. In the darkness, I hear a girls voice say “Michael?” I opened my eyes but I had woken up.

30 Oct 2023



I was at a school, I’ve never been there before but it felt very familiar for some reason. At the start of my dream I was on the third floor of the building running down the stairs, the walls and floors were yellow concrete and the hand rails were painted red steel, everyone was running because there was someone going around stabbing people, no one knew where he was but everyone still ran. I made it out to the edge of the field and someone who knew me handed me a gun, me along with 3 others saw the man in the middle of the field surrounded by lots of the students all in fear. We started heading towards him planning on distracting him and shooting him to save everyone, as we started heading towards him though, someone attacked the person murdering people, the man pulled out a pistol and started shooting everyone, EVERYONE ran, I saw many get shot down and only about 20% of everyone that was there made it out alive. Next thing you know, me and my 3 allies are slowly driving through a city I’ve never been to in real life but I knew my way through there. I drove slowly because there were many people on the road, we started going a little faster, maybe 10km p/h and beeping so that we wouldn’t run anyone over, but as we did so, everyone turned and looked at us, not a word said, completely still, we hand a closer look at them and saw no life whatsoever. It was all the people who died at the school, they slowly started to walk towards the car and we drove up the hill, passing shops, driving through the crowds of people horrified, at the top of the hill turned to a highway that went straight down but ended from a pool of the sea like a tsunami had flooded the rest of the road. We drove into the water and The only thing in the ocean was a small warehouse to the right of the highway about 10-20 meters away from the road. We swam there and pretended to drown or be taken down into the depths hoping they wouldn’t follow us, we hid in the small warehouse, then I woke up

26 Oct 2023



I’ve been working on magic spell work I think in my dreams lately. The last dream I awoke from was of myself, black fingernail paint, with one turquoise dot on one thumbnail and one purpleish-magenta spot on my other thumbnail. I remember finding an earring, one that I loved and had lost some time ago. I found it right in my pocket, and it was slightly bent, but I was able to bend it back to fix it. Still just as beautiful.. I remember doing some kind of Divination work under what looked to be the eclipse moon.

22 Oct 2023

Dead body
New Job


My dream wasn’t a flowing story line. It was different scenes. But for two nights in a row I had this dream. I was staying in a house with three other younger women. There was a separate covered patio structure painted yellow and white, in the back yard. The patio was filled with junk and a screen curtain was surrounding everything under the patio. Somehow three coffins appeared. The coffins were white with blue trim, almost like they were home made coffins and painted by hand. We placed the coffins up on the ceiling to get them out of the way , ( I have my bikes and kayaks hanging up in the garage where I live- is this why possibly that I would put something on the ceiling in a dream?) . The bottom of the coffins were bolted to the ceiling. And the coffin lids were not coming open exposing any dead body inside, which I was glad. But then in the next scene, I noticed two bolts broke loose at one end of one of the coffins but was still attached at the other end hanging from the ceiling. Then later the other two bolts ( 4 total) must have let loose and I saw that the coffin was laying on top of the pile of junk. Later the other two coffins were laying on top of all the junk so I assumed they all fell. The coffins were still closed, but I remember distinctly thinking I better do some thing before the bodies start falling out. The coffins don’t belong here. Then I told one of the girls as I was leaving be careful, don’t let the dogs go out there because the coffins fell. I asked her if we could exchange phone numbers because of this communal issue in our back yard and she declined to give me her contact info. The context of what I’m going through in real life, of which is causing me concern in real life , is that I’m confused and wondering if I’m seeing red flags in a new relationship budding over the phone with a man I met on line a few weeks ago. I’m wondering if the “ coffin” image is baggage I’m worried about and I need to get rid of or are these two dreams about coffins warning signs that danger could be in front of me ( as in “death” or danger”) if I choose this relationship. I find fault in just about everybody so I could be operating with fault finding to protect myself. I certainly don’t want to push a good man away because of this. Or would these dreams indicate that I am truly seeing legitimate red flags that are indications that this is not a safe relationship? This Dream is the same as my first one only in more detail. Thank you so much.

22 Oct 2023



My grandma who is dead was so skinny and frail I had to carry her. She had a panic attack about dying but I carried her and say her in her chair and told her she was ok and wasn’t dying. I offered her food and she got happy. I asked her if she wanted me to paint her nails and she wanted me to.

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