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This represents an area of your life that you are focusing on. If you are struggling to stay focused, your mind is reavling an area of your life that may not be as exciting to you as you previously thought.

🧭 Direction

What has your attention? What is your mind telling you to focus on? It is time to adjust and evaluate what you have been giving your time and energy to. Perhaps you are less interested in something than you thought and need to be paying attention to something else. Listen to the wisdom of your dreams!

❤️ Feelings

This dream evokes a sense of curiosity and intrigue. It suggests that you are seeking recognition and validation from others. You may be craving attention and desiring to be noticed for your talents and abilities. This dream signifies a longing to be acknowledged and appreciated for your efforts. It also indicates a need for validation and affirmation in your personal and professional life. Overall, this dream elicits feelings of anticipation and a desire to be seen and heard.

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