💡Possible meaning

This is a symbol of the care and love you desire. It also indicates your desire to be loved and accepted by others. This will be a sign to you that there are parts of yourself that you have not been particularly fond of that need your care and acceptance.

🧭 Direction

Take care of yourself and seek out the love that you desire. There may be aspects of your identity and personality that have been undiscovered and rejected by you for fear of not being accepted by others. These will spring into your dream and make will themselves known. It is your responsibility to care for and love even those rejected parts.

❤️ Feelings

This dream evokes a sense of warmth and tenderness. It brings forth feelings of love, care, and fondness towards someone or something. It may symbolize a deep emotional connection and a desire for closeness and intimacy. The dreamer may be experiencing a strong bond or attachment in their waking life, or they may long for such a connection. It signifies a positive and nurturing emotional state, where affectionate feelings are prominent.

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