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Dream Interpretation: Affection 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Affection? Discover the significance of seeing a Affection in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Affection appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This is a symbol of the care and love you desire. It also indicates your desire to be loved and accepted by others. This will be a sign to you that there are parts of yourself that you have not been particularly fond of that need your care and acceptance.

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🧭 Direction


Take care of yourself and seek out the love that you desire. There may be aspects of your identity and personality that have been undiscovered and rejected by you for fear of not being accepted by others. These will spring into your dream and make will themselves known. It is your responsibility to care for and love even those rejected parts.

❤️ Feelings

This dream evokes a sense of warmth and tenderness. It brings forth feelings of love, care, and fondness towards someone or something. It may symbolize a deep emotional connection and a desire for closeness and intimacy. The dreamer may be experiencing a strong bond or attachment in their waking life, or they may long for such a connection. It signifies a positive and nurturing emotional state, where affectionate feelings are prominent.





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4 Jun 2024



I had a dream about a guy that I'm seeing and in this dream it's like we were connected to each other in a large spiderweb. normally it's just me and him but I felt the third energy connected to us and it was not pleasant. it's like anything that she felt, I felt and anything I felt, she felt. It was like we were both going crazy but we knew the other was there. she had brown skin, a gorgeous smile, medium length locs mid shoulder blade length and she was smiling hard in a picture next to him in a mall with flashes of them sharing affection. I was jealous that she wasn’t me and that i wasn’t getting the same man she was. But I wasn’t even mad at her I don’t even know her I was more upset that I let someone play me again.

31 May 2024



Ok, un muchacho se me declaró 3 veces y yo lo rechacé y no me gusta, bueno, soñé con el en el primer sueño, estaba en la misma fiesta de 15 años que yo y me estaba siguiendo y pues yo le dije que ya, y que le iba a buscar a una muchacha para que se interesara en ella porque yo no le iba a hacer caso, resulta que congenio muy bien con mi prima (qué era a quien le estaban festejando sus 15 años) y yo me sentí aliviada por quitármelo pero sentí tristeza por mi prima porque el chico está algo feo. Después, tuve otro sueño, en dónde estaba en una casa crepy y había un comedor grande y estaba con mis amigos, chicos que no conocía, como si fueran de un video juego, y cuando entró uno perdió entonces se reinició el juego y yo entré con el y un niño como de 13 años, cabe resaltar qué en el 2do sueño yo ya tenia 17 y el chico también y tenía la misma aura o incluso una más afectiva y protectora con el chico que me atrae físicamente, además el y yo tenemos 14-15 años lo que indica que esto habla en un futuro, a mi me cargó tomándome de las piernas y yo recargando mi cabeza en su cabeza aferrándome a el, como changuito, y el niño estaba sujetado de la pared porque había una desviación qué le permitía estar sujetándose, todos luchabamos, el por no dejarme caer, yo por aferrarme y el niño por no caer, duramos así un buen rato y yo sentía la necesidad de no soltarlo, cabe resaltar qué yo lo quería, era una combinación del qué me gusta pero más grande, como su versión de 17, pasamos el juego y pudimos salir de la habitación, afuera estaban nuestros amigos celebrando, supongo que ellos pudieron ver el cambio de el ambiente a uno con campo libre y abierto, caminamos y nos encontramos con otras personas debajo de un árbol, luego todos nos dirijamos a una parrilla da tipo Buffet en el cual estaba mi familia y el chico que me estuvo sosteniendo se sentó al otro extremo de la mesa y nos tirabamos miraditas acompañadas de sonrisas. Ya me hablaste de el primer sueño, hablame de el segundo

29 May 2024



In my dream last night the tenticale guy was back. My body felt all weird and turned on by his presence. I wonder if he has me sired to him… There were 2 or 3 other people there naked wanting sex. I didn’t care for them much. I wanted to steal the tenticale man away and make him mine but he’s not interested in close relationships. I think he’s using me. He touched me gently and made me feel pretty. He touched the other girl and I felt jealous. He used my body again draining me of all my energy and giving me nothing. No pleasure or anything. I fought with someone there and he blew up. He said I needed to make nice with them. He was very scary. Reminded me of Posiden. So I got confused and started thinking he was my dad? I really need some affection I feel starved of love. I think I hate him. When I woke up I felt so tired, dead to the world. I think I’m under attack. The thing is hurting me, the thing on my back. Between my thighs, behind my eyes. I think it might be trying to kill me and make it my idea. Keeping me asleep and malnourished. I also saw this really cool looking cowboy in my dreams. Like a western RPG character. Iseck? I wonder if he will help me There love is a lie they use to keep me submissive and easy to steal from.

7 Apr 2024

My crush


I was attending a woman’s wedding that was my friend in the dream, but someone I’ve never met in real life. I was very encouraging to her and offered my help with enthusiasm. Underneath my desperation to help her was a deep headache. She was marrying someone I had been crushing on at work who I had met in real life. The next thing I remember is the wedding being called off. The groom that I found myself smitten with was boarding the carriage alone. I was running after him determined to confess my infatuation. I had taken the brides bouquet to present to him, but it was only stems. There were no roses attached. Still he accepted the stems. Then with an expression of regret, told me he wished he had accepted my affection from the beginning. With my gift he left.

4 Apr 2024

My crush


Me and tyreq, someone I used to sleep with but I’ve known since I was a freshman, decided to hang out. In my head I kept thinking I was in Colorado. The building I was living in was different though and more old, creaky, dirty. I noticed I needed to shower and do my laundry. I take all of my clothes in a few baskets and realize it’s a lot to handle, and then I spend quite some time figuring out how to do all my laundry. I head over to my brothers who is across the street and I see Logan, (a guy I have a crush on now) and I start talking to my brother. I can’t remember what about, then I get side tracked with my laundry. I notice some suspicious huge trucks driving around the neighborhood, but then I just shrug it off. I put some flowers near my brothers fridge - some fresh ones. I see tyreq come out of nowhere and take one to admire, as he is looking at me. His prescence is calming, and like we are supposed to be there. We head to his place and we cuddle. I’m still a bit insecure about how I smell, but I’m laying on his stomach as he shows me a lot of affection. He’s asking me how I like to be loved, holding me. We’re giggling and having a fun time. It’s just peaceful, I reach up to kiss him and the kiss is so passionate and intense and loving, just all around amazing. It felt like the good parts of a relationship that I miss dearly. I tell him I need to finish my laundry and he volunteers to tag along. I smile to myself because this makes me feel safe since I saw some weird cars driving around earlier. As we walk into my old building there’s a lot more people there then usual and it makes me nervous and pass my apartment, we get to the top level and see kids locked up in rooms sitting in the dark all sad and asking for help. I take my phone out to record and we hurry back downstairs to tell the police,

26 Feb 2024



I was in my first period class AP chemistry me and girlfriend were sitting next to each other in class sitting really close at the time the class was workshopping working on missing work of late assignments while in the back of the class me and my girlfriend were having fun laughing and enjoying each other’s company I then started to kiss on her cheek and slowly make my way to her lips some of our classmates noticed how much affection we were displaying in public and then start to aw out of happiness for us but my girlfriend wasn’t as passionate while kissing me back it seemed like she hesitant because of what others might have thought

25 Jan 2024

New Job


I wqs texting janelle, my girlfriend and she was shit talking me with her friends. She said i showed too much affection and I was annoying. I was at school hanging out with bianca, who is my ex who i am still in love with and arianna, who is my friend who my ex likes. It basically went like a normal school day. Though one time I went into this big big room with a teacher and Zaire who is my best friend tried to follow me in so I slammed the door on her. Then, at the end of the day me and arianna stayed back late, like really late with bianca and some others. The teachers were telling us to go home, but the three of us wanted to talk. Then, out of nowhere bianca told me to meet up with her at her house and she lived in one of the glass condos, but in my dream there was four. So then biancas brother picked her up as we were walking out and i saw her drive off in a red or black car? Zaire, praise and crista came with us. We changed our clothes and i was wearing a pepsi tank top. We were walking in somewhere thats near the shoppers parking lot , but the parking lot was long and it was like a hill. Arianna then confessed her love to bianca to me, and it was awkward. Everyone stared at her and i tried not to cry. It took us very long to get up it. Then, we made it to the first glass condo. I think something attacked us because we rushed to get out. The second glass condo was biancas i think but we saw her teacher ms. stevens in there. She was very stylish and had a marc jacobs bag. We were waiting for bianca long My mom came to the building she was tracking my phone and hen she rode off on a scooter and then i checked my phone and we had an email for a festival So then, we went somewhere (i can’t remember) and we ended up in the school yard. There was a festival we forgot about, and bianca was there! I was still wearing my pepsi tank top. And crista asked for it. I took it off and my bra was bright pink, it was so embarrassing!! But Bianca saw it. She didn’t say anything about it. I somehow had a bag of clothes so i picked a new shirt. Then we just continued with festivities.

23 Jan 2024



I was having a great time painting the scenery/landscape out the window in this very beautiful light room setup, there was beautiful flowers, very well kept bushes, pretty statues, benches, it looked so dreamy. My ex boyfriend steps in and asks me what I'm painting and I tell him I'm just painting the outside of the window, to which he smiles and says "That looks amazing, I'm proud of you for the work you've done in such a short amount of time" to which I smile back at him and say thank you. He asks me if I'm excited for our road trip and I respond "I'm honestly quite nervous of it, you and I just started being on better terms recently" to which he responds "I promise you there's no Ill will behind this, I actually want to patch things up" to which I respond "I know". There's a time skip of me having a phone call with my friend Fred who knows everything that my ex George has done to me and he isn't too enthusiastic about our trip or about me speaking to him again so he decided to go on the field trip too, and I'm perfectly okay with it. Time skips to me being anxious about being in my first flight, I've never been on a plane before but I'm sitting with both George, who's my ex and my friend Fred. George squeezes my hand and smiles at me and I calm down. The flight goes well and we arrive to our destination. For our trip we had gone to Santiago de Querétaro, which is located in Mexico. My father's mom and some of my uncles and aunts with their own families live there. We went to stay over at my grandmother's house for a couple of days and we loved it. There's a time skip to the next day and it's night time, we are looking at fireworks and a parade going by in front of our street which isn't something usual during that time of the year. In the distance, I notice one of the vans ahead starts to sink into the ground as the driver runs out dramatically and the vehicle disappears, it looked like the earth had just swallowed it, my friend Fred told me to run and we all ran trying to get away from that area. There was an earthquake nearby that cracked parts of the land and made sinkhole gaps, not all of them were too deep, a lot of people were saved and made it out alive while many others weren't as lucky, plenty of lives were lost and that made me distressed. All my family , Fred and my ex were safe. I asked myself why I made it, I didn't feel worthy of avoiding such faith. I don't have kids, I'm not smart, I'm not successful, I haven't had major achievements, I wasn't an outstanding citizen, I was easily discarded and replaceable. I spoke about this to a therapist in Mexico and she said "That's not true, you're more than enough. You just have to remember why you're here" then there's a random time skip to me laying in bed while my ex is getting dressed. We had slept in the same bed since I kept having nightmares and he had been comforting me. I turn to him and thank him for being there and he says "it's not a problem, it's difficult to not want to be here for you" and I ask why and he says "Because I still care about you" to which I ask "I thought you didn't, you've told me you didn't" and he said "I couldn't afford to, but I've healed. You should forgive yourself too" and then I ask him "Are you really willing to just forget everything that happened and all the trauma and start over from zero? When I asked you last time, you got mad and threatened to leave me stranded in the middle of nowhere at night in a parking lot and said you couldn't do that" to which he said "I don't want to remember those times, they hurt me and I do in fact have regrets from all the attempts I ignored from you to salvage what we had, that's why I'm willing to forget it all and forgive because I know that's exactly what you need" and then I told him "But aren't you sacrificing yourself and your needs and pretending to be someone you're not and feeling miserable?" To which he said "No, I just said that to make you feel guilty so you'd stop nagging me about it, I couldn't handle living the consequences of my actions so I just need d time away from it" he then tells me "You were never competing with anitger woman, you were competing with my childhood. You couldn't fix me because you are no match for my wounded inner child" to which I ask "But how is he doing?" And he says "He had closure, he's okay now" then I ask him if we could be intimate once more to which he asks "why do you want to be intimate with me? Is it because of the sexual pleasure?" And I say "no, those are the only few times you actually caress me, kiss me, hold me, look at me without me having to ask you to" he smiles and says "I get it, I'm not good with affection. I know you are in love with me but what you need right now is someone who's emotionally available and unfortunately, I'm not." I begin to tear up and he puts his hand over my head and gives me a tender headpat and says "I have to let you go, and you also have to let me go. It's okay to break your promise, I wouldn't want you to make me your last after how I treated you. Find someone that can give you what you deserved, not what I did" to which he just kind of disappears like sparking dust and fog in the room and becomes a bit of light out the window in this brightly white lit room. I hold my chest and the necklace he had given me which I had been holding in to also disappears in the same manner into the window light. I look out the window and remember I haven't finished my painting so I run to the art studio and begin to finish it to which it was a beautiful garden landscape out a window with a bunch of yellow and white roses around that had beautiful yellow and white butterflies which I had added gold leaf accents for decoration purposes. I really wanted it all to look like a magical painting. I submitted the painting to a contest and won a lot of money and began my career as an artist by drawing my emotions.

2 Jan 2024



My Dad passed away in 2021. I had a dream we were unloading a trailer full of wood. As we were talking I told him "ya know I really miss you." He said I miss you too son and that it was nice to see me again. I asked how this was possible? I told him "you're not really here." He looked at me and said "No. I guess I'm not, am I?" I told him I love you with all my heart and he said the same back to me. I looked at him crying and asked "well can I have a hug?" He looked at me with so much love and affection and said "Oh mijo, of course you can." As we were hugging I woke up with my arms outstretched as if he was right in front of me. My face already covered in tears.

30 Dec 2023



I woke up from a very intense social dream, making love to an extremely attractive blue eyed blonde guy, very well built I couldn’t help but caress and feel every curve and line crevice and muscular outline of his body, tracing every line and end he I could find with my fingers, embracing the moment and trying desperately to savor every sensation feeling and feeling of the moment. His eyes looked deeply into mine with extreme love infatuation approval and even a sense of letting me know this is ok, enjoy it, relax, I’m here to be with you, because I’m into you, you are safe with with me, I won’t hurt or shame you. I just want you to be ok and enjoy this moment. I’m usually the receiver in this situation the one being used as a means of being if stick e or seeking affection and validation. This was different though, this was him making himself available to me, to comfort me, to please me. I found myself intensely arroused and at peace with the whole situation, I woke up just before entering him to make intense passionate love with him.

24 Nov 2023

Break up


Last night I had a dream about my daughter’s father (my ex boyfriend - he’s 33, I’m 23). For context, she’s 3 months old and he hasn’t seen her yet because of legal and custody reasons (in person or through pictures/videos, mainly for her safety). In my dream, he invited me over to his house. It looked like he moved and got his place renovated, decorated, and made it look nicer than his other place. It appeared to be an apartment or flat. It was nighttime for reference and was very nice inside - brick walls, string lights, vines, pictures, etc. When I went inside, he was laying down next to her, hugging her, reading her a book and talking with her. She was smiling at him the entire time. She was a little older here, around 6-8 years old. It was a precious and wholesome moment watching them spending time together in the dim, warm lights. It was peaceful and serene. There were a couple of his friends there too in another part of his place, letting us be. Then my ex (although we’ve been separated for several months now and broke up for good) hugged me tight and was very happy to be with me in that moment, kissed me, showing me affection - very warm, gently, yet passionate and genuine then. We were also intimate with each other while we were there although we were seeing different partners. I’ve always yearned for moments like these to happen in my life. But he’s the complete opposite in real life. He’s very tyrannical, cruel, abusive (emotionally, financially, verbally, physically, sexually), basically a living narcissistic menace and hypocrite. He does have good moments and days, and is one of the funniest people I know, but he’s not a good person. He lied for me the entire time we’ve known each other. I thought he was the one, the best person I’ve ever met and would be a great father, but no, just tons of manipulation, future faking, breadcrumbing, gaslighting, etc. Despite this, I really needed a dream and moment like this with him and our daughter. I miss him so much, but deep down inside I know he’s a danger to me and our daughter.

18 Nov 2023



I decided to meet up with a random guy at his apartment. I thought he was moderately good-looking and seemed nice. He started to creep me out a lot but I had sex with him anyway, mostly out of pity and to get it over with. He started getting very aggressive with his affection and attention and I eventually got so scared that I ran out to my car when he went to use the bathroom. I heard and saw him chasing me in a really unnerving, almost childish way, and he slammed into the side of the car when I locked the doors. I tried to drive away but when I would back away to pull out, he would follow me so I was stuck.

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