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Dream Interpretation: Gift 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Gift? Discover the significance of seeing a Gift in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Gift appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

It is a positive omen symbolizing unexpected treasures, abundance, and gratitude. It indicates that you will soon find some unexpected treasure, be it financial, personal help, or talent. However, sometimes it also serves as a warning symbol, suggesting that you should be careful of these unexpected gains, which may do more harm than profit.

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🧭 Direction

Good fortune

Notice your feelings in the dream. This will help guide you through your waking life. For example, if your dream makes you happy, then this could mean that new things will bring you pleasure, comfort, and success. However, if you feel anxious about this, it could suggest being cautious of unexpected things that will enter your life.

❤️ Feelings

This dream of receiving a gift evokes feelings of surprise, excitement, and gratitude. It symbolizes a sense of appreciation and recognition, making you feel special and valued. The gift represents a positive and unexpected event or opportunity in your waking life, bringing joy and happiness. It may also signify a sense of abundance and blessings, reminding you to appreciate the good things that come your way. Overall, this dream leaves you with a warm and positive feeling, filling you with anticipation for the future.





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6 Jun 2024

Parking Lot


I had a dream where a work colleague of my apartment mate, came over and brought gift to both of us. I don't know why. And there was a dream where I was sitting in my newly acquired car. But one of my friend's dad was driving it. And he said it's not that fast which I know it's false, you just have to rev it higher to do stuff because it's petrol not diesel. And he just stopped in a parking lot and then left on foot. And I'm quite scared of driving by myself because I'm a beginner driver despite having my license for 4 years (I didn't really have what car to drive these past years)

5 Jun 2024



I dreamt that my boyfriend and I were going to visit an old friend of his. When we arrived, we were welcomes into the home. The man had three dogs. Immediately, on started peeing on the floor. I was embarrassed but he didn’t care. He poured some wine into the urine and said “they will lick it up if you pour a drop of wine on it”. Immediately the other dog started urinating as well. I gifted the man some packaged dog toys. He seemed disinterested in me. I noticed that each time I spoke I felt uncomfortable and the conversation was sort of shift to make what I said rude or inaccurate or I was otherwise not given much credit. I was trying hard to be polite but it was clear the effort was either unwanted or unnecessary. At one point I started sobbing and left the house, I went to hide outside. My partner and the friend found me. The man started saying something along the lines of “if you’re going to bring some sort of gift basket, you could have at least pulled over (while driving here) to open all the packaging. that is what a courteous guest would have done” and I remember feeling upset and wanting to go home before I woke up

3 Jun 2024



I started the dream off landing two jobs, one as a cashier and the other as a server. I then get myself an apartment or college dorm, I was so happy. I then get into this secret love triangle where two men are pursuing me. I had sex with on of them, falling in love. I then got into a relationship secretly with one of the guys, I never told the other guy as I was in love with him too. I met the baby brother of the other guy, invited them into my apartment to hang out but in my gut I had a worried feeling the guy I was with was gonna come. I was given a gift by the guy’s baby brother and spent time with them, laughter filling my room. I ended up waking up, not seeing if the two men were to ever meet.

26 May 2024

My crush
High School


It was my high school, same people I went to school with years ago but different building. It more resembled a mix between my parents house and their church. It was a foot ball game day. I went up in the bleachers and tried to reserve my seat way early but I kept having to leave my seat to do other things in the school. Someone gifted my a junior varsity sweat shirt. One of the things I had to leave the bleachers for was to look fo my sweatshirt and back pack. Once I found them in the school I had to teach everyone how to read tarot cards. When I got back to the bleachers I sat down in a different seat because the ones I had saved was gone because I didn’t have anything to reserve it. My crush was sitting close by. As he got up to leave he asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I whispered in his ear “a date”. There were other elements in the dream I only barley remember. Like I remember being chased through the vents for some reason. I also think there was extreme skateboarding involved (I have never skate boarded before).

24 May 2024



A dresm about my old au-pair who left us early. She is in her empty room, provoking me. I tell her to leave. She wanted that. Her bags are packed and she is out the door. She hands me a good-bye gift. A collection of her condesending, narrow-minded feedback for us. I‘m livid. I cancel her payment and I start writting a letter to her. I don‘t find great paper, so I write on anything I can find. The letter is long and angry. I write for days.

22 May 2024

Baby girl


I was in a house with my girlfriend, it was her mom and dad's large country home. We were moving in to one of the bedrooms. There were large beautiful wood furniture in the room and we were moving it around to fit how we wanted it. We had a baby girl and I was sorting her clothes, people had gifted dresses to us. The rugs on the floor were a bit dirty so I went to shake them out and put them in the wash.

14 May 2024



I dreamed that I was at my sisters house in Indiana and she had a $1 mini globe sitting on her table that looked similar to the one my dad had given me in the dream. Then my dad and stepmom showed up and gave me a money order that I asked for and a sweatshirt.

13 May 2024



I’m trying to buy concert tickets so I get in line. I receive a happy face plush toy because I am one of the firsts in line. The sellers walk us away because there wi be a treasure hunt involved in getting tickets. I see someone in line who used to be a friend, but we no longer talk anymore. I approach him to tell him hello and talk about this adventure. There is a table of gifts and we go to the table and pick a gift. When I unwrap mine it is a small clear purse. His is a large colorful leather purse. The group of people area to move and we have to keep up through a crowded room. We lose them for a second and then discover them in a secret cave. We gave to figure out how we’re going to get down to the cave. It looks like people are trudging through objects

12 May 2024

Family Members


This dream was layered. I was leaving work in soho new york and that got me real proximity to my friends and family. I first meet up with my cousins. My cousin on my father’s side are my favorite people. They are family and friends. So im extatic to see them in a new setting. Its a house, and i do know if it is someones new house, or a house just for us to meet up and enjoy eachothers company. Some how we start discussing cars. Danny, a childhood family friend on my mothers side asks me if my step father can fix his car for cheap. I say sure but i find it strange because his father can fix his car. I tell my mom this and she says “go back and tell danny that joe can do it, but his father can do it better and faster. He is fixing my entire car for $1,000” i go back and tell danny and now im at a private event space in a bar. I find danny and i tell him. He doesn’t care and says he doesnt want to ask his dad. Thats the end of that. Im left in the bar with some of my best friends from college, and people i havent seen in years. There is a projector on the wall and it is displaying my text messages. I dont care too much as nothing coming up is salacious. There is one person there is is admiring me very strongly. He looks like a boy i went to middle school with who is grown and handsome now but has lost his vision. He doesn’t wear glasses. He displays his white cloudy eyes. His eyes move around the room as if he can still see but we know he can not. I mingle around the room, hugging my friend Trisha, in so happy to see her. We talk about how me being in soho will make it so we can do more stuff like this. A text messages comes up on the screen and its from my friend Phillip. He says he misses me and wishes he could come. The meeting up at this bar now feels like its my birthday. People start bringing me gifts. Beautiful gifts. When the blind guy gives me his gifts you can tell it was the most heartfelt gifts. It was in a tin box divided into sections. It had used airpods, pictures of him at the age I remembered him. And little smaller items you can tell he made himself. Someone asks “what did he get you” i quickly say “AIR PODS!” And shut the box. I dont want him to be embarrassed or teased for only bringing things he already had. I get the suspicion he can’t afford it but made and effort to come out and see me. Then the display of my text messages get juicy. They are from Rudy! An old friend who couldnt make it in person. But hes saying things that dont makensense. The messages read “hey its rudy. I miss you. I get the feeling you dont want to be friends any longer and that hurt me. “ im annoyed and embarrassed for him. Most people in the room know him, are seeing these messages and know the truth as to why we are longer close. At first i was embarrassed and wanted to disconnect the display of my messages. But then i decided i didnt care, left them up, and continued to flirt with the poor blind guy from my childhood

8 May 2024



I was at a locker in a school. I feel like itnwas the end of the school year. I was forgetting things in my locker and had to keep going back. Next we were waiting to get some sort of gift or something from this huge stairwell. We had to look for our names on these Styrofoam takeout containers. I finally found mine but they spelt my last name as 'Spike'. Inside was a hot dog and some markers. Next I was at my mom's house and we were getting ready to leave in a huge camper. But I was also waiting for a bus.

3 May 2024



I was at work, but my office was suddenly no longer a notary's office. We suddenly became a psychologist's office that focused on people who had just stopped smoking. A woman came to the office to talk to a psychologist. My colleague asked her if she had really stopped smoking, she took a pack of cigarettes out of her pocket and opened it to prove that it was empty. By this she meant that she had stopped smoking. She did say that she smoked while on the road because she couldn't resist. After work I went to town with Lotte. I then walked from central station to the city. I walked through Chinatown. Lotte and I then went shopping at an adidas store, and the store gave us a free goodie bag in the shape of a star. When we opened it there was a cardigan and a raincoat inside, which were very nice. Marijn had missed out on the items. A day later I was back in the city and walking through Chinatown again, I was supposed to babysit someone there. They were two blond children. They lived next to a factory that looked like a beer brewery, but they brewed chocolate there. The tank containing the liquid chocolate was moved. I then went inside to see the babysitting children. The boy was working with a tube, trying to blow something into it or suck something out of it. But it was too much for him and then he fainted. I had to help him then and was very stressed. Then my aunt and uncle, Hans and Nyam, were suddenly there and they turned out to be the parents of those children. So then I suddenly saw that they were just my nephew and niece. I then sat down on the couch with my aunt Nyam to chat. My nephew, David, then asked us if he could have a piece of candy. He then suddenly grabbed my bag for a sweet but I got stressed because there were cigarettes in my bag. I thought I brought it from work. But then there turned out to be no cigarettes in my bag.

30 Apr 2024

Family dying


I got disowned from my family and got adopted by new people my age. I went in a car with kids from my school that I don't know, and somehow i got one a gift. Then I was staying in a log cabin with new friends.

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